giving up   (あきらめる)

He lasted only three innings giving up four runs.

He pitched 11 innings, giving up 17 hits and 12 runs.

St. Louis scored 133 runs while giving up 85.

giving birth   (出産)

He works all day, while Mary is giving birth to a son.

Ahsan's wife died after giving birth to a boy.

His wife Elizabeth died giving birth to their daughter.

giving rise   (上昇している)

The port was expanded, giving rise to another small town.

The adults have colored crowns, giving rise to their name.

Gentlemen, quit giving rise to thoughts!

thus giving

1,000 motor, thus giving each car horizontal tractive pull.

Little is known about this period, thus giving room for speculation.

Narrow aisles were made in the building thus giving a total internal width of about 56 feet.

without giving

Now I can't sell the store without giving them 180 days notice.

The church was inaugurated on 15 December 1869, without giving it a name.

He died in 2011 without giving any more information on Cam Lyman's death.

before giving

Levar was murdered before giving his testimony in court.

But one of the men, a priest, wanted to try one more time, before giving up.

Cross is afraid that Soneji did something to the cat before giving her to him.

giving away

Kelly retaliated by giving away Capp's baby grand piano.

He was giving away church property under the pretense of sale.

She is now faced with having to save her lover without giving away her father.

giving way

This tradition is giving way to eulogies read by family members or friends.

At the arrival of spring, the sardo is symbolically buried, giving way to the rich spring food.

Reb Russell started Game 5 in Chicago, but only faced three batters before giving way to Cicotte.

not giving

After not giving much information, he is released.

In fact, the people are not giving God all that God deserves.

Children need protection from us, and we are not giving it to them."

giving access   (アクセスを与える)

There are 10 gates giving access to the fort.

It contains a stairway giving access to the upper floors.

It has a single mezzanine at transept level, giving access to one entrance.

giving a total   (合計を与える)

50 and 76), giving a total of 253.

Each team plays each other once home and once away, giving a total of 22 games per team.

Five diesel generators together produce 20.8 MW, giving a total electric output of 29 MW.

giving the impression   (印象を与える)

Nadheem blamed the title of the film for giving the impression of "old typical" to the film.

The choice of the JavaScript name has caused confusion, sometimes giving the impression that it is a spin-off of Java.

Most notably, "C. validus" males and females have an exaggerated malar space, giving the impression of a long, triangular face.

giving lectures

He spent the year giving lectures in China and Japan.

In the years 2004-2005, he held a tour around the world, giving lectures and holding debates.

He aggressively proselytized for the movement by giving lectures, when not performing onstage.

well as giving   (与えるだけでなく)

The current model is m/90 that is designed to be both comfortable and light as well as giving ankle support.

Displays include frog species native to Australia, as well as giving visitors the chance to see the infamous cane toad.

"Woodface" was a major hit in Australia and New Zealand as well as giving the band their first top ten hit album in the UK.

giving the album

She ended up giving the album four out of five stars.

He concluded by giving the album four out of five stars, calling Armatrading's achievements "genuinely impressive".

However, the writer praised the musicianship of Fink, Klepaski, and Szeliga, ultimately giving the album a score of 5.7 out of 10.

giving more

He was a strong supporter of giving more power to the King.

HLF was found guilty of giving more than $12 million to support Hamas.

Sixty per cent of donations come from individuals or groups giving more than £5,000.

giving each

1,000 motor, thus giving each car horizontal tractive pull.

He reviews two phenomena per monthly episode, giving each a score out of five stars.

And if the girl also liked the boy, they would have a date, giving each other and engagement gift.

began giving

The ensemble began giving performances in late 1915.

She began giving weekly talks on the Torah portion in September 2015.

Cyrus began giving instructions to Network and then RVD hit a "Van Daminator" to Cyrus.

giving back   (恩返し)

South Carolina Federal is committed to giving back to the communities it serves.

At last, Lord Krishna gives "Darshan" to them by giving back Bellvamangaludu's eyes.

Shortly after signing his rookie contract, Harris began giving back to his hometown of Wichita, Kansas.

thereby giving

"), thereby giving "Feendish" a strip of his own.

In 2003/2004, the village of Memphis was annexed, thereby giving the town of Walls the official status of a municipality.

In due course of time, they cleared the Hongal forest and made it habitable, thereby giving a new name Bailahongala (which means cleared forest).

giving a speech

At the end, Willie is giving a speech to a crowd.

Senator Frank Carlson giving a speech.

The reception was held on 9 June 2018, about 450 guests attended with Hakuhō giving a speech.

giving evidence   (証拠を与える)

He raised this point when giving evidence at the Stafford Hospital scandal public inquiry.

The 25-year-old Browning, giving evidence on 2 July 1862, gave a rather more radical viewpoint.

To wave a white flag to avoid disclosing documents and giving evidence in court is really unusual.

giving advice   (アドバイスを与える)

Salya says that he is giving advice as driver and narrates story of a crow.

Being the oldest, Forte acts as the big sister of the group, often giving advice to others.

She plays on the 'older sister' role of Eclipse, often giving advice and consoling her teammates.

giving the appearance

The roof leaks in places, giving the appearance of rain, often when outside it is dry.

The first floor had raised bricks every ninth course or so, giving the appearance of rustication.

Sonar reflects off the millions of lanternfish swim bladders, giving the appearance of a false bottom.

giving the film   (映画を与える)

Rickey, giving the film the benefit of the doubt, wrote "The plot may be forgettable, but the execution is frantic and funny.

The film would go on to earn $33.4 million in North America, and $6 million in foreign countries giving the film a worldwide total of $39.4 million.

Despite giving the film a positive review, "Hot Press" wrote that the effectiveness of its message was entirely "dependent on the viewer's own experiences".

giving concerts

Müren subsequently focused on giving concerts and recording new songs.

He began giving concerts all over the Persian Gulf and recording his music with Kuwaiti labels.

He has devoted much of his life to giving concerts and teaching flamenco guitar around the world.

giving a useful

The aircraft has an empty weight of and a gross weight of , giving a useful load of .

started giving

After his father's death in 1968, he started giving solo concerts.

At the age of 12 his father started giving him dividend-paying stocks.

Later, he learned Carnatic music from Arayakkudi Rajamani Iyer and started giving stage concerts at the age of 23.

charitable giving

Her level of charitable giving was, however, considerable.

In 1988, Evans founded the Charles Evans Foundation to carry on his wide range of interests in charitable giving.

With his success in wine making, Longworth participated in charitable giving throughout Cincinnati, including a noteworthy donation to the land which the Cincinnati Observatory is built on.

giving speeches   (スピーチをする)

He also travels the world extensively giving speeches and attending conferences.

In 1935, Halan traveled extensively around Prykarpattia, giving speeches to peasants.

There, he continued his advocacy by giving speeches to the Filipino-American communities.

only giving   (与えるだけ)

Evidence points to only giving birth once every three years.

They scored 311 points, while only giving up 42 points, with 6 shutouts.

Most yarns state their weight on the ball band but some may not, only giving the composition.

giving all

She leaves the village giving all her property and becomes a wanderer.

One more educational institute in the town in Mahanteshwar Vidya sansthe, giving all modern education to children of the surrounding area.

The song tells how Jinny see love: giving all of herself to the one she loved, and cannot take it back even the relationship is not stable.

giving the game

Then giving the game a score of 8 out of 10.

"Electronic Fun" disliked it, giving the game only 1.5 joysticks out of 5.

The expansions added 11 new missions, giving the game a total of 27 missions.

when giving   (与えるとき)

Light Shift died when giving birth to her fourth foal in 2014.

He raised this point when giving evidence at the Stafford Hospital scandal public inquiry.

There are five principles that should be followed when giving the zakāt: The Fourth Pillar of Islam is Sawm, or fasting.

giving women

In January 1918 parliament passed a bill giving women over 30 the vote if they were married to a property owner or were one themselves.

She worked on behalf of the National Women's Party of Texas (NWPT) for passage of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution giving women the vote.

Moreover, it's fitting that this plaque will be put up on the Isle of Man, where Sophia came from and returned to, but also the nation that led the way in giving women the right to vote."

before giving up

But one of the men, a priest, wanted to try one more time, before giving up.

She drove the severely damaged Quattro for five more kilometres before giving up.

In basketball, he represented Victoria and Australia, before giving up the sport to focus on football.

giving the player   (プレイヤーに与える)

Destroying enemies in quick succession will generate a chain bonus, giving the player a higher score.

"Sonic R" features two separate mixes of each song in its in-game soundtrack; ones with vocals and instrumental versions, giving the player the option to disable vocals.

Similarly, the slide may be operated by either hand, giving the player the option to finger the valves with the right hand and operate the slide with the left, or vice versa.

died giving

His wife Elizabeth died giving birth to their daughter.

Eventually, news is brought that Chani has died giving birth.

He told Yuka in episode 6, that she died giving birth to him because of his size.

avoid giving   (与えない)

The Chinese sought to end to tensions to avoid giving the Russians a pretext to invade.

The magistrate dismissed the case to avoid giving publicity to their "stupid behaviour".

During the assault, the island's defenders exercised unusual firing discipline to avoid giving away their positions.

giving people

Often misunderstood by others, Haruto now finds his mundane life boring now that he must fight the Phantoms while giving people hope.

As explained by Alex Kortt, "the reason for doing the two EPs was to do with giving people a good snapshot of where we're at musically.

The second wave of body positivity prioritized giving people of all sizes a place where they could comfortably come together and exercise.

giving information   (与えられた情報)

It has been giving information about local activities, news and program.

Several editions of the Small Computer Handbook were published by DEC, giving information about their PDP line of computers.

The Khilkhilat ambulance is fitted with cushions and LCD screen giving information to the mother and her relatives about childcare.