Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

second half   (segunda mitad)

The second half was held in Bilbao (October 6–14).

Once again, Michigan collapsed in the second half.

The second half began with a speedy Cardiff attack.

first half   (primera mitad)

Song 27", the first half of the cycle's 27th part.

With a first half equalizer scored by S. Stewart.

Suduva drew level on aggregate in the first half.

more than half   (más de la mitad)

After five years, more than half are back inside.

Slow tunes ... make up more than half the 11 tracks.

It spent more than half a year (27 weeks) on the U.S.

half years   (medio año)

She began ice skating at two and a half years old.

Work on the script went on for two and a half years.

She ended up spending four and a half years in jail.

latter half   (la segunda mitad)

This experimenting took place in the latter half of 1862.

The series ran for 9 episodes in the latter half of 2008.

Work finished in the latter half of 2011.

other half   (otro medio)

The other half was purchased at an advance in 1690.

The other half go to the god Odin's hall, Valhalla.

The other half would go to the state's general fund.

half a million

By May 1945 half a million people (35%) had fled.

It has had over half a million views on YouTube.

The population is in excess of half a million people.

half an hour   (media hora)

The entire attack lasted less than half an hour.

The walk should have taken her half an hour.

Long died half an hour after being taken to the hospital.

half time

He set up another try before being rested at half time.

Clare were leading the game by 1-5 to 0-7 at half time.

At half time, Maryland trailed Miami, 31–0.

less than half   (menos de la mitad)

The entire attack lasted less than half an hour.

It is less than half a mile from U.S. Route 51.

This was less than half the number prescribed in 2014.

nearly half   (cercano a la mitad)

No one had felt their board in nearly half a decade.

Grant, lost nearly half of its men, 209 of 428.

The riot took up nearly half an hour with all the replays.

half a century   (medio siglo)

It's their reunion for half a century.

He died in 1695, aged only 26; his widow outlived him by half a century.

almost half

CHP had collected almost half of the votes at %46.

In Hungary they serve almost half the population.

Nature parks cover almost half the area of Franconia.

southern half

It is found in the southern half of Australia.

the southern half became part of a newly designated M-20.

In the southern half of the floor are the craters Diderot and Babakin.

only half   (sólo la mitad)

If it is on for only half of each cycle, the angle is 180°.

Some opened on entire legs of the tour, others for only half.

The petals are similar to the lateral sepals but only half as long.

northern half

The interior floor has a low ridge in the northern half.

The northern half was made part of M-82.

The northern half of the city contains the Sefuri Mountains.

eastern half   (mitad oriental)

US 17 is a major highway in the eastern half of Virginia.

The eastern half is possessed by the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan.

The hurst frame occupies the eastern half of the first two levels.

half a mile   (media milla)

Alnmouth railway station is about half a mile away.

It is about half a mile to the east of Speech House.

It is less than half a mile from U.S. Route 51.

half stars   (medias estrellas)

Joe Bob Briggs gave the film 2 and a half stars.

I’m going with two and a half stars," she added.

He rated the album two and a half stars out of five.

western half   (mitad occidental)

The reef's islet is in the western half.

The western half remained vacant.

The eastern half of the beach is much more narrow than the western half.

half of all

during a time that half of all life is still dead.

As many as half of all women are retinal tetrachromats.

About half of all ISPs offered 56K support by October 1997.

lower half   (mitad inferior)

The lower half was made up of the House of Burgesses.

The lower half is a serpent, "nowed" or coiled.

Most of the leaves grow from the lower half of the plant.

half hours

It took four and a half hours to resolve 400 laps.

Race organizer Metzgen finished in 30 and a half hours.

It takes one and half hours from these stations to the top.

half lengths   (medias longitudes)

He drew away near the finish to win by two and a half lengths from First Lieutenant.

She also finished fourth in the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe, beaten one and a half lengths.

He won by one and a half lengths from Never So Bold, with Committed third and Habibti sixth.

approximately half

Port-au-peck covers , approximately half of Oceanport.

He approximately half of Opeth's lead guitar sections.

Currently, approximately half are pediatric recipients.

half a dozen   (media docena)

We identified where half a dozen rigs had been lost over the years.

Namchi has more than half a dozen private schools with quality education (Mt.

Dhawade boasts to have about half a dozen tractors and same number of trucks.

half marathon   (Medio maratón)

Over 9,000 participated in the 2011 half marathon.

In 2012, she came first in the Dili half marathon.

Diego's half marathon is the 2015 US leading time.

half hour

It was also noted that it was half hour from Sar'a.

Smith agrees to come to Baker Street within a half hour.

He also has a half hour comedy series for UKTV 'Henry IX".

half century   (medio siglo)

He led the newspaper for the next half century.

Reciprocity went nowhere; McKinley's vision was a half century too early.

This was his only half century score in the tournament and came against Denmark.

upper half

The upper half is distinctive for the Doric order.

The stem has a membranous, whitish ring on its upper half.

The iris is dark brown with a golden crescent in the upper half.

half a year

The game was also released on PS2 half a year later.

It spent more than half a year (27 weeks) on the U.S.

She was held by the Gestapo in Vienna for more than half a year.

half brother

He succeeded to his half brother's titles on 11 March 1869.

He is the older half brother of The Game.

Slew o' Gold was a half brother to the stakes winning Coastal.

last half   (última mitad)

There are good campsites along the last half mile of this trail.

He was in charge of the arsenal in Danville during the last half of the war.

During the last half of the 19th century, under the leadership of President F.A.P.

half mile

Distance markers are located at every half mile.

It is located a half mile west of U.S. 1.

It is about half mile east of Dymock.

half miles

The channel's waterway is three and a half miles in length.

The most fished reaches are the lower three and a half miles.

Irby is just over five and a half miles from the village of Keelby.

around half   (alrededor de la mitad)

By the summer of 1940, Belgians made up around half of No.

Foreign investment accounts for around half of that amount.

It is likely that around half of the population is in India.

half year

It took three and a half year to build the hotel.

and left after three and a half year Diyarbakırspor.

After half year blank, On 20 July 2009, the 2.

top half

The top half operates independently from the bottom half.

The Coat of arms is in Maroon while the top half is in Gold.

The top half was even assumed to have no gaps in the latticework.

half months

The film played in theaters for six and a half months.

I was sentenced to two and a half months."

in three and a half months 25 million passengers have used MCC.

half a length

She finished second, beaten half a length by the colt Catchpole.

Ridden by Thierry Jarnet, she won by half a length from Alice Springs.

As they crossed the line, Ryland took the victory, but by only half a length.

roughly half   (aproximadamente la mitad)

In their final year roughly half of boarders chose to enter the house.

He deployed roughly half of the Ethiopian army to contain the struggle.

Only roughly half of the album's featured guests recorded in the studio.

bottom half   (mitad inferior)

The top half operates independently from the bottom half.

The Diamondbacks broke the game open with eight runs in the bottom half.

Then in the second leg, the league is divided into a top and bottom half.

least half

Players who started at least half of the games are shown in bold.

In 2012, at least half of the firms partners were Writers to the Signet.

At least half of the directors in a company must be residents of Brunei.

half way

She got half way up the Amazon and said 'this is not going to work'.

"Let the Union thugs get their way now and we are half way there," he said.

Ridden by Goater, Chamant tracked the leaders before taking the lead at half way.

half back   (media vuelta)

He played as a half back for Manchester City and Wrexham.

Pratt played at scrum half back in the Bulls' 22–4 victory.

His regular position was as a half back.

half million

One and a half million people were displaced from their homes.

In total, the program grew a half million liters of biological agents.

This star cluster is estimated to be around two and a half million years old.

centre half

The centre half back generally marks the centre half forward.

Rodgers plays as a defender, either at centre half or full back.

later half

Birka was abandoned during the later half of the 10th century.

He also feuded with Braun Strowman in the later half of the year.

The reconstruction of the temple started in the later half of 2009.

cut in half

First, charges to consumers were cut in half.

Some lines were cut in half; many stations were shut down.

In 1963 the property was cut in half by the Antelope Valley Freeway.

half centuries

He scored a further 16 half centuries.

Roman rule in Schierstein lasted for almost three and a half centuries.

One of two half centuries he made, this score came against the touring West Indians in 1923.

wing half

His regular position was as a wing half.

His regular position was at wing half.

half dollar   (medio dolar)

From 1948 to 1963, Franklin's portrait was on the half dollar.

The Frasers' design for the half dollar has been widely admired.

A commemorative half dollar for the battle was produced in 1936.

left half

(i.e., in the left half of the complex plane).

The Lamb of God stands atop the trampled demons from the left half.

The smaller, left half of the building, held Whilldin's personal office.

half minutes

This short song takes about two and half minutes to perform.

The player gets approximately six and a half minutes to explore each level.

It is also the album's longest track at more than seven and a half minutes.

each half

The air conditioning loads were divided in half, each half fed from each "bus".

Instead, each half of the bracket was hosted by one of the league's two top seeds.

Uxas knew that each half of the pantheon would be less powerful than the original gods.

half the size

"Traveler" was half the size of the "Oregon".

The Viking was roughly half the size, in terms of mass and power, of the V-2.

The anal fin has 2 spines and 14 soft rays; the first anal spine is half the size of the second.

half later

An hour and a half later, they began firing again.

He died in prison a year and a half later.

A year and a half later, Conlon also was hired by Sidley & Austin.

half seasons

Carey played one and a half seasons with Washington.

Aves in the Segunda Liga after one and a half seasons.

He spent two and a half seasons with Koblenz, scoring eleven times.

half before

They resist for an hour and a half before retreating, killing 22 Rochellese in total.

and he died at 5:40 pm, exactly an hour and a half before the day's sunset prayers ("maghrib").

For a month and a half before shooting started, the actors who portrayed apes attended "ape school".

right half

Henry played at right half back on the Dublin senior football team.

Thus we can differentiate which photons hit the left or right half of the detector.

The right half forward's main opposing player is the left half back and vice versa.

up to half

The blast was felt up to half a mile away.

It can waste up to half the carbon fixed by the Calvin cycle.

However, other geneticists place the Germanic estimate up to half.

half a second

Dale Earnhardt defeated Ernie Irvan by nearly half a second.

Jamie Whincup ended the session on top, half a second faster than Will Davison.

You can layer your own voice 700 times for half a second if you want, and I just love that kind of music".

half sister

Her father remarried and Xenia had one half sister, Olga Andreevna.

He had three full sisters, and one half sister by his father's first wife.

His half sister was Constance Cummings-John, a well known Creole Pan-Africanist.

half the length

The palea is over half the length of the lemma.

Inferior appendages are about half the length and thick at base.

The aperture is white within and measures over half the length of shell.

half the population

In Hungary they serve almost half the population.

Roughly half the population of Madagascar was enslaved.

Over half the population list Cree as their mother tongue.

basal half   (mitad basal)

The basal half of the costa is often dark.

In females, the apical half of the fore-wings are transparent; basal half tinted with golden-yellow with black marks.

Wings are hyaline for apical half and opaque steely blue-black for basal half which is bordered by a milky white patch towards the tip.

half dozen

There are like half dozen of private schools too.

A half dozen singles charted in the Top 100 as well.

By 1914, Centerville contained but a "half dozen houses".

before half

Clemson scored first, then pulled away 14–7 before half.

He received three technicals before half time, and was ejected.

Stoke were guilty of wasteful finishing before Marc McNulty headed the Royals in front just before half time.

half a season

Dani only spent half a season at La Roda.

After just half a season with Cleveland, Deng joined the Miami Heat for 2014–15.

Nfor played half a season at Ghent, but could not completely break in first class.

just over half   (poco más de la mitad)

The fruit is an achene just over half a centimeter long.

just over half is from underground mines.

On average, the schools received just over half of their income from the state.

half when   (la mitad cuando)

Clemson was driving for another score before the half when Cullen Harper's pass was deflected and picked off by Nebraska.

Joe Krol avoided a potential turnover later in the half when he dropped the ball on an attempted kick in Bombers territory.

In the bottom of the third, the Cubs cut the lead in half when Ripper Collins singled to lead off and moved to second on a groundout by Lee.

half forward   (medio adelante)

He normally playbvs as a midfielder or half forward.

The centre half back generally marks the centre half forward.

Most of his football was played at half forward or on a wing.

before half time

He received three technicals before half time, and was ejected.

Stoke were guilty of wasteful finishing before Marc McNulty headed the Royals in front just before half time.

One Halliday shot hit the post, another went inches wide before he put Queens ahead five minutes before half time.

half of what

This was less than half of what one might have expected at the time.

The result was that the modular frame weighed less than half of what the steel frame weighed.

The demolished Tex-Park garage actually only occupied the northern half of what is commonly termed the "Texpark site".

half season

He would spend two and half season at the club.

He stayed there for one and a half season.

During the half season of 1997–98, Dănciulescu had a brief spell with Altay in the Turkish Super League.

half of whom

The field included ten previous champions, half of whom made the cut.

Today, the Union has about 2500 members, half of whom are high-school teachers.

Most of the inmates are people awaiting trial, half of whom have not been charged.

only about half   (solo alrededor de la mitad)

Awareness is low; one study found only about half of researchers had read the ICJME criteria.

It was described as mediocre by modern sources, and attracted only about half the numbers of the Degenerate Art one.

Actually this shape is only about half as wide as a traditional portrait and close in proportion to a typical doorway.

half times

They are about one and a half times as long as the carapace.

That is one and a half times the water held in the Antarctic.

The planet is at least one and a half times the mass of Jupiter, and its orbital period is 643.25 days.

split in half

In December, the group split in half.

The manor was split in half between Robert de Pleasington and Elias de Pleasington.

Some of the features of the show include a police car split in half and a race car airborne.

within half

1, 2, and 3 respectively) are within half a kilometer of the township.

Two telephone warnings were given within half an hour before the blast.

The digestive complaints usually develop within half an hour of ingesting the allergen.

half furlongs

From 1963 to 1967 it went off at eight and a half furlongs.

In 1994 the distance was set at its current miles (eight and one half furlongs).

A month later, Caerwrle was sent to Epsom for the Ebbisham Stakes over eight and a half furlongs.

every half

Distance markers are located at every half mile.

The Train runs every half hour towards Rotkreuz-Zug-Baar and Lucerne-Sursee.

When prisoners filed complaints, the guards started waking them every half hour.

half a meter

The portal is about half a meter from the wall.

The upper eaves projects about half a meter from the wall.

In larger species, it can reach a thickness up to half a meter (1.6 ft).

lost half

In those cruel battles the company lost half of its staff.

He withdrew in disarray in December 1589, having lost half his troops.

He had lost half of his fluids and was put in the intensive care unit.

up half

their files take up half the space of PCM).

In fact, they seemed to take up half of Veterans Stadium.

The songs make up half of the album Adventures in Gramophone.

half the time

The 3rd part i.e., cued as "step" usually uses half the time of the whole pattern, e.g.

The light-water designs spent, on average, about half the time being refueled or maintained.

Subadult males (unflanged) will try to mate with any female and will be successful around half the time.

half a day

After half a day of fierce battle Afonso was forced to retreat.

Director Ang Lee noted, "I didn't take one break in eight months, not even for half a day.

These symptoms usually start suddenly, half a day to five days after ingestion of the bacteria.

half days

The disc took just one and a half days to do.

He has worked only two and a half days.

The shoot took six and a half days, which concluded on August 8, 2002.

half of each

If it is on for only half of each cycle, the angle is 180°.

It was agreed that Spedding would spend half of each week in Ames, and half in Chicago.

A half of each class of the JD program receive scholarship that cover the full tuition.

half life   (media vida)

The elimination half life of phenylephrine is about 2.5 to 3.0 hours.

Bupranolol has a plasma half life of about two to four hours, with levels never reaching 1 µg/l in therapeutic doses.

While widely used in laboratory applications, JQ1 is not itself being used in human clinical trials because it has a short half life.

posterior half   (mitad posterior)

The first dorsal fin originates over the posterior half of the pectoral fin bases.

The whip-like dorsal electroreceptive appendage inserts in the posterior half of the body.

These keels are produced by the posterior half (metazonite) of each body ring behind the collum.

half star

The book had a four and a half star out of 5 score on customer reviews in Amazon in January 2018.

Writing for "The Indian Express" Shubhra Gupta gives it one and half star out of five and says, ""Kalank" doesn’t really lift off the screen.

Rajeev Masand of CNN IBN gave it a two and a half star rating explaining "a stronger male lead and some tighter editing might have turned this into a crackling film.

half a minute

The wash is typically swished or gargled for about half a minute and then spat out.

The shock lasted about half a minute and was felt all over Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.

For release as a single, "Hold Me" was edited, removing around half a minute from its duration.

half weeks

At New York's IFC Center the film ran for four and a half weeks.

The band broke up for two and a half weeks, until a meeting on September 17 at Brian's house.

The accused officers were kept on regular patrol duty for two and half weeks after the incident.

half a point   (medio punto)

After round 15, Flohr led Botvinnik by half a point.

If a match was level after 18 holes each side was awarded half a point.

American Samoa beat the Apia team by half a point and won the Samoa Cup.

half of season

The second half of season 1 was released on July 4, 2019.

Second half of season was much better.

He joined to Sloga Kraljevo for second half of season 2013–14.

half a billion

PBR television broadcasts now reach half a billion households in 130 territories around the world.

Contrary to the nearby Griqua group, the orbits of the Zhongguos are stable over half a billion years.

spent half

Dani only spent half a season at La Roda.

As her parents are environmental scientists, she moved frequently and spent half of her childhood in Nigeria.

After the war ended Theo, ever the wandering Jew, spent half his time in America and half his time in Antwerp.

front half   (mitad delantera)

AMNH 5403 consists of the severely compressed front half of a skeleton including the skull.

Three stoves provided what heat there was for the front half of each barrack, and two for the rear half.

Geroux positioned the filly just behind the leaders before sending her to the front half a mile from the finish.

half dollars

It was selling 1936 and 1937-D half dollars in 1943.

Scott was able to sell some of the 1928 half dollars.

Like the half dollars, copies were later made as souvenirs.