Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

heating system   (sistema de calefacción)

a central heating system, a VCR, or a time bomb (see: digital counter).

In 1928, the RAF developed an electric heating system for the aerial camera.

Units kBtu are used in building energy use tracking and heating system sizing.

heating and cooling   (calentamiento y enfriamiento)

It has its own power plant, heating and cooling system, and water supply.

The closed-loop geothermal heat pump offsets the heating and cooling bundle.

It features a geothermal heating and cooling system, green roof and solar power.

central heating   (calefacción central)

Recent Improvements 1987: Gas central heating installed.

Parkers central heating furnace was patented on December 23, 1919.

A central heating plant was installed during the 1980s renovation.

district heating   (calefacción urbana)

The plant also has a district heating capability of 300 MW.

In 1953 Helsingin Energia started to produce district heating.

Nowadays over 90% of apartments in Helsinki use district heating.

heating systems   (sistemas de calefacción)

In 1946, it introduced electric heating systems.

As of 2008, they are being refurbished with new window glazing and improved heating systems.

Wax motors are also commonly used to drive zone valves in hydronic (hot water) heating systems.

water heating

Solar water heating further reduces energy costs.

Power, including electricity, heat and water heating, is from solar power.

The basic trick in a solar water heating system is to use a well-insulated holding tank.

heating oil

in Mount Vernon, still accepts barges of heating oil, ULSD, and biodiesel blends daily.

In addition to its retail arm, Parkland distributes fuel, including propane, diesel, and heating oil, to mainly commercial customers.

Shortly before his death, an article published in "Haaretz" indicated that Alperon had been involved in heating oil schemes with other gangsters.

heating element

These currents circulate throughout the body of the appliance and across its heating element.

The heating element used is often a metal mesh or carbon strips, which provides uniform heating.

The most common design of block heater is an electrical heating element embedded in the engine block.

solar heating

In this article he identified solar heating as the cause of atmospheric motions.

Passive solar heating can heat most buildings in even the mild and chilly climates.

Most autonomous buildings are designed to use insulation, thermal mass and passive solar heating and cooling.