Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

local governments   (gobiernos locales)

NATOA represents local governments across the country.

Plan assistance to local governments is in two streams.

The remaining 10 percent would go to the local governments.

state governments   (gobiernos estatales)

It has also been widely used by state governments.

Many of these savings banks were owned by state governments.

It also constructed ferries, fireboats for local and state governments.

foreign governments   (gobiernos extranjeros)

Bilateral debt is the money India owes to foreign governments.

Three foreign governments have also recognized Yohannes’ service and leadership.

In addition OP-20-G also copied diplomatic messages of many foreign governments.

provincial governments

The provincial governments responded with a crackdown.

Therefore, the BNA provided areas of exclusive jurisdiction for federal and provincial governments.

Before 1994 electricity supply was managed by electric power bureaus of the provincial governments.

national governments   (gobiernos nacionales)

The project was cancelled in 2010 by the provincial and national governments.

Many see their own national governments as their only hope of electoral accountability.

Basic education is an area where the EU's role is limited to supporting national governments.

federal governments   (gobiernos federales)

Brazil is one of the biggest federal governments.

The project received the support of the local, state and federal governments.

The USFbA is a self-governed organization, recognized by both state and federal governments.

municipal governments

Provincial and municipal governments have hospitals in this city.

However, the law did not apply to state and municipal governments.

Locally municipal governments and school boards are elected and operate separately.

regional governments   (gobiernos regionales)

The French national and regional governments involve themselves in film production.

Local and regional governments, and the local nobility, controlled most of the decision-making.

In a federation, the division of power between federal and regional governments is usually outlined in the constitution.

other governments   (otros gobiernos)

The remaining 0.1% is owed to various other governments.

Dmitry Alimov is a public critic of the Russian, United States and many other governments.

Foreign press coverage was largely positive and de Klerk received messages of support from other governments.

tribal governments

To achieve this, tribal governments had to end and all residents accept state government.

Following completion of the land allotments, the US proposed to end tribal governments of the Five Civilized Tribes and admit the two territories jointly as a state.

Annual membership costs $40 for organizations (such as libraries, tribal governments, or other institutions), while individuals must pay $20 and students must pay $10.

coalition governments   (gobiernos de coalición)

Governments are usually coalition governments.

Such coalition governments were formed in Sindh, NWFP, and Bengal.

It became the key force in coalition governments for the next 20 years.

both governments

Neither state officially declared war, although both governments declared the Islands a war zone.

Since 1996 both governments have remained wary of one another but relations are relatively normal.

Both nations are great allies with cultural similarities and close cooperation between both governments.

successive governments

Socialism was later de-emphasised and neglected by successive governments.

Acts were passed in 1921, 1922, 1924, 1925 and 1926 by four successive governments.

His ministry has also initiated the Aizawl city extension project, Bairabi Dam which he alleged were never pursued by the successive governments.

between the governments

The sharing of the waters of this river is a cause of dispute between the governments of Karnataka and Goa.

In 1979, the Centre for Housing Studies was established as joint project between the governments of Tanzania and the Netherlands.

Slovak Fulbright Commission The Slovak Fulbright Commission was created in 1994 by a treaty between the governments of the United States and Slovakia.

county governments   (gobiernos de condado)

Through the legislative delegations, the Alabama legislature kept control of county governments.

Connecticut county governments were mostly eliminated in 1960, with the exception of sheriffs elected in each county.

The police and fire department were still exclusively white, as were most employees in the city and county governments.

colonial governments

The colonial governments of Pennsylvania and Virginia offered rewards for their scalps.

From 1870 until 1901, each of the six colonial governments was responsible for their own defence.

Following the Jervois-Scratchley reports the colonial governments of Australia restructured their defence forces.

city governments

The DAV works with Federal, state, county, and city governments to develop programs to assist homeless veterans.

Civilian social workers work for hospitals, human service agencies and federal, state, county and city governments.

Under these circumstances, creditors and consequently city governments place a high importance on city credit ratings.

various governments

A detailed list of the various governments that have ruled Bologna is provided by Giovanni Battista Guidicini.

The Belgian constitution provides for freedom of religion, and the various governments in general respect this right in practice.

He served as a junior minister or minister in various governments led by André Tardieu, Édouard Daladier, Paul Reynaud, and Pierre Laval.

respective governments

Its members inform and advise their respective governments on all Benelux matters.

Both Kennedy and Khrushchev took every step to avoid full conflict despite pressures from their respective governments.

He believes that Western news media and their respective governments act in concert, especially in the area of foreign affairs.

many governments

After that, many governments ruled by special codes of written laws.

The human cost associated with denying climate change science is one that concerns many governments.

Morcom claims to serve as an adviser and project leader to many governments, businesses, and institutions.