İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

greatly reduced   (büyük ölçüde azaltıldı)

Those flows are greatly reduced in drought years.

Under the new Act, the powers of the Mayor were greatly reduced.

These changes greatly reduced the potential for collision injuries.

greatly increased   (büyük ölçüde arttı)

This second tower greatly increased the available office space.

The campaign also greatly increased Kabang's fame internationally.

It greatly increased the safety when landing on an aircraft carrier.

greatly influenced   (büyük ölçüde etkilendi)

His work was greatly influenced by Gyula König.

He was greatly influenced by the line art of Ben Shahn.

Theatre also greatly influenced Alejo Carpentier's work.

greatly expanded   (büyük ölçüde genişledi)

Thomas Newport himself greatly expanded the Newports' wealth.

Their work was greatly expanded upon by Michael Faraday in 1833.

The current redevelopment includes greatly expanded hotel accommodation.

greatly improved   (büyük ölçüde gelişmiş)

The mood greatly improved as the Games progressed.

The clutch and gearbox were also greatly improved.

Thus he greatly improved the condition of the cities.

vary greatly   (çok değişmek)

Accounts of the success of the opera vary greatly.

Rules vary greatly from tournament to tournament.

Estimates of the extent of his empire vary greatly.

contributed greatly   (büyük katkıda bulundu)

"Iris" has contributed greatly to the band's success.

They all contributed greatly to the development of young Aram Nalbandyan.

He has contributed greatly to the growth of Bollywood in France and Europe.

varies greatly

Traffic to and from the airport varies greatly.

Education in BME also varies greatly around the world.

However, the ability to detect the odor varies greatly.

greatly affected   (Büyük ölçüde etkilenen)

The recession of 1969-1970 greatly affected Boeing.

For once, the cathedral in Mdina was not greatly affected.

Trade liberalization has greatly affected world food trade.

greatly admired   (büyük beğeni topladı)

He greatly admired Garibaldi and John Brown, as well.

He also greatly admired the work of Domenico Scarlatti.

Nonetheless, Francis greatly admired his uncle, if rather feared him.

suffered greatly   (çok acı çekmek)

None of the guests died, though many suffered greatly.

Greece suffered greatly during the occupation.

Despite victorious, the besieged also suffered greatly.

greatly enhanced   (oldukça geliştirilmiş)

The film greatly enhanced her self-esteem.

The frequency of gene targeting can be greatly enhanced through genome editing.

With that accomplished the ability to do cosmetic restoration was greatly enhanced.

varied greatly   (çok değişti)

However, flutes varied greatly in size and range.

"Emporia" varied greatly in their level of activity.

Elements of the character's history have varied greatly.

greatly increase

This upgrade will greatly increase the likelihood of planet detection in the system.

The broadcaster absorbs the extra power cost to greatly increase potential audience.

Water in the loop can greatly increase the resistance to gas flow through the scrubber.

differ greatly

Modern cable ships differ greatly from their predecessors.

The aspirational age of the Western world would differ greatly.

The elements of a eukaryotic and prokaryotic 5′ UTR differ greatly.

greatly contributed

This episode greatly contributed to the glory of the duke.

Dhaka University greatly contributed to the liberation of Bangladesh.

Although, it likely greatly contributed to Germany's overall economic recovery.

greatly enlarged   (büyük ölçüde büyütülmüş)

Pedicel of the males is greatly enlarged.

Upper Mill was used for corn by 1828 and greatly enlarged in 1860.

They have relatively simple brains with the forebrain not greatly enlarged.

greatly diminished   (büyük ölçüde azaldı)

It greatly diminished France's reputation in the region.

It was a greatly diminished kingdom.

Their domain in the religious sphere had been greatly diminished.

greatly increasing

This new system will greatly increasing the mountain's snowmaking capacity.

Whilst he kept his rent at the old prices, he greatly increasing their renewal fee.

In 1940, Gifu absorbed the former post town of Kanō, greatly increasing its land area.

greatly reduce   (büyük ölçüde azaltmak)

These techniques greatly reduce the anonymity provided by Tor.

The reason for lower lofted driver heads is to greatly reduce back spin.

These stresses can greatly reduce the strength and performance of the part.

increased greatly

This trade increased greatly during several famine periods.

The number of entrants has increased greatly in recent years.

Tensions in Washington between pro- and anti-slavery forces increased greatly.

greatly reducing

Small pulleys increase this elongation, greatly reducing belt life.

The knopper gall grows from a distortion of the growing acorn, greatly reducing the fecundity of the oak host.

Since the closure of the mill the Laggan Burn no longer runs into the loch, greatly reducing the water supply.

greatly impressed

This experience greatly impressed his work and changed his world view.

Devin lost the contest but was greatly impressed by Rob's performance.

Its combat troops in Angola greatly impressed fellow non-aligned nations.

expanded greatly

College football expanded greatly during the last two decades of the 19th century.

Between the 1890s and the 1970s, the technology of maize harvesting expanded greatly.

After the death of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, it expanded greatly under the rule of the Peshwas.

not greatly   (çok değil)

These wars did not greatly affect daily life in Ephesus.

For once, the cathedral in Mdina was not greatly affected.

They have relatively simple brains with the forebrain not greatly enlarged.

greatly increases

This greatly increases the interceptor's chance of success and survival.

The redigestion of pellets greatly increases the nutritional value of dietary items.

This greatly increases the chances of slightly different spam emails producing the same checksum.

greatly reduces

The absence of hydraulics greatly reduces maintenance costs.

Using tapers greatly reduces the mismatch effects that a direct join would cause.

This greatly reduces the influence of the inverter circuit on the operating frequency.

differs greatly

Equipment set up differs greatly from country to country.

Their analyses suggest a phylogeny that differs greatly from George's taxonomic arrangement.

The vent communities that co-occur with "S. thermophilus" differs greatly between seamounts.

greatly during

Greece suffered greatly during the occupation.

This trade increased greatly during several famine periods.

College football expanded greatly during the last two decades of the 19th century.

greatly weakened

This internal fighting greatly weakened the state.

This greatly weakened the children before the actual procedure was given.

In 1674, Trunajaya rebellion started in Madura and greatly weakened Mataram.

greatly between

Rate of blood flow varies greatly between different organs.

The prevalence of condom use varies greatly between countries.

Such reactions differ greatly between a believer and one who is devoid of faith.

greatly outnumbered   (çok sayıda)

By 08:00 the greatly outnumbered defenders had withdrawn to the camp's north wall.

Despite being greatly outnumbered, Arthur's men win and he is crowned the King of England.

The greatly outnumbered Rebels ride into a box canyon and turn to fight, charging the Shoshone.

greatly extended   (büyük ölçüde genişledi)

The reach of calculus has also been greatly extended.

Hendrix greatly extended the use of vibrato.

Thornton Manor was restructured and the gardens greatly extended.

greatly exaggerated   (çok abartılı)

It was later revealed that Bailey had greatly exaggerated his military record.

The Iranologist Walter Bruno Henning considered the accounts of Odaenathus' attack in 260 greatly exaggerated.

Opinions in the popular press criticized genocide statements by the Clinton administration as greatly exaggerated.

greatly helped

Building bridges greatly helped travelers and in particular pilgrims.

This initiative has greatly helped in reducing the utility usage by these families.

In this he was greatly helped by Mrs. Holst, who sheltered him and helped financially.

greatly improve   (büyük ölçüde gelişti)

Their understanding and mastery can greatly improve a player's game, and offer diverse options in maneuvering the disc to the basket with greater efficacy.

Some applications, such as toothed rims, require short bolts – MJTs can be useful in these applications because they greatly improve the elasticity of the joint.

Careful hand fitting and polishing of parts, addition of high precision or adjustable aftermarket parts, or fabrication of new parts can greatly improve most triggers.

greatly appreciated

As such, it was greatly appreciated by the common people.

This can be greatly appreciated by the success and amount of its audience.

Lorine Pruette's positive review in "The New York Times" was one that Rand greatly appreciated.

differed greatly   (büyük ölçüde farklıydı)

The motivations of the "black horror" writers differed greatly.

However, the extent of these restricions differed greatly from area to area.

The nature of male and female monasticism differed greatly in France both before and during the revolution.

improved greatly   (büyük ölçüde geliştirildi)

The University improved greatly under his tenure."

By 1959, the staffing position had improved greatly.

Drug delivery and aiding machines have been improved greatly by bioinstrumentation.

greatly depending

The effort can vary greatly depending on the amount of snow.

Normally spicy, spice levels vary greatly depending on the household itself.

Spice level varies greatly depending on the sub-region as well as the household itself.

greatly affect   (büyük ölçüde etkilemek)

These wars did not greatly affect daily life in Ephesus.

The materials used to build the cages greatly affect the price.

Mountains and surrounding valleys greatly affect local climate.

greatly simplified   (büyük ölçüde basitleştirilmiş)

This change greatly simplified hardware error detection.

The plotline has been greatly simplified from the book, e.g.

One of Yaziji's most significant innovations was the creation of a greatly simplified Arab font.