very good   (とても良い)

Fights in his own pace and is very good at aiming.

Agar said he thought Nelson "did a very good job".

The nearby river Åelva is a very good salmon river.

good enough   (十分良い)

It’s not good enough to just become girls’ fathers.

"But it's a win and it's good enough for all of us."

I felt I was good enough to be in the Premier League."

good friends   (良い友達)

He is good friends with The Silver Dagger and Temat.

Here, he became good friends with Walter Reginald Bett.

He spends time with Michelle and they become good friends.

good example   (良い例え)

A good example of this is the surface of the Earth.

This release is a good example of their talents.

Sabeto Hot Springs near Nadi is a good example.

good friend   (仲良し)

He was a good friend of Cardinal Charles Borromeo.

His son Basha (Sunil) also becomes his good friend.

So also does Mr. Conger, who is our good friend.

good condition   (良好な状態)

NOS examples in good condition are extremely rare.

Christopher Alderson - is still in good condition.

The tramway still exists, in fairly good condition.

good deal   (ずいぶん)

The city is mountainous and has a good deal of seacoast.

During this time he wrote a good deal of his erotic poetry.

You have a good deal the best of this".

good relations

We also aim to have good relations with Serbia.

Denmark has long had good relations with other nations.

Mastan maintained good relations with the other gang leaders.

good faith   (誠実)

Some discretion and good faith is sufficient.

(****)= Possible overclaim in good faith.

Even so, they had continued to pay those fees in good faith.

not good

Quandary said " My first impressions were not good.

It’s not good enough to just become girls’ fathers.

They are not good at winter sports like skiing.

good luck   (幸運を)

It is deemed good luck to have spotted one, or two.

Son was like Dumbo's good luck feather for me.

He also emphasizes the importance of good luck in life".

good form

However, he continued his good form in ODIs.

He began in good form, but was never as effective as in 1927.

He continued its good form and scored another 5 goals in only 9 matches.

really good   (本当に良い)

For instance, "really good" can become "real good".

I walked out on it because it was a really good film.

He's going to be a really good player the boy".

good time

Everyone seemed to have a good time at the circus".

She later commented, "He "deserved" a good time.

We play music and we like to have a good time."

good health   (健康)

ISRO officials stated that it remains in good health.

He grants good health, wealth and cattle to his devotees.

General good health and nutrition also reduce ulcer risk.

good quality

However, observers note a good quality of translations.

In that year 40 tons of good quality copper was produced.

The habitat consists of the fringes of good quality forests.

good reviews

Their tour for this album also received good reviews.

Film got good reviews by different websites and public.

Wayne in particular received good reviews.

good terms   (仲良し)

They have since made amends and are now on good terms.

Arthur and his mother were not on good terms.

On the other hand, he gets in good terms with her mother.

good fortune   (幸運)

Oh the good fortune of those who were his friends!

Such sexual relations were even seen as good fortune.

I accept your hand to enhance our joint good fortune.

good and evil   (善悪)

No rational beings are indifferent to good and evil.

Philosophy should provide a standard for good and evil.

Knowledge is an awareness of good and evil.

so good

Its title: "So far so good" "(Zatim Dobry)".

"Do you see now why it feels so good to be a critical mind?"

This sawtooth wave is so good that no linearity control is needed.

good start

In the first stage, the Belgians had a good start.

Chris started strong and made a good start for Cas.

The film had a good start in A, B and C Centres in its first weekend.

good results   (良い結果)

However, he still felt that there were some good results.

He led the team through good results and a very good season.

Yet, France have had some good results during the 21st century.

good idea   (良いアイデア)

Berlin and its decadence was a good idea.

Whether introducing the plant was a good idea is contentious.

I think premarital sex is a good idea.

no good

I liked the fact that there is no good guy and bad guy.

This broke up the system, and left no good odour behind it!

After that, he says, "That's no good too.

good thing   (良いこと)

I don't know whether that's a good thing or not."

"Abolishing the Death Penalty is a good thing.

For the most part, this is a good thing".

good job

Agar said he thought Nelson "did a very good job".

They are then sent on what Paul calls a "good job."

adding "Jess & Matt to do a really good job."

make good   (良くする)

The shadows are what make good movies".

She complimented Cardi B's ability to make good use of her only verse.

Fraser's men were up at 3 am, but did not make good time due to the darkness.

good performance   (良い成果)

He was also selected K-League all-star due to his good performance.

Despite a fairly good performance, the Vikings did not hold on to him.

After a good performance, he reached the final and won the bronze medal.

pretty good   (かなり良い)

That was pretty good, especially coming from him.

"This has a chance to be pretty good", Connor said.

And I not only liked it, but I was pretty good at it.

made good

The Ottoman Empire made good use of cannon as siege artillery.

Needless to say, the soap made good use of Annalise's assets."

Nick Novak made good a 27-yard kick for the first points in the game.

good news

The doctors at Oak Haven contacted Paul with good news.

The good news is, I'm finally working on my debut retail album.

The agricultural revolution was not all good news for Bergholt.

good relationship

2) Bowie and Whately formed a good relationship.

He had also good relationship with Sigismund Báthory.

Clay said that he and Henry share a good relationship.

good reason   (正当な理由)

There was a very good reason for this.

There is good reason to believe in the authenticity of McCutcheon’s account.

"(Donnie) Walsh has been called the 'father of Canadian blues' and with good reason.

not a good

His experience was not a good one and he took his own life.

He was not a good climber, but was one of the best descenders.

2008 was not a good year for Convery.

good use

Recesses in walls were also put to good use as cupboards.

I also love bungee -jumping, which I could put to good use.

The Ottoman Empire made good use of cannon as siege artillery.

good governance   (良い統治)

It will help in good governance across the country".

To address the problems, good governance and a change in the water use paradigm have been proposed.

Karp expressed "We propose that social inclusion and equal citizenship are key factors for good governance...

too good

It seems too good to be true - and it certainly is.

It all seemed too good to be true.

Yoo-gun's martial arts skills are too good and he ends up defeating Ray.

good works

To me, good works are more important than theology."

In addition there were many schools and hospitals established as good works.

(a) Mary Magdalene meets the risen Christ in the garden; (b) The good works of Dorcas.

received good

Their tour for this album also received good reviews.

Croll received good notices for her portrayal.

Wayne in particular received good reviews.

good performances

His good performances took him to Sada Cruzeiro (MG).

His good performances did not go unnoticed in Europe.

After a couple of good performances, Baloy gained fan favour.

good reputation   (良い評判)

He enjoyed a good reputation in his country.

Czech hockey school has a good reputation.

The medicine enjoyed a good reputation locally and overseas.

good looks

Ivers used her good looks to distract men at the poker table.

He hopes to win over the white jurors with his good looks and charm.

However, people make fun of his good looks and steal fruits and vegetables.

public good   (公共財)

DSACF promotes private giving for the public good.

Some were for the public good, though others were for himself.

I believe education is a public good and not a service to be sold.

good guy   (いいやつ)

I liked the fact that there is no good guy and bad guy.

He is a little clumsy, but a good guy.

"As a good guy, he's bland and boring.

common good

Everyone was expected to contribute to the common good.

Social distinctions can be founded only on the common good.

It states that all courts are to be “united” for the common good.

good standing

The success put Shostakovich in good standing once again.

They returned him to good standing sometime after the big game.

On some services, account verification is synonymous with good standing.

make a good   (良くする)

I wouldn't make a good wife for anybody".

Together, the two make a good team.

Moreover, you can make a good story of what you have experienced.

good way

Copying them out was considered a good way to study them.

Sea handlining is a good way to catch larger oceanic fish.

I thought "Apes" would be a good way to make up for that."

good order   (順調)

Cells were expected to be kept tidy and in good order.

During this time the Turkish Army was able to withdraw in good order.

If the house was in good order, they would bring fertility and plenty.

good things

I can't say enough good things about her," Brewster said.

I can't say enough good things about him.

A lot of good things were set aside.

good and bad

What she saw was the good and bad in life.

Characters, both good and bad, often beat up Willy for information.

However, there are groups that could possibly a mix of good and bad singers.

good number   (良い数)

A good number of people have white collar jobs mainly in Kochi.

The panchayath has good number of primary and upper primary schools.

Griffin spent a good number of years training in Limerick and Saluzzo, Italy.

good work   (よくできました)

He is an intelligent player with a good work rate, but lacks natural pace.

Their good work there did not go unnoticed among the education authorities.

On the other hand, Oxfam's Martin Scurrah points out that the agency did good work.

good sense

He likes role-playing and has a good sense of humour.

Haie, in addition, has a good sense of humour.

He has an incredibly good sense of humor."

good education

Amar Singh considers him as his own brother and gets him a good education.

The school's mission is to provide good education and develop into a model school.

Saraswati Vidya Mandir and Nehru School provide good education till 10th standard.

how good

But you just never know how good it is, you know?".

The song tells how good one feels when consuming it.

The worst thing about "The Birth of a Nation" is how good it is.

good man

Rowlett said, "A great and good man has gone.

He was a really good man and we had a lot of fun together.

Malayandi asks for forgiveness and he decides to become a good man.

made a good

Chandrasekhar has made a good recovery physically.

Chris started strong and made a good start for Cas.

Wiltse made a good stop and threw home to nab Strunk.

good place   (良い場所)

We know he is in a good place and at peace.

It is a good place for swimming, walking, surfing, and fishing.

It is situated near the Laxmi temple one of good place to visit.

good deeds   (善行)

Hearing his good deeds, Uma falls in love with Selvam.

"Satkarma" means good deeds, "vikarma" means bad deeds.

His inspiration of good deeds ("tawfiq") will also increase.

particularly good   (特に良い)

The close up view of Wolf Crags is particularly good.

Kim was a good student, particularly good at English.

The air intake survives, and is in particularly good condition.

good behavior   (良い行動)

However, he was released after 100 days for good behavior.

He served four months and was released early for good behavior.

On November 24, 2007, Kelly was released from prison on good behavior.

became good

Here, he became good friends with Walter Reginald Bett.

They became good friends for many years.

Don Newcombe, who became good friends with Ford, was more blunt.

not good enough

It’s not good enough to just become girls’ fathers.

"We're not good enough to overcome drops.

He gave a good fight, but he was not good enough that night.

good or bad

"Karma" is the accumulated sums of one's good or bad deeds.

Yoga may have good or bad effects.

Thus, tipsters themselves can be "tipped" as being a good or bad tipster.

good life   (いい人生)

He must listen to his father to have a good life.

I've had a good life, and he should have had a good life too".

not as good

The organic conductors are however, not as good as metal-based conductors.

Because they're not as good as me, so I do what I want to do," Dio later said.

"Variety"s Owen Gleiberman described the film as "just like "Widows", except not as good."

feel good   (気持ちがいい)

That feeling fosters their need to feel good inside.

It'll make you feel good all over."

I feel good this way.

became good friends

Here, he became good friends with Walter Reginald Bett.

They became good friends for many years.

Don Newcombe, who became good friends with Ford, was more blunt.

having a good

Bobby and I were just hangin' out, having a good time.

The song is about night life, partying, having a good time .

He also having a good friendly relationship with Juan Pablo Sorin.

good chance

He's got a good chance of starting next week if he impresses in training".

For these reasons, Mullin was thought to have a good chance of winning the election.

These are shy animals, but there is a good chance of seeing them if you go out on a calm day.

between good

"Series of annotated matches between good players.

Because that is what a knowledge between good and evil is.

As might be expected, the crux of the story is the battle between good and evil.

good intentions   (善意)

Some consider her an insecure love (friendship) addict albeit with good intentions.

Never one to give up, he somehow meets her and convinces her of his good intentions.

The "Los Angeles Times" felt that despite its good intentions, the game was "dreadful".

good character

Those documents were admitted at the trial as evidence of his good character.

She felt additionally that Rose is "a good character to relate to or aspire to."

This works well if both people have authority and in a position where they are commonly accepted to be of good character.

good practice   (いい練習)

But with good practice, one can actually perform one.

It is good practice to treat the two cases separately.

It is good practice that other road users give the cycling fans priority.

many good

There are many good schools and colleges in Shibpur.

Mowden have enjoyed many good local rivalries over the years.

"There are so many good things in life, and they become the basis for my robots".

good season

He led the team through good results and a very good season.

The sheep were in splendid condition following a good season.

After a very good season, he signed a contract with Belgian topclub R.S.C.

received good reviews

Their tour for this album also received good reviews.

Wayne in particular received good reviews.

"Citizen Kane" received good reviews from several critics.

all good

And they promised to create all good conditions for it.

Quran [5:5] "Today, all good food is made lawful for you.

The agricultural revolution was not all good news for Bergholt.

good behaviour   (良い振る舞い)

Alexander was released on a promise of good behaviour.

In April 2008 he was prematurely released for good behaviour.

Conduct card points can also be gained for good behaviour, uniform and manners.

good part

This covers a good part of southeast Algeria.

But the good part about Hitler was that he was an artist.

Dick Emory spent a good part of his life living in North Hollywood.

relatively good   (比較的良い)

The steel industry remained in relatively good shape.

This reactivity exploits the relatively good stability of "PhSn·"

The type thus had a relatively good mobility for the early thirties.

generally good

Surface water quality is generally good to fair.

The cathedral is in generally good condition.

Reception of the novel was generally good.

good weather

Rock fall is another danger to consider, even in good weather.

At 10:00 a.m. they emerged into good weather that lasted an hour.

Ebi said "I enjoyed my stay in Turkey because of the good weather.

good taste   (いい味)

It has now become a sign of wealth and good taste.

"Rolling Stone" editor Jody Rosen commented about the record: "Mims has good taste in beats.

His style was deemed "prolix, repetitious and lacking in polish, balance, restraint and good taste".

only good   (良いだけ)

But The Cedars did not receive only good praise.

Having everything in one place is only good if it's organized.

Sutherin was only good on one convert however, giving the Ticats a 19–14 advantage.

quite good   (結構いい)

Only one thing saved me – the idea that I'm a quite good singer."

While I don't salivate over it now in 2002, it's still quite good."

Males are quite good fliers.

good people

The good people of Ħaż-Żabbar are no exception.

In 1599, she spoke of "all my husbands, my good people".

Second, observing the behavior and example of good people.

become good   (良くなる)

He can become good actor by honing skills further.

He spends time with Michelle and they become good friends.

Over time they become good friends.

good run

This play had a good run at cities like Delhi, Gurgaon and Bangalore.

After a good run at Western Stima in 2016, Onguso joined Sofapaka F.C.

After a good run in Portugal with Varzim SC, he caught the eye of Primeira Liga club S.L.

good government   (良い政府)

To promote principles of good government.

SHUJANs goals and objectives are to create a good government around the country.

Peace, order, and good government are constitutional goals of the Canadian government.

good name

We decided it was a good name and have been happy with it."

We thought it was a good name."

Fawcett agrees to lead the survey party to restore his family's good name.

good view

Taft had a good view of those in the presidential box.

A good view of the site and the old hangars is had from Concession 10 Walpole.

Reinsfjellet is a mountain with a very good view and is frequently hiked by tourists.

good old

With pride, determination, and good old ATARI know how".

If nothing else, try good old Google Docs.

"Gorilla" was described by Mars as being about "good old animalistic sex".

good examples

Goldoni's importance lay in providing good examples rather than precepts.

There are also pleasant walks along the shore with good examples of hexagonal basalt columns.

There are particularly good examples of ammonites which allow greater accuracy in dating the rocks.

own good

We had no power to decide our own good, our own welfare.

Both municipalities must work together for their own good".

fairly good   (かなり良い)

The tramway still exists, in fairly good condition.

It is based on fairly good data for the entire period.

provide good   (良い提供)

It can provide good ground cover in a cold situation.

The school appoint its own coaches and provide good equipment and facilities.

The school's mission is to provide good education and develop into a model school.

look good

Good thing I look good in blue.

Besides it looked beautiful and usually when things look good they are good."

Often, simple dives with low DDs will look good to spectators but will not win meets.