long hair   (長い髪)

In winter the animal grows long hair on the neck.

Palpi with second joint clothed with long hair.

no dyed or long hair covering one's ears.

red hair   (赤毛)

He also has red hair, like Boone's closest friend Jim Deakins.

He is most well known for his long red hair and frightening face.

He is red hair, young guy who is usually in charge of communication.

black hair   (黒髪)

Banfield had a more youthful look with longer black hair.

An example would be, "My father's brother has black hair."

It has a thick coat of coarse black hair.

blonde hair   (ブロンドの髪)

She has dark blonde hair and dark green eyes.

Brandon has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Kat is a teenage girl with tan skin, red eyes, and blonde hair.

brown hair   (茶髪)

Bobby is seventeen with brown hair and blue eyes.

She is 5'10" (1.78 m) tall and has brown hair and eyes.

She can be recognized by her long brown hair and dark blue eyes.

blond hair

Tria can be recognized by his long blond hair.

She's green eyed and she has long blond hair.

He had dirty blond hair and blue eyes.

hair loss   (脱毛)

This is in contrast to non scarring hair loss.

The progression of hair loss is unpredictable.

Chemotherapy induces hair loss in women more often than men.

hair cells

Outer hair cells respond primarily to low-intensity sounds.

Different groups of hair cells are responsive to different frequencies.

Outer hair cells serve as acoustic amplifiers for stimulation of the inner hair cells.

facial hair   (顔の毛)

A specimen may have facial hair that looks like a Fu Manchu mustache.

facial hair or menstruation).

A jury of featureless wooden heads wear a range of wigs and facial hair.

white hair

Hatnofer was an elderly lady, with grey or even white hair.

Xavier had white skin, white hair, and unique scarlet red eyes.

A horse with dark skin and dark eyes under a white hair coat is gray.

dark hair

Her dark hair was worn in waist-length cornrows.

Michael has brown eyes and thick, dark hair and is tall.

Constance was short, just under five feet tall, and had dark hair.

hair color

This change in hair color can be confusing.

With a dun, the hair color itself is one solid shade and remains so for life.

boosted hair color product sales not just for their company, but across the hair dye industry.

hair salon   (美容院)

The facilities also include a hair salon and a travel agency.

Reyes later worked as a receptionist and stylist at a hair salon.

His menial responsibilities included sweeping the floor of a hair salon.

curly hair

Winky Boylan's red curly hair imitated Larry Fine's.

The Classic Head depicted Liberty with long, curly hair.

She has curly hair and wears a hairbow.

hair shaved   (剃毛)

The loss meant that El Felino had to have his hair shaved off as a result.

After the match both Taven and Volador Jr. had their hair shaved off as a result.

She was subject to body checks by male staff, had her hair shaved, and was denied feminine clothing.

pubic hair

As popularity of bikinis grew, the acceptability of pubic hair diminished.

"Playboy" was the first to clearly show visible pubic hair in January 1971.

In keeping with Kubrick's satirical character names, a "merkin" is a pubic hair wig.

hair shaved off   (髪を剃った)

The loss meant that El Felino had to have his hair shaved off as a result.

After the match both Taven and Volador Jr. had their hair shaved off as a result.

The two wrestled in a "Lucha de Apuesta", hair vs. hair match where the loser of the match would be forced to have all his hair shaved off.

short hair

They have stiff short hair with variety of colors.

These goats have glossy, short hair in either black or brown.

Edge-ups are typically found among men, and often on women with short hair.

human hair

Lalić has become known for creating experimental dresses made of felt from human hair.

In their beds, they placed papier-mâché dummies made with human hair stolen from the barbershop.

Made of human hair and up to in length, they cost up to $7,000 each and are washed and styled like real hair.

hair growth

Angoras have high nutritional requirements due to their rapid hair growth.

Excessive hair growth within or on the ear is known medically as "auricular hypertrichosis".

There is one reported case of dupilumab triggering hair growth in a patient with complete hair loss.

body hair

After 5–6 weeks, body hair starts growing.

tattoos and body hair), sexualities, (dis)abilities, and genders.

Affected individuals tend to have sparse scalp and body hair (hypotrichosis).

hair follicles

It can also damage hair follicles and white blood cells.

Though most dolphins do not have hair, they do have hair follicles that may perform some sensory function.

Carbuncles and boils are types of abscess that often involve hair follicles, with carbuncles being larger.

hair care   (ヘアケア)

Aveeno Aveeno is a brand of skin care and hair care products.

According to Suetonius, he even wrote a book on the subject of hair care.

Altering hair care practices has not been proven to assist in hair rejuvenation.

hair cut

When Hank receives a bad hair cut, Bill is able to fix it quite easily.

After refusing to have his hair cut, Neto is locked in solitary once again.

Octo has ice blue eyes and dark brown hair cut just above his chin, and bangs.

hair follicle

Demodex injai Demodex injai is a hair follicle mite in the domestic dog.

Because both apocrine glands and sebaceous glands open into the hair follicle, apocrine sweat is mixed with sebum.

"KITLG" encodes KIT ligand, a molecule required for melanocyte migration and survival in the skin and hair follicle.

hair style

He refers to this hair style as a "duck tail."

She directed her hair style and makeup.

Scrunchies were very popular in the side ponytail hair style.