goes back   (戻る)

When Francie refuses, he goes back to his fiancee.

The nickname "Eagles" goes back to 1920 when Rev.

The definition of sets goes back to Georg Cantor.

goes through

The making of a mask goes through various stages.

Bean then goes through the dead drunk's pockets.

The federal highway goes through the district.

then goes

Chuck then goes into the water and tags the shark.

The band then goes outside to start the march over.

Peggy then goes to Edward's office to pressure him.

goes off

Aegle watches Theseus sadly, then goes off alone.

When it goes off, it's going to spread like wildfire."

The bomb goes off, killing many superhumans.

goes up

For foreign tourists, the cost goes up to INR 200.

It goes up to 60 feet in the Wildwood Boardwalk.

By the age of 60, this number goes up to 70%.

goes beyond

The psychology of the movement goes beyond feeling good.

Participation in EU NAVFOR goes beyond EU member states.

It always goes beyond the concrete data where Si does not.

goes down   (低下する)

Most of this work is done after the sun goes down.

Magnus goes down to the beach and meets Jennie.

If energy efficiency goes down, performance is negative.

goes to see

He goes to see Kernel and Kirilli in the hospital.

After the meeting, Connor goes to see Jane again.

Then, despite everything, he goes to see Elsa.

goes missing

When Titli suddenly goes missing Aparna throws a fit.

Zoro goes missing, as the Straw Hats restock.

Boyle goes out to find food and goes missing.

goes home   (家に帰る)

Michelle goes home and finds Steve has come home.

Devastated, Pia goes home and gets engaged to Abhi.

The next day, Homer goes home to apologize to Marge.

story goes   (物語が行く)

The protagonist of the story goes by simply The Warrior.

The story goes back to Hugh and he is in prison with Deborah.

The story goes that all creatures danced to it, as did his wife.

goes along

Mercedes learns of the plan and goes along with it.

Her mother does not approve, but she goes along with it.

In the film, she also goes along but does not participate.

goes against   (反対する)

Racer A goes against Racer B in an E.T.

This goes against the beliefs of religious scholars around the world.

This goes against everything the Dead Kennedys stands for in spades...

time goes

Love's design process has become more refined as time goes on.

As time goes on, Peter gives in to his strong attraction to Joan.

As time goes on, however he warms to her presence (and her ever-exposed legs).

goes wrong

His cavalcade goes wrong, since an arrow hits him.

If something goes wrong, ed is sometimes the only editor available.

However something goes wrong, and soon a riot ensues in the prison.

goes well   (うまくいっている)

It is the "you" that, if all goes well, you will become.

Everything goes well until the actual hired killers show up.

The double date goes well, and everyone is talking to Bree again.

goes to visit

J.R. goes to visit the Del Sol family who claim to be unaware of Marta's plans.

Stacy goes to visit House again in "Three Stories", five years after their break up.

Finally the sage falls in love with her and then the dancer goes to visit her mother.

goes around   (周りに行きます)

He then goes around town shouting "murder".

The controversy goes around the world in less than a week.

The first stripe goes around the front head passing through the eye.

goes as far

The resemblance goes as far as B-2 and YB-49 having the same wingspan.

The club goes as far back as 1921, when it played in the Duhallow division.

There is evidence that a Syrian Malware Team goes as far back as January 1, 2011.

goes north

The rout goes north to follow the Kalindi glacier.

The D117A goes north from the town to Allerey.

US 45W comes in from the west and goes north with SR 22.

goes away

She does not respond and goes away from the restaurant.

Buqun goes away, Yingxiong once again takes the Da Xiaogu.

Years later, Nettles goes away to boarding school in New York.

goes further

She goes further into detail explaining how awful the food was.

The Gauge swatch goes further.

Structuralist mathematics goes further, and develops theories and axioms (e.g.

goes to meet

Odrade then goes to meet the Great Honored Matre.

Ram agrees and goes to meet Janaki.

The young boyar accidentally overturns the cart, which goes to meet him.

goes to work   (仕事に行きます)

He goes to work in a French cheese factory as a taster and evaluator of the cheese.

After arguing repeatedly with Peter, Michelle quits and goes to work at The Rovers.

He goes to work as a nightclub bouncer and has a fling with gypsy girl Tania (Lilli Palmer).

goes outside   (外に出る)

The band then goes outside to start the march over.

The group goes outside and assess what has happened.

He goes outside to catch a breather and Tom follows him.

when he goes   (彼が行くとき)

when he goes for his winter vacation to his house in Pune.

He's last seen trying to help Toshihiko when he goes to battle Ōba.

The artist claimed he kept the knife in his car for when he goes camping.

goes awry

This time, however, the caper goes awry, and the victim was killed.

Another infiltration attempt goes awry despite Bek's direction of the security forces.

During a magical duel, Ged's spell goes awry and releases a shadow creature that attacks him.

goes so

This belief goes so far as to include superstition as well.

The animosity goes so far that Maddy even tries to frame Sam.

Indeed, he goes so far as to organize his fellow grouse to outwit the guns.

goes so far

This belief goes so far as to include superstition as well.

The animosity goes so far that Maddy even tries to frame Sam.

Indeed, he goes so far as to organize his fellow grouse to outwit the guns.

later goes

Del later goes down to the riot to sell some of the ski gear.

Aidan later goes on a date with Vaughn.

Mac later goes to retrieve the watermelon and does not return.

what goes

"You are what you are because of what goes into your mind."

I developed a real appreciation for what goes into making public policy.

The MBTI and PAS diverge on the source of what goes into one's public persona.

goes to live

Isabel goes to live with Phil whose gambling soon ruins them.

Carol has an affair and Jenny goes to live with Lindsay, who has a terminal disease.

The Thakur family goes to live with Chandra Prabha's brother Raghav Pandit, who was once Thakur's "dewan".

often goes   (よく行く)

Roberto often goes on tour in the United States.

However, it is an allergy that often goes unrecognized.

Hoag owns horses, and often goes for a ride to combat writer's block.

goes to find   (見つけに行く)

Katey argues with Susie and goes to find Javier.

She is sick in hospital and Patrick goes to find her.

Jake goes to find the assistant, who tries to escape.

when she goes   (彼女が行くとき)

The pair later meet when she goes into his store.

A look at the two different directions a teenage girl's life could have taken when she goes to high school.

At first the mother does not believe Amahl, but when she goes to the door to see for herself, she is stunned.

goes ahead   (先に行く)

He is hesitant but Mishti goes ahead and buys The Shed.

He ignores her warning, and goes ahead with his efficiency plan.

In spite of this, Consuelo goes ahead with her pregnancy and gives birth to a girl.

history goes

Its history goes back to the mid nineteenth century.

Their history goes back to the Middle Ages.

Its history goes back to the construction of the irrigation system in Punjab.

only goes   (行くだけ)

It only goes over the summit of one mountain, and avoids that of Hunter.

The respect Harry shows only goes so far as Harry still sees him as a bully.

Randal only goes to Quick Stop instead of staying in the video store to talk to Dante about whatever comes to mind.

goes straight   (直進する)

From here, the route goes straight to Tolar Khind.

She adores two-tone fashions, over-the-knee boots, sparkly capes and hair that goes straight and curly.

It goes straight through Harrison before turning north and crossing Chickamauga Lake, leaving Harrison.

road goes   (道路が行く)

The road goes under the baghouse structure.

The Apolo road goes deep into La Paz.

SP41 provincial road goes through it.

goes undercover   (潜入する)

Then, he goes undercover, disguising himself as a customer, to experience the problems firsthand.

He goes undercover and goes into a group called "Pulang Araw", a rebel group fighting for rights.

In the noir thriller "New World" (2013), he played a police officer who goes undercover in a crime organization.

goes directly

The other 25% of the air goes directly into the lungs.

The river goes directly to Vemabanad Lake but it is very narrow in this region.

Peggy walks in and goes directly to her office without giving the broadcast much attention.

goes in search

Outraged, Lat goes in search of Jehu.

Thinking that it's her only way to reach out to her sister, Riley goes in search of the old studio.

In that muddle, Raju forgets his office money and goes in search of Seeta which Sundaramma steals too.

goes south

The Krupá then goes south toward the town of Staré Město.

After the mission goes south and Mockingbird is left stranded on A.I.M.

The detectives hatch one plan, but it goes south, Fin suggests they go back to Anna, but using Amaro instead.

even goes

He even goes to her office and ends up getting a job there, only to be closer to Sana.

He even goes as far as to say that the phrase "you and me" "sounds louder than the world".

With each generation having fewer children, population growth slows, stops, or even goes into reverse.

goes east

SR 249 then separates and goes east and SR 49 turns north.

SR 58 then goes east and leaves Chattanooga, entering Harrison.

This freeway goes east out of Seattle, eventually terminating in Boston.

now goes

She now goes by the name Virginia Biddlecomb."

She was born in 1941, and now goes by her married name, Sara Lee Schupf.

Amy has since been married, and now goes by the name Amy Crews Ouellette.

same goes

The same goes for studies with correlational design.

The same goes with Sweden and its "Riksdag" until 1971.

The same goes for a subdivision of a genus.

history goes back   (歴史は遡る)

Its history goes back to the mid nineteenth century.

Their history goes back to the Middle Ages.

Its history goes back to the construction of the irrigation system in Punjab.

goes inside

She goes inside and sees Otto who's smiling warmly.

Rahul goes inside and sees Anu climbing a ladder.

Bugs goes inside while Elmer hops out the window.

goes into hiding   (隠れます)

Ashamed at his blunder, Jimmy goes into hiding.

Shortly afterwards, Specter escapes and goes into hiding.

She narrowly escapes and goes into hiding.

goes towards

He, along with Goopy and Bagha, goes towards Anandagarh fort.

Scientific evidence usually goes towards supporting or rejecting a hypothesis.

The funds they choose to provide goes towards a retirement plan which can be then redeemed upon reaching retirement age.