gone through   (経て)

The Pyjs.org fork, has gone through active development.

"Dungeons & Dragons" has gone through several revisions.

Humans haven't yet gone through testing.

gone missing   (行方不明になった)

However, he later realizes that it has gone missing.

He also tells them that his sister Yuma has gone missing.

"Kornblatt", has mysteriously gone missing.

having gone   (行ったことがある)

Upon visiting the Pueblo, the expedition "repented having gone up to the place."

It ultimately arose from the Brahmi letter 𑀓 (), after having gone through the Gupta letter .

After they leave Cinderella imagines having gone with them ("In My Own Little Corner" (reprise)).

gone wrong

Lyrically, "Ugly" talks about a hookup gone wrong.

Lyrically, the song talks about a hookup gone wrong.

The "Death Saw" is presented as an escape gone wrong.

not gone

However Diana's arrival has not gone unnoticed.

Glasser's theories and teachings have not gone without criticism.

The hard rock is not gone.

gone down   (下がった)

"Originally, it had 1150 seats but that has gone down to 900."

Notwithstanding Kael's unresponsive silence, this has gone down in film lore as the Sarris-Kael feud.

The insurance premiums of individual members have also gone down as risk management violations have decreased.

now gone

With Langford now gone, Dr. Ottman heads the dig.

She has now gone on to write a book on the subject.

Their fierce young rival, U100, was now gone.

long gone   (なくなった)

The opera 'drought' of the 1940s was clearly long gone.

All the main structures are long gone.

were long gone, and their genteel house was used as a brothel."

gone back   (戻った)

Connors wonders if they've somehow gone back in time.

He's gone back and he realizes Thade's beat him there."

Curry"", suggesting that Charles had gone back to the family business.

gone up

With the help of this law their reproductive success has gone up over the years.

Upon visiting the Pueblo, the expedition "repented having gone up to the place."

Value added tax (VAT) has gone up in 2010 compared to 2009: 23% as opposed to 19%.

already gone

The next day, he wakes up and she is already gone.

Yap has also already gone to the newly opened shopping mall in the capital, Brem Mall.

Pritchfield calls out to Barbara, but Stewie points out that she has already gone to lunch.

gone too

Morgan apologized, saying that he had "gone too far".

But the affair had gone too far.

Davenport had gone too far, charisma or no, and the crowd quickly dispersed.

gone off

The little turtles have since gone off on their own journeys.

He could have gone off in his gold chains, but he humbled himself and asked for help."

Kim smugly told Biff that Linda had gone off with Alex and that he is "a bit of a lad".

gone too far

Morgan apologized, saying that he had "gone too far".

But the affair had gone too far.

Davenport had gone too far, charisma or no, and the crowd quickly dispersed.

gone before

Even with all of the research and planning that had gone before, the true need had been underestimated.

Drivers would avoid breaking out like the plague, dialing their cars 0.01 faster than it had ever gone before.

Both of these CDs have the TV version of "Go where no ones gone before" while the VOCAL SIDE has the full version.

gone through several

"Dungeons & Dragons" has gone through several revisions.

The club has gone through several ownerships changes over the past two decades.

Over the years, the facility has gone through several renovations and expansions.

gone extinct

As a result, the kokanee was believed to have gone extinct in the 1940s.

The demand for the plant was so great that by the fourth century, it had gone extinct.

Researchers usually have concluded from this fact that other pterosaur groups had already gone extinct.

gone so

Chakotay's shuttle is gone so he returns to the Vori.

With Robinson gone so too were all hopes of the bill's passage.

He said, "I had that melody, and I could have gone so many ways with it.

gone mad   (狂った)

Colonel, gone mad, is found to be the leader of this cult (Level 5).

Mason thinks he has gone mad.

Have you gone mad?"

gone bankrupt

The company has gone bankrupt seven times in its history.

The story is set in an imaginary American town that has gone bankrupt.

In 1880, they acquired a tract of James Thompson, who had gone bankrupt, and established another dairy farm.

all gone

We thought the dinosaurs were all gone.

As Babar finishes his tale, he finds that his children have all gone to sleep.

The band members have all gone on to pursue other interests within the music industry.

come and gone

Various other Protestant denominations have come and gone, though the Pentecostals have been relatively strong.

But take a look around at the one-designs that have come and gone since Alsberg sold his first 27-footer in 1982.

Francie pays one last visit to some of her favorite childhood places and reflects on all the people who have come and gone in her life.

gone through many

Over the centuries, Azerbaijani art has gone through many stylistic changes.

The Cro-Mags have gone through many line-up changes since the band's beginnings.

Case Company which has gone through many mergers and name changes to today's Case Corporation.

gone beyond

However, he had not yet gone beyond the mere critique of economic policy.

Human uses of serration have copied, and gone beyond, those found in nature.

Boeing has studied a number of 747 variants that have not gone beyond the concept stage.

gone so far

I don't pretend to be right all the time, and sometimes I've gone so far as to change my mind from time to time."

In fact, Judith Lorber has gone so far as to argue that we should imagine a social world that is not organized by gender.

Some commentators have gone so far as to suggest that the concept of predistribution has simply been invented, and lacks any real substance.