granted permission   (許可された)

It also granted permission to remove headstones.

Arbuthnot refused until Warrender granted permission.

On 15 November 2011, he was granted permission to view it.

granted the title   (タイトルを与えられた)

Same year he was granted the title of Count.

Maria Luisa was also granted the title "Infanta of Spain".

For this victory, Foch was granted the title Marshal of France.

not granted   (認められない)

Unlock credits are not granted with every rank.

This match however was not granted test status.

The player is not granted any continues but may obtain extra lives.

granted the right

Unions were granted the right to freely organize.

He was granted the right to appeal, but no appeal was filed.

In 1648, other imperial estates ("Reichsstände") were granted the right of coinage.

granted town   (与えられた町)

In 1997, Måløy was granted town status by the municipality.

It was granted town status in 1991.

It was granted town status in 1948.

granted land   (付与された土地)

He minted coins, granted land and confirmed privileges.

Cockrill was granted land in modern-day Nashville in 1784.

Maximilian declined this offer, but granted land to the troops.

granted full

In 2003 it was granted full accreditation by the AALE.

In 1989 Celant was granted full professor.

It was granted full statehood with an elected legislature in July 1963.

permission was granted   (許可が与えられた)

However, planning permission was granted later.

Formal planning permission was granted on 13 April 1999.

Eventually, permission was granted to show it to adults.

taken for granted

Perhaps that is because the sight was so taken for granted."

Popular backing for the government could never be taken for granted.

The upkeep of the seminary personnel was never taken for granted by him.

government granted   (政府が認めた)

The government granted the Jews land for a cemetery.

The government granted a licence for construction of the bridge on 18 May 1971.

On 29 September 1979, the Hesse state government granted Obertshausen town rights.

granted a charter   (チャーターを付与)

It is run by an executive committee and has been granted a charter of self-rule.

In 1477 James III granted a charter of Merton Hall to John Kennedy of Blairquahan.

In 1278, King Edward I granted a charter for a weekly market and an annual Wakes Fair.

granted free   (無料で付与)

In October 2009 Cannizaro was granted free agency.

In October 2009, Traber was granted free agency.

Cedeno was granted free agency on November 12, 1985.

granted town status   (付与された町のステータス)

In 1997, Måløy was granted town status by the municipality.

It was granted town status in 1991.

It was granted town status in 1948.

court granted   (裁判所が認めた)

The court granted resource consent in May 2007.

The trial court granted Dixie's trust's claim.

The court granted the delay over Cardona's objections.

granted the status

In 1978 Dubliany were granted the status of city.

The school was granted the status of IB World School in 2007.

On 11 October 1564 Tarazaona was granted the status of village.

granted access   (アクセス許可)

In June 2013 DB was granted access to the tunnel.

Those who were granted access to the Field of Reeds included both gods and righteous souls.

As a result, the fourth placed team in the league, Zulte Waregem, were granted access directly.

request was granted   (リクエストが許可されました)

This request was granted on March 27 by the DIMAYOR.

The request was granted four years later.

His request was granted, and he retained his Austrian citizenship.

finally granted   (ついに認められた)

In 1922, Kitty Wright finally granted Wright a divorce.

They were finally granted an interview.

On 19 July 1541 he was finally granted license to receive Holy Orders.

granted approval   (承認された)

In 2017, PFC was granted approval by Ministry of Finance, Govt.

The FAA granted approval for the 767-400ER to operate 180-minute ETOPS flights before it entered service.

On April 18, 2018, Wilfrid Laurier University was granted approval for a new campus location in Milton, Ontario.

granted asylum   (亡命許可)

He fled to Mexico and was granted asylum there.

He remained in America and was granted asylum.

Nammi was granted asylum in the UK.

then granted

The U.S. Supreme Court then granted "certiorari".

The US Supreme Court then granted certiorari.

The Governor then granted the Royal assent on 7 February 2018.

later granted

The Mackintosh family was later granted Petty.

He was later granted bail by the court.

She was later granted longevity by Apollo who turned her into a nymph.

status was granted

Full station status was granted from June 1943.

Urban-type settlement status was granted to it in 1958.

In 2007, Observer status was granted to the Egmont Group.

granted a license

It was first granted a license to operate as K61GV channel 61 on April 15, 1996.

They had granted a license to Ogden to run a ferry between New York and New Jersey.

3ABN acquired the station in June 1998 and was granted a license on October 21, 1998.

granted bail   (認められた保釈)

He is granted bail and makes the footage public.

However, he was immediately granted bail.

He was later granted bail by the court.

granted citizenship   (付与された市民権)

Blach was granted citizenship as merchant on 3 November 1727.

A person can be recognized or granted citizenship on a number of bases.

He became the first Governor not to be a UK citizen, but has since been granted citizenship.

granted a patent

Corneliszoon was granted a patent for his crankshaft in 1597.

On November 23, 1893, she was granted a patent for the car heater.

In 1791, he was granted a patent ""Method of Burning bricks, Tiles, Chalk"".

granted free agency   (無料代理店を付与)

In October 2009 Cannizaro was granted free agency.

In October 2009, Traber was granted free agency.

Cedeno was granted free agency on November 12, 1985.

only granted   (付与された)

The approval for the breakup of the diocese was only granted by his successor, Wolfgang of Regensburg.

Albert now demanded sovereignty, while Philip Louis II had only granted him economic use of the apanage.

Permission is only granted to the property owner, often elderly people, leaving them unable to hire help to work the land.

land granted   (付与された土地)

Leavitt and his new wife lived on the land granted to Asten in Hampton.

The total land granted to settlers in the Spanish colonial era was about or about each.

The block occupied by LentSpace is part of a parcel of land granted to Trinity Church by Queen Anne in 1705.

granted only   (付与のみ)

Exclusivity will be granted only upon a written request.

Airline service to West Berlin was granted only to American, British and French airlines.

On appeal, the Supreme Court of India granted only conditional 'stay' of the Order of the High Court.

granted city

Amsterdam was granted city rights in either 1300 or 1306.

Taganrog was granted city status in 1775.

In 1639, Zboriv was granted city rights.

granted independence   (独立した)

Sudan was granted independence on 1 January 1956.

Belize was granted independence on 21 September 1981.

Despite its military victory, France granted independence to Algerians.

eventually granted

Wales was eventually granted the domain .cymru.

The licences were eventually granted to Fremantle and Port Adelaide.

However, land ownership was eventually granted to British Colonel James Baker.

granted certiorari

§ 1391; the Court granted certiorari in December 2016.

The US Supreme Court then granted certiorari.

The Court granted certiorari, agreeing to hear the case.

powers granted

Demogoblin is a demonic being, with numerous supernatural powers granted by magic.

In turn, taking advantage of broad rulemaking powers granted in , the Department simply adopted the entire MUTCD by reference at .

The federal courts are courts of limited jurisdiction, meaning that they only exercise powers granted to them by the Constitution and federal laws.

granted leave   (許可された休暇)

That night, Fowler was told that Yakov would be granted leave to emigrate.

His appearance was only made possible when he was granted leave from the Army.

The ATO was subsequently granted leave to appeal to the Full Court of the Federal Court.

granted amnesty   (恩赦)

In March, all mutineers were granted amnesty.

He was granted amnesty in late 1990.

Despite protests from Mxenge's family, Coetzee was granted amnesty.

originally granted

Land originally granted by the government was commonly done by documents called land patents.

In October 2016, two companies associated with Castlebrooke Investments, PG Ltd and Savills, submitted a planning application to vary the conditions of the originally granted Royal Exchange planning permission.

Notably, the states of Germany retain the right to act on their own behalf at an international level, a condition originally granted in exchange for the Kingdom of Bavaria's agreement to join the German Empire in 1871.

charter was granted   (チャーターが許可されました)

The charter was granted by the Los Angeles Unified School District in 2006.

A charter was granted in 1732, and the first colonists set sail in the same year.

Finally, after a struggle of nine years, the charter was granted on March 9, 1847.

granted a licence   (ライセンスを付与)

The government granted a licence for construction of the bridge on 18 May 1971.

Gibtel was subsequently granted a licence to offer mobile telephony introducing a GSM900 network.

By 1856, with help from his sons, he was granted a licence for consumption and opened his own dram shop.

granted lands

He granted lands to Brahmins and rebuilt or renovated the Huma temple.

Raleigh granted lands to Bracton in Flemmings of Bratton who held it through his wife's family.

This abbey dates from 1182 when Donal Mor O’Brien granted lands to the Cistercians, to build an abbey here.

not be granted

Permission will usually be granted if: Otherwise, name changes will normally not be granted.

Duncan said that tenure for school teachers "should be earned through demonstrated effectiveness" and should not be granted too quickly.

It was a retort to Bruno Bauer, who had argued that Jews should not be granted full civic rights and freedoms unless they were baptised as Christians".

officially granted

3,134,074 was officially granted on May 19, 1964.

On April 7, 2002, Winkler was officially granted city status.

On April 13, the FCC officially granted the call sign change to KYTX.

rights granted

The rights granted under the act subsist for the life of the author plus 50 years.

One of the most controversial tenets of the Convention are the participatory rights granted to children.

The earliest charter was granted by William the Lion in 1179 and confirmed the corporate rights granted by David I.

first granted

KWRO was first granted its license on February 17, 1949.

It was first granted a license to operate as K61GV channel 61 on April 15, 1996.

The noble title was first granted to Aleksandr's great-grandfather Vasily Khanzhonkov.

station was granted   (ステーションが付与されました)

The station was granted its first license on March 26, 1962.

The station was granted a full non-commercial license on December 11, 2008.

In 1925, the station was granted a full license as CFCY, broadcasting at 960 AM.

granted a construction

The station now known as WNBL was granted a construction permit in 1991 as WFUD.

The Helm Coal Company was granted a construction permit for the new station on May 12, 1948.

On March 28, 2011, it was granted a construction permit to flash cut to digital broadcasting.

granted special

In some cases the candidate can be granted special dispensation if no master's degree is held.

For the recording, Kirill Gerstein was granted special pre-publication access to the new urtext edition.

These were people who had been granted special privileges by the King of Bohemia to reclaim and settle uninhabited areas.

subsequently granted

3,332,327 was subsequently granted on July 25, 1967.

Mendez was subsequently granted time off.

Hume was subsequently granted a parcel of land in the area which he took up in 1829.

charter granted   (チャーター付与)

In 1642 they settled Maspat, under a charter granted to Rev.

In 1642, they settled Maspat, under a charter granted to Rev.

Historically, corporations were created by a charter granted by government.

granted a new

The FCC granted a new license with the upgraded facilities on May 4, 1990.

Modell would in turn then be granted a new franchise (the 31st NFL franchise), for Baltimore.

In addition, the king was granted a new prerogative, the power to introduce his own legislation directly into the assembly.

patent was granted

The patent was granted, as number 807,871, on 19 December 1905 and assigned to Mills Novelty Company.

The patent was granted to Leavitt at his residence in Cabotville, Massachusetts, now part of Chicopee, Massachusetts.

A more limited varietal patent was granted to RiceTec in 2001 on claims dealing with three strains of the rice developed by the company.

having been granted

Seven years later in July 2017, he died of terminal liver cancer in the prison after having been granted medical parole.

In response, the royal house would be overthrown, and a new house would rule, having been granted the Mandate of Heaven.

Among the most admired and skilled "auctorati" were those who, having been granted manumission, volunteered to fight in the arena.

granted immunity

He was granted immunity over his objection.

Nader was granted immunity for information for the investigation.

Cathy, who loses 14 pounds, is the biggest loser on the Blue team and is granted immunity.

take for granted

This articulates a situation and an unexplained force that many have come to take for granted and accept.

People with autism have social impairments and often lack the intuition about others that many people take for granted.

Hoping to capture common sense knowledge, Cyc focuses on implicit knowledge that other AI platforms may take for granted.

arms was granted

The coat of arms was granted in 1969.

The initial coat of arms was granted by warrant of King George V on 26 August 1911, and the current version was granted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1956.

Bernard's coat of arms was granted through grant of arms and supporters, with differences to Sébastien William Comchi and Samuel Nicholas Comchi, on May 15, 2019.