Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

able to handle   (capaz de manejar)

The mill was able to handle 2.5 barrels of corn an hour.

The battery is able to handle eclipses of up to 100 minutes.

Btrieve was able to handle concurrent transactions in the 6.x series.

not handle   (no manejar)

Verdi did not handle any chance in the field.

DisplayML does not handle security.

— cannot handle so much, and something must be discarded or compressed.

how to handle   (cómo manejar)

Jake's parents begin to bicker over how to handle the baby.

This sketch glosses over some things, such as how to handle fixed points.

Mason commented that his character just needed to learn how to handle them both.

handle all   (manejar todo)

The Indians organization will handle all of Lara's medical expenses.

Percussionist Andi Pupato has left, leaving Kaspar Rast to handle all of the drumming duties.

Horn and white sheriff Billy Rowles, neither of whom is prepared to handle all the negative publicity.

designed to handle   (diseñado para manejar)

The dams are designed to handle a maximum flow of .

Its terminal is designed to handle more than 430,000 passengers per year.

Control units can be designed to handle interrupts in one of two typical ways.

ability to handle

designation to those who have demonstrated their ability to handle the responsibilities of airport management.

To this day, the Quarter Horse dominates in events that require speed as well as the ability to handle cattle.

It also contribute to the tannin levels and the grape's ability to handle the effects of oak aging in the barrel.

unable to handle   (incapaz de manejar)

The airstrip is unable to handle large aircraft.

He is unable to handle being told of his alien origins and runs away from home.

Vivian Merriweather told Jon he didn't have Rust Lung, but he was unable to handle fighting which Jon took offense of.

handle up

A single switchboard could handle up to 10,000 lines.

It can handle up to 15 million users a year in two passenger terminals.

The parking bays will be able to handle up to five narrow-body aircraft.

difficult to handle

Her design made her difficult to handle during winter months.

It reacts with water to form a solid compound, and is very difficult to handle on an industrial scale.

Thus, outdoor shots were difficult to handle: A lawn in front of a castle appeared completely yellow, later brown, then bluish.

easier to handle

This family is much easier to handle.

The smaller size and lighter weight of carbines make them easier to handle.

The 420 was designed specifically to be easier to handle than its larger higher-performance cousin, the 470.