İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

grows up   (büyür)

"Gymnosporia buxifolia" grows up to 9 metres tall.

Thus Ramu grows up accepting crime as his career.

The burrowing anemone grows up to 8 cm in diameter.

typically grows   (tipik olarak büyür)

It typically grows in dry hills at moderate altitudes.

It typically grows in species rich grassland.

It typically grows along the banks of rivers.

species grows   (türler büyür)

This species grows to a length of standard length.

The species grows to an average height of 75 cm.

This species grows to a standard length of .

plant grows   (bitki büyür)

This plant grows wild in savanna and other habitat types.

The plant grows to , and averages about .

The plant grows on rocky ledges and in fine gravel on slopes.

shrub typically grows   (çalı tipik olarak büyür)

The spreading to erect shrub typically grows to a height of and has non-glaucous branchlets.

The shrub typically grows to a height of and has feathery like leaves and bright yellow flowers during its July to November blooming period.

shell grows   (kabuk büyür)

The distinctive shell grows to a length of 18 cm.

The small, milk-white shell grows to a length of 2.0 mm.

The shell grows to a height of 3.5 mm.

usually grows

It usually grows in mossy places on granite outcrops.

The stem usually grows erect from a caudex.

It usually grows on slopes and ridges in poor, rocky soil.

grows in sandy   (kumlu yetişir)

It grows in sandy or lava soils.

It commonly grows in sandy soils in alluvial areas and on lower hillslopes.

It grows in sandy soils, red clays, and old fields to the borders of swamps, streams, to bottomlands.

grows more

She grows more pumpkins than any other farmer in the United States.

Over the course of the season, D'Angelo grows more and more ambivalent about the drug trade.

As the argument grows more heated, Truman ends it by punching Rosenfield and knocking him down.

orchid grows   (orkide büyür)

The dancing spider orchid grows in moist, shady forests.

This elbow orchid grows in wet flats in forest in New Guinea.

The orchid grows in open forest with a dense shrubby understorey.

grows best

It grows best at pH 8.0-10.0 but not at pH 7.0.

Butternut grows best on stream banks and on well-drained soils.

For example, lettuce grows best with 15-17 mol·m-2·d-1 of light.

grows in moist

It grows in moist, grassy places and in open forest.

It grows in moist areas such as meadows and riverbanks.

The dancing spider orchid grows in moist, shady forests.

grows well   (iyi yetişir)

"Amphibacillus xylanus" grows well in alkaline media.

It grows well in sunny and relatively humid sandy soils.

It grows well in full sun and in deep shade.

tree grows

Also, the tree grows in abundance in Kurmi Local Govt.

This tree grows in riparian habitat types.

The tree grows to tall.

often grows   (sıklıkla büyür)

It most often grows on pebbles, shells or pieces of rock at depths down to .

It often grows in large colonies but only flowers after hot fires the previous summer.

It often grows as an epiphyte on Dicksonia antarctica and on logs and other tree species.

shrub which grows   (büyüyen çalı)

"Verticordia pritzelii" is a shrub which grows to a height of and with a several stems at its base.

"Eremophila subangustifolia" is an erect shrub which grows to a height of and which emits a slightly unpleasant odour.

Graptophyllum ilicifolium Graptophyllum ilicifolium, otherwise known as the Mount Blackwood holly, is a large rainforest shrub which grows in granitic soils.

grows increasingly

The plot, from here on in, grows increasingly erratic.

Ilinicha for her part grows increasingly mad waiting for news of Gregor.

Dan Lavette grows increasingly wealthy, but his happiness is short-lived.

grows naturally

"Lithocarpus havilandii" grows naturally in Borneo and Sulawesi.

"Castanopsis indica" grows naturally in Nepal, Bhutan to Taiwan.

"Lithocarpus lampadarius" grows naturally in Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo.

grows in wet

It grows in wet heath and on the side of a road.

This elbow orchid grows in wet flats in forest in New Guinea.

"Dienia ophrydis" grows in wet forests, often near streams and swampy areas.