İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

without having   (sahip olmadan)

He died without having re-registered the Arms.

Apes were given food without having to perform a task.

He died in Paris on 5 August 1892 without having married.

having won   (kazandı)

Bradford Northern won 37–22 on aggregate having won both legs.

Renova are the defending champions, having won their first title.

In Spain, he becomes an idol, having won all 68 races he entered.

not having   (sahip değil)

It is called Therme despite not having a Roman Bath.

Robertson admitted to not having read the 1994 report.

Some women welcomed the freedom of not having to marry.

despite having   (sahip olmasına rağmen)

The victims were often still conscious, despite having been drugged.

They thus retained the same broadside, despite having two fewer guns.

Texas and Purdue were teams invited despite having records under .500.

having previously   (önceden sahip olmak)

having previously played for Leicester Tigers and Cornish Pirates.

Academy, having previously played at the Blackburn Rovers Academy.

During 2017 mergers between CCGs began, having previously been forbidden.

having no   (sahip olmak)

Its design is very unusual in having no courtyard.

Frederik Gad, having no heirs, established G.E.C.

The film is notable for having no dialogue or character names.

having played

He finished his test career having played in four matches.

Moxon is an avid basketball fan, having played from a young age.

He finished his career having played 123 games and scoring 33 tries.

having made

He left Plainmoor after only one season having made 24 appearances.

On 1 September 2011 he was released having made just two appearances.

He finished the season having made 21 league appearances for the club.

having an affair   (ilişkisi olmak)

Then he tells Simar that he is having an affair.

He suspects that his son is having an affair with her.

The owner and the woman are having an affair.

described as having

Biala was described as having "deep, tragic eyes".

The King is described as having wept with joy at their report.

It was also described as having some serine protease activity.

having lost

Marion, having lost Charles to Helen, agrees to marry Claude.

The fort surrendered at 1530, having lost its ability to resist.

Orr sued for wrongful dismissal, and after having lost, appealed.

having sex   (seks yapmak)

Upstairs, he discovers Phil having sex with Bill.

MJ and Steve reprimand her for having sex so young.

She confronts David about having sex with Gerri.

having served   (hizmet etmiş)

Jeremy became a Major General in the Army, having served in the SAS.

They were worn with pride as a sign of having served front line duty.

He retired from the ministry in 1880, having served 16 years as Bishop.

having taken

On 25 July she reported having taken 25 "fish" (whales).

Regardless, CBS Records, having taken up the option on Wham!

Battaglia herself had forgotten having taken the photograph.

having received   (almış olmak)

In 1965, after having received her M.A.

After having received the thanks of the members, he closed the sanhedrin.

The video is also popular on YouTube, having received more than 15.5 million views.

known for having

Rifbjerg is also known for having been a journalist and critic.

Kaimiņš is known for having a camera with him most of the time.

Parton is known for having undergone considerable plastic surgery.

having only   (sadece sahip olmak)

It is a small collège, having only 200 pupils in all.

UKIP lost 145 seats, having only 31 councillors elected.

Mizo ṭingṭang is a kind of fiddle or violin having only one string.

having already   (zaten sahip olmak)

He had made his will on 27 November 1538, having already fallen sick.

WKCD will be developed in two phases with construction having already commenced.

The Lenin defences surrendered, having already lost three of their four 76 mm weapons.

having satisfied   (tatmin olmak)

St Luke's was listed on the Queensland Heritage Register on 21 October 1992 having satisfied the following criteria.

"Tranby" was listed on the New South Wales State Heritage Register on 2 April 1999 having satisfied the following criteria.

St Andrew's Church was listed on the Queensland Heritage Register on 21 October 1992 having satisfied the following criteria.

well as having   (sahip olmak gibi)

as well as having a solo singer career.

Caution and observation as well as having 3 or more may prevent this.

This is a method of great antiquity, as well as having modern equivalents.

having more

The school is having more girl students than boys.

The whole village having more than 65% of literacy rate.

† - #51 BMS Scuderia Italia won tie-breaker due to having more race wins.

having spent

Horn completed the recording having spent £70,000 in studio time.

After having spent time in Valparaiso, Christian returns to Lübeck.

He died in 1604, having spent the entirety of his inherited estates.

having become   (olmak)

in 1983 having become First Parliamentary Counsel in 1981.

The Trust was then dissolved, having become a huge propaganda success.

It is a Grade II listed structure, having become so on 5 February 1970.

having worked

in accounting in 1969, having worked his way through school.

As a boy, Brallier remembered having worked in a glass factory.

Indeed, he denied ever having worked for any intelligence agency.

having failed   (başarısız olmak)

Startups not having failed make unreasonable assumptions.

He was sacked in January 2008, having failed to turn around the club's fortunes.

He came to England to seek out people with the name, having failed in his own country.

having seen   (görmüş olmak)

After having seen them performing live, Lookout!

These witnesses deny having seen anything, to this very day."

The game then breaks up, no one ever having seen the winning hand.

each having

It consisted of two floors, each having a window.

The basic colors used red and white each having their own meanings.

They both want lots of children, with each having come from large families.

having left

Sally then returns to the house, having left to go to the store.

However, he did not graduate, having left before completing his degree.

Nicole was a newlywed, having left her honeymoon to appear on the series.

having the same

The resemblance goes as far as B-2 and YB-49 having the same wingspan.

Polymorphs, despite having the same atoms, may have wildly different properties.

Spanish pesos – having the same weight and shape – came to be known as "Spanish" dólar.

having scored

The Third Test was drawn, Australia having scored 551.

He left Palace having scored 96 goals, then a post-war record.

Liga in 2009–10, having scored 22 goals all through the season.

having not

They had been in danger of closing, having not paid staff in months.

Son of Beast was demolished in 2012, having not operated since 2009.

Tulane beat Mississippi 12–0, having not allowed a single point all season.

before having

He ran a ramen restaurant before having to give it up due to poor health.

Bristow was way in front after twelve darts before having ‘double trouble’.

The highway passes near a few subdivisions before having a more rural route.

having suffered   (acı çekmek)

The Vikings returned to the UK having suffered no casualties.

Lennon has spoken about having suffered from depression since 2000.

He died in Paris after having suffered from paralysis for twenty years.

recorded as having

The city is first recorded as having a bishop in 968.

He is recorded as having admitted conspiring to levy a war.

He is recorded as having said "If you have to kill, kill quickly.

accused of having   (sahip olmakla suçlanıyor)

Both defendants were accused of having mistreated Allied inmates.

He was also accused of having extramarital affair with lover, He Ping.

Caligula and his sisters were accused of having incestuous relationships.

having completed

In 1989, Wong left TVB after having completed filming "Kim-mo Tuk-ku Kau-pai".

The centre has a maximum capacity of 2,580, having completed renovations in 2006.

In 2005, however, England died, having completed only two of the full-sized sculptures.

having written

The church historian Sozomen credits Ephrem with having written over three million lines.

Her accomplishments include having written for The Sunday Times, The Irish Times and The Sunday Life.

Säfström is a published writer, having written two books on the 1980s roleplaying game wave in Sweden.

having died

King was a widower, his wife Evelyn having died in 2005.

Samuel Leavitt predeceased him, having died at Exeter in 1707).

The three missing men are not recorded as having died on the voyage.

having never   (asla sahip olmak)

Kathy died on June 26, 2006, having never remarried.

He died at Vienna in 1823, having never married.

Modell died in 2012, having never returned to Cleveland.

never having

Bundesliga, never having been relegated.

Zoe admits to never having a boyfriend and holds quite political views.

He began saving for a ZX Spectrum despite never having used one before.

having moved

Later, having moved to New York, she began to photograph autopsies as well.

She was raised in Scarborough, Ontario, having moved there in the mid-1970s.

This was Dove's first time on film, having moved over from the Ziegfeld Follies.

having just   (sadece sahip olmak)

Edmund Husserl died at Freiburg on 27 April 1938, having just turned 79.

Louis XIV of France declined to help his Habsburg rival, having just annexed Alsace.

The Holy Roman Emperor, having just concluded peace with the Ottomans, was not keen to break it.

having reached

denotes having reached the ARIA Singles Chart.

In 1969, having reached the mandatory age limit, he retired.

Rosellini was the longest-lived U.S. state governor ever, having reached the age of .

due to having   (sahip olmaktan dolayı)

† - #51 BMS Scuderia Italia won tie-breaker due to having more race wins.

Taliaferro's original sample stories were rejected due to having "weak gags".

Initially, Tsukuba was built for travel by car due to having no train station.

having come

In April 2008, ESPN described Leaf as having come to terms with his past.

They both want lots of children, with each having come from large families.

She notes that she too once had dreams, having come to Vienna to study opera singing with Salieri.

having finished   (bitmiş)

After having finished his Ph.

graduate; from 2004 onwards, he acknowledged only having finished high school.

He was beaten the 100 m bronze medal by Blake, having finished in fourth place.

notable for having

It's notable for having a “really cute kitty” cat.

The film is notable for having no dialogue or character names.

The city is notable for having one of the largest palaces in the Maya world.

credited with having   (sahip olmak)

The base is credited with having destroyed 25 German submarines.

He is credited with having won 40 fights (with 37 KOs), 7 losses, and 5 draws.

He was credited with having the Air Canada Centre completed on budget and on time.

up having

Kip arrives afterwards and the two wind up having sex.

Though he cautions her, she ends up having an accident.

Brian ended up having to use his Deflector.

having joined

He currently rides for the Redcar Bears having joined them in 2018.

Franklin Hooper was already an editor there, having joined the staff in 1899.

Subsequently, he played several seasons with Hertha BSC, having joined in 2010.

having sold

"'s previous record, having sold 37,000 copies at that time.

"Heat" reached #31 on Oricon's Yearly Single Chart, having sold 202,672 copies.

It is credited as Queen's best selling single, having sold 7 million copies worldwide.

having started

It is the Group's oldest platform, having started with the Audi 100 in 1969.

Derani took sixth place, having started thirteenth, ahead of Sainz and Marciello.

The House of LaBeija is often credited as having started house culture for drag queens.

having done

She later attempts to make amends for having done this.

Izzy manages to pull it off, having done jump roping to train for boxing.

In 2008 Broaddrick sold her nursing home business and retired, having done well as a businesswoman.

having fun   (eğlenmek)

They quickly developed a reputation for having fun.

Not second guessing, just having fun in that moment.""

We are literally moving from top to bottom and having fun.

rather than having   (sahip olmak yerine)

Why is development so externally driven rather than having an internal basis?

This means that rather than having a grid of straight lines, the grid instead has curvature.

Existing printing presses can be used to create the prints rather than having to create a new one.

having given   (vermiş olmak)

Brucan later accused Apostol of having given in to pressures.

He is named as a traitor having given secrets to the alleged "Black Council."

She left in November 1946, having given great help to troops and medical units.

having appeared

He left the club having appeared just once in September.

Martin is a former France international, having appeared for his country at UEFA Euro 2012.

They have also been adapted into other media, having appeared on the TV series "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

having first

WrestleMania is considered WWE's flagship event, having first been held in 1985.

She made her second appearance on the show, having first appeared the third series in 2004.

Subrogation is an equitable remedy, having first developed in the English Court of Chancery.

reported having   (sahip olduğu bildirildi)

On 25 July she reported having taken 25 "fish" (whales).

Afterwards, he reported having become a supporter of the Fourth Political Theory.

The remaining one percent of respondents reported having access to no devices at home."

having trouble   (sorun yaşıyorsanız)

Bundy began having trouble sleeping, and lost weight.

Parsons began having trouble breathing in the summer of 2006.

He had lost weight and was having trouble breathing during filming.

having gone   (gitti)

Upon visiting the Pueblo, the expedition "repented having gone up to the place."

It ultimately arose from the Brahmi letter 𑀓 (), after having gone through the Gupta letter .

After they leave Cinderella imagines having gone with them ("In My Own Little Corner" (reprise)).

having lived

Famous Lithuanians having lived in Antakalnis eldership:

They divorced on 14 February 1919, having lived apart for five years.

He married singer Kirsti Sparboe in 1989, having lived together since 1979.

only having   (sadece sahip olmak)

graduate; from 2004 onwards, he acknowledged only having finished high school.

It uses a standard Alquerque board, but with each player only having 11 pieces.

Wood believed in honor and wasn't going along with it, only having a care about making money.

avoid having   (sahip olmaktan kaçının)

The plant will use dry screening to avoid having to pump tailings to tailings dams.

This step seeks ways for the project to avoid having an adverse effect on historic properties.

Additionally, the frame was hired out to avoid having to demolish it once the expo was complete.

season having

He left Plainmoor after only one season having made 24 appearances.

He finished the season having made 21 league appearances for the club.

With that trophy, they finished the season having won the triple crown.

having defeated

After having defeated Beri, he proceeded to invade Tsang.

Auburn is the defending champion, having defeated Richmond in the 2019 final, 79–65.

Harry Lee was elected sheriff in 1979, having defeated long-time incumbent Alwynn Cronvich.

having been appointed

He is Bermuda's current head coach, having been appointed in December 2015.

In 2003, he joined All Saints Church, Fulham having been appointed Vicar of Fulham.

Williams was the first colonel of the regiment, having been appointed July 23, 1861.

instead of having   (sahip olmak yerine)

What if instead of having them get married, Michael only dreams of getting married?

The main twist this season is instead of having the two traditional tribes, there are three in this season.

It is a positive integer and dimensionless (instead of having dimension of mass), because it expresses a count.

having held   (tutmuş)

He ended his second term as governor on January 5, 1987, having held the office for 10 years.

He was apparently the earliest king to have been identified as having held eponym, or limmu, office.

She retired an undefeated world champion, having held the WIBF super-bantamweight title from 2000 to 2001.

having its own

The nation is divided into over 80 ethnic groups, each having its own language.

The logo has been also changed to University of London, instead having its own logo.

This loco has the widest variety of liveries, with each loco shed having its own livery.

having fallen   (düşmek)

He was found after having fallen down a flight of stairs.

Taryn joins Buford on his travels, having fallen in love with him.

Captain Jack and Ryan leave the plane together, having fallen in love.

having led

Kahne came in second and Johnson finished third, having led only one lap despite starting on pole.

At the 1996 Olympic Games, she dropped out of the marathon after 22 miles, having led earlier in the race.

John Taylor is manager of Colt GAA club for 2013, having led them to an Intermediate hurling title in 2009.

having studied

After having studied cinema at the R.I.T.C.S.

He has a BA in psychology, having studied at five different universities.

He became an engineer, having studied agronomy at the University of Kiel.

having both

Joo is the father of two children, having both a son and a daughter.

Robbins is Hire's brother-in-law, with the pair having both married sisters.

Boca Juniors and Peñarol have lost the most finals; having both lost on five occasions.

denied having   (sahip olduğu reddedildi)

Andreotti always denied having known the Salvos.

The Rajapaksas denied having control over such amounts.

The minister, however, denied having any links with him.

addition to having

In addition to having the right team in place is having a prepared team.

In addition to having the Copa MX which is also organized independently to the Femexfut.

In addition to having an effect on extinction, island size can also affect immigration rates.

having met

Grady married Virginia "Ginny" Lewsader in 1985, having met her at Disneyland.

In 1982 Gary published "Life Among the Magars" after having met with the King of Nepal.

She is married to Team dimension data cyclist Mark Cavendish, having met him in November 2010.

having found

He returned south to rejoin Vancouver without having found Deception Pass.

Kuriakose, having found a suicide note, hands it over to the police as evidence.

Nhat Linh denied this, and the police having found no evidence did not seek to arrest Tam till 1963.

ever having   (hiç sahip olmak)

He is not recorded as ever having spoken there.

Indeed, he denied ever having worked for any intelligence agency.

The game then breaks up, no one ever having seen the winning hand.

having been elected

Quill was a councillor on Cork County Council at the time, having been elected in 1925.

He then focused on pursuing a political career, having been elected in the autumn of 1918.

in Economics having been elected an Examination Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford in 1984.

having been promoted

Italy were absent, having been promoted to Division One.

In 1809, having been promoted to Major, he distinguished himself in the Siege of Zaragoza.

They currently play in the Top 14, having been promoted as 2008–09 champions of Rugby Pro D2.

having used

Maurice later disavowed having used the term himself.

He died in 2006, having used his implants for over 40 years.

He began saving for a ZX Spectrum despite never having used one before.

identified as having

However, some can be identified as having a grey or green back.

At least 13 schools were subsequently identified as having similar walls.

A two-storey house, identified as having belonged to Ahmad al-Tibi, is used as a store.

having the most   (en çok sahip olmak)

This pageant edition holds the record for having the most number of contestants.

Out of all births from 2007-2014 this group is having the most children at 33.2%.

He tied his father in 1997 for having the most 30/30 seasons, and he again placed fifth in the MVP balloting.

having heard   (duymuş olmak)

Watson is shocked, not having heard about his friend's illness.

Sarah, having heard about Samarpur from Nikhil, requests to accompany him.

Kelley, having heard of Flockhart, wanted her to audition for the contract part.

having signed

He spent most of his career with Tondela, having signed in 2011.

There is no existing record of any having signed this declaration.

Rowe joined for the 2012 season as a neo-pro, having signed a two-year deal.

having achieved   (başardı)

"La France" was withdrawn in October 1926 having achieved 728,031 miles.

Described by one critic as having achieved "mastery of the sinuous line".

The World" appearance, having achieved "Total Victory" on "Ninja Warrior Vietnam".

admitted to having   (sahip olmak)

At her trial, she admitted to having helped Fr.

Jones later admitted to having enjoyed having his students as followers.

Scorsese admitted to having viewed "The Ten Commandments" forty or fifty times.

having been built

The church was listed in the 1851 census as having been built in 1849.

The Methodist Chapel is a little more recent having been built in 1865.

But I wouldn't see them as having been built because there was a state of war.

having little   (az sahip olmak)

The molars were flat with cusps having little contours.

He is a landowner and gentleman farmer, though "having little spare money".

He worked as a farmer, and having little land, dedicate more time to painting.

regarded as having

The Adiva is regarded as having better handling than the C1.

Alp Arslan is widely regarded as having begun Anatolianism, although unintentionally.

Graduation towers, formerly used for salt production, are regarded as having beneficial health effects.

having previously played   (önceden oynadı)

having previously played for Leicester Tigers and Cornish Pirates.

Academy, having previously played at the Blackburn Rovers Academy.

He played for Nottinghamshire 2003 to 2011, having previously played for Cornwall.

having children   (çocuk sahibi olmak)

There is no record of the Haggart's having children.

Women's value is derived through giving birth and having children.

They had not thought about having children so are unsure about keeping it.

having many

The land was sufficient for having many construction laborers live there.

This bagavathy temple is having many surprising and interesting traditions.

The schools FFA chapter is very successful with having many people advance to state every year.

latter having

After a successful 2014 season, Feldman struggled in 2015 and in 2016, the latter having him sent to the bullpen by the Astros.

Riku proposes to Schwi, despite the differences in their races and the latter having previously destroyed the former's last home.

California is also home to two major nuclear power plants: Diablo Canyon and San Onofre, the latter having been shut down in 2013.

having all

In most leagues, the attacking team may "tag up" by having all players exit the offensive zone.

Laurie; Loomis; they're having all kinds of problems in their life, but Michael just moves along.

Handel later apologized, claiming he lost his temper and had overreacted without having all the facts.

distinction of having   (sahip olma ayrımı)

Bovril holds the unusual distinction of having been advertised with a Pope.

Kimi Räikkönen holds the distinction of having the longest time between his first win and his last.

Björn Waldegård holds the distinction of having the longest time between his first win and his last.

suspected of having   (sahip olduğundan şüpheleniliyor)

She was suspected of having murdered her first husband as well.

He was, however, deeply suspected of having been involved in Sancho's murder.

Goitre may be diagnosed via a thyroid function test in an individual suspected of having it.

seen as having

CBT is generally seen as having very low if any side effects.

Historically, Ajax was popularly seen as having "Jewish roots".

The original passage is seen as having only a single meaning or sense.

noted for having

Gwen was noted for having an affair with Louise Bryant.

The album is noted for having three distinctive versions.

Buxton was noted for having "no rowdiness" in his clinics.