Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

what had happened   (chuyện gì đã xảy ra)

She had worried about what had happened for years.

I tried to rationalise what had happened.

Paul demanded to know what had happened.

film had musical   (phim có nhạc kịch)

The film had musical score by R. K. Shekhar.

The film had musical score by Ilaiyaraaja.

The film had musical score by Satyam.

album had sold   (album đã bán)

The album had sold 89,000 copies through March 2000.

As of June 2010, the album had sold 262,000+ copies.

By May 2008, the album had sold 532,000 copies.

couple had no   (cặp đôi không có)

The couple had no children and Miller died in 1987.

She died in August 1933, and the couple had no children.

In 1674 he married Agnes Carter but the couple had no children.

father had died

(Łazowertówna's father had died of natural causes before the War.)

His father had died in 1818 leaving him a large amount of property.

Her father had died in the 1970s.

family had moved   (gia đình đã chuyển đi)

Abe and her family had moved to Japan when she was five.

Her family had moved from Lancaster County in 1945 and settled northeast of Bethel.

It is possible that in 1660 Mignon had moved to Wetzlar where the rest of his family had moved.

what had become   (những gì đã trở thành)

They researched what had become of the children born as a result of the order.

A 1994 referendum on entry into what had become the European Union also resulted in the rejection of membership.

Patty was to return to what had become the University of Alaska in 1953 as president of the university, retiring in 1960.

population had increased

By 1897 the population had increased to 310,000.

Records from 1869 indicate that the population had increased to 600.

In the six years since, New Zealand's European population had increased by 65%.

population had grown

By 2000 the population had grown again, to 42,164.

By 1860, Atlanta's population had grown to 9,554.

By 1840, Middleton's population had grown to 2,900.

still had not   (vẫn chưa)

The solution demanded by Greece still had not been effected as of 2015.

For three decades, funding still had not been granted by Congress for Washington's memorial.

The album's release date was uncertain for 4 years and by 2012 it still had not been given a release date.

war had ended

After the war had ended, he was promoted to lieutenant on 27 August 1902.

So after the war had ended there were many problems in the city that needed to be addressed.

However, she was informed that she would leave her job once the war had ended and the men came home.

time had come

Later in 1941, the Committee reported that the time had come for a Hindu Code.

Abd al-Rahman told his men that time had come to go down fighting rather than die of hunger.

By the late 1960s, Humble officials realized that the time had come to develop a new brand name that could be used nationwide.

team had won   (đội đã thắng)

The team had won the provincial curling club championship that year.

Fans of each school climbed atop the goalposts, uncertain which team had won.

The Wilson Boys' swim team had won states four times, 2001, 2002, 2005 & 2008.

people had died

By then, sixteen people had died from suicide jumps.

By December, 400 people had died in Hohenstein.

An estimated 300,000 people had died from starvation.

mother had died   (mẹ đã chết)

Her mother had died when Miller was five years old.

This upsets Gorgeous, whose mother had died eight years earlier.

Lewis's own mother had died when he was a child, and his father was distant, demanding, and eccentric.

wife had died

His wife had died some 18 years before him.

His wife had died two years earlier, with whom he had a daughter

His wife had died before him; he was survived by five daughters.

government had not   (chính phủ đã không)

the government had not found a solution to this problem.

He projected numerous reforms, but in the end English government had not changed much.

It came at the moment when the German government had not yet even declared the State of Impending War".

game had sold

As of February 2016, the game had sold over 700,000 copies.

As of early August 2018, the game had sold about 120,000 copies.

By March 2010, the game had sold 250,000 copies in North America.

government had no   (chính phủ không có)

By 2002 the license revenue was so great that the island government had no debt and had built up more than £80 million in savings.

At that time, the government had no schools in the north of Namibia, so the mission schools were the only possibility for the locals to get education.

The British government had no contingency plan for an invasion of the islands, and the task force was rapidly put together from whatever vessels were available.

what had previously   (những gì trước đây)

Much of what had previously been there was sacrificed to wartime necessity.

The company was formed from what had previously from 1962 been a department under the National Theater of Korea in Seoul.

The deposits were created in the Pleistocene, when the original Nile river and its tributaries deposited this clay in what had previously been desert.

population had reached

By 1960 the population had reached 4000.

By the time of its first census, seven years later, the population had reached over 4,000.

On the 25th anniversary, it was renamed Wasshoi Hyakuman because the city population had reached one million.

years had passed

Only four and a half years had passed since the last general election.

At the time, eight years had passed since the group last released an album.

Four years had passed.

teams had met

It was the second time the teams had met in the final; Dublin won the first encounter in 1995.

family had lived   (gia đình đã sống)

The family had lived in Pembrokeshire since the 16th century.

The Denys family had lived in Glamorgan, S. Wales during the 13th.

Some of Elizabeth Barrett's family had lived in Jamaica since 1655.