halftime show   (ハーフタイムショー)

It was also used at his Super Bowl XLVIII halftime show set list.

Bad Bunny performed the song with Shakira during the Super Bowl LIV halftime show.

The pre-game and halftime show is hosted by Ian Joy or Kate Abdo, and two pundits (rotation).

halftime lead   (ハーフタイムリード)

Astralis took a convincing 12-3 halftime lead.

Quarterback Bernie Kosar had led Miami to a 31–0 halftime lead.

Reed gave Pittsburgh a 13–7 halftime lead with a 44-yard field goal.

before halftime   (ハーフタイム前)

Matt Prater of the Lions would kick a field goal before halftime to go up 17–7.

Alex Tejada added a short field goal before halftime to give the Hogs a 21-point lead.

Tate scored on an 11-yard run to put the Tigers up 13–0 with 8:07 left before halftime.

lead at halftime   (ハーフタイムでリード)

Miami quarterback Bernie Kosar led the 'Canes to a 31–0 lead at halftime.

Rutgers led for most of the first half and led a seven-point lead at halftime.

The score would be a 10-5 Fnatic lead at halftime, a respectable scoreline for Gambit.

during halftime   (ハーフタイム)

The induction was held during halftime at a varsity boys basketball game at Savanna High School.

Rogers had his number "38" retired during halftime ceremonies at South Carolina's final 1980 home game.

The band does field drills during halftime, and it plays in the endzone during football games in the fall.

halftime score

Michigan responded with a 23-yard field goal, making the halftime score 19–10.

Alabama then made the halftime score 10–3 with a 26-yard David Ray field goal.

Gambit would lead the charge behind HObbit's 20 kills and took a 12-3 halftime score.