Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

graphic novel   (novela gráfica)

This led to the 128-page graphic novel "Cowboy Wally".

The graphic novel generally received positive reviews.

The film is a remake of his own graphic novel.

graphic design   (diseño gráfico)

The graphic design came directly from the title."

In 1992 he gained a degree in professional graphic design.

She has a small graphic design business, Union Street Design.

graphic designer   (diseñador grafico)

Ian Terry then worked on as a graphic designer.

At 20, he worked for the government as a graphic designer.

The Chief animator for the podcast is graphic designer @benpics.

graphic artist   (artista grafico)

He was also a miner, metalsmith, and graphic artist.

Nestor Ignat also had talent as graphic artist.

The cover art was created by graphic artist Margo Nahas.

graphic novels   (Novelas gráficas)

Both were later adapted into graphic novels.

Comic books or graphic novels are books in which the story is illustrated.

Eight graphic novels were published by Hyperion Books in the United States.

graphic arts

He studied graphic arts at The Cooper Union.

She is a senior lecturer in graphic arts at Leeds Beckett University.

The preferred media for Chicano art are murals, graphic arts, and graffiti art.

graphic art

with motifs borrowed for the most part from the tradition of graphic art.

This consists of the people who design the sets and create the graphic art.

During his career, Guerrero did canvas work, graphic art and mural painting.

graphic designers

Fehlbaum has also worked with a number of graphic designers.

Avital was born in Jerusalem, the daughter of graphic designers Noni and Iko Avital.

All the graphic designers who have made covers, all the fans who uploaded my music, everyone.

graphic violence

The "Born Free" film includes graphic violence and language, as well as nudity.

Its graphic violence and hellish imagery also made it a subject of controversy.

Reviewers have noted that "Happy Wheels" exhibits graphic violence in its gameplay.

graphic adventure

"Kether" is a mixture of an action and graphic adventure.

"Timelapse" is a first-person graphic adventure patterned after games such as "Myst".

Timelapse (video game) Timelapse is a 1996 graphic adventure game developed and published by GTE Entertainment.

graphic artists

Delphic themes inspired several graphic artists.

He is considered to be one of the main graphic artists in Mexico.

1980: included in Bolaffi Arte's listing of "leading Italian graphic artists".

painter and graphic

He studied also under the painter and graphic artist František Tichý.

Dieter Goltzsche Dieter Goltzsche (born 1934 in Dresden) is a German painter and graphic designer.

Bernhard Heisig Bernhard Heisig (31 March 1925–10 June 2011) was a German painter and graphic artist.

studied graphic

He studied graphic arts at The Cooper Union.

There, he studied graphic design.

He studied graphic design at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.