district headquarters   (地区本部)

It is around 14 km from the district headquarters.

It is also 32 km from the district headquarters.

The district headquarters are located at Resubelpara.

corporate headquarters   (本社)

RCI's corporate headquarters is in Parsippany, New Jersey.

Its corporate headquarters is based in Santa Ana, California.

The corporate headquarters were on The Bund in Shanghai, China.

new headquarters   (新本社)

NBD moved into its new headquarters in September 1959.

The Order opened a new headquarters in New Haven in 1969.

In October 2016 SeneGence broke ground on the new headquarters.

headquarters are located   (本社があります)

The company headquarters are located in Stockholm.

Troop H headquarters are located in South Boston.

Its headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia.

moved its headquarters   (本社を移転)

Hull, which moved its headquarters to Cửa Việt Base.

It moved its headquarters to Chattanooga, TN in 2008.

In 1975, SACS moved its headquarters into the Wulff home.

administrative headquarters

Its administrative headquarters are at Kota Pinang.

Pozhikara was the administrative headquarters of Paravur.

It is the administrative headquarters of Kannur District.

headquarters is located

Its headquarters is located in Andrézieux, France.

Its headquarters is located at Caraycayon, Tigaon.

Their headquarters is located in downtown Ishtar.

headquarters building

In 1990 the firm moved to a headquarters building in Gordon Street, Glasgow.

A new €750 million headquarters building begun in 2010 and was completed in 2017.

Michael opted for the former and is confined to the STN-J headquarters building at all times.

police headquarters

Part of the British police headquarters is still standing.

A little digging at police headquarters brings up the rest of the truth.

In 2012, Ms. Muntemba went back to police headquarters as Commissioner Operationers.

company headquarters   (本社)

The company headquarters are located in Stockholm.

The company headquarters was moved to Lisle, IL.

In 2005, the first company headquarters was inaugurated.

became the headquarters

It became the headquarters of the Ngāti Mahuta people.

It later became the headquarters for the Northern Area Command until 1994.

It became the headquarters of the Second Battalion, the Parachute Regiment.

headquarters moved

In the autumn of 1943, the headquarters moved to "Dorf Zinna".

In 1999 the headquarters moved to Coventry, where it remains as of 2012.

In time its headquarters moved to São Paulo, Brazil's largest financial center.

national headquarters   (国家本部)

ACTEC's national headquarters is located in Washington, D.C.

The church's national headquarters are located at 62/66 Akinwunmi street, Yaba, Lagos.

Since 2001, the national headquarters have been located at the Citigroup Centre, Sydney.

headquarters located

with headquarters located in Fiesole.

This list includes notable companies with primary headquarters located in the country.

regional headquarters   (地域本部)

It hosts the regional headquarters of a bank-insurer KBC.

A Chief Distribution engineer is stationed at the regional headquarters.

The regional headquarters was moved to Atlanta, Georgia on January 9, 1972.

former headquarters

It was the former headquarters of the Makari Gbanti chiefdom.

Its former headquarters is located at Kirkestræde 5 in Marstal.

The Historical Society is housed in the former headquarters of the Essex Club.

main headquarters   (本部)

Its main headquarters are located in Taipei, Taiwan.

Its main headquarters are located in Bogotá, Colombia.

The main headquarters is in the port city of Chittagong.

military headquarters

Other reminders include the naval guns at the fortress of Skansin in Tórshavn, which served as the British military headquarters.

Marchand survives because he is warned by Clara, and as the last French survivor he flees to the nearby French military headquarters.

A headquarters such as Cassinga was second in importance only to Lubango, which was the overall SWAPO military headquarters in Angola.

world headquarters

Compuware completed its world headquarters in downtown in 2003.

Shared world headquarters for The Ireland Funds were opened in Boston in 1994.

She joined CNN in 2005 and was based in the network's world headquarters in Atlanta.

brigade headquarters   (旅団本部)

The second included the village line (brigade headquarters line) and the corps line.

Both the battalion and brigade headquarters were located at Forward Operating Base Salerno in Khost city.

The relief of the 60th brigade headquarters had not been completed when the Germans began their counter-attack.

divisional headquarters   (部門本部)

19 Squadron attacked a German divisional headquarters at Barastre with bombs.

They started the advance on 17 November, divisional headquarters being established at Waterloo on 21 November.

The 46,350-person army is organized under six military administrative regions and six divisional headquarters.

current headquarters

The current headquarters is Buffalo Grove, Illinois.

Its current headquarters are in Toronto.

The current headquarters are on West Bliss Street in Chicago.

s headquarters

The division’s headquarters are at Deming.

The Group’s headquarters are located in Geneva, Switzerland.

In 2007, Bridge’s headquarters opened in Nairobi, Kenya in 2008.

whose headquarters

18 Group, RAF Coastal Command, whose headquarters was at Pitreavie, Fife.

The company in Russia whose headquarters became "Funkmessstelle Ost", was established in Minsk in 1942.

Trustico Trustico is a dedicated SSL Certificate Provider, whose headquarters are in the United Kingdom.

headquarters were located

The Front headquarters were located in Yaroslavl.

The Front headquarters were located in Astrakhan.

Its headquarters were located in Wichita, Kansas.

regimental headquarters

On 14 March 1941 the regimental headquarters relocated to Fort Getty in Jamestown.

In 1958, the regimental headquarters was established at Haberfield, New South Wales.

He became the adjutant of the 1st U.S. Infantry and was assigned administrative duty at regimental headquarters.

s headquarters

The division’s headquarters are at Deming.

The Group’s headquarters are located in Geneva, Switzerland.

In 2007, Bridge’s headquarters opened in Nairobi, Kenya in 2008.

division headquarters

Penn State Forest served as the temporary division headquarters during the exercise.

From 1927 to 1996, Ystrad Mynach hosted the 'F' division headquarters of Glamorgan Constabulary (from 1968, South Wales Police).

headquarters staff   (本社スタッフ)

The Group is managed by the European headquarters staff.

The classic example would be the cost of headquarters staff.

(ROC headquarters staff at RAF Bentley Priory stood down on 31 March 1996).

global headquarters

Kingstree's global headquarters is now located in London, England.

The global headquarters of GE Healthcare is in Little Chalfont (near Amersham).

In August 2013, NQ Mobile opened a second global headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

headquarters was located

Columbia's headquarters was located in Beverly Hills.

Company headquarters was located in Tucson.

Its headquarters was located in Vilnius.

army headquarters

The army headquarters was stationed in Daugavpils.

In 1989, Military and army headquarters, Gyeryongdae, moved to Gyeryong City.

He accompanies her to Russian army headquarters to which he's bringing an important message.

headquarters during

Penn State Forest served as the temporary division headquarters during the exercise.

The house was rumored to be one of George Washington's headquarters during the Revolutionary War.

international headquarters

Its international headquarters are in Ringwood, Hampshire, England, UK.

In 1988, a second international headquarters was established in Singapore.

The international headquarters of the Homeless World Cup is in Edinburgh, Scotland.

battalion headquarters

A report took until nightfall to reach the battalion headquarters.

Before the Second World War, battalion headquarters were at Rustenburg in the Transvaal.

BRIR 21 recorded the capture of the II and III battalion headquarters and that attempts to counter-attack failed.

headquarters were moved

In the fall of 1925, park headquarters were moved to its current location.

The bank's headquarters were moved to the Baltimore suburb of Bel Air in 2001.

Later, it was renamed in Grünenthal GmbH, and its headquarters were moved to Aachen.

corps headquarters

Railway lines that could be used to carry reinforcements, divisional and corps headquarters were to be attacked by cavalry.

Communication with the rear broke down and the divisional and corps headquarters were not reliably informed of events until early on 2 October.

On 21 December 2001, a major reorganisation of the Ground Forces produced two operational-territorial commands, formed from two former corps headquarters.

headquarters was moved

The company headquarters was moved to Lisle, IL.

In 2012, the company headquarters was moved from Narvik to Tromsø.

The regional headquarters was moved to Atlanta, Georgia on January 9, 1972.

party headquarters

On 20 December 2019 the law enforcers raided both Poroshenko’s party headquarters and Ihor Kononenko's gym.

A special conference of the Young Progressive Democrats (YPD) was held in party headquarters on 18 October 2008.

In 1991, it was purchased by the New Democratic Party for two million dollars and became their party headquarters.

established his headquarters

Jackson established his headquarters at Rodgers's tollgate.

On May 24 he established his headquarters at Yorktown, Virginia and set up his defenses.

He established his headquarters at Impalila Island in the modern Caprivi Strip, Namibia.

headquarters company   (本社会社)

It is a divisional mechanized combat engineer unit, composed of four line companies and a headquarters company.

Baker in the meantime, had been promoted to captain and placed in command of the battalion's headquarters company.

A headquarters company included the specialist support troops; signallers, anti-aircraft and mortar platoons, and transport personnel.

mandal headquarters

Gogulapadu is situated to the east of the mandal headquarters, Gurazala, at .

Nemalikallu is situated to the south of the mandal headquarters, Amaravathi, at .

There are 4 temples in Mettakkivalasa region, Mettakkivalasa Varala Vinayaka Temple located in Main Road, Satya Sai Baba Temple, Shiridi sai baba Temple, Varaha Narasimha Temple Amadalavalasa is a municipality and also the mandal headquarters of Amadalavalasa mandal.

first headquarters

Its first headquarters was next to Leeds Town Hall.

The first headquarters office opened in Singapore in 2007.

The first headquarters were located in Orem, Utah, moving to Irvine in 1984.

relocated its headquarters

In February 2007, the LTA relocated its headquarters from Queen's Club to the new National Tennis Centre in Roehampton.

In early 2017, Wolf & Shepherd relocated its headquarters to Los Angeles, California, where the company continues to operate.

It relocated its headquarters to the new Kallang Regional Base at Kallang Basin in 1970, and became known as the Marine Division.