Фразы и примеры предложений

mass graves   (братские могилы)

Their bodies were buried in mass graves initially.

The dead were buried in mass graves near the camps.

The Kopišča 1 and 2 mass graves () are raised mounds.

war graves   (военные могилы)

The majority of the Commonwealth war graves are from World War II.

The cemetery contains the war graves of 3 Commonwealth service personnel from World War I.

The burial ground has twenty war graves from World War I and twenty-four from World War II.

unmarked graves   (безымянные могилы)

There are 239 marked graves and 98 more unmarked graves.

There are also 167 recorded Blacks buried in the graveyard, all with unmarked graves.

A few unmarked graves have been identified, but because of theft, vandalism, and erosion, the site has been heavily damaged.

contains the graves   (содержит могилы)

The cemetery contains the graves of 1602 soldiers.

It contains the graves of many local families.

The cemetery still contains the graves of those who died during WWII.