Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

board of governors   (Junta de Gobernadores)

The school is administered by a board of governors.

Furthermore, a board of governors was appointed.

The seven-member board of governors is a federal agency.

provincial governors   (gobernadores provinciales)

The president appoints the provincial governors, the prefects, and the subprefects.

The Ministry of Interior appointed provincial governors whose role was largely ceremonial.

colonial governors   (gobernadores coloniales)

William Penn, James Logan, and four colonial governors of Pennsylvania visited Conestoga.

See also the Cuba history of the bombs list of colonial governors of Cuba and list of Presidents of Cuba.

List of colonial governors and administrators of Seychelles For continuation after independence, "see: "List of Presidents of Seychelles

military governors

He also appointed French military governors to Sidon and Tyre.

The military governors left Beijing after Duan Qirui's dismissal as Premier.

For a time thereafter, active-duty U.S. Army officers served as military governors of Texas.

state governors   (gobernadores estatales)

Also covered were the 50 state governors.

The personalities include Presidents of Brazil, state ministers and state governors.

In September 2006, the EFCC had 31 of Nigeria's 36 state governors under investigation for corruption.

lieutenant governors

Subsequently, lieutenant governors served in Gibraltar until the duke's death in 1820.

In late 2012, Pete Snyder left the Fox Channel to focus on his lieutenant governors' campaign.

The Spanish group would work with external situations and comprised a governor, two lieutenant governors, and a council.