goods and services   (物品・サービス)

In 1990 its imports of goods and services was about 25%.

Exports of goods and services are worth over 70% of Swiss GDP.

food and other goods and services) provided by their employers.

consumer goods   (消費財)

Important imports are consumer goods and auto parts.

The company manufactured mainly cast iron consumer goods.

Civilians suffered shortages of all varieties of consumer goods.

goods traffic   (商品のトラフィック)

It opened to mineral and goods traffic in 1875.

Through goods traffic restricted itself to the region.

Public goods traffic ceased on 1 June 1964.

goods yard   (グッズヤード)

The goods yard was situated east from the A697.

The goods yard had a weighbridge and several sidings.

The goods yard is now in light industrial use.

dry goods   (乾物)

After the war, he became a dry goods merchant in Halifax.

The people support two papers and there are several dry goods shops.

Once there, they opened a dry goods business on the courthouse square.

goods shed   (物置)

There is an annexed goods shed built in brickwork.

A disused goods shed stands opposite the platform.

The station had two platforms and a large goods shed.

other goods   (他の商品)

shortages of other goods soon came about.

Eventually, Evans became a farmer of dairy and other goods.

Miners often paid for food, liquor and other goods in "dust."

grave goods   (墓グッズ)

Offerings or grave goods such as bridles were not detected.

Ceramics are often found as grave goods.

There were no other major finds of grave goods in the vicinity.

luxury goods   (高級品)

This illegal business was supported by women who could not afford the luxury goods.

Ancient empires valued luxury goods in contrast to staple foods, leading to famine.

Stores back then in Calle Real sells luxury goods and items from all over the world.

goods such

He mainly traded colonial goods such as coffee and sugar.

It was a maker of white goods such as fan, heater and etc.

Offerings or grave goods such as bridles were not detected.

manufactured goods   (製品)

Producing the manufactured goods was Britain’s job.

Most manufactured goods and fuel are imported.

From Europe they returned to Paspébiac with manufactured goods.

sporting goods

Blaisdell owned and operated a sporting goods store in Keene.

He also owns an internet-based sporting goods company, E Champs.

Gola (manufacturer) Gola is a sporting goods brand based in England.

goods trains

As before, however, heavy goods trains are pushed.

No regular goods trains call here any more.

They serve goods trains and the passenger train Moscow-Rybinsk.

trade goods

Most of Douglas's trade goods had been seized by Martínez at Nootka Sound.

With his own capital, he purchased trade goods in Montreal to take with him.

To help Kendrick with provisioning and buying trade goods Douglas lent him $2,320.

goods store

Walls in the dangerous goods store are facebrick.

Blaisdell owned and operated a sporting goods store in Keene.

Stevenson began his career as a clerk in a dry goods store in Nashville.

stolen goods

She was convicted of attempted handling of stolen goods.

The stolen goods "packed his house and a small secret compartment he'd built."

He was allegedly being prosecuted for harboring stolen goods in his dorm room.

goods or services

It could be paid in cattle, goods or services.

Production is the act of making goods or services by applying labor power.

The carrying capacity of a stock of capital is the level of demand for its goods or services it can support.

baked goods

Sugars contribute moisture and tenderness to baked goods.

The dairy products in baked goods keep the desserts moist.

Fats are also used as an ingredient in baked goods such as cookies, cakes and pies.

goods train

Many goods train also pass through Rourkela every day.

They were designed by Daniel Gooch for goods train work.

At midday a goods train still runs daily from Neustadt to Landau.

leather goods   (革製品)

In 1948 she opened a leather goods shop in Lahr, near the Black Forest.

Piquadro, a leather goods company, is headquartered in the municipality.

Mark Cross (brand) Mark Cross is an American luxury leather goods brand.

public goods   (公共財)

), public goods (national defence, smallpox vaccinations, etc.)

There was a public goods station at Muiredge in addition to the colliery connection.

Distributism allows for society to have public goods such as parks and transit systems.

imported goods   (輸入品)

The amount of exported goods was double the amount of imported goods.

Such a tariff would not protect the industry competing with the imported goods.

Small producers in town faced tough competition from cheap imported goods in England.

household goods   (家庭用品)

They lost much of their household goods when a steamer sank.

It is where all household goods are taken by the late husband's relatives.

Scandinavian design is by no means limited to furniture and household goods.

dry goods store

Stevenson began his career as a clerk in a dry goods store in Nashville.

He migrated first to New Orleans, Louisiana where he worked in a dry goods store.

Barnes & Goodison continued to use the building as a dry goods store and drug store until 1904.

passengers and goods

It later closed to both passengers and goods traffic on 1 May 1930.

It later closed again to passengers and goods traffic on 1 May 1930.

goods between

A poor labourer, dying, wished to divide his goods between his son and daughter.

It was a crossroads for goods between the Andkhoy - Khamyab (town) route and the Kerki - Akcha route.

Exchange of goods between the Soviet Union and North Korea by rail through the Khasan station began in 1954.

goods station   (グッズステーション)

A goods station remained to the west.

The goods station was closer to the village than the passenger station.

In 1925, the shunting yard was inaugurated together with the goods station.

all goods

One was a general tax of 10% placed on all goods.

There was also agreement to reduce tariffs on 90% of all goods.

Each village had a center of exchange where all goods were purchased.

goods wagons

Much of the TNT was in railway goods wagons awaiting transport.

Passenger coaches and goods wagons are maintained on site by the railway's staff.

Because these trains also had to take goods wagons with them the journey times on the line were long.

capital goods   (資本財)

Since capital goods and labor are highly heterogeneous (i.e.

It imports petroleum, industrial raw materials, capital goods, and foodstuffs.

Hicks split the economy into just two sectors: capital goods and consumption goods.

transport goods

They transport goods to and from markets, particularly agricultural goods.

It was also used to transport goods for trade, and warriors took them to battle.

The agency had to transport goods via helicopter due to damaged or flooded roads.

people and goods

They are commonly used for inter-city transport of people and goods across all of Senegal.

They are used to ferry people and goods from the mothership to the coast or to other ships.

In addition, a ferry carried people and goods back and forth between the landing and Indiana.

finished goods

The district had many such grocers, but also wholesalers who sold dry and finished goods.

No longer did shoppers have to rely on retailers who sold finished goods shipped from Louisville or Cincinnati.

transporting goods   (商品の輸送)

Urugala Holombuwa was used as an anchoring point for vessels and ferries transporting goods.

The main methods of transporting goods into and out of the market are by motorcycle and hand-drawn carts.

The weather and sea-state, plus the logistics involved in transporting goods from one port to another, also have big effects.

material goods

Adam Smith characterized the good life in terms of material goods and intellectual and moral excellences of character.

Agriculture bred immobility, as populations settled down for long periods of time, which led to the accumulation of material goods.

In terms of material goods, during ritual exchange, women give fine mats "'ie toga" and decorated bark cloth "siapo" while men give woodworking items and red feathers.

agricultural goods

They transport goods to and from markets, particularly agricultural goods.

A large cargo rack on the roof may be used to carry personal bags, spare parts and agricultural goods.

New Zealand is a member of the Cairns Group, which is seeking to have free trade in agricultural goods.

movement of goods

It is also designed to protect freedom in the movement of goods, services, and people.

In some cases, the canal basins contain wharfs and cranes to assist with movement of goods.

The highway is one of the busiest of the country, because of the movement of goods to and from Santos's seaport.

goods produced

The goods produced were used by University personnel, and some where sold in South Bend shops.

Most goods produced in Damascus, as well as in Syria, are distributed to countries of the Arabian peninsula.

With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, goods produced by slavery became less important to the British economy.

heavy goods

As before, however, heavy goods trains are pushed.

During the steam locomotive era, heavy goods trains were frequently hauled up the ramp at just 6 km/h.

The canal was a very efficient way of moving large amounts of heavy goods cheaply and with minimal labor.

goods services

These are no longer required since the cessation of goods services in 1994.

Early timetables included regular goods services specifically for transporting milk.

For this period of time, goods services were diverted via Deggendorf-Eging-Kalteneck.

passenger and goods

Speedboats provide passenger and goods transportation to the Temburong district.

Both the passenger and goods buildings are still standing and occupied by industrial users.

DB steam services to Bayerisch Eisenstein ended for both passenger and goods traffic in the 1970s.

transport of goods

Later, the gulf was actively used by Sweden and Russia for transport of goods.

Also hand rowed boats were regularly used for transport of goods till end of the 20th century.

The railways transported 73,836,237 passengers’ 3,555 million km in 2015, with the transport of goods seeing 31,585,437 tons of cargo 3,498 million km.

goods sold

Most goods sold in tianguis are small items that customers can carry away.

The term is sometimes used to distinguish between these items and retail of consumer goods sold in ironmongers' shops or hardware stores.

The largest business operation on site is that of the Bay Tree Food Company, which produces handmade pickled and jam goods sold across the UK.

worth of goods

Altogether, about $3,000 worth of goods had been taken.

Thailand exports over US$105 billion worth of goods and services annually.

India exported $269.54 million to, and imported $457.73 million, worth of goods from Romania.

foreign goods

Edappal is well known in the region for foreign goods and related markets.

He actively campaigned for the boycott of foreign goods and use of Khaddar.

Imports of foreign goods during the mid-20th century precipitated the decline of these sectors.

transportation of goods

The road allows the transportation of goods to be bought in the city and to resell them in villages.

Throughout the period there was also significant technological change both in the production and transportation of goods.

The word mark ""HYPERLOOP"", applicable to "high-speed transportation of goods in tubes" was issued to SpaceX on April 4, 2017.

goods company   (グッズ会社)

He also owns an internet-based sporting goods company, E Champs.

Piquadro, a leather goods company, is headquartered in the municipality.

Shane returned to Hawaii for a time to work for his father's sporting goods company.

variety of goods

Today, the Acoma produce a variety of goods for economic benefit.

"Tiger" carried a wide variety of goods consigned to merchants there.

Ecosystems provide a variety of goods and services upon which people depend.

sell goods   (商品を売る)

During the festival, vendors sell goods such as traditional pottery and cuisine.

There are as many as 50 vendors that sell goods at the market during the peak months of June and October.

These international pop-up stores are examples of idols being used as marketing tools to sell goods overseas.