İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

lead guitarist   (kurşun gitarist)

, Caggiano is lead guitarist of the band Volbeat.

It was produced by, then lead guitarist, Justin Cox.

Brynjar is currently the lead guitarist in the band.

bass guitarist   (bas gitarist)

He is currently live bass guitarist for Empyrium.

He is the brother of bass guitarist Oliver Holzwarth.

His brother Wong Ka Keung was the band's bass guitarist.

rhythm guitarist   (ritim gitaristi)

In 1999 the band added a new rhythm guitarist, Mojah.

This is the last God Forbid album with rhythm guitarist Dallas Coyle.

Along with Meshuggah's rhythm guitarist Mårten Hagström, Thordendal was rated No.

singer and guitarist   (şarkıcı ve gitarist)

He started his career as a folk singer and guitarist.

Jerry Cantrell, lead singer and guitarist of Alice in Chains

It was written by singer and guitarist Matthew Bellamy and produced by the band.

jazz guitarist   (caz gitaristi)

He was voted best German jazz guitarist in 1956.

The album gave Bernard more visibility as a jazz guitarist.

James Muller James Muller is an Australian jazz guitarist.

second guitarist

In mid-1998 Steve Legil joined as the second guitarist.

The band also hired Craig Riker as its second guitarist.

Jason Everman was briefly added as a second guitarist in 1989.

vocalist and guitarist   (vokalist ve gitarist)

As of 2014, Fox is a member of the power pop band Charly Bliss as a vocalist and guitarist.

Within a few days, Hayward had replaced departing Moody Blues vocalist and guitarist Denny Laine.

Candygram for Mongo was founded in 2005 by drummer Gary Sharp and vocalist and guitarist Tony Shea.

guitarist and vocalist   (gitarist ve vokalist)

The band is led by guitarist and vocalist Peter Moore.

Dominic Ierace, the band's guitarist and vocalist, joined Wild Cherry.

He is also guitarist and vocalist with the Pink-Floyd tribute band Echoes.

blues guitarist

Nothin But Love Nothin But Love is the 16th studio album by blues guitarist Robert Cray.

He performed as a blues guitarist with the Progressive Blues Band in Motor City nightclubs.

In January 1977, blues guitarist and singer Muddy Waters released the studio album "Hard Again".

former guitarist

The band was then joined by Kartik, former guitarist of Prachayanat.

This album also marked the departure of Davin Givhan, the band's former guitarist.

and Waysted keyboardist Jimmy DiLella and Tim Compton, former guitarist of Lynn Allen.

guitarist and singer

Danila Telegin, a guitarist and singer, is the second member.

He is a guitarist and singer with the Hawaiian music trio, Waipuna.

Thomas is also the lead guitarist and singer of Stoner rock band Witch.

new guitarist

For this album, they added a new guitarist to the line-up, Sam Consiglio.

A new album "Eleven" was released featuring new guitarist Christophe Pons.

This was also the first song to feature their new guitarist Charlotte Hatherley.

guitarist and songwriter

He was best known for being the guitarist and songwriter for The Outfield.

Joey Serlin Joey Serlin (born 1970) is a Canadian rock guitarist and songwriter.

Will Wallner Will Wallner (born 24 January 1987) is an English rock guitarist and songwriter.

guitarist and composer

Brothers has earned six U.S. patents and is a trained guitarist and composer.

Dan Luscombe Daniel Francis Luscombe is an Australian guitarist and composer.

Frederic Hand Frederic Hand (born 1947) is a classical guitarist and composer.

rock guitarist

Sue Foley is a blues/roots rock guitarist, songwriter and vocalist.

In the episode he attempts to realise his dream of becoming a rock guitarist.

Joey Serlin Joey Serlin (born 1970) is a Canadian rock guitarist and songwriter.

classical guitarist

Kaare Norge Kaare Norge (born 1963) is a Danish classical guitarist.

Frederic Hand Frederic Hand (born 1947) is a classical guitarist and composer.

Adam Holzman (guitarist) Adam Holzman (born 1960 in New York City) is a classical guitarist.

album by guitarist

Town to Town (disambiguation) Town to Town is a 1981 album by guitarist Phil Keaggy.

is the seventh studio album by guitarist Jeff Beck, released on 16 March 1999 through Epic Records.

is an album by guitarist Jim Hall which was recorded in 1971 and first released on the Milestone label.

original guitarist

Byrne won several "original guitarist" awards.

The album was recorded without original guitarist Lanny Cordola, but with Doug Aldrich as the band's guitarist.

It is also the first album without original guitarist and primary songwriter Greg Camp since his departure from the band.

session guitarist   (oturum gitaristi)

The album was completed with session guitarist Louis Metoyer.

He was also a session guitarist for Franklin and other musicians.

After he had graduated, Batio looked to become a session guitarist in his hometown.

feature guitarist   (özellik gitarist)

It was the final studio release to feature guitarist Steve Hackett prior to his departure from Genesis.

This is the last EToS album to feature keyboardist Pasi Hiltula (who had been in the band since early 1999) and the only album to feature guitarist Antti Kokko.

The album is the first to feature guitarist Jonas Stålhammar and the first without co-founding guitarist Anders Björler, who had departed from the band in March 2017.

songwriter and guitarist

Born in Fort Fairfield, country music legend Dick Curless was a singer, songwriter and guitarist.

Buckfield was the lead singer, songwriter and guitarist of the pop rock band Electric Pandas from 1983 to 1987.

Evan Felker Evan Duane Felker (born March 24, 1984) is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist from Okemah, Oklahoma.

touring guitarist

Pat Smear joined the band as a touring guitarist in 1993.

Carl Whitbread (Lo!, Omeratá) came on board as their touring guitarist for this tour.

Klemm also briefly joined Big D and the Kids Table in 2009 as their touring guitarist until 2010.