security guards

Three people were arrested for assaulting security guards.

Griffin was accompanied into the premises by security guards.

The security guards briefly detained the man before releasing him.

border guards   (国境警備隊)

He was fired at and seriously wounded by border guards.

Her sister was married to a member of the border guards.

The Székelys were a community of privileged border guards.

prison guards   (刑務所警備員)

Soon after, they are seized by the Mokra prison guards.

Violent conflict often occurs between the player, inmates and prison guards.

After the prison guards went on strike, inmates were left with little supervision.

armed guards   (武装警備員)

There were 20 armed guards at the Ouenza mine.

Just then, the group is attacked by more armed guards.

Greenwald and Miranda only leave their home with armed guards.

imperial guards

Mail spread to Korea slightly later where it was imported as the armour of imperial guards and generals.

After the enthronement of Kublai Khan in 1260, he was appointed the supreme leader of the imperial guards.

Before Wei Yan's death, Jiang Wan had led divisions of the imperial guards from Chengdu to deal with the conflict.