Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

military governor   (gobernador militar)

Zhu Zhen made Huo the military governor of Jingnan.

Meeting with the military governor also took place.

In 789, Emperor Dezong made him full military governor.

lieutenant governor   (teniente gobernador)

In 2005, Taft appointed him lieutenant governor.

His first year as lieutenant governor was turbulent.

The lieutenant governor is Bethany Hall-Long.

former governor   (ex gobernador)

"Dee" Rivers, Jr, son of a former governor of Georgia.

Clements was a former governor of Kentucky.

Allen was considered a stooge for former governor Huey Long.

appointed governor   (gobernador designado)

1733 Nawab Teg Bakht Khan was appointed governor.

In 188, Liu Yan was appointed governor of Yi Province.

In 1994 he was appointed governor of the Bank of Sweden.

elected governor   (gobernador elegido)

Riley was elected governor of South Carolina in 1978.

In 2014, Hutchinson was elected governor of Arkansas.

He was elected governor of Jigawa State in April 2007.

first governor   (primer gobernador)

The first governor was General John R. Brooke.

Alonso de Ojeda was appointed the island's first governor in 1508.

Valdivia became the first governor of the Captaincy General of Chile.

acting governor   (gobernador interino)

Francis W. Sargent then became acting governor.

General Barnett had served as acting governor in the interim.

He replaced the acting governor Guillaume Stanislas Marey-Monge.

governor general   (gobernador general)

In 1788 he was made governor general of Alsace.

The governor general appointed him to be prime minister for a second time.

Surprisingly the governor general was adamant on sending a man to Kathmandu.

became governor   (se convirtió en gobernador)

He became governor of Bologna on April 2, 1560.

He became governor after winning the election in 1999.

Mendoza also became governor of the province of Mérida.

new governor   (nuevo gobernador)

A few days later the new governor resigned instead.

On 12 May 2017, Wahidin was sworn in as the new governor.

The new governor started the broad construction activities.

term as governor   (término como gobernador)

Dr. Alfred Mutua is on his final term as governor of the County.

In 1638 Eulate's term as governor ended and he returned to Spain.

He then was elected to another one-year term as governor in 1784.

served as governor   (sirvió como gobernador)

Huncks served as governor of Antigua for six months.

Gallen served as governor from 1979 until his death.

Hughes served as governor from 1963 to 1969.

deputy governor   (vicegobernador)

There is also a deputy governor (currently David Arkley JP).

Louanner Peters Louanner Peters is a former deputy governor of Illinois.

On 25 April, she was appointed as first deputy governor of the State of Salzburg.

provincial governor   (gobernador provincial)

Delgado was named provincial governor afterwards.

She was the sister of Stephanus Van Cortlandt, an adviser to the provincial governor.

The provincial governor declared "it is harder to defeat a quilombo than the Dutch invaders."

run for governor   (postularse para gobernador)

In 2005, Faso announced his intention to run for governor.

He did the same in his speeches during his 1951 run for governor.

Kennon attempted without success to run for governor again in 1963.

colonial governor   (gobernador colonial)

It was named after the colonial governor John Wentworth (1792-1808).

He founded the town of Franceville, and was later colonial governor.

The community was named after Thomas Causton, an aide to colonial governor James Oglethorpe.

then governor   (entonces gobernador)

The triptych was unveiled at the morning service by the then governor.

He was also made a privy councillor in 1827, then governor of Lower Austria the following year.

Her last marriage was with the politician, and then governor of the state of Tlaxcala, Tulio Hernández Gómez.

candidate for governor   (candidato a gobernador)

In 2003, he was a candidate for governor of Louisiana.

França was also a candidate for governor of São Paulo in 2018.

In 1858 and 1860, he was the Whig candidate for governor of Massachusetts.

state governor   (gobernador del estado)

At $153,835, Hupe's pension exceeded the state governor's salary.

They raided the farm of A. H. Cardin, a former candidate for state governor.

It was written by former Louisiana state governor Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell.

ran for governor   (se postuló para gobernador)

In 2010, Pro-Life ran for governor for a second time.

In 1986 he ran for governor of the state.

In 1858, he ran for governor and was elected to a two-year term.

territorial governor   (gobernador territorial)

This led President Thomas Jefferson to remove him from office as territorial governor.

Jackson briefly served as Florida's first territorial governor before returning to the Senate.

The new territorial governor, Mark W. Izard, was successful at persuading members to adopt Iowa's legislative rules.

nomination for governor   (nominación para gobernador)

His political friends began to maneuver to get him the nomination for governor.

In 1990, he lost the Democratic nomination for governor to then-State Treasurer Joan Finney.

Quinn sought the Democratic nomination for governor in 1974, but was defeated by Michael Dukakis.

vice governor   (vicegobernador)

He squared off against former vice governor Dencito Campaña.

From 1661 to 1664, he was vice governor of Swedish Pomerania.

The vice governor Valckenburg was in charge of official functions.

current governor   (gobernador actual)

The current governor is Jared Polis, a Democrat.

The current governor is Paulo Câmara from PSB.

The current governor of the state is Republican Kay Ivey.

made governor   (hecho gobernador)

In 1788 he was made governor general of Alsace.

He was made governor of Oruzgan's Chora District in mid-2008.

In November, Greene died and John Sanders was made governor of the colony.

incumbent governor   (gobernador titular)

At age , DeSantis is the youngest incumbent governor of a U.S. state.

Andrey Vorobyov, the incumbent governor, was re-elected for a new term.

In Connecticut, the incumbent governor's party is listed on top of the ballot.

royal governor   (gobernador real)

Additionally, the royal governor was granted powers to undermine local democracy.

Land was allocated to the Germans by the Burgrave of Glatz, in his capacity as royal governor.

He served as "ispán" and "royal governor" of Syrmia County in 1253 too, when ruled over a counterfeiting case.

local governor   (gobernador local)

They launched a first attack on Sirmium in 568, but were seen off by the local governor, Bonus.

To this effect, Chinna Venkatadri was sent to negotiate with the local governor on 4 August 1687.

Rebels encircle Irkutsk, where the local governor, a brother of the Tsar, is making a last stand.

acting military governor   (gobernador militar interino)

On May 9, 1862, he was appointed acting military governor of Kentucky.

The emperor at that time, Emperor Suzong's grandson Emperor Dezong, thus made Liu Ji acting military governor.

When Tian Xu died suddenly in 796, the Weibo soldiers supported Tian Ji'an as acting military governor, and Emperor Dezong made him military governor later in the year.

tenure as governor   (tenencia como gobernador)

Following his tenure as governor, he has served as president of the American Trucking Associations.

His tenure as governor of Syria, from the year 32 to 33, although brief, is the best documented portion of his life.

During Allen's tenure as governor, the American Federation of Teachers rated the SOLs "exemplary" in the four core subjects.

become governor   (convertirse en gobernador)

Hughes gain the nomination to become governor.

During the war, Balmain came into contact with James Wood, who would later become governor of Virginia.

In January 1750 he was in Sierra Leone, of which his nephew, also called Thomas Ludlam, was subsequently to become governor.

office of governor   (oficina del gobernador)

In 1914 he made an unsuccessful run for the office of governor of Oklahoma.

Cohen ran as an independent candidate for the office of governor against Quinn.

Following the court's decision, Herman Talmadge ceded the office of governor to Thompson, ending the controversy.

campaign for governor   (campaña para gobernador)

He revealed this part of his past in 1971 prior to his campaign for governor.

In 2016, Soni worked with Eric Greitens on his successful campaign for governor in Missouri.

Earnest was communications director on Jim Davis' campaign for governor of Florida, in 2006.

running for governor   (postularse para gobernador)

He considered running for governor in 1990 against incumbent Gov.

Talent did not seek re-election to Congress in 2000, instead running for governor.

After some time in Iowa, Hughes considered running for governor in 1982 but did not.

district governor   (gobernador del distrito)

Each district is represented by a district governor.

He served as district governor for the Royal Canadian Legion.

In 1726, he was appointed to district governor ("amtmand") of Aarhus County.

civil governor   (gobernador civil)

He was replaced as civil governor of Algeria on 26 November 1881 by Louis Tirman.

On 6 August 1936, following the Coup, he was appointed civil governor of Guipuzcoa.

Delgado's mandate was affected by constant quarrelling with civil governor Martín de Salaverría about competences.

became the governor   (se convirtió en el gobernador)

When his brother died in 1180, he became the governor of Aleppo.

In 1768, Mehmed Pasha became the governor of the sanjak of Scutari.

He then became the governor of the Saudi communications commission.