Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

growing up   (creciendo)

Lonergan also supported Richmond while growing up.

This species is an annual grass growing up to tall.

Scowen was born in 1987, growing up in Wokingham.

growing number   (número creciente)

It has a growing number of second language speakers.

However, a growing number of inhabitants are functionally illiterate.

The growing number of departments meant many new salaried bureaucrats.

fastest growing   (crecimiento más rápido)

It is one of the fastest growing districts in Texas.

Aviation is among the fastest growing sectors.

It is one of the fastest growing towns of West Chitwan.

rapidly growing   (en rapido crecimiento)

Organized drag racing is rapidly growing in India.

This is one the rapidly growing areas in Bangalore.

Padavarad is a small but rapidly growing settlement.

growing population

Ardfern today has a diverse and growing population.

In the United States, Latinos are the largest growing population.

But at that time he did not foresee the growing population in the city.

growing season

Tree rings show the impact on growth over an entire growing season.

However, in the latter case, it occurs mostly during the growing season.

The symptoms were wilting and dying flax plants during the growing season.

growing crops

Of the agricultural land, 9.6% is used for growing crops.

Of the agricultural land, 4.2% is used for growing crops.

Of the agricultural land, 3.2% is used for growing crops.

used for growing

Of the agricultural land, 9.6% is used for growing crops.

Of the agricultural land, 4.2% is used for growing crops.

Of the agricultural land, 3.2% is used for growing crops.

found growing

It was found growing wild in southern France.

The type specimen was found growing on "Neorhodomela larix".

It was found growing on "Bambusa".

growing popularity   (creciente popularidad)

The name change to First Avenue did not affect the club's growing popularity.

For this record, SOS adapted to the growing popularity of hip-hop in the late '90s.

Unfortunately, their growing popularity began to attract a great deal of crowd trouble.

growing demand   (Demanda creciente)

to cater the growing demand of quality alloys in Southeast Asia.

During this time, secondary provision expanded and adjusted to growing demand.

It was planned from the start for future expansion in steps to meet growing demand.

growing interest

Whilst in Berlin, Simon Rattle encouraged her growing interest in conducting.

The young people have shown a growing interest in German language in recent years.

Young people have expressed growing interest in the issue of cheetah and other wildlife conservation.

herb growing

This is perennial herb growing upright tall.

It is a perennial herb growing about tall.

This is a perennial herb growing in clumps up to about tall.

growing rapidly

The population of Grand Yoff is growing rapidly.

It is a young field, but one that is growing rapidly.

Public support for same-sex marriage is growing rapidly.

growing influence

By the sixth season, Dryer's growing influence had won him the role of executive producer.

However, Stephen Thomas believed it to be indicative of the growing influence of remixes in music.

Through "Marmik", Bal Thackeray campaigned against the growing influence of non-Marathis in Bombay.

tree growing

The centre even has a large tree growing in it.

Its name means "fig tree growing from a rock".

"J. cinerea" is a deciduous tree growing to tall, rarely .

growing power

They were also wary of Bhimsen's growing power.

Chu's growing power led its rival Jin to support Wu as a counter.

The growing power in world cycling, the United States, started to take notice.

shrub growing   (arbusto en crecimiento)

It is a small evergreen shrub growing up to tall.

It is a prostrate, deciduous shrub growing to wide.

makes a compact shrub growing to 1 m in height.

growing city

In fact it is a growing city in the western region of Nepal.

She also led efforts to secure higher teacher salaries and build new schools in the growing city.

Although small in size, it provides a quiet patch of green space near to the heart of the growing city.

accommodate the growing

In 1735 a western gallery was added to accommodate the growing population of Burnley.

It was expanded in 2012 to better accommodate the growing needs of all three programs.

Every inch of space was used to the fullest to accommodate the growing number of students.

growing importance

This signalled the growing importance of Morocco to French policy.

Three factors led to a growing importance of warfare in Plains Indian culture.

Baku's growing importance as a major energy hub remained in sight of the major powers.

growing concern   (preocupacion creciente)

Cyber was the fifth threat and a growing concern.

Cyber is the fifth threat and a growing concern.

Her assistant Karl (Rudolph Amendt) watches with growing concern.

fast growing

This village is under fast growing development.

At this time, Maple Heights, Ohio was fast growing with development.

Wang Guangyi's successful career and fast growing wealth have drawn criticism.

perennial herb growing   (cultivo de hierba perenne)

This is perennial herb growing upright tall.

It is a perennial herb growing about tall.

This is a perennial herb growing in clumps up to about tall.

growing community   (comunidad en crecimiento)

The St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church was built to serve this growing community.

The first church, founded in 1756, soon became too small for the growing community.

As a result, the growing community around Pierre's bar became known as "Pig's Eye."

growing trend   (tendencia creciente)

It is a growing trend in many parts of the country, particularly in the Western United States.

YouTube has built in a user reporting system in order to counteract the growing trend of hate speech.

In 2010, CBC’s Rick Chung featured The Network Hub as part of a growing trend toward coworking spaces.

growing numbers

There were growing numbers of fights between whites and Indians.

The growing numbers of the community contributed to the monks' primary apostolate, retreat work.

To accommodate these growing numbers, the site at Jean Drapeau Park was expanded to a 42,500-person capacity.

growing to tall

It is a cormous perennial growing to tall and wide.

It is a large evergreen shrub growing to tall and wide.

growing family   (familia en crecimiento)

The new home at 2426 Lincoln Avenue was for a growing family.

PMM2-CDG is the most common of a growing family of more than 130 extremely rare inherited metabolic disorders.

He is an experienced carpenter and construction worker, constantly improving on his house to hold his growing family.

growing in popularity

At that time strip plazas were growing in popularity.

Pay-TV is growing in popularity amongst Russian TV viewers.

Basketball is also growing in popularity.

meet the growing

To meet the growing number of visitors, Chapel of St. Anne was built in 1691.

They began to employ the Mende people to work for them to find slaves to meet the growing demand.

Two 50 MW power plants have been built at Katakhali to meet the growing electricity demand of the city.

growing conditions

The biomes provide diverse growing conditions, and many plants are on display.

Also contributing to caffeine content are growing conditions, processing techniques, and other variables.

Under ideal growing conditions, plants are able to grow a root mass that comprises the entire bin in a loosely packed mass.

still growing   (sigue creciendo)

The town is still growing, so the inscription of the statue "De Mower" still finds a response.

The seeds were planted in the gardens of the Imperial Palace at Petrópolis where they are still growing today.

The cave has about 14 stalactite and stalagmite formations up to 15 metres high, 85% of which are still growing.

growing threat

The Mamertines became a growing threat to Carthage and Syracuse alike.

When Amyntas sought Spartan aid against the growing threat of Olynthus, the Spartans eagerly responded.

The series follows Kazuda Xiono, a New Republic pilot who is recruited by the Resistance to spy on the growing threat of the First Order.

trees growing

The following trees growing in the part are worth mentioning:

They are shrubs and small to medium-sized trees growing to 3–25 m tall.

Such roots help support the heavy canopy of large trees growing in very wet soil.

growing body

Internet traders are the fastest growing body of merchants in history.

A large and growing body of research has shown how gender inequality undermines health and development.

However, there is a growing body of evidence that stromules are functional, integral features of plant cell plastids, not merely artifacts.

growing more

However, Lüxi later begins growing more distant from Yiqiao.

The end of the war prevented the issue from growing more complex.

Lenders, meanwhile, are growing more comfortable extending loans.

growing town   (ciudad en crecimiento)

Bangai is also one of the rapidly growing town in the municipality.

When he was two, his family moved to the growing town of Litchfield, Connecticut.

As pioneer life transitioned to the comforts of a growing town, many new buildings, schools and churches were built.

plant growing

This is a small plant growing up to 30cm in height from an underground caudex.

"Rheum rhaponticum" is a robust perennial herbaceous plant growing from a woody rhizome.

"Campanula latifolia" is a clump-forming perennial herbaceous plant growing to a height of .

growing area

Cadell is a quiet rural township in the middle of a citrus and wine grape growing area.

Surrounded by forest, it is also a vegetable and fruit growing area where mangos, mandarins and oranges are produced.

That first small building was expanded in 1916 to accommodate the growing area and renamed Middlesex General Hospital.

plants growing

They are herbaceous corm-bearing plants growing to 30–45 cm tall.

Parsnip Swamp was so named on account of parsnip-like plants growing in it.

The plants growing on Kas plateau are typically of herbaceous nature of like grasses.

growing problem

Antisemitism in 21st century Germany Antisemitism is a growing problem in 21st-century Germany.

Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem among humans and wildlife in terrestrial or aquatic environments.

The growing problem of student debt has caused many reactions from young people throughout the United States.

steadily growing

The size of the Korean hangover-release market is steadily growing.

Since the mid 90s Das Echo has earned a steadily growing number of subscriptions from the United States.

The Internet has become quite popular in Brazil, with steadily growing numbers of users as well as increased availability.

growing reputation

With her growing reputation, the Soviet authorities did not ignore her.

These years also saw the growing reputation of "Being and Time" outside Germany.

The growing reputation of Le Neve's pack in 1697 prompted Sir Horatio Pettus Bt.

growing collection

Within a few years, he returned to Tulsa with his oil company and his growing collection.

Offers direct access to a growing collection of Iberoamerican online journals offering full text articles.

In 2003, it became apparent that the original facilities could not properly display enough of the museum's rapidly growing collection.

growing market   (mercado creciente)

To address this growing market segment, Atari came up with the "ST1".

Despite its growing market share, Transbrasil was already experiencing financial problems.

As more Indians migrate to these countries, they form a growing market for upscale Indian films.

growing public   (público en crecimiento)

There has also been a growing public interest in the Jewish historical legacy in Slovenia.

Behind a surge of support for the Freeze idea in the 1980s lay growing public concerns about the outbreak of nuclear war.

Violence between the two groups reinforced a political crisis growing public impression that Bulgarian government was unstable.

began growing

India began growing millet before c. 3300 BCE.

Simultaneously, Tiwari began growing in his new-found faith in Jesus Christ and chose to become a priest.

Depressed, unemployed, and cash-strapped, Ansell began growing marijuana, later becoming a user of amphetamines.

growing economy

Secondly, a hegemon must have a large and growing economy.

The term "wolf economy" is used to describe Mongolia's rapidly growing economy.

Spain became the second-fastest growing economy in the world between 1959 and 1973, just behind Japan.

growing areas

This is one the rapidly growing areas in Bangalore.

Côte d'Ivoire had only achieved remediation in 3.8% and Ghana in 31% of the growing areas.

The cocoa industry performed data collection had on 50% of the growing areas in both Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana.

during the growing

However, in the latter case, it occurs mostly during the growing season.

The symptoms were wilting and dying flax plants during the growing season.

Weeds are controlled through the use of herbicides, and no cultivation tillage is done during the growing season.

serve the growing

SICPA quickly moved to inks for printers to serve the growing demand in the Lausanne region.

In 1910, the Philips company erected new houses to serve the growing need for employee housing.

This church was inaugurated in 1993 to serve the growing community in the most modern part of Ħaż-Żabbar.

slow growing   (Crecimiento lento)

They are slow growing plants and are often stoloniferous.

"Alfaroa costaricensis" is a slow growing tree with pink heartwood.

"Exophiala dermatitidis" forms slow growing, brown or black colonies.

growing awareness   (conciencia creciente)

It is not found on patients’ charts and, due to growing awareness of medical slang, often not used in front of patients themselves.

European Digital Rights was founded in June 2002 as a result of a growing awareness of the importance of European policy making in the digital environment.

He handled it badly, leading to protests by the boys, and this combined with a growing awareness of the other problems led the Fellows to decide to ask him to leave.

growing student   (estudiante en crecimiento)

This is changing, partly under the influence of the rapidly growing student population.

Due to a growing student population, in 1996, the campus relocated a second time to the 22nd district, Donaustadt.

Needing to accommodate a rapidly growing student population, AISD opened yet another high school located immediately to the north of S.M.N.

growing industry

Solar PV in China is a growing industry with over 400 companies.

A growing industry is tourism, due to the various historical sights of Erfurt.

In 2007, the government reacted by offering more support to the growing industry.

growing international

Meanwhile, there was a growing international boycott of Faroese produce because of the grindadráp (whaling) issue.

The genre is a subject of growing international research, and its popularity outside Greece is now well-established.

Tylor's definition of animism was a part of a growing international debate on the nature of "primitive society" by lawyers, theologians and philologists.

growing political

As the British became aware of the sheikh's growing political and military power, they were forced to respond militarily.

The value of the loan, over $370 million, was revoked in 2012, after growing political tensions between the US and Russia.

The Declaration accepted the growing political and diplomatic independence of the Dominions in the years after World War I.

growing movement

In 1948 there was a short-lived but growing movement for some sort of economic union with the United States.

Social Circus Social Circus refers to the growing movement toward the use of circus arts as mediums for social justice and social good.

Before the appearance of now ubiquitous "motel chains," The Tucson Inn was developed as part of a growing movement of improved amenities competing for motor tourist.

wine growing

Long a major wine growing region, it was illegal in La Morra to cut down a Nebbiolo vine.

The Goldfields region is also associated as a wine growing region with a large number of established vineyards and popular wineries.

Bordeaux wine growing area has about of vineyards, 57 appellations, 10,000 wine-producing estates (châteaux) and 13,000 grape growers.

growing increasingly

However, many of his players were growing increasingly disgruntled with his coaching style.

Those who own property along the path of the Capital Beltway HOT Lanes are growing increasingly agitated with the project.

A new generation of Greek politicians was growing increasingly intolerant of King Otto's continuing interference in government.

growing economic

Religious differences were accentuated by a growing economic discrepancy.

The work of the practice reflected the growing economic prosperity of the city during this period.

Courtauld used his growing economic power to support a range of political issues close to his heart.

small but growing

By 2012, the tourism industry was small but growing rapidly.

It is a small but growing segment of the pornography industry.

Sougia is a small but growing resort.

growing companies

He is a captain for American Airlines and a strategic advisor to growing companies.

Profit ranked her company as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada from 2004 through to 2007.

It became one of the fastest growing companies in Germany, with profitability doubling from 2008 to 2012.

fruit growing

Her family lived mostly on fruit growing and farming.

Agricultural reclamation intensified the development of olive and fruit growing.

The main industry for the area is fruit growing, particularly for local cider and perry businesses.

response to growing   (respuesta al crecimiento)

The radio show began on March 13, 1938 in response to growing tensions in Europe.

During the mid-19th century in the United States, farmers were expanding fruit orchard programs in response to growing markets.

In 1977 in a reversal of earlier policy and in response to growing threats to Botswana's security, the Botswana Defence Force was formed.

due to growing

He joined Fulcrum due to growing disillusionment after his discharge.

That evening, the two share dinner, and Diana admits she does not know her real name due to growing up as a foster child.

The 2000s saw increased Bollywood recognition worldwide due to growing (and prospering) NRI and Desi communities overseas.

growing tensions

The radio show began on March 13, 1938 in response to growing tensions in Europe.

With the onset of the growing tensions between East and West, the service was revived in 1949 as the Civil Defence Corps.

Shortly into the season, growing tensions between team owner Rick Gay and coach Bill LaForge led to the coach being fired.

growing business   (negocio en crecimiento)

With the growing business, the press was shifted to Dadar, Bombay.

By 1982, more additions were needed to accommodate the growing business, and TOC 1 was expanded by another 10 acres.

Black hired James Franklin, Jr., a Columbia, South Carolina lawyer, in September 1997 to help manage the growing business.

started growing

Recently many have started growing pomegranates.

The company had survived as mobile Internet started growing.

The city started growing from a railway station built in 1904.

growing list

The ANC has a growing list of constitutional failures.

The two studios deliver weekly programming to a growing list of subscribers.

In 2011, the new location was announced and a grade level was added to the growing list.