İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

not happy   (mutlu değil)

Supposedly, Flynn was not happy with the in-joke.

He was not happy when the album didn’t debut at No.

I'm not happy with the way that came out at all.

very happy   (çok mutlu)

Christie described her childhood as "very happy".

When she was young she had a very happy family.

She gets very happy and says "Jodie, you came back!".

happy ending   (mutlu son)

Gordon also felt the project had a happy ending.

Ada imagines a happy ending, an ending they deserved.

Bulwark did not have a happy ending, however.

happy to see   (gördüğüme sevindim)

His siblings aren't too happy to see him.

Everyone is very happy to see each other.

I’m extremely happy to see it back."

happy life   (mutlu hayat)

But World War I interrupted their plans for a happy life.

They are pleased to know the two led a happy life together.

But their happy life was short lived.

so happy

When I met her I embraced her, I was so happy to meet her."

and Michael Dougherty who stated: "I left so happy and inspired.

Dark cannot survive in such close contact with someone so happy.

really happy

I'm just a really happy girl right now.

So I'm really happy."

We knew if we recorded with him again it would be great and we'd be really happy.

happy marriage

They are believed to have enjoyed a happy marriage.

They had a happy marriage that lasted for eight years.

His wife died in 1876 after 23 years of happy marriage.

happy family   (mutlu aile)

When she was young she had a very happy family.

The happy family portrait becomes a nightmare.

How a happy family breaks down due to the temptation that money brings.

happy when   (ne zaman mutlu)

He was not happy when the album didn’t debut at No.

Firedoglake posters were explicitly happy when U.S.

I was happy when he was in the game."

happy note

The story takes a few turns before it ends in a happy note.

Finally, the movie ends on a happy note.

am happy

It is nice to be home and I am happy."

They have congratulated me, it's a great brand and I am happy."

Let us assume that the event C has occurred – meaning 'I am happy'.

not a happy

The union is not a happy one, despite the birth of a child.

It was not a happy development for him.

Their brief stay was not a happy one.