Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

heavily influenced   (fuertemente influenciado)

Vital Signs were most heavily influenced by Pink Floyd.

This album's sound is heavily influenced by The Misfits.

Its art was heavily influenced by the artistry of India.

heavily involved   (fuertemente complicado)

He comes from a family heavily involved in motor-sport.

Alabama was heavily involved in the American Civil War.

Belmont was heavily involved in Thoroughbred horse racing.

heavily damaged   (muy dañado)

The submarine was heavily damaged, to all reports.

In 2007, the structure was heavily damaged by arson.

The war heavily damaged the infrastructure in Iloilo.

more heavily   (más fuertemente)

Her "Ghazni strain" were the more heavily coated mountain type.

The "white series" is usually more heavily eroded than the "black series".

Archeological finds indicate that the region was once more heavily populated.

heavily forested   (muy boscosa)

The majority of the watershed is heavily forested.

The uninhabited parts of the city are heavily forested.

Barima-Waini is a heavily forested region.

heavily armed   (Fuertemente armado)

As minesweepers, they are large and heavily armed.

All participants of the trial were heavily armed.

In Benghazi, Libya, heavily armed attackers killed the U.S.

heavily criticized   (muy criticado)

The Persson Cabinet was heavily criticized for its inaction.

She had been heavily criticized for her appearance on the show.

Both Dahan's direction and Amel's script were heavily criticized.

most heavily   (más fuertemente)

Berlin is the most heavily bombed city in history.

Vital Signs were most heavily influenced by Pink Floyd.

Rain is irregular, falling most heavily in the northwest.

relied heavily

He relied heavily on earlier work by Stephen Kleene.

They relied heavily on river transport.

Prior to this the museum relied heavily on private philanthropy.

heavily used

Consequently, factorial designs are heavily used.

Today, trams cover heavily used commuter routes.

It remains a heavily used route in and out of London.

relies heavily

Satellite geodesy relies heavily on orbital mechanics.

The American mink relies heavily on sight when foraging.

Tangier's economy relies heavily on tourism.

area is heavily

The surrounding area is heavily wooded, with mixed hardwood and conifer forests.

Northern Bosnia contains very fertile agricultural land along the river Sava and the corresponding area is heavily farmed.

Northern Bosnia (Posavina) contains very fertile agricultural land along the River Sava and the corresponding area is heavily farmed.

heavily degraded   (muy degradado)

The oldest flows have flat or gentle surfaces and their source vents are heavily degraded.

The sub-district has been heavily degraded by agricultural activities and is susceptible to drought.

Habitats they do not like are those that are heavily degraded, recently burnt or have little to no understory.

heavily fortified

Across from them were heavily fortified Chinese positions.

The axle housing was heavily fortified.

The site is now heavily fortified.

invested heavily

Bathurst never overspent, yet invested heavily in his projects.

(Dundee's 'jute barons' had invested heavily in Indian factories).

Atari invested heavily in two games for the 2600, "Pac-Man" and "E.T.

heavily criticised   (muy criticado)

Harrison was heavily criticised for his performance after the bout.

Later, in 1913, he heavily criticised the government for the Beilis trial.

OFOC has heavily criticised the government's approach to negotiating Brexit.

heavily degraded former   (ex muy degradado)

Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist montane forests, moist savanna, subtropical or tropical high-altitude grassland, swamps, and heavily degraded former forest.

Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, subtropical or tropical swamps, subtropical or tropical moist montane forests, swamps, and heavily degraded former forest.

Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, subtropical or tropical moist montane forests, subtropical or tropical high-altitude grassland, swamps, and heavily degraded former forest.

heavily dependent   (muy dependiente)

French Guiana is heavily dependent on imports of food and energy.

The local economy is heavily dependent upon tourism and the service industry.

East-central Scotland became too heavily dependent on linens, hemp, and jute.

heavily favored   (muy favorecido)

6 Utes pulled off an upset of the heavily favored No.

Penne beat the heavily favored Kubota in a significant upset.

At this time, Louis was heavily favored (8 to 1) to stop Galento.

heavily populated

The rest of the land is heavily populated.

The far north is heavily populated.

Mariahilf is a heavily populated urban area with many residential buildings.

rely heavily   (dependen en gran medida)

The Princess of Wales came to rely heavily on her.

Creole dishes rely heavily on seafood, including curries and fritters.

The "sudden conversion" methods of mental conditioning rely heavily on TMI.

heavily modified

The "bodywork" was also heavily modified.

The third generation, however, was mostly a heavily modified T130.

Like all Siata cars, the Daina was based on heavily modified Fiat mechanics.

became heavily

The suburb became heavily industrialised.

Southern Gower was colonised, and eventually became heavily anglicised.

"[H]e became heavily involved in the Socialist community and left wing student politics.

heavily promoted

(Presumably the forthcoming DVD will be heavily promoted on Amazon?)".

By the 1990s, the A300 was being heavily promoted as a cargo freighter.

"Lightning Returns" was heavily promoted at gaming events throughout 2013.

heavily engaged

Breathed’s Battery was heavily engaged at the battle on the next day.

The corps was heavily engaged at Chickamauga, assaulting the Union left.

Masha was heavily engaged in the Leningrad poetic and photography of the 1960−80s.

heavily inspired

1 sonata was heavily inspired by this work.

The gameplay of "Thrust" was heavily inspired by Atari's "Gravitar".

(Santa Cruz-area station KPIG-FM was heavily inspired by the legacy of KFAT.)

heavily wooded

Even in the 18th century, it was still heavily wooded.

It is a mountainous, heavily wooded area, and is above sea level.

The road runs primarily through a heavily wooded, residential area.

too heavily

East-central Scotland became too heavily dependent on linens, hemp, and jute.

while "Billboard" magazine wrote that it "leans a bit too heavily" to the song.

heavily defended

This voyage included trafficking the heavily defended Strait of Gibraltar.

The north route to the coast was longer, and the port was heavily defended.

As the expected site of an Allied invasion, Pas de Calais was heavily defended.

drew heavily

"I Love Lucy" drew heavily from both film and radio.

Hugo Grotius drew heavily on "De officiis" in his major work, "On the Law of War and Peace".

Matos drew heavily from Baroque influences such as the Spanish poets Luis de Góngora and Francisco de Quevedo.

drinking heavily

He had been drinking heavily for about a week.

began drinking heavily which led the Jones family to fall apart.

Stewie starts drinking heavily, following Brian's way of coping.

so heavily

The park is so heavily used now that it is integral to life in Riverside for many residents.

Another hypothesis is that the text is so heavily abbreviated that it is impossible to recreate.

The Light Brigade had suffered so heavily that they had to take refuge in a church and were surrendered soon after.

draws heavily   (dibuja mucho)

Paul draws heavily here from the Wisdom of Solomon.

It draws heavily on graph theory and mathematical logic.

This article draws heavily on the in the German-language Wikipedia.

heavily upon

This weighed heavily upon them, however.

Time weighs heavily upon us as the darkness slowly advances."

SVU depends heavily upon donations from church members and friends.

heavily edited

All of the jam recordings were heavily edited.

Clemo then heavily edited and shaped their contributions.

"The Terror of Godzilla" was heavily edited to obtain a "G" rating from the MPAA.

heavily based

The game is heavily based from Norse mythology.

Mighty Man is heavily based on Captain Marvel.

The tartan is heavily based upon the Clan Douglas tartan.

heavily defeated

They were heavily defeated with the loss of 30,000 men.

The Romans were heavily defeated in the ensuing Battle of Beroe.

Hibernians was heavily defeated (5-1) with Milijić among the scorers.

heavily affected

The materials to make tarpaulins and tyres were heavily affected by this rationing.

In 1987, the Mexican wine industry was heavily affected by a legal ruling that opened the country to foreign wines.

On "American Sports", the album explores a darker musical direction, featuring "spooky", heavily affected keyboards.

featured heavily

Archways came to be featured heavily in doorways.

His name and persona have also featured heavily in literature.

These two characters were featured heavily in ScareHouse ads and promotions.

suffered heavily

The Corps suffered heavily in the battle however, and was exhausted.

The Mahdists suffered heavily from British firepower, losing 2,000 killed.

also suffered heavily.

heavily guarded

Nonetheless, Baek San surrenders to the NSS and is placed in heavily guarded detention.

The legend tells of a tree that stood in the center of the grove and was heavily guarded.

Partisans mine a heavily guarded bridge held by Nazi forces, to check a German offensive.

borrowed heavily   (prestado en gran medida)

At this time he borrowed heavily from friends and acquaintances.

It borrowed heavily from Ward's earlier product, "Metamorphosis Alpha".

Confident of postwar expansion, the companies borrowed heavily to expand their facilities.

very heavily

After Spangler's wife died in 1864, he began drinking very heavily.

These are very heavily buzzing places during off periods and breaks.

If a State Convention had been held, it would have been very heavily pro-Union.

heavily armored

They have thick, scaly, heavily armored skin.

These were heavily armored ships, mounting a mixed battery of guns in turrets, and without sails.

They were provided by the aristocracy, were heavily armored, and ranged from archers to cataphracts.

not heavily

He went on further to state this is important because fungicides are not heavily regulated.

Despite Greene's talents, the Dunbar Panthers had a mediocre record, and he was not heavily recruited by colleges.

Taylor found herself not heavily involved in the first part of "Short Story" and is featured in the back of several scenes.

heavily outnumbered

Berbers heavily outnumbered Arabs in al-Andalus.

Sarah and Casey go to save him but are ambushed by Quinn's men and heavily outnumbered.

The Allied commander ordered his cavalry forward against the now heavily outnumbered French and Bavarian horsemen.

became heavily involved

"[H]e became heavily involved in the Socialist community and left wing student politics.

During this time, a government ran program, the Writers' War Board, became heavily involved in what would be published in comics.

During its early period, the Society became heavily involved in Expo '67, and the post-Expo exhibition that followed named Man and His World.

heavily bombed   (fuertemente bombardeado)

Berlin is the most heavily bombed city in history.

Belfast was heavily bombed during World War II.

In World War II the town was heavily bombed by the Allies in 1943.

heavily armoured

This made the ARL 44 the most heavily armoured French tank until the Leclerc.

The German 37 mm anti-tank gun proved ineffective against the heavily armoured Matildas.

The 'phalangites' were armed with a much longer spear, the sarissa, and less heavily armoured.

still heavily   (todavía fuertemente)

Even in the 18th century, it was still heavily wooded.

The junction is still heavily used by freight and passenger rail today.

Though he retired from active teaching in 1975, Keith-Lucas was still heavily involved in social work.

heavily in debt

Before long, they were heavily in debt to Pratt.

Before long, they were heavily in debt to him.

used heavily

Symbolism is used heavily in "Blue Velvet".

It operates during the summer and is used heavily by government survey crews.

The "L"-group is used heavily in the Langlands conjectures of Robert Langlands.

focused heavily

Ma Zhu's philosophy focused heavily on social relations and interactions between the sexes.

Given the grim mood in post-WWI, it was not surprising that these films focused heavily on crime and horror.

The book focused heavily on Truman Simons’ involvement in producing the evidence which led to the convictions.

heavily featured

The Canadian penny is heavily featured within the album's artwork.

The song was also heavily featured in the trailers for the 2013 film "The Spectacular Now".

Dried lemons, called loomi, are also heavily featured, grown locally, and used in most dishes.

lost heavily

The ÖVP also lost heavily in the elections of 2001.

A team consisting of lower grade players was fielded and Glebe lost heavily, 40–9.

In 2014, they again reached the MacTavish Final but lost heavily to Lovat yet again.

heavily pregnant   (muy embarazada)

At line 4 the sense of the pain of a heavily pregnant womb is doubled by the word "second."

Mick suggests to Shirley that Buster had an affair with Denise, who is now heavily pregnant.

Catherine rode north in full armour to address the troops, despite being heavily pregnant at the time.

heavily indebted

It also identifies heavily indebted poor countries.

Only a fraction of heavily indebted households file for insolvency.

In 1873, Cakobau ceded a Fiji heavily indebted to foreign creditors to the United Kingdom.

relying heavily   (confiando mucho)

Raids are a quick attack, relying heavily on the element of surprise to achieve their objective.

His style became more chromatic and astringent with time, but was always essentially tonal, relying heavily on polyphony.

In state capitalist systems, markets are relied upon the least, with the state relying heavily on state-owned enterprises or indirect economic planning to accumulate capital.

heavily built

These heavily built birds have legs feathered to the toes.

The skulls are heavily built with a strong zygomatic arch.

These boilers were heavily built of cast iron, short and flat-ended.

based heavily

Its economy is based heavily on heavy industry.

"Aquaria" is an action adventure game, based heavily on exploration.

It was based heavily on the Millennium but with various additions and some cost-cutting measures.

heavily reliant   (muy dependiente)

As a result, this process is heavily reliant on environmental state that the protein resides in.

The nomadic desert groups north of the Senegal were heavily reliant on these cereals for survival.

The first 30 seconds of exercise are most heavily reliant on the Phosphogenic Pathway for energy production.

heavily eroded

Many of these have breaches and are heavily eroded.

The "white series" is usually more heavily eroded than the "black series".

Sisa is a heavily eroded pleistocene stratovolcano in Hela, Papua New Guinea.

heavily damaged during

Aachen was heavily damaged during World War II.

The Urakami Cathedral was also heavily damaged during the blast.

In 2005, the structure was heavily damaged during Hurricane Katrina.

crashed heavily

He crashed heavily in the finale of Gent–Wevelgem with Tyler Farrar, dislocating his collarbone and tearing off the bone's ligaments.

Driving for Sauber in a practice session for the 1994 Monaco Grand Prix, Wendlinger lost control coming out of the tunnel and crashed heavily into the barrier.

At the end of the first lap, Barrie Smith in a privately entered Lola crashed heavily on the pit straight, and yellow flags were shown at the site of the accident.

heavily polluted   (altamente contaminado)

Like many rivers in Bangladesh, Karnaphuli is heavily polluted by agricultural runoff.

Much of the Detroit River and its shoreline were heavily polluted and unsafe for recreational use.

Portions of the creek are culvertized and channelized, and the stream has been heavily polluted in the past.

heavily traveled

It may be heavily traveled in the summer months.

Built in 1862, the station was on a heavily traveled stage and emigration route.

depends heavily

"Civil rights law depends heavily on private enforcement.

Vanilla production depends heavily on the situation in Madagascar.

SVU depends heavily upon donations from church members and friends.

contributed heavily

Again, automated scripts contributed heavily to the growth.

Tourism has also contributed heavily to the economy of Thiruvananthapuram.

He also contributed heavily to their "" eight-issue volume of character profiles.