Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

only a handful   (solo un puñado)

Of the former Odhams strips, only a handful survived.

As of 2012 only a handful of hospitals had been designated.

As of 2018, only a handful of structures remain in the area.

handful of other   (puñado de otros)

He also recorded a handful of other albums.

A handful of other sources add a limited perspective on Caligula.

Phillip was accompanied by a contingent of marines and a handful of other officers who were to administer the colony.

handful of games   (puñado de juegos)

He was loaned out again in March 2011 to Bury, playing a handful of games.

He appeared in only a handful of games in Denver, before again retiring from the NFL.

In 1991, he was on the roster of the Spirit for a handful of games, but never came off the bench.

small handful   (pequeño puñado)

Galdan fled with a small handful of followers.

There is only a small handful of native speakers remaining today.

The area is mainly residential with a small handful of businesses ranging from pubs to garages and small shops.

played a handful   (jugó un puñado)

In 2009, Sleep re-formed and played a handful of shows.

The band played a handful of shows in 1996, 1997 and 1998.

Simons played a handful of events on the Champions Tour after turning 50 in 2000.

just a handful   (solo un puñado)

The majority of Protestants are members of just a handful of denominational families, i.e.

The AFRL site is the only such secured facility in Arizona and is one of just a handful in the United States.

When she arrived in Finland, there were just a handful of Baháʼís, mostly elderly ladies, in the Helsinki area.

handful of appearances

He later joined third-tier side Machida Zelvia, where he made a handful of appearances.

He also made a handful of appearances for Australian clubs Newcastle KB United, Perth Azzurri and Blacktown City.

Petković made only a handful of appearances in a strong Sarajevo side led on the pitch by Bosnia's player, Safet Sušić.

handful of people

The album remains fully recorded mixed and mastered yet unreleased, only being heard by a handful of people.

The game is set for the future, when a handful of people have to survive in a world destroyed by a massive nuclear conflict.

Declan states that a handful of people were selected to help build this database as he directs them to the Kerguelen Islands.