Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

graph theory   (Teoría de grafos)

A simpler statement of the theorem uses graph theory.

It draws heavily on graph theory and mathematical logic.

Algebraic graph theory has close links with group theory.

directed graph   (gráfico dirigido)

a directed graph where each edge has a weight of 1).

A current reality tree is a directed graph.

The terms rooted directed graph or rooted digraph also see variation in definitions.

planar graph   (gráfico plano)

Conversely any planar graph can be formed from a map in this way.

The intuitive idea underlying discharging is to consider the planar graph as an electrical network.

The graph is the 1-skeleton of a cube, a cubical graph, a planar graph with eight vertices and twelve edges.

undirected graph   (gráfico no dirigido)

If one views it as an undirected graph it is connected.

Thus, a "k"-coloring of an undirected graph "G" may be described by a homomorphism from "G" to the complete graph "K".

An Eulerian orientation of an undirected graph is an orientation in which each vertex has equal in-degree and out-degree.

bipartite graph   (gráfica bipartita)

Every regular bipartite graph is also biregular.

Every complete bipartite graph formula_7 is formula_8-biregular.

A graphic matroid is bipartite if and only if it comes from a bipartite graph.

complete graph

A tournament is an orientation of a complete graph.

It consists of a complete graph formula_1 minus one edge.

The complete graph has the best expansion property, but it has largest possible degree.

given graph

The problem consists in deciding whether the given graph is connected or not.

Consider the computational problem of finding a coloring of a given graph "G".

A skew partition of a given graph, if it exists, may be found in polynomial time.