Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

much greater   (mucho mayor)

It was revived in 1942 at a much greater scale.

After the event his skill is shown to be much greater.

The mass of Eris can be calculated with much greater precision.

even greater   (aún mayor)

Large calderas may have even greater effects.

A second return to Italy brought even greater prestige.

Thus Cobb's totals may be even greater than is recorded.

greater part   (mayor parte)

The greater part has an interlinear Anglo-Saxon translation.

The greater part of the book consists of a description of Erewhon.

From 1846, he spent the greater part of his life on the continent.

far greater   (mucho mayor)

The episode had a far greater impact in Germany than overseas.

Radio has a far greater reach, with 13 private radio stations.

Deaths from chest wounds were of a far greater number than other wounds.

greater number   (mayor número)

It has a greater number of star spots than the Sun.

However, "Champlain" achieved a greater number of passengers.

corresponding to higher payoffs) have a greater number of offspring.

greater emphasis   (mayor énfasis)

The conspiracy subplot was given greater emphasis.

The war years brought a greater emphasis on military training.

"Reinhold lays greater emphasis than Kant upon the unity and activity of consciousness.

times greater

This is many times greater than household power supply voltage.

In the developed world treatment may be 10 to 50 times greater.

Within the 120 km², the effective dose would be up to 13 times greater."

greater success

He had greater success in 1907 entering an 18 H.P.

She's just poised for even greater success."

He soon found himself achieving greater success in poker than in writing.

greater risk

A combination of cow- and sickle-hocks poses a greater risk.

There is, however, a greater risk of side effects with their use.

Of the two, Shor's offers the greater risk to current security systems.

greater degree

I realised that to an even greater degree during the course of the book.

There has also been a greater degree of politicisation within the Commission.

(Ido proper names have a greater degree of flexibility than other Ido words.)

greater numbers

Antony and Cleopatra had greater numbers of troops (i.e.

With much greater numbers and heavier weapons, the British Army suppressed the Rising.

With greater numbers came more diversity: Black and Hispanic student enrollment increased threefold.

greater control   (mayor control)

He also had improved durability as well as greater control over his powers.

Match has exhibited powers similar to Superboy, but supposedly had greater control.

new trends in consumer demands) earn the highest profits and gain greater control of industry.

greater range

The result was slightly faster ships with greater range.

Another attribute was their greater range.

The main competitor Radio 538, had a much greater range than Veronica FM.

greater detail   (mayor detalle)

I also explore the world of the Ravensbundmen in much greater detail.

He spoke of the "void" in greater detail in volume 5 of the "Matalib".

Each frame has greater detail.

greater extent

He is reasonable, but he is to a greater extent suggestible".

However, the L-isoform is expressed to a greater extent than the S-isoform.

In the 2010s, additive manufacturing entered production to a much greater extent.

no greater

Israel has no greater friend than Cda."

Masters and Johnson report ejaculation distance to be no greater than .

The draft of vessels using its waterways must be no greater than by law.

greater understanding

Neale commented, "Never have I seen a player with a greater understanding of the game.

These epidemics were less fatal due to a greater understanding of the cholera bacteria.

Bateson's investigation of learning in birds has led to greater understanding of the neural basis of memory.

greater freedom

Zamfir discovered the much greater freedom for artistic adventure.

negligent in the context of allowing greater freedom to young offenders).

He condemned granting greater freedom to divorce and the use of birth control.

greater power

Mounted men gave an impression of greater power and numbers.

Its greater power allowed an increase of () in the loaded weight.

The F9's greater power output, of course, cannot be seen from the outside.

significantly greater

Season 3 takes on a significantly greater serialized format.

These figures are significantly greater than current production (375 t in 2016).

Currently, the ratio of males to females is generally significantly greater than 1, i.e.

provide greater   (proporcionar mayor)

They also were willing to provide greater funding for prevention.

Dynamic scoping was also meant to provide greater flexibility for user customizations.

greater or lesser

Several cultivars are scented to a greater or lesser degree.

The term "alexandrine" may be used with greater or lesser rigor.

Different sign language speech communities use fingerspelling to a greater or lesser degree.

greater role   (mayor papel)

The episode plays a much greater role in Charles Wesley's "Hark!

Should Tum try to take a greater role in the raising of the child?

In the Disney film, the Dodo plays a much greater role in the story.

greater use

In later years, FM radio saw greater use and the extent of the phone system declined.

Eisenhower made greater use of press conferences than any previous president, holding almost 200 over his two terms.

The greater use of cards was one of the factors that had already achieved significant increases in VAT collection in 2016.

greater access   (mayor acceso)

Deep roots allow greater access to moisture, which helps in drought periods.

It is only during festivals and rituals that all have greater access to mutton.

These give fans greater access to public figures such as creators, authors, and actors.

greater autonomy   (mayor autonomía)

She argued for greater autonomy for children.

This increased agitation for greater autonomy in East Pakistan.

Greenland voters approved a referendum on greater autonomy on 25 November 2008.

greater flexibility   (mayor flexibilidad)

The regression of the hind limbs allowed greater flexibility of the spine.

Dynamic scoping was also meant to provide greater flexibility for user customizations.

As such, one must simply be prepared to use labels such as "line" and "parallel" with greater flexibility.

greater importance

In 1365, Capolago assumed greater importance due to the building of castle.

But perhaps of greater importance has been the discovery of two Mendelian traits.

Newbold had 6 berewicks within it, and was given greater importance than Chesterfield.

greater amount

Larger wasps have a greater amount of brown pigmented clypei.

Possession of a greater amount, however, does become punishable by law.

The detailed nature of these sets requires a greater amount of design time than a normal Lego set.

greater good

Eventually, she complies for "the greater good".

People that did things for a greater good.

He declared that "what I advocate is to commit wrongs in order to achieve a greater good."

greater variety

Spanish has a greater variety of names for the language.

They add trees and shrubs to the native forests, "to give greater variety."

Independent production composed by 13 songs with greater variety of styles.

greater depth

Financial intelligence includes the ability to analyze the numbers in greater depth.

Therefore, the blue channel will have a greater depth of field than the other colours.

The artist adds variable color shading to the eyes and particularly to the cornea to give them greater depth.

greater influence

A relative, Betty Davidson, was an even greater influence.

The taxonomy is considered to have a greater influence internationally than in the United States.

However, she is thought to have been a greater influence on the political development of her sons.

greater interest

"Detinue sur trover" is of greater interest in tort because it covers a more general field.

King James I of Scotland (1394-1437, reigned 1406–1437), took a greater interest in naval power.

Simon's initial introduction to music was through the drums, but later showed greater interest in the piano.

greater attention   (mayor atención)

After one of the sessions, Ashe said it had drawn greater attention to disarmament.

Birth control pills can extend the half-life of caffeine, requiring greater attention to caffeine consumption.

EVM also received greater attention by publicly traded companies in response to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

greater impact   (gran impacto)

The episode had a far greater impact in Germany than overseas.

Valeriano's work as an architect had greater impact than as a painter.

Impairing or suppressing articulation causes a greater impact on performance.

greater efficiency

Companies seek ways to draw greater efficiency from their designs.

Rice-based solutions are preferred to glucose-based ones due to greater efficiency.

It can also ligate blunt-ended DNA with much greater efficiency than "E. coli" DNA ligase.

greater focus

Korean acupuncture uses copper needles and has a greater focus on the hand.

Keystone School District implemented a greater focus on digital technologies to be competitive.

The mission has a much greater focus on cultural events given Sydney's national prominence in that sector.

greater proportion

A greater proportion of Tianjin cuisine includes rice in comparison to Beijing cuisine.

Dublin is home to a greater proportion of newer arrivals than any other part of the country.

This may be because of the greater proportion of oxygen exposed to the wine during the bottle process.

greater distance   (mayor distancia)

Seen from a greater distance, a nearly photorealistic image emerges.

That is, samples of less weight are able to migrate a greater distance.

The lead hand stays at a greater distance from the body than done in modern boxing.

achieve greater

This enabled the band to achieve greater recognition beyond their home state.

The objective is to achieve greater overall economy, without compromising safety.

This system enabled the Indian officers to achieve greater responsibility than their counterparts in regular regiments.

greater chance

Frigates often saw action, which meant a greater chance of glory, promotion, and prize money.

Downer cows are encouraged to get to their feet and have a much greater chance of recovery if they do.

Escaping tigers are usually killed, while tigers which stand their ground have a greater chance of survival.

slightly greater

The AS-513 mission (Skylab 1) had slightly greater liftoff thrust of .

They each have slightly greater mass than the Sun: 107% and 105%, respectively.

Other modern equations of only slightly greater complexity are much more accurate.

greater threat

Yet an even greater threat looms.

A greater threat than by-catch for small cetaceans is targeted hunting.

As leader of the united East, Diocletian was clearly the greater threat.

greater speed

The Spitfire V had an even more greater speed advantage.

They are arranged in a curved array, allowing a greater speed of play.

The shape of its body is fusiform, allowing it greater speed in the water.

greater accuracy   (mayor precisión)

There are particularly good examples of ammonites which allow greater accuracy in dating the rocks.

Limitations of these systems drove the need for a more universal navigation solution with greater accuracy.

Rubin and Ford worked with a new spectrograph to measure the velocity curve of edge-on spiral galaxies with greater accuracy.

greater sense

The smaller number of members and staggered terms also give the Senate a greater sense of community.

Londoners had a greater sense of community after they had overcome the great adversities of 1665 and 1666.

His recent paintings eschew the superstructures and evoke a greater sense of immediacy, playfulness, and narrative.

greater rate   (mayor tasa)

This was the second year of Governor Rendell's policy to fund some districts at a far greater rate than others.

greater weight

In this case, the line consisted of a drum of piano wire whilst the lead was of a much greater weight.

Power was down to for the 1957 sixth series, with increased torque to offset the greater weight of the later car.

Maize is widely cultivated throughout the world, and a greater weight of maize is produced each year than any other grain.

greater awareness   (una mayor conciencia)

Today, there is a greater awareness of problem gambling in Massachusetts.

We aim to inspire greater awareness and best practice in sustainability motor sport standards."

The primary nurse is also more alert to medication errors, because of their greater awareness of patient medication outcomes.

greater public   (gran público)

However, greater public attention was given to their subject matter.

There have been a number of proposals designed to attract greater public attention to the elections.

In addition, they hope to foster greater public interest and education in Space Exploration and Research.

greater political

What that means is bringing the police service under greater political control."

Because of these reasons and many more, Albanians in Macedonia began to demand greater political rights.

Since then there has been greater political alteration in the provincial electoral landscape in Fredericton.

greater level

The port of Bayonne then attained a greater level of activity.

Each greater level of assembly has ruling authority over its constituent members.

In Ireland, the non-religious have a greater level of education than the general population.

greater transparency   (mayor transparencia)

Gutheinz is an advocate for greater transparency in NASA.

The "Energiewende" also seeked a greater transparency in relation to national energy policy formation.

Leading the demands for greater transparency were the Daily Telegraph (Sydney) and the Wild Life Preservation Society.

greater economic

Promoting gender equality is seen as an encouragement to greater economic prosperity.

This policy became known as the Grosswirtschaftsraum ("greater economic area") policy.

In October 1365, Peter I set sail from Rhodes, himself commanding a sizable expeditionary force and a fleet of 165 ships, despite Venice's greater economic and political clout.

greater share   (mayor cuota)

Airbus won a greater share of orders in 2003 and 2004.

The players, seeing that the club would receive more money, asked for a greater share.

The state took a greater share in the company and assigned two administrators designated by the governor general.

greater effect

I simply combined them for greater effect."

These particles can be combined with the vocative particles for greater effect, e.g.

In turn, the lead oscillator is used to greater effect, reflecting this newfound intensity."

greater distances

In winter when deciduous plants are bare eastern cottontails forage in less secure cover and travel greater distances.

Air travel is used for greater distances within Germany but faces competition from the state-owned Deutsche Bahn's rail network.

Flensburg also offered greater distances, which were necessary for the latest models of torpedoes that had significantly increased ranges.

led to greater

Papal recognition of George III in 1766 led to greater religious tolerance.

This led to greater artillery bombardment on behalf of Hezb-e Islami Gulbuddin.

This change led to greater autonomy, accompanied by greater emphasis on financial viability.

greater capacity   (mayor capacidad)

First, each section of road was designed to receive greater capacity of traffic.

Another medicinal area is in creating pigs with greater capacity for human organ transplants (xenotransplantation).

Generally, organisms with more complex nervous systems have a greater capacity to learn new responses and thus adjust their behavior.

greater protection   (mayor protección)

Place kickers and punters are afforded an even greater protection from being tackled.

This was usually done to offer greater protection to the crew in the event of a collision.

Condoms may be combined with other forms of contraception (such as spermicide) for greater protection.

greater area

Graea was a greater area including Aulis, Mycalessus, Harma etc.

This community centre would serve as a social hub for the greater area.

Based on historical accounts from the greater area, Koupaki was inhabited before 2000 B.C.

greater portion

The greater portion of the range lies within Naval Weapons Station Earle.

The railroad was practically a farmers' line, and the greater portion of the receipts were derived from the farmers.

On one occasion, while attempting to absorb a greater portion of his adversary's powers than previously, his body disintegrated for a period of time due to the pressure in his cells.

greater strength

Afterward, the tornado lost intensity, after having maintained F4 or greater strength for more than .

Although both metals are very soft and ductile, the resulting aluminium alloy will have much greater strength.

Borosilicate glass is desired for its greater strength and thermal shock resistance than ordinary soda lime glass.

give greater

They add trees and shrubs to the native forests, "to give greater variety."

The architectural style was changed and the width increased to give greater rigidity.

The bywash channel bridge was replaced to give greater clearance, and the stonework of the bywash channel and the tumbling bay was repointed.

greater depths

Females tend to be found at greater depths than males.

At greater depths the particle motion becomes "prograde".

It can occur at greater depths than "Actinia mediterranea" or "Actinia equina".

greater prominence

In recent years, British series such as "Coronation Street" and "Doctor Who" have been given greater prominence.

Along with his younger brother, Prince Woke, Oke was raised to greater prominence when Emperor Seinei died without an heir.

"People Need Love" was released in June 1972, featuring guest vocals by the women, who were now given much greater prominence.

greater diversity

This made for greater diversity among them than among male monasteries.

He has been an advocate for greater diversity in upper-level corporate positions.

The publishers mentioned that the more timber and the greater diversity led to more ship building.

gained greater

Only recently have these differences gained greater recognition.

Stead also published another piece that gained greater significance in light of his fate on the "Titanic".

Demogoblin's physical form is killed in a final showdown with Hobgoblin, who has gained greater strength than before.

greater social   (mayor social)

Knighthood, in the Columbian model, "valorized individual self-sacrifice for greater social welfare".

These websites have allowed greater social interaction between users, creating communities dedicated to 3D printing.

This permitted a greater social visibility of LGBT people and culture, with several gay clubs opening from 2002 onwards.

greater recognition

Only recently have these differences gained greater recognition.

This enabled the band to achieve greater recognition beyond their home state.

Kader is a prominent activist working in the fight for greater recognition of children’s rights.

lead to greater   (conducir a mayor)

This can lead to greater traffic flow to a website as it reaches a wider audience.

Inactivation of one promoter will naturally lead to greater expression of the other promoter.

Marc also authored a bill requiring a study to lead to greater enforcement of the James Byrd Jr. hate crime bill.

gain greater

An amplifier is a circuit that has a power gain greater than one.

Some shooters use both simultaneously to gain greater noise reduction (NRR).

Characters earn points during play which are used to gain greater abilities.

greater community   (comunidad mayor)

It advocates for services for problem gamblers, their families, and the greater community.

The Green Team also works within the greater community with their support of various environmental-awareness campaigns.

Children are able to interact with others, the greater community, and through visual art-work and organized community events, share their stories and experiences with the world.

greater length

However, many Alaskan highways of greater length than the Klondike Highway remain unnumbered.

Another insulated wire of much greater length was let down to a greater depth into a colder stratum of water.

It looks very similar to the rock-boring urchin "Echinometra lucunter", but the dark tips and the greater length of the spines are distinctive.

greater levels

The car also featured slick tyres, and had greater levels of performance, grip, aerodynamics and downforce in comparison to the road car.

Bearing in mind many of its geographic and historical factors, dominant social science theory might anticipate greater levels of conflict.

Around this same time competitors started to release new four-stroke multi-cylinder bikes with larger engines and greater levels of comfort.

given greater

The conspiracy subplot was given greater emphasis.

Newbold had 6 berewicks within it, and was given greater importance than Chesterfield.

In recent years, British series such as "Coronation Street" and "Doctor Who" have been given greater prominence.

towards greater

Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon supported a move towards greater respect for gay rights.

Myanmar is transitioning towards greater openness and access to the Internet has grown at unprecedented rates.

Such cases have brought legal, media, and popular attention to progression towards greater rights for Parsi women.

greater value

Now makers use it to create the appearance of greater value.

One MESO is likely to be more appealing, or a greater value, than the other options.

In a technologically complex world, this means employing both collaborative tools and a procedural framework to deliver greater value at a competitive price.