never heard   (聞いたことがない)

Following this, Gaspar was never heard from again.

I never heard him say an unkind thing about anyone.

He never heard the whip cracks; we put those in later.

first heard   (最初に聞いた)

I almost cried when I first heard her on the record."

He first heard klezmer music played on the piano by his father.

A new ending theme was first heard.

ever heard   (聞いたことがある)

No one ever heard of the Tontlawald after that.

My afflictions surpass any you ever heard of earlier".

That's the most stupid thing I ever heard of.

not heard

"El Debate" has not heard from him since the shootout.

but if this was true, it was not heard by Byrne and Freeborn.

He incredulously asks Gangleri if he has not heard the story before.

when he heard   (彼が聞いたとき)

Barakat said that when he heard Fuentes' vocals on the track he "lost my shit.

He was living in Hāna when he heard about the arrival of a new religion, Catholicism.

Wellesley was in Ireland in May 1807 when he heard of the British expedition to Denmark.

heard before

The records sounded unlike anything we had heard before".

Some have never been heard before".

Oral arguments were heard before the eight-member court on March 27, 2017.

having heard

Watson is shocked, not having heard about his friend's illness.

Sarah, having heard about Samarpur from Nikhil, requests to accompany him.

Kelley, having heard of Flockhart, wanted her to audition for the contract part.

heard during

The typical Bond guitar line can be heard during some action scenes.

A theme from Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring" is heard during one song.

It can be heard during part of the documentary and as the DVD menu music.

often heard   (よく聞いた)

Her voice was often heard on Lviv Radio.

The song is a satire of simplistic lyrics often heard on Christian radio.

The score is by Paul Glass and the opening theme is often heard as a refrain.

heard throughout

Guitar, piano, and violin can be heard throughout the record.

The signal is directional and can be heard throughout mid-Oakland County.

His performance can also be heard throughout the 1984 film "The Karate Kid".

case was heard   (事件が聞かれた)

The case was heard in the Ontario Court of Justice.

The case was heard by the Court in February 2018.

heard from again   (再び聞いた)

Following this, Gaspar was never heard from again.

The U-boat was never heard from again.

It might never be heard from again.

heard the news

I have heard the news - There's good rockin' tonight."

When Éxarchos' mother heard the news she was infuriated.

Yu heard the news and falsely accused Pei and Guo of crimes.

when they heard   (彼らが聞いたとき)

The Romans were shocked when they heard the Persians had invaded.

Locals tended to boycott it when they heard McGlinchey had arrived.

So when they heard that TT was in the police, they were in panic as well.

heard the song

Her producer, Gary Klein, who had heard the song on B.J.

Meat Loaf cried when he first heard the song, which "is the only time that's happened".

Lawrence's widow Frances spoke about Dappy's careless actions to "The Sun": "I haven’t heard the song yet.

seen or heard

Brandon has not been seen or heard from since.

For three weeks afterward, he was not seen or heard from.

He has not been seen or heard from since.

only heard   (聞いただけ)

The Ifrit cannot be seen but only heard by its breath.

The voice is only heard in the American version of the software.

Elmo, who is only heard in voice-over, gives instructions throughout.

seen and heard

Sparky Anderson was seen and heard yelling to Gibson, "He don't want to walk you!

Still another is that in drama, a character usually can be seen and heard and need not be described.

"Llego el Chynyn" had a music video, and was seen and heard a lot through the streets without promotion.

court heard   (裁判所は聞いた)

The court heard oral arguments on December 17.

The court heard arguments in January 2018 and delivered its judgment on April 12, 2018.

The Texas District court heard arguments in this case, but held off on ruling until the preclearance was completed.

rarely heard

Unique because the loyalist side is rarely heard from in literature.

especially when one's religious observances are not known; the phrase is rarely heard in the UK.

Other potential targets go into seclusion, and are rarely heard from or seen in public, such as writer Salman Rushdie.

heard when   (聞いたとき)

explosion heard when burning hydrogen).

"Basket Case" was one of the songs producer Rob Cavallo heard when he received Green Day's demo tape.

His catchphrase, usually heard when announcing the recent episodes of "Coronation Street", was "But now on the UTV...".

heard singing

Aaron can be heard singing on the songs 'Kill It 4 The Kids' and 'All in My Head.'

Nearly four minutes in the episode, Hayley is heard singing "Someone to Watch Over Me" in the shower.

Additionally, Joey is heard singing a duet with Blondie vocalist Debbie Harry on "Go Lil' Camaro Go".

heard the case   (事件を聞いた)

A court in Windsor, Ontario heard the case.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals heard the case in February, 2018.

still be heard   (まだ聞かれます)

"It recreates the awful noise of ignorance that can still be heard."

The channel could still be heard on Sirius' internet stream, however.

Their songs can still be heard from early recordings on such sites as YouTube.com and others.

heard saying

She can be heard saying "Clap your hands!"

Minaj can be heard saying, "Whoa, I wanna live on this block."

Her role is very small, and she is heard saying very little dialogue.

when she heard   (彼女が聞いたとき)

Spears later claimed that she felt excited when she heard it and knew it was going to be a hit.

Spears later claimed that she felt excited when she heard it and knew it was going to be a hit record.

She chose to specialise in pathology when she heard about the shortage of skilled forensic scientists in Honduras.

voice is heard

Burroughs' voice is heard on the track "Late Show," however.

When Yui's voice is heard, she throws the GM card down to her.

The interviewer's voice is heard only faintly in the background of these recordings.

then heard

Unable to locate one, the group then heard Run–D.M.C.

I then heard some one say that the President was shot.

Eminem then heard the track, and he wrote the rap to it."

not be heard

The station cannot be heard off-campus.

All parties must present grounds to appeal, or it will not be heard.

Hamasaki also appears on this backdrop, saying something although it cannot be heard.

case heard   (聞いた事件)

1970) was a case heard before the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in 1970.

He had waived his right to a jury trial and instead opted to have the case heard solely by a judge.

The Nye Tool had been the plaintiff in a patent infringement case heard by the United States Supreme Court in 1923.