town hall   (町役場)

The building was used as the town hall until 1907.

The town hall is on Blackburn Road near The Arcade.

The previous town hall, built in 1871, was obsolete.

city hall   (市役所)

Originally built to be placed in the dome of city hall.

A puppet representing January is burnt at the city hall.

His murder occurred 300 meters from the city hall office.

concert hall   (コンサートホール)

It contains a library, a concert hall and theater.

The concert hall was built by the Soviets.

The theatre operated both as a movie theatre and a concert hall.

main hall   (メインホール)

The portal leads them to the Erlking's main hall.

The Mahavira Hall is the main hall of the temple.

The Mahavira Hall is the main hall in the temple.

music hall   (ミュージックホール)

He was married to music hall actress Doreen Monte.

The R&B came from Detroit, the music hall from Stepney.

It is also called the "music hall" for its acoustic effects.

dining hall   (食堂)

The Alcatraz Hospital was above the dining hall.

There is a new dining hall which the pupils named EATZ.

The route serves as a driveway for the park's dining hall.

village hall

The Acland Memorial Hall is Cold Ash's village hall.

Kirtlington Football Club plays behind the village hall.

By 1997 the old village hall was inadequate and crumbling.

hall of fame   (栄誉殿堂)

He is listed in the FILA wrestling hall of fame.

Sowers was inducted into the CCBL hall of fame in 2017.

He was inducted into RPI's alumni hall of fame in 1999.

sports hall

The school has a modern sports hall on Dover Street.

There is also a sports hall and swimming pool.

He was inducted into the Dominican sports hall of fame in 1993.

entrance hall   (エントランス・ホール)

In 2012 a re-design of the entrance hall was completed.

The entrance hall retains its original stone-flagged floor.

Each room, including the entrance hall, is topped by a small dome.

dance hall   (ダンスホール)

In the 1930s, a dance hall and canteen were built.

In addition, there is a library and a dance hall.

The main dance hall with a floor of by which accommodated 600 dancers.

residence hall

Toler Hall is USF's oldest and largest residence hall.

The Clark residence hall was severely damaged.

The residence hall was named in honor of the Ball family.

community hall   (コミュニティホール)

The Panchayat office has library and a community hall.

It has a community hall and a postal outlet.

By 1947 a community hall had been built.

central hall

A porch connects the central hall to the platform.

The central hall houses the war memorial display.

Stairs to the upper story were in the central hall.

hall was built

The district hall was built in Wittmund in 1903.

The hall was built in 1876 by William Crawshay.

City hall was built around Rore Tower in 1515.

great hall   (大ホール)

The great hall is known for its good acoustics.

The great hall is one of the main structures of the university.

The great hall has a floor of English limestone and Purbeck marble.

drill hall   (ドリルホール)

The Baker Street drill hall was completed in 1896.

The drill hall is also home to Detroit Roller Derby.

The drill hall is long and has two tall mansard towers.

meeting hall

The meeting hall was expanded and remodeled in 1845.

It is now operated as a bed and breakfast, meeting hall, and retreat center.

From 1954 to 1967, it was leased to the Ventura' Boys' Club as a meeting hall.

prayer hall   (礼拝堂)

The room where he died is now a prayer hall.

The main prayer hall rises two storeys and has a balcony.

In the old building there are 35 rooms and a prayer hall.

exhibition hall   (展示ホール)

The exhibition hall was designed in the Japanese spirit.

The museum incorporates the largest exhibition hall in Turkey.

It presently serves as a museum, exhibition hall, and offices.

church hall

This is currently used as a Roman Catholic church hall.

The church hall, in brick, was built in 1911.

It was then used as a church hall until 2007.

assembly hall   (集会所)

The assembly hall is located on the second floor.

The student assembly hall is named Malalasekara Theatre after him.

An assembly hall was added to the side of the Girls Grammar School in 1888.

lecture hall   (講堂)

A sixty-seat lecture hall is located in the museum.

Outside the lecture hall there is a gallery for reading.

There was no lecture hall nor dissection gallery at first.

parish hall

The school building included a chapel and parish hall.

The one-story-with-basement parish hall dates to 1898.

The connecting parish hall was designed by Wells Awsumb in 1964.

large hall

A large hall explains the principles of evolution.

Wooden synagogues featured a single, large hall.

The waterside entrance opens onto a large hall.

new hall

In 1994 a new hall was built on the site of the old one.

In Autumn 2005, the new hall was opened.

A new hall was built in 1976.

mess hall   (混乱ホール)

A mess hall was built by 1925 to serve trail and road crews.

There was also a mess hall, several wells, and fuel storage tanks.

At first the resident students had their meals in the U.S. Army mess hall at Erlangen.

banquet hall   (宴会場)

It is nowadays used as a banquet hall and conference facility.

It was to have a conventional hall with a very large auditorium for 7,000 people and banquet hall for 600 people.

The venue, designed by Rem Koolhaas, contains three auditoriums, 28 meetings rooms, a banquet hall and the Zénith Arena.

ticket hall

The station has one ticket hall and one access.

St-Michel connecting to a common ticket hall.

The level -1 is a ticket hall and leads to two platforms.

pool hall

In 1968 Coffey's Tiger-Cat helmet was stolen from a pool hall.

Donoghue began boxing in a ring set up in the back of a pool hall.

Yatau Her, Xee Lor, and Fong Vang were M.O.D gang members also involved in the pool hall shooting.

hall located

Star Theatre is a cinema and theatre hall located in Beadon Street.

St Cyrus has a public hall located not far from the store on the A92.

Haus Auensee Haus Auensee is a concert hall located in Leipzig, Saxony, Germany.

school hall   (校舎)

A permanent school hall was built during the Directorship of Bro.

The May 2016 episode, from Sandwich, Kent, was recorded in Laughlin's old school hall.

His greatest contributions were renovating the school hall and starting the afternoon session.

new city hall

A dedicated ceremony for the new city hall was held on July 4, 1871.

The new city hall was built on the almost completely demolished Waterlooplein.

The new city hall, built from recycled materials, has solar panels in its garage.

conference hall   (会議場)

Sport complex and conference hall were to be constructed next to it.

The hotel now also features a lobby bar, a 2,500m² spa and a conference hall.

It is mainly held at the Belexpocentar, a conference hall located in New Belgrade.

hall plan

The main house has a Georgian center hall plan.

In about 1814, two side bays were completed, converting the house to a center hall plan.

The house has a gambrel roof, is built on a central hall plan and has some unusual features.

reception hall

It was known as the "Rennie" and was an upscale reception hall.

The large reception hall allows the vehicles to dump their waste safely.

It leads to a room which used to consist of two rooms - reception hall and a dining room.

hall of residence

It is now part of the Sofiegården hall of residence.

It was a Jesuit student hall of residence at Lower Hatch St. in Dublin, Ireland.

Prior to this, it was the last university-owned fraternal hall of residence in the UK.

new town hall   (新市庁舎)

In 1479 a new town hall was built on the southern side of Gammeltorv.

It remained in use until 1970 when a new town hall was inaugurated on Søvej.

Designs for the new town hall in Southall were abandoned because of the war.

memorial hall

The memorial hall is considered to be of local heritage significance.

The use of the land around the cenotaph and memorial hall has changed over time.

The former Ruby Tower in Binondo, Manila is now a memorial hall which stands today.

public hall   (公民館)

This school was begun in a former public hall next to the kirk.

St Cyrus has a public hall located not far from the store on the A92.

An amateur dramatic club was organized and performed at the public hall.

bingo hall

For many years a bingo hall, it is a Category C listed building.

It was subsequently operated as a bingo hall by Gala Bingo, closing in 2009.

In 1982, he oversaw the opening of the Little Six, the community's first bingo hall.

hall meeting

The town hall meeting went on for over two hours with almost 3,000 people in attendance.

In February 2009, the "Cullman Times", an Alabama newspaper, reported that at a town hall meeting there, U.S.

Obama commenced the tour in Philadelphia by holding a town hall meeting at 30th Street Station with a few hundred supporters.

market hall   (市場ホール)

Berglangenbach has a village community centre and a market hall.

Five round arches supported the front of the building, and the ground floor was used as a market hall.

In 1886, the local authorities built a central market hall west of the rail tracks, which replaced the weekly market on the Alexanderplatz in 1896.

town hall meeting   (会館、学習センター等でのミーティング、会合、食事会、意見交換会、慈善活動等)

The town hall meeting went on for over two hours with almost 3,000 people in attendance.

In February 2009, the "Cullman Times", an Alabama newspaper, reported that at a town hall meeting there, U.S.

Obama commenced the tour in Philadelphia by holding a town hall meeting at 30th Street Station with a few hundred supporters.

hall building

The city hall building that the clock was built for came to an end in 1961.

Later development included a technology block in 1957, a modular dining hall building, and modular classrooms in 1973.

Several valve assemblies, connected in series for the required terminal voltage, may be installed in the valve hall building.

center hall

The main house has a Georgian center hall plan.

A powder room was erected on the first floor off the center hall circa 1920.

The columns divide the building into four equal bays, effecting an offset center hall.

study hall

Xavier Hall housed the Jesuits' quarters, students dormitory and study hall.

It is also possible that Córdoba's complex of buildings was a yeshivah, kollel, or study hall.

Damage was done to the auditorium, hallways, classrooms, and study hall, and the roof fell in.

hall built

In 1130 the defences were improved, and a large stone hall built in the inner bailey.

Today the property includes a cabin village, a swimming pool, and a dining hall built in 2000.

A helicopter pad was also established in the grounds of the house and a drill hall built close by.

hall is located

The assembly hall is located on the second floor.

A sixty-seat lecture hall is located in the museum.

The hall is located in Lenin Sarani.

hall church

The nave followed in the form of a hall church (i.e.

The current hall church has been built in neo-Gothic style.

It is a hall church with nave and side aisles of approximately equal height.

booking hall   (予約ホール)

The roof over the booking hall is elevated.

The upper floor contained the station master’s apartments which were reached by a winding staircase from the booking hall.

The station building was built in the Jacobean style, with a large booking hall, waiting rooms and ticket office on the ground floor.

hall of famer

One of Pitts's interceptions came off of San Francisco 49ers hall of famer Jerry Rice.

He has been compared to NFL hall of famer Curtis Martin during his high school career.

as his Cubs teammate and future hall of famer Billy Williams had won the award in 1961.

exhibit hall

Museum buildings include a farmhouse, commissary, chapel, exhibit hall, and tenant house.

A column-free exhibit hall in the center is the largest of its kind in the United States.

2850, is preserved in the Exporail exhibit hall of the Canadian Railway Museum in Saint-Constant, Quebec.