İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

stained glass   (vitray)

Some of the stained glass is by Clayton and Bell.

He also published a book on making stained glass.

There are stained glass windows by Clayton and Bell.

glass windows   (cam pencereler)

It is composed of steel, with many glass windows.

There are stained glass windows by Clayton and Bell.

The stained glass windows were imported from Bavaria.

stained glass windows   (vitray pencereler)

There are stained glass windows by Clayton and Bell.

The stained glass windows were imported from Bavaria.

The church has many interesting stained glass windows.

glass window   (cam pencere)

There is a stained glass window by Charles Eamer Kempe.

The church has a stained glass window by William Morris.

Stained glass window panels in the college depicted images of slavery.

stained glass window   (vitray pencere)

There is a stained glass window by Charles Eamer Kempe.

The church has a stained glass window by William Morris.

The stained glass window depicts some scenes concerning Saint-Yves' life.

glass panels   (cam paneller)

The parlor doors in the house featured American-made etched glass panels.

Most of the mall's elevators have glass panels, and are decorated with neon lights.

At Settlers Landing, crews will restore eight etched glass panels that act as wind screens.

broken glass

Four of the paintings had been damaged by the broken glass.

Two others were injured by broken glass.

glass bottles   (cam şişeler)

Sulai is generally stored in clear, glass bottles.

Blue glass bottles were also hung in trees to trap the haints and boo hags.

Svensk GlasÅtervinning AB is responsible for the deposit system of glass bottles.

glass beads   (cam boncuklar)

The earrings come with or without black and red glass beads.

Some bumps are coated with high-refractive-index glass beads.

We give them some glass beads.

plate glass

But, Blake saw his own reflection in the plate glass.

At the front of the shop were the first plate glass windows ever installed in Lynchburg.

The Oriental Room has enormous plate glass windows, gilded arches, highly ornamental walls, ceilings and chandeliers.

glass roof

The entire structure is covered with a glass roof.

The expanded centre was covered in a glass roof.

The glass roof is directly above the single centre platform.

glass artist

Coleman is married to glass artist Josh Simpson who lives in Massachusetts.

Moira Forsyth Moira Forsyth (1905–1991) was an English stained glass artist.

Jean-Pierre Canlis Jean-Pierre Canlis (born 1973) is an American glass artist.

made of glass

Monofins can be made of glass fiber or carbon fiber.

Rounds beads can be made of glass, stone, ceramic, metal, or wood.

At an antique shop, Basant and Vasant see an antique duck made of glass.

large glass

The real bones of the holotype were put on exhibit in two large glass cases at either end of the mounted cast.

From the north side and the main entrance it gives a low, modest impression, dominated by large glass surfaces.

The car was of unitary construction and featured a large glass area with heavily curved windscreen and rear window.

coloured glass   (renkli cam)

The stained and coloured glass windows throughout the building are of high quality.

A meeting hall is on the first floor with a horseshoe gallery, sloping floor and coloured glass rooflights.

The church was fitted with box pews, cast iron windows with coloured glass, and a blue ceiling with stars painted on it.

glass factory

The glass factory stopped its production in 2003.

This glass factory employed about 175 people.

As a boy, Brallier remembered having worked in a glass factory.

magnifying glass   (büyüteç)

Using a magnifying glass, dropped by Pogaku Subbarao, they free themselves and attack Vasanth Daada.

This allows for greater magnification than a conventional magnifying glass, typically 10× up to 20×.

Other suggestions include its use as a magnifying glass for jewellers, or as a decorative furniture inlay.

glass walls

Platform level seating is sheltered within glass walls.

I am sure if they had glass walls not so many people would be eating flesh.

One can see pictures on the London Eye on the glass walls in the music video.

glass transition   (cam geçişi)

In the vicinity of glass transition the flow behavior becomes "non-Fickian".

piezoelectric ceramics, glass transition temperature, superconductive ceramics, etc.).

Recently it has been proposed that the cytoplasm behaves like a glass-forming liquid approaching the glass transition.

glass bottle   (cam şişe)

Feeling betrayed, Nico stabs Sienna with a glass bottle.

Casein glue is mainly used to adhere glass bottle labels.

The fairy Fanferluche carried her off and imprisoned her in a glass bottle.

window glass

Prior to 1984, the hardtop included sliding window glass as an option.

Madeira wine, window glass, which will be sold by the bag, chest, bale, or package".

In 1851, he became a partner in the Union Glass Company which manufactured window glass.

glass doors

The Council Chamber of County Hall is preserved right behind glass doors.

Sliding glass doors are common in many houses, particularly as an entrance to the backyard.

At the centre of this wing is the famous balcony with the Centre Room behind its glass doors.

glass ceiling   (cam tavan)

Carmichael is a part of the most inspiring group of men and women with the goal of shattering the glass ceiling for women.

The entrance foyer's core is decorated with marble floors, stainless steel mesh wall panels, and a translucent glass ceiling.

In 1978, Leila Seth became the Judge of the Delhi High Court, breaking the glass ceiling by becoming the first woman to do so.

glass of water

Clifford responds by requesting a glass of water.

Bugs then tricks Elmer into high-diving into a glass of water.

Example: is "half a glass of water".

glass plate

Refractive index close to that of the glass plate.

The koalas are only separated from the visitors by this glass plate.

The silver gelatin glass plate negatives are the only known remaining Ulmann negatives.

clear glass   (temiz cam)

The clear glass displays the layers of the dessert.

Two rectangular openings, filled with clear glass and Venetian shutters, were spaced along the sides.

The building has 21 elevators, each with walls constructed of clear glass panels enclosing fractured glass.

art glass

Arguably, Wright's best-known art glass is that of the Prairie style.

A circular diameter art glass dome, high, provides illumination in the room.

It features a multi-gabled roof, four corbelled chimneys, and art glass windows.

glass tube

The device is a capillary glass tube whose middle section is widened.

Inside the glass tube is a partial vacuum and a small amount of mercury.

Fluorescent lamps consist of a glass tube that contains mercury vapour or argon under low pressure.

glass cockpit   (cam kokpit)

Other systems includes a glass cockpit.

The glass cockpit was designed to give the pilot good situational awareness.

The 767 was the first Boeing wide-body to be designed with a two-crew digital glass cockpit.

colored glass   (renkli cam)

Similar panels in the second story contain colored glass transom lights.

The side door entry has a single, paned door with colored glass sidelights and traces.

Stained glass project is Bulgarian artist, and implementation of colored glass and lead frames is done in France.

glass works

He is best known for his stained glass and light glass works for British churches.

Also included in the exhibition are a new series of layered paintings and glass works.

The company was Bellaire's first glass works, and the second located in Belmont County.

such as glass

Amorphous materials such as glass and polymers are typically isotropic.

Other types of amorphous solids include gels, thin films, and nanostructured materials such as glass.

These boats are usually made of rigid materials - such as glass reinforced resin, plywood or aluminium.

glass of wine   (kadeh şarap)

A typical "medium" glass of wine with 175 ml at 12% ABV has 2.1 units.

During a performance of the opera "Amore et Gloire", Claudin drugs a glass of wine which prima donna Mme.

Children are asked to leave some coffee for Lucia, a carrot for the donkey and a glass of wine for Castaldo.

through the glass   (camdan)

They are visible only through the glass back wall in the toilets.

Seeing Metcalf through the glass window of the student council room, he opened his door, shot and killed him.

The chairs, cushions, and carpets are all white, which reflects the colored light streaming through the glass.

glass wall

Laurel behind a two-story glass wall.

The glass wall around the balcony was inscribed with the men who died from the battle.

When they struck atoms in the glass wall, they excited their orbital electrons to higher energy levels.

glass panes   (cam bölmeler)

Individual glass panes in the pyramid are connected by stainless-steel crosses in length.

The original stained glass panes that adorned the two front window archways and two oval side windows were missing from the home.

The ride traversed the building housing Star Tours, Star Trader and the Starcade, offering views of all three through glass panes in the tunnel.

glass dome   (cam kubbe)

A glass dome is located at a height of 40 meters atop the station.

The ceiling of its Preston Bradley Hall includes a Tiffany glass dome.

A circular diameter art glass dome, high, provides illumination in the room.

glass and steel

This sleek designed glass and steel tower has a total height of .

One bomb caused serious damage to the Victorian glass and steel roof.

The building is made of glass and steel, qualifying it as Class A office space.

steel and glass

It features a curved stainless steel and glass façade.

Two steel and glass vestibule connectors lead from the north side of this structure to the annex.

A large modern wing with a construction of steel and glass, also called 'The Van Klingeren wing'.

glass case   (cam kasa)

It was then put it in a glass case for exhibition.

Protected by a modern glass case, it towers above the principal altar in the choir.

She further alleges that the tombstone is now displayed in a glass case in a room with purple walls.

leaded glass

Some of the windows are leaded glass.

The dining room features a large Craftsman-style china cabinet with leaded glass.

Monochrome CRTs typically do not contain enough leaded glass to fail EPA TCLP tests.

glass fibre   (cam elyafı)

Above this, glass fibre or ceramic are used.

Modern playboats are made from plastic which is much more robust than glass fibre or wood.

The fuselage of the MG-1 was steel framed and fabric covered with the exception of a glass fibre engine cowling.

glass plates

The magician then slides glass plates through the crate (and apparently through his assistant).

It consists of a transparent volatile liquid encased between two glass plates and side spacers.

Another development approach can be seen with the construction based on plastic or glass plates.