changed hands   (手を変えた)

The cinema changed hands again in 1937, when D.J.

Blizzard has changed hands several times since then.

The house changed hands again in 1971 and 1993.

own hands   (自分の手)

So they had to take their lives in their own hands.

The construction of the sanctum was carried out with his own hands.

He also built a Datta temple, laying the bricks with his own hands.

both hands   (両手)

By using both hands, shots are fired more smoothly.

The caption reads: "They salute with both hands now".

hands and feet

The hands and feet of the woman were never recovered.

The diver's hands and feet were covered with leather.

Beatty's father was tall, dark haired with big hands and feet.

private hands   (個人の手)

In private hands the Gig is not for the novice.

In 1872 the castle was sold into private hands.

Since 1999 Temmler Pharma is once again in private hands.

all hands

She sank with all hands (903 officers and men).

Still, all hands treat the music with style and respect.

Thus, all hands from across Poland are building her heart".

hands several

Blizzard has changed hands several times since then.

It changed hands several times, taking on different names.

Capitol Beach changed hands several times.

hands several times

Blizzard has changed hands several times since then.

It changed hands several times, taking on different names.

Capitol Beach changed hands several times.

bare hands   (素手)

Keetongu, using his bare hands,smashes Sidorak.

He refuses to use close combat weapons in favour of his bare hands.

The atumpan is played either with one's bare hands or L-shaped sticks.

changed hands several

Blizzard has changed hands several times since then.

It changed hands several times, taking on different names.

Capitol Beach changed hands several times.

holding hands

Meritaten, Meketaten and Ankhesenpaaten are shown holding hands.

The chemistry they have begins to amplify, and they start holding hands in public.

At least in the past, the manner of holding hands was very important and followed strict rules.

shake hands   (握手をする)

The two shake hands, but Stover is uncertain what to make of Gimbal.

Caught in the same predicament, they shake hands as the cartoon ends.

After the match, however, Daniels refused to shake hands with Styles.

shook hands   (手を振った)

He thanked Warpath and the two men shook hands.

He and Beaumanoir heartily shook hands before the battle.

He was facing battle bravely and I shook hands as we parted.'

change hands

The females depart and territories may change hands.

The title did not change hands due to the draw decision.

The tag titles, however, did not change hands (and in fact, had not been vacated this year by the Holy Demon Army).

joined hands

And they had joined hands to save me from falling.

Later, Apollo was also joined hands in building the walls.

Vira Pandya may have joined hands with Ravivarman in the midst his effort.

shaking hands   (握手)

Women greet each other by shaking hands and kissing on the cheek.

embracing, shaking hands, etc.

After the match, Styles and Rollins showed mutual respect by shaking hands.

right hands

Kongo dropped Al Turk with two right hands.

(And a boffo movie in the right hands.)

Groves hurt Murray with big right hands in rounds 7, 9 and 12.

changing hands

In 2012 with new champions crowned and a world title even changing hands.

The battle lasted four hours with the treasure changing hands three times.

The settlement was changing hands and often was transferring between owners.

through the hands

It later passed through the hands of numerous owners.

Breslin's lease remained, but the hotel passed through the hands of a series of owners in the following decades.

As "Olterra" she passed through the hands of the British Oil Shipping Co. Ltd and in 1930 was bought by Andrea Zanchi in Genoa.

enemy hands

He razed his castle in order to prevent in falling into enemy hands.

He then ordered the wagon burned rather than allow it to fall into enemy hands.

And not only would I lose my fief, but your property too would fall into enemy hands.

hands up

Phillips surrenders to Pennsylvania State Police about 8 p.m., walking out of a field with his hands up.

Run in the "Evening Standard" on 3 July 1934, it shows Hitler with a smoking gun grimacing at terrified SA men with their hands up.

Holbrook called out for them to put their hands up, but, instead of complying, Crockett dared his antagonist to fire, which he did.

hands off

<br>But they would not listen to me and keep their hands off evil.

Newsom received some criticism for being too hands off in the discussions, a claim Newsom denies.

This stage is marked by "hands off" user awareness and an emphasis on functional applications to reduce costs.

hands before

He and Beaumanoir heartily shook hands before the battle.

Northup snaps and beats Tibeats with his hands before beating him with his own whip.

The lavabo is opposite the refectory so that the monks could cleanse their hands before meals.

wrong hands

This is what the world could really turn into if this technology fell into the wrong hands.'

It seems the book contains secret knowledge-and the Fae will do just about anything to keep it out of the wrong hands.

Orion, the creator of the Intersect) would trust, and Bryce promised Orion not to let the Intersect fall into the wrong hands.

hands down   (手を下げて)

I was coming in with my hands down and Danny took advantage of that.

/ What loads my hands down?

"And hands down, it was the best one I've seen in 14 years, and I've seen a few.

hands when   (手のとき)

for they wash (') not their hands when they eat bread".

The premises recently changed hands when its founder, Bruce Zaccaqnino, decided to retire.

They also used sled dogs for transportation, and carried some weapons in their hands when they went out hunting.

get his hands

He never did get his hands on the fortune.

In Ta-Metru, Vakama threatened to destroy the Mask of Time so Makuta couldn't get his hands on it.

Things get even worse for Johnny when it then transpires that Maclean murdered Mary in order to get his hands on Johnny.

hands again

The cinema changed hands again in 1937, when D.J.

The house changed hands again in 1971 and 1993.

It changed hands again, and is now (2019) the "Vue West End".

get their hands

Finally, they manage to get their hands on enough money for one person to get out.

The duo take on more than they can chew as they attempt to get their hands on an alluring hen.

Students were charged with copying these books and any other books they could get their hands on.

hands tied

He was gagged with a strip of cloth, his hands tied with plastic ratchet ties to a plastic refuse sack holder.

The 151 accused were led to the wall one at a time, stripped naked and with their hands tied behind their backs.

The bodies of "datuk" and those who have died from lightning are buried sitting up with their hands tied together.

other hands   (他の手)

Ex WSR V6 cars have appeared in other hands, and a 'junior team' was run in during 2002.

The manor of Tonge belonged in medieval times to the Tonge family but passed into other hands.

A letter from Bishop Finn to Áed was copied into the Book of Leinster, at folio 206, by one of the other hands of the manuscript.

hands between

It subsequently changed hands between the Alans and the Huns.

The lead changed hands between Hélio Castroneves, Bruno Junqueira, and Scott Dixon for the first 100 laps.

Additionally, the patient stretches his arms and positions his hands between his knees for the same reasons.

hands high

As a three-year-old Mr Jinks stood 16 hands high with a girth of 73 inches.

She was large, heavily built mare, standing 16.2 hands high as a three-year-old.

Taj Mah was a "tiny" grey mare, standing barely 15 hands high bred in Ireland by Aga Khan III.