gradually became   (徐々になった)

Those who remained gradually became Muslim.

She gradually became a leading soprano in the Boston area.

The buildings in front of Lake Villa gradually became shops.

gradually replaced   (徐々に入れ替え)

It was gradually replaced during World War II by "G.I."

In Western culture, the codex gradually replaced the scroll.

Artillery has since gradually replaced the use of frontal troops.

gradually increased   (徐々に増加)

Andrushivka gradually increased in size and population.

General aviation activities at the airport gradually increased.

In-house production of original programming gradually increased.

gradually developed   (徐々に発達)

Since the 19th century the industrial sector gradually developed.

There he gradually developed into his party's main speaker on financial affairs.

The village gradually developed into a suburban area and grew together with Nærum to the east.

gradually expanded   (徐々に拡大)

The women's programme gradually expanded to match the men's.

Construction around the original building gradually expanded.

He gradually expanded his work to include both shōjo and seinen manga.

gradually lost

Rumsfeld gradually lost political support and he resigned in late 2006.

As a result, the aircraft gradually lost altitude and eventually crashed.

After the fall of the Mughal rule, Ramna gradually lost much of its glory.

gradually moved

He worked for railroads, and gradually moved west.

The original Gottschee German inhabitants had gradually moved away.

Affluent blacks gradually moved into West Adams and Jefferson Park.

gradually began

Ottoman Delphi gradually began to be investigated.

From 1726 Eugene gradually began to regain his political influence.

Company A fought back and gradually began to destroy the PAVN bunkers.

then gradually

The flow of French immigrants then gradually dried up.

Fran formed on March 4 and then gradually intensified.

Bradbury then gradually expanded the treatment into the novel over a five-year period.

gradually declined

Interest in the Cottingley Fairies gradually declined after 1921.

With the advent of sound in the early 1930s, the benshi gradually declined.

Yet this discrepancy between female and male adoptees has gradually declined.

gradually become   (徐々になります)

Thereafter, the points gradually become lines.

Lava has gradually become a favorite tourist destination.

Snow skin mooncakes gradually become popular in the 1970s.

gradually reduced

But gradually reduced to the agricultural land.

From 1980 onwards, traffic on the "Ilztalbahn" gradually reduced.

The requirements for major overhauls gradually reduced, as equipment became more reliable.

gradually increasing

Educational quality is gradually increasing in recent years.

However, it is again gradually increasing despite the insecurity.

Underground water resources are suffering from gradually increasing salinity.

gradually fell

Thereafter, the Castle gradually fell into ruins.

In the sixties the sidings gradually fell into disuse.

Embassy Court gradually fell into disrepair.

gradually evolved

His views on slavery were private, complex, and gradually evolved.

According to Marschall, "Li'l Abner" gradually evolved into a broad satire of human nature.

The Aramaic verb has gradually evolved in time and place, varying between varieties of the language.

gradually changed

As Elizabeth aged her image gradually changed.

This gradually changed with the advent of Christianity.

According to some authors, he gradually changed his attitude.

gradually grew

He gradually grew worse until his death on October 17.

At first patients were scarce, but the practice gradually grew.

In China frustrations with the government's policies gradually grew.

gradually came

The rest of the brigade gradually came up to Cua Ai.

It gradually came to mean United Arab Emirates.

After the royal palace was finished in 1451, it gradually came into use.

gradually took

Schneider gradually took over the Brillié Company.

Lars Syberg joined the company in 1931 and gradually took it over.

He gradually took on a strong leadership role, a trait he worked hard to develop.

gradually shifted

Over two decades, the focus of the school gradually shifted toward post-secondary programs.

The "mushonge" gradually shifted to a mud walled design ("kiteti") and then a mudbrick design ("banda").

The most typical traits of Basque literature during history have gradually shifted up to the present time.

gradually improved

The financial position gradually improved.

He gradually improved his times in 2009.

The build quality gradually improved but was never up to the same standard as Volvo's larger models.

gradually becomes

At Tamworth, Roger gradually becomes worse and dies.

She gradually becomes more open and falls in love with Tidus.

They spend time together and Kamla gradually becomes fascinated by him.

gradually phased   (徐々に段階的に)

ITV1 West of England's regional identity was gradually phased out from 2002 onward.

In April 2018, the station gradually phased out the Radyo Inquirer brand after 8 years of usage.

After 1900, they were gradually phased out in favor of the more conventional Consolidation type.

gradually becoming

The French social protection system is gradually becoming universal, covering all individuals.

Resistance, though, is gradually becoming more common, and demeclocycline is now rarely used for treatment of infections.

The change goes as planned, but she comes to realize that it has made her not completely human, and she is gradually becoming an elf.

gradually became more

Nozière was a bright child who gradually became more wayward.

It started out as a children's cartoon, but gradually became more relevant to adults.

As fighting escalated between 1982 and 1986, the F-14s gradually became more involved in the battle.

gradually extended   (徐々に伸びる)

Government from Madrid was gradually extended to the whole of Spain.

Research in this area is gradually extended to the field of annotation oral and written language and image annotation.

As a result, the Tümed Mongols ruled in the Ordos region and they gradually extended their domain into northeastern Qinghai.

gradually gained

During the 1980s, C gradually gained popularity.

The bikini has gradually gained wide acceptance in Western society.

From there they gradually gained the upper Algiers and Oran plains.

gradually abandoned

The track was gradually abandoned south from Nelson to Salmo during the 1990s.

The group gradually abandoned its funk roots and moved into the more commercial pop arena.

The village was gradually abandoned after the war; in 1953 four houses were still inhabited.

gradually built

From around 1860, the opposite western side of the street was gradually built with rental housing.

The town of Marcos Paz, which gives its name to the partido, gradually built up around a train station, "Estación Coronel Doctor Marcos Paz".

Over time, houses were renewed by partial demolition and rebuilding on a foundation of rubble, which was how the mound was gradually built up.

only gradually   (徐々に)

He has said the family was culturally Polish and that Germany only gradually felt like home.

This contains the office of the seasons of the Christian year (Advent to Trinity), a conception that only gradually grew up.

In Aristophanes' early plays, the genre appears to have developed around a complex set of dramatic conventions, and these were only gradually simplified and abandoned.

gradually introduced

As her career has continued to mature, McNaught has gradually introduced elements of suspense into her writing.

Finally the line was refurbished, new vehicles were bought and regular services were gradually introduced on all three lines.

After 1925, greater flexibility in literacy class structures and attendance within Soviet trade unions was gradually introduced.

gradually weakened

Later that day the system degenerated into a remnant low and gradually weakened.

It gradually weakened, bypassing Bermuda on September 6 and producing high waves.

Fran gradually weakened over the next several days over less favorable conditions.

gradually intensified

Fran formed on March 4 and then gradually intensified.

Andres gradually intensified as it tracked along the Mexican coastline.

A small system, the hurricane moved generally northwestward and gradually intensified.

system gradually

As the new century began, the French police system gradually began to take effect.

The system gradually organized, developing a weak circulation after wind shear steadily decreased.

After forming, the system gradually intensified and became a tropical storm early on September 20.

gradually turned

The building ridge, located east of Japan, gradually turned the storm westward.

Thanks to coal smoke, the buildings of the large cities of Europe and America gradually turned black.

The growing influence of the Church during the Middle Ages gradually turned Aarhus, with its bishopric, into a prosperous religious centre.

gradually disappeared

The dual number gradually disappeared from Aramaic over time and has little influence in Middle and Modern Aramaic.

After the discovery of oil in Qatar, most Qataris moved to urban areas and the Bedouin way of life gradually disappeared.

With the expansion of Islam, polytheistic Arabs were rapidly Islamized, and polytheistic traditions gradually disappeared.