Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

got underway   (se puso en marcha)

On 3 May, "Suamico" got underway for the Marshalls.

In April, she got underway for the United States.

His senior career with the club got underway in 2017.

got off   (bajó)

I got off the plane, it was like millions of heads.

However, the 1994 project never got off the ground.

The Sun got off to a strong start, going 3–0 in May.

got married   (casarse)

He got married in the year 2013 to Negin Farrokh.

Apparently, they later fell in love and got married.

But once they got married things definitely changed”.

got his first

In 2006, he got his first senior international cap.

La Torre got his first drum set at the age of seven.

On August 16, 2012, he got his first hit of his MLB career.

never got

We all picked the cotton but we never got rich.""

One account claims Dillon never got out of the car.

However, the 1994 project never got off the ground.

got involved

Mwila got involved in coaching from an early age.

She also got involved in a drama called "Eat Already?

He practiced law in the island until he got involved in politics.

got back   (regresé)

Vasu also got back together with his family.

On October 15, 2008, Amber and Daniel got back together.

After 1918 the two villages got back their former names.

got a job   (Conseguí un trabajo)

and got a job at Government College, Udaipur.

He moved to New York when he got a job with United Press.

Tuchlin fled to Gdańsk, got a job as a driver and got married.

got its name

This place got its name after Krishnachandra Roy.

The dam got its name from the village of Mangla.

According to a story, Liliw got its name from a bird.

finally got   (finalmente tengo)

She finally got free but afterwards kept her distance.

However, Stromer finally got the permits.

Riva finally got her wish to be free.

got together

Clapton also got together with the Bee Gees for charity.

They got together again 8 months later but broke up again.

The band got together during a high school talent contest.

then got

He then got a chance to see Kant at Königsberg.

She loaded cargo and then got underway again on the 20th.

The winner then got the chance to open his own restaurant.

got up   (se levantó)

After eating, Abraham and the three visitors got up.

A person with a bronze medal got up to 9,000 €.

If a person won a gold medal, they got up to 30,000 €.

got to know   (tiene que saber)

In Freiberg he got to know Baron Alexander von Humboldt.

He later expressed: "I got to know her well.

He got to know Mr Guo during a wedding ceremony in early 1990s.

got ta

You gotta be relaxed singing '... Baby One More Time'."

And I thought, 'You mean I gotta do more?'

That's when I felt like, 'OK, I gotta get my life together.

got his start

Hilton got his start in Louisiana at station KPLC-TV.

Adelson got his start through the trade show business.

He got his start as a graduate assistant at Miami (OH).

when he got   (cuando llegó)

He moved to New York when he got a job with United Press.

The date when he got his deputy's power is September, 2016.

That's when he got to watch the Telugu "Pokiri" – he felt that it would work.

got away

The constable gave chase, but the intruder got away.

Sorensen could not hold his acceleration and Kelly got away.

According to the police, the robbers got away with €242,000.

got more

She thought she got more mileage out of running than skiing.

'West' has got more power than 'east.'"

In three days, the video got more than 1 million views on YouTube.

eventually got

Aero Club and eventually got permission to use the P.W.S.

He eventually got his card back after befriending the boy.

Alexander Cohen eventually got the rights.

got the ball   (tengo la pelota)

The Cavaliers got the ball on their own 24-yard line.

The Lions got the ball back and started driving down the field.

The Rams got the ball back at midfield with 2:16 left and no timeouts.

just got   (Acabo de)

Harvick stated "We just got beat tonight" after the race.

The audiences just got better and better."

British politics just got very exciting."

only got   (solo recibió)

That only got made because we were flush with funds.

He played seven games, but only got two starts for the "Foxes".

The situation only got worse in the third inning for the Braves.

got the idea

This is where he got the idea of packing meat.

Seba also dresses all in red, which is where Mr. Crepsley got the idea.

Miller got the idea for the movie when his daughter Savannah was a toddler.

got engaged

In 2017, Magnús got engaged to Hrefna Björk Sverrisdóttir.

Anoop Chandran got engaged with Lakshmi Rajagopal on 6 June 2019.

The couple got engaged in 2014, and on July 15, 2017, were married.

later got

That record later got overtaken by Portugal.

He later got a call back and was told he had got the part.

He later got divorced, lost his home and a son to addiction.

ve got   (he conseguido)

Now we’ve got the whole nucleus of the album.

You’ve got to get that absolutely right.

ve got   (' he conseguido)

Now we’ve got the whole nucleus of the album.

You’ve got to get that absolutely right.

got a new

In 2006 the aerial mast got a new coat of paint.

Warid got a new CEO Mr. Muneer Farooqi in October 2012.

Grodek got a new, Polish name — Kłomino.

got a lot

He's got a lot of layers, some good and some bad."

From that point on, filming got a lot harder.

The film got a lot of publicity worldwide.

got her first

She got her first pony when she was six years old.

Danielle Gant got her first for the week of 5–11 January.

It was there that Sobchack got her first teaching experience.

got another   (tengo otro)

“When we got another guitarist, things were just awful.

He got another shot in the majors in 1898 with Louisville.

In 2003, he got another hit song 'Valeduthal Angakali' in 'Meesa Madhavan'.

got through   (pasó por)

Parker scored when Roseboro's grounder to second got through Quilici.

In week 4, Spraggan was ill so she automatically got through to week 5.

She got through to the semi-finals with a time of 13.51 seconds in heat 2.

got along

Welles and Ferguson got along during their collaboration.

In addition, the pair didn't got along well by not talking to each other.

Markgraf and Stromer met during the winter of 1901–1902, and got along very well.

got caught

The trauma, the battling we all got caught up in.

And in the first 2 minutes of the fight I got caught cold.

A civilian who got caught in the crossfire was also killed.

got a chance

He then got a chance to see Kant at Königsberg.

Lahore Qalandars were bowling first and Irshad got a chance in the 8th over.

Once the first team's run was complete, the opponents got a chance to run the Eliminator.

got lost

While the appearance was filmed, it got lost during editing.

The advance began at but also got lost in the dark and mist.

Another D3A got lost and failed to make it back to the carrier.

first got

After that he first got his service in Kostrad Jakarta.

She first got involved in strength competitions at a fairly young age.

In fact, it was this effect that first got the attention of Coriolis himself.

got no

He has got no themes, no inspiration, no melodies to offer."

And then, you've got no movie."

And now you've got no corroboree rock, but a black and white sort of thing.

when she got   (cuando ella consiguió)

Fowler's wife petitioned for divorce when she got to know of Jensen.

But when she got there, it was only her bladder, And nobody knew she was there.

She remained at Oahu until 29 May when she got underway and proceeded to Roi Island.

got stuck   (quedó atascado)

In June 1898 "Senator" got stuck on Ballard's Reef near Detroit.

Esapekka Lappi got stuck and had to run under Rally2 regulation.

Thousands of people got stuck in darkness in the Mexico City Metro.

got the chance

The winner then got the chance to open his own restaurant.

However, Ross never got the chance, as an American rifleman shot him in the chest.

In this project, she got the chance to work with veteran actresses Eula Valdez and Jean Garcia.

team got   (equipo consiguió)

Whichever team got the most points won the game.

At PyeongChang 2018, the team got bronze medals.

The team got the 8th place in the league.

got so

It really got so bad that we didn't do anything.

Well, he said, the food got so bad, he said.

"Poor Zooie got so awfully mad / so mad he could have spit.

got promoted

Bundesliga championship and got promoted to the Bundesliga.

IPK got promoted from Suomi-sarja at the end of last season.

Curt von Stedingk got promoted to major general after the victory.

got injured

In one case she got injured trying to save Tai Yung.

However, he got injured and he didn't make the final cut.

No passengers or crew got injured.

got all   (obtuvo todo)

We got all that, and we’re both very excited."

Irshad got out for 5(14) as Northern got all out for 408.

The goat was insured, and Ström got all of his money back.

got rid   (se deshizo)

I got rid of all my earthly possessions.

"After they got rid of us, they brought on Chris Columbus", Murphy stated.

Soon, Sammy had got rid of Claw's flags and was ready to hit the team skull.

got worse   (empeoró)

The situation only got worse in the third inning for the Braves.

Piso did not get along well with Germanicus and their relationship only got worse.

Afterward, the problem only got worse as Congress had no power to enforce attendance.

soon got

They soon got an apartment at Torshov and had a son.

I soon got stalled by Lin Carter's agent on Thongor .

He soon got the rights to work as a manager.

got in touch

She got in touch with salsa through the record collection of her father.

Ritz got in touch with Wallenda after his Niagara walk to pitch the idea.

Bernard was adopted by the Weiss family and later in life got in touch with Corbin.

really got   (realmente tengo)

It really got so bad that we didn't do anything.

He said: "It was the first film that I had really got my hands onto."

It was left out on standby at Kalaikunda, but never really got called into action.

band got

The band got together during a high school talent contest.

The band got their name through randomly picking words from a hat.

In January 2009, the band got together to shoot a video for the track "O Dessverre".

got the job

The Danish architect Arne Jacobsen got the job.

He got the job and left Shrewsbury with great regret.

Gramm traveled to New York to audition and got the job.

got under way

On June 2011 DVB-T2 tests got under way in Moscow.

The convoy assembled off Port Antonio and got under way on 27 July.

The Syrian construction of the Banias to Yarmouk canal got under way in 1965.

got the better

Omneya Abdel Kawy got the better of her again in the quarters.

But soon enough, Man's warlike nature got the better of Humanity, again.

He fights Batgirl until she got the better of him using a foam and smoke pellet.

got the name

In 1947 the station got the name Südstern.

Sqoop got the name from "SQL-to-Hadoop".

Hence, the rock got the name Jadayupara.

got elected

Only four persons ran as delegates pledge to Romney and they all got elected.

Year 2004-Dr. Dyanand Chandila got his son Mehghraj into politics and he also got elected as a M.C.D.

New Democracy got elected in 1991 but is still listed as "other" due to the short lifespan of the party.

got their first

They got their first break in the film 'Chand' in 1944.

In 1944, the duo got their first break in the film Chand.

In 1996, they got their first record deal.

got its first

Scandinavia got its first bridge restaurant in the mid-1980s.

In 1981, the RGVRRM got its first locomotive, EK 6, recently retired from Eastman Kodak.

In 1971, it moved to Midland, Michigan where it got its first home at Northwood University.

s got

He’s got a head on his shoulder.

It’s got big eyes and no mouth!

It’s different, it’s got modern sensibilities and different perspectives.

s got

He’s got a head on his shoulder.

It’s got big eyes and no mouth!

It’s different, it’s got modern sensibilities and different perspectives.

got the opportunity

As Yusein reached finals she got the opportunity to compete for Bronze medal.

Through his playing with the Titans, he got the opportunity to play with the Australian national team.

In 1970, at the age of 34, he finally got the opportunity to direct a feature, "Love Song Over the Sea".

got a call   (Tengo una llamada)

He later got a call back and was told he had got the part.

On the next morning, Frum got a call from AEI president Brooks.

"I got a call saying, 'Mr.

got past

Some got past the police and security, but were expelled.

Unfortunately however the project never got past the planning stage.

Hannig dove to save, but the ball got past him and was headed for the open net.

got very

He got very few solo hero films in his career.

British politics just got very exciting."

He was later captured and got very ill.

still got   (aún tengo)

We still got to get all the features locked down."

It’s "still" still got it."

I've still got a while to go yet so there'll be plenty more mischief from Theresa over the next few months."

got around   (dio la vuelta)

However, a few American businessmen got around the patent by using a slightly different formula.

Although the official minimum enlistment age was 18, there were various ways boys got around this.

Word got around quickly that his technique was artistic and directors began requesting his services.

how he got

Another story was how he got his signet ring.

The story of how he got his name was written down by a diarist at the time.

"We may never be able to tell you how he got into the river," O'Connor said.

film got   (película conseguida)

The film got huge response from the audience.

The film got a lot of publicity worldwide.

This film got warm critical reception and fetched his success.

even got

Maria even got ready his resignation letter in disgust.

She even got a skull hit on her head.

Reid even got married, but later separated from her husband, who then died.

when they got   (cuando llegaron)

They would get a shock when they got home and played it".

Also, several camera men were taken out when they got too close to the action.

Our boys were bound to look out for themselves, and when they got near Tucson were very cautious.

got back together   (volver juntos)

Vasu also got back together with his family.

On October 15, 2008, Amber and Daniel got back together.

Xavier tries to ruin Gina and John's relationship after they got back together.

got a good

Jaguar got a good reaction from the judges and they came fourth.

He's got a good brain, good awareness, very calm and can finish.

He's got a good chance of starting next week if he impresses in training".

quickly got

but they quickly got called the "Coffee Shop racer"..

Corbett's eccentric behavior quickly got him into trouble.

His talents quickly got noticed by Houston's popular Dhol Beat International.

got drunk

He did not cry out, and the giant got drunk and slept.

On the train, all of them got drunk on cognac and champagne.

During Jeanne's wedding night, Tess got drunk and punched Brother Jacomo in the nose.

got the first

He was this far from out of bounds and got the first down."

A pass from Lautenschlaeger to Menville got the first touchdown.

Zimmerman got the first touchdown.

got older

He also suffered increasingly from deafness as he got older.

This continued as he got older.

However, as Charles Darwin got older, he began to resent Erasmus Darwin's work.

got to play   (tengo que jugar)

All of the reserves got to play in the 52–0 romp over Auburn.

He conceded that "it's their site and you've got to play by their rules."

Powell got to play this in a fall program she organized, and then she died that November.

got relegated

However the team got relegated to Serie B at the end of the year.

Douglas was a regular in the side that so narrowly got relegated.

No team got relegated from or promoted to Mestis for the next season.

got into trouble   (se metio en problemas)

Classmates remembered him as a quiet student who never got into trouble.

As a young man, he got into trouble with the law and was arrested several times.

Ford set the Dodgers down in order in the first inning, but got into trouble in the second inning.

got pregnant   (estar embarazada)

She has not seen Ganga since Ganga got pregnant.

When Sharda was in college, she and Ravi were in love and she got pregnant.

When Shattuck first got pregnant, she suffered a miscarriage, followed by four more.

ever got

In 31 years in business, this is the first time anyone ever got me."

Bobby asks Don if his father ever got mad, to which Don replies with yes.

Teammate George Musso once said of Turner, "Who knows what kind of player he would have been if he ever got to rest during a game?"

got its start

The Memphis Fire Department got its start in 1846 when the first independent fire company was formed.

The Unified Fire Authority got its start on November 21, 1921 when the Salt Lake County Fire Department was formed.

EWEB got its start in the first decade of the 20th century, after an epidemic of typhoid found in the groundwater supply.

got sick

But I never got sick, because I was so tense during the filming."

Jones noted: I started making a second solo record, then got sick of it.

Renaldo reports that the soldiers got sick and began to execute everyone.

got better

The audiences just got better and better."

Her palate got better during her visits to her relatives in London.

We've got better stuff to do."

got her start

There are two versions of how she got her start.

Guyse first got her start in show business by performing in amateur shows, as was common among black performers.

Rozakis got her start as a writer in 1981 when she published a review book on the Advanced Placement exam in English Literature with ARCO.

got permission   (obtuvo permiso)

Aero Club and eventually got permission to use the P.W.S.

He got permission to publish them, but they were never published.

Cleveland head coach Paul Brown got permission from the league to use Simonetti in the game as Daniell's replacement.

got divorced

He later got divorced, lost his home and a son to addiction.

When he was 4 his parents got divorced.

Savaş and Tatlıses later got divorced.

got too

In 2015, Kyle reported that "Tig got too busy."

When her hands got too fragile, she ceased working with cement.

We've got too many Internets."

got started

Then better jobs were offered and that is how I got started.

The concept got started in the 1950s by the city of Flagstaff, AZ.

The first school which got started here is the Typhord estate L.P.S.

got the part

Her agent talked her out of it, and she got the part.

In 2006, Martin got the part of Tory in "".

"We got the part because Adam wanted us," Gary Lane said.

got loose   (se soltó)

On the second, Flournoy got loose for a 68-yard run off tackle.

She killed her keeper George Conradt, got loose, and was then shot dead.

Shortly after, the caution flag flew after Bobby Labonte got loose and spun into Gordon.

all got

The trauma, the battling we all got caught up in.

They all got their souls back but some were repossessed.

But we all got in the entertainment business because it was fun.

got the role   (consiguió el papel)

Moran was a struggling actor before he got the role.

Slovenian actor Sebastian Cavazza got the role of Gabriel Maht.

Andrija Kuzmanović got the role in the end who also acted in "Montevideo".

got their start

Elvis, Bobby Blue Bland, Rufus Thomas and Riley King all got their start on amateur night.

Many of the pioneers of RPG zinedom got their start in, or remain part of, science fiction fandom.

Carbon Leaf got their start at Randolph-Macon College in Virginia in 1992, practicing in an auditorium on campus.

before he got

Moran was a struggling actor before he got the role.

She almost married a bigamist in the pilot episode before he got caught by the police.

In the 2006–07 season he played 23 games with the Nuggets before he got traded to Philadelphia.

got what

He got what he could out of playing pro sports."

We've got what it takes.

He had demanded to be promoted from gardener to butler and had got what he wanted.

got as far

He got as far as Guatemala and then hitchhiked on to Panama.

They got as far as Yugoslavia before crashing out in a collision with a wood truck.

Wing Commander E. R. Manning left for India in a Westland Widgeon in 1923, but only got as far as Baghdad.

got its own

The merged village got its own coat-of-arms in 1998.

A year later Sherwood got its own of land.

On 15 December 2019 Tampere got its own commuter rail service.