Фразы и примеры предложений

white hairs   (белые волосы)

It typically has some sparse white hairs on its face.

The side lobes have toothbrush-like tufts of white hairs.

The side lobes have dense, mop-like tufts of white hairs.

glandular hairs   (железистые волосы)

The foliage is scabrid, crisped-villous or puberulent with yellow glandular hairs.

The flower stems have upright gland hairs, are bare or possess only underneath the flower protruding glandular hairs.

Stems are herbaceous aerial branched cylindrical with glandular hairs generally erect but can be prostrate to ascending.

soft hairs   (мягкие волосы)

Its narrow leaves are coated in soft hairs.

The stems have four edges and are clad in glandular and soft hairs.

The flowering stems are slender, 3–4 mm (0.12–0.16 in) in diameter, densely set with soft hairs.

short hairs

The small ears are covered with short hairs.

The tail has short hairs covering it.

The chelae (claws) are granulated and covered with short hairs.

long hairs   (длинные волосы)

The scabrous leaves often have sparse long hairs and measure wide.

Ocelli are present and the arista is pubescent or with long hairs.

Their entire body is also covered in fine, long hairs usually reddish brown in color.

fine hairs   (тонкие волосы)

They are bright to dull grayish-green and coated in fine hairs.

The fur is a mixture of fine hairs and thicker, flattened spines.

Dense short greyish to silvery white fine hairs cover the margins of the thorax and abdomen.

guard hairs

Fur is soft and curly dark grey with long, silvery guard hairs.

The dorsal and lateral guard hairs in adults measure 20–30 mm in length.

Their woolly coats begin to be coated by shiny guard hairs after 8 weeks.

woolly hairs

Morro milkvetch is a clumpy perennial herb with a dense coat of rough, woolly hairs.

Plants in the genus "Dasymalla" are evergreen shrubs densely covered with woolly hairs.

The leaves are simple, egg-shaped, arranged in opposite pairs and covered with woolly hairs.