İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

heavy metal   (ağır metal)

Selenium can protect against heavy metal poisoning.

In 2007, the Japanese heavy metal magazine "Burrn!"

He made a transition from heavy metal to hip hop.

heavy losses   (Ağır kayıplar)

The Red Army inflicted heavy losses on the enemy.

Ichiki's assault was defeated with heavy losses.

Demosthenes' allies also suffered heavy losses.

heavy casualties   (ağır kayıplar)

Confederate attacks were driven back with heavy casualties.

Although they were repulsed, they inflicted heavy casualties.

One was the heavy casualties suffered by Irish units in the war.

heavy rain   (yoğun yağış)

The race started 45 minutes late after heavy rain.

The match was played in strong wind & heavy rain.

The second ODI match was abandoned due to heavy rain.

heavy metal band   (ağır metal grubu)

Ektomorf Ektomorf is a heavy metal band from Hungary.

Play God Play God is the 1991 album by heavy metal band Reverend.

is the first studio album by American heavy metal band the Mentors.

heavy rainfall   (sağanak yağış)

This river only flows when there is heavy rainfall.

Further north, the heavy rainfall swelled rivers.

On the island, the hurricane dropped heavy rainfall up to .

suffered heavy   (ağır acı çekti)

The hotel where they stayed suffered heavy damage.

Demosthenes' allies also suffered heavy losses.

However "Strashny" suffered heavy damage by mine on 9 July.

heavy rains   (şiddetli yağışlar)

New Caledonia faced power outages and heavy rains.

Large swells and heavy rains impacted the ABC islands.

The cyclone's heavy rains helped ease drought problems in Queensland.

heavy fighting   (ağır dövüş)

On May 30, heavy fighting broke out around Syedabad.

After heavy fighting the Emirate's forces were defeated.

After heavy fighting, the Romanians took the mountain passes.

heavy fire   (ağır ateş)

It combines great mobility with heavy fire power.

The Syrians started to confront them with heavy fire.

The hospital itself came under heavy fire on many occasions.

heavy artillery   (ağır toplar)

This was only beaten back with heavy artillery fire.

The heavy artillery and stores were left in Donnington Castle.

It was also short of artillery ammunition and heavy artillery.

very heavy

The fleeces are not very heavy, only weighing .

The result was very heavy losses for the British cavalry.

There was very heavy betting on the match.

heavy use

The band Slayer makes heavy use of vibrato bars.

They saw heavy use in ground attack missions against insurgents.

The deadly London smog was caused primarily by the heavy use of coal.

due to heavy

The second ODI match was abandoned due to heavy rain.

In September 2015, Farini suffered a major flood due to heavy rain.

Trees and shrubs are infrequent due to heavy frost in the winter months.

heavy metals   (ağır metaller)

In most people, aluminium is not as toxic as heavy metals.

In China, heavy metals also cause environmental pollution.

It can mobilize some heavy metals such as mercury if present.

heavy industry   (ağır sanayi)

Its economy is based heavily on heavy industry.

The population has since declined owing to the loss of most of the heavy industry.

Mass production techniques were implemented in heavy industry to increase efficiency.

heavy damage   (ağır hasar)

The hotel where they stayed suffered heavy damage.

He inflicted heavy damage on the forts and town.

Strong winds resulted in heavy damage in Saint Croix.

too heavy   (Çok ağır)

When he comes to his body feels too heavy to run.

It was considered too big and too heavy, and had handling problems.

It was made after the 85 and 110 proved to be too heavy and expensive.

heavy cruiser   (ağır kruvazör)

In November the new heavy cruiser joined the unit.

A German destroyer was lost and a heavy cruiser damaged.

The cruiser force lost one heavy cruiser sunk and one damaged.

heavy machine

The rebels responded with heavy machine gun fire.

a heavy machine gun for the assassination.

It brought up some Bofors sections to act as heavy machine guns.

heavy equipment

ravines) by heavy equipment is also planned.

The troops left by ship, abandoning some heavy equipment.

They are especially prevalent in the mobile heavy equipment segment.

suffered heavy losses   (ağır kayıplar verdi)

Demosthenes' allies also suffered heavy losses.

During the Battle of Arnhem this division suffered heavy losses.

The freight and part-load goods traffic also suffered heavy losses.

heavy bomber   (ağır bombardıman uçağı)

RAF Ridgewell was the only long-term heavy bomber airfield of the Eighth Air Force in Essex.

158 Squadron was a heavy bomber squadron equipped with the four-engined Handley Page Halifax.

Was reassigned to Mather Air Force Base, California by SAC to disperse its heavy bomber force.

heavy bombers

The next day, however, the Soviet Air Force moved into action, using many heavy bombers.

In 1935 a number of Handley Page Heyford heavy bombers were based at Catfoss with 97 Squadron.

Bombs dropped from 279 Boeing B-29 Superfortress heavy bombers burned out much of eastern Tokyo.

heavy water

These are the first heavy water reactors in China.

CANDU replaces this "light" water with heavy water.

Another major producer of heavy water is India.

suffered heavy casualties

The Germans pushing forward into Stalingrad suffered heavy casualties.

The large force that was concentrated on the hill suffered heavy casualties.

90 Squadron suffered heavy casualties and the use of the Fortress I was discontinued.

heavy traffic

This caused a heavy traffic jam until the flood receded.

Existing roads in the area were improved to take heavy traffic.

They have no waiting interval (except during very heavy traffic).

heavy weapons

Some heavy weapons were dropped in special parachute containers.

They also lacked heavy weapons.

They find an urban environment where apes armed with heavy weapons hunt humans.

heavy seas   (ağır denizler)

Rescue operations were hampered by heavy seas and sharks.

A thirty mile per hour south-easterly wind created heavy seas.

In strong currents or heavy seas, it stops feeding and retracts all its arms.

heavy snow   (Yoğun kar yağışı)

It may use the dens of groundhogs as a temporary home or during heavy snow.

She exited the house via the diary room due to heavy snow in the main entrance.

The storm produced heavy snow and blocked most roads in the Appalachian Mountains.

heavy guns

This changed from the Type 1936 onwards, which mounted heavy guns.

They even used elephants to carry heavy guns across the mountains.

A bridge was ready by 29 October and the heavy guns crossed the river.

came under heavy

The hospital itself came under heavy fire on many occasions.

A few hundred meters from Tel Faher he came under heavy fire.

They were discovered by Spanish scouts and came under heavy fire.

heavy duty   (zor görev)

In other organisms tags are attached with heavy duty glues.

The first heavy duty cab was the TGA.

These are heavy duty defoamers and are normally best at knocking down surface foam.

heavy cavalry   (ağır süvari)

This company was paired with another company of heavy cavalry.

Overall, Guyot's Guard heavy cavalry division lost 47% of its strength.

Historically, cavalry was divided into horse archers, light and heavy cavalry.

received heavy

It received heavy airplay in Canada, reaching No.

The murder received heavy media coverage across Japan.

Ironically, it received heavy rotation on Christian stations.

heavy criticism

Stoiber's remarks drew heavy criticism in the press.

Silvana's photo received heavy criticism, as did Sânziana's and Laura's.

However, in 1941 the speech received heavy criticism from anti-war elements.

heavy snowfall   (yoğun kar yağışı)

In the winter, the pass is blocked by heavy snowfall.

On at least one occasion, slopes were re-opened in May after a heavy snowfall.

The winter of 2016 saw heavy snowfall along the Kolpur and Kohebash areas of Machh.

heavy cruisers   (ağır kruvazörler)

The US had four heavy cruisers, one light cruiser, and four destroyers.

In the Soviet Navy, they were termed "heavy cruisers" ("tjazholyj krejser").

However, in 1939 the "Mogami"s were refitted as heavy cruisers with ten guns.

heavy drinking   (ağır içme)

Allen died after a heavy drinking binge.

It was the time that Thomas's reputation for heavy drinking developed.

Despite the poet's heavy drinking, his liver showed no sign of cirrhosis.

heavy rotation   (Ağır rotasyon)

Ironically, it received heavy rotation on Christian stations.

It stayed in heavy rotation during the spring and summer of 1994.

It achieved heavy rotation on MTV following the huge success of the album.

heavy defeat

Afiq fail to score as Kelantan suffered a heavy defeat 5–1.

He led the party to a heavy defeat in the 1895 general election.

He scored just three runs in the match as Dorset fell to a heavy defeat.

suffering heavy   (ağır acı çekmek)

Hill, then Maj. Gen. Richard S. Ewell, suffering heavy casualties.

The battle ended in a rout with the Ottoman army suffering heavy casualties.

After suffering heavy casualties, the Russians withdrew from the battlefield.

heavy metal music

They are often cited as pioneers of heavy metal music.

Death metal Death metal is an extreme subgenre of heavy metal music.

Black metal Black metal is an extreme subgenre of heavy metal music.

inflicted heavy   (ağır)

The Red Army inflicted heavy losses on the enemy.

He inflicted heavy damage on the forts and town.

In 2018, they inflicted heavy damage on the Azadi stadium.

heavy rail   (ağır ray)

The heavy rail and bus and coach stations opened in 1990.

Both the light rail and the heavy rail subway cars share the station.

Below are the total number of passengers using heavy rail transport in Britain.

heavy machine gun

The rebels responded with heavy machine gun fire.

a heavy machine gun for the assassination.

The group also used a technical, a mortar, and a DShK heavy machine gun.

heavy fog   (yoğun sis)

The cause was heavy fog covering a train signal.

Less than a year later, on August 31, 1922, heavy fog caused another collision.

Later that night the group encountered the Norwegian patrol boat in heavy fog at 23:00.

heavy emphasis

F places a heavy emphasis on modular programming.

This novel has a heavy emphasis on choice.

It has heavy emphasis on the first and third beat of every measure.

other heavy   (diğer ağır)

Generally, men do the plowing, tilling, and other heavy farm work.

The exact mechanism of action is unknown, but common to other heavy metals.

Plutonium, like radium and many other heavy metals, accumulates in the bones.

caused heavy

The rainfall caused heavy crop damage in the region.

The bomb also caused heavy damage to surrounding buildings.

The storm caused heavy rainfall inland, peaking at in Angleton.

heavy bombardment   (ağır bombardıman)

In this period the village was subjected to a heavy bombardment and reduced to rubble.

At 04.00 that morning the Germans began a heavy bombardment, and strong probing attacks were driven off.

The current facade is in the Italian style, dating from 1747 when it was rebuilt after heavy bombardment.

rock and heavy

Stolen Babies are known for their unclassifiable odd rock and heavy, energetic performances.

He is best known as a specialist with in-depth knowledge of hard rock and heavy metal music.

New wave, glam rock and heavy metal had become the most popular style of rock in the mid-1980s.

during heavy

She died on October 2, 1914, during heavy fighting at Eminove Vode, on Mt.

It may use the dens of groundhogs as a temporary home or during heavy snow.

On 7 July 1974, the Abe River flooded, and landslides occurred during heavy rains, killing 23 people.

heavy machine guns

It brought up some Bofors sections to act as heavy machine guns.

in med-November During a 2-hour battle in Lawder and Jaar, AQAP stole heavy machine guns and supplies from Hizam troops.

Strong points armed with heavy machine guns were set up around the island, particularly around the island's two airports.

heavy machinery   (ağır makine)

There were 14 heavy machinery present on the day to do the work.

Cyprus must import fuels, most raw materials, heavy machinery, and transportation equipment.

Hungarian government enlisted a large number of workers and engaged a numerous and heavy machinery.

heavy loads   (ağır yükler)

Herniations can also result from the lifting of heavy loads.

This type of engine can be used to move heavy loads or produce motion.

Barge transport was used where possible for all heavy loads, such as the gas turbines.

sustained heavy

The two LRVs sustained heavy damage.

"Fairey" sheared off, having sustained heavy casualties and damage to her rigging.

The "Planet" building sustained heavy damages after the villain Doomsday's rampage.

heavy loss   (ağır kayıp)

She sank with heavy loss of life: 675 men were killed, and only 270 survived.

The rebellion took six months to suppress, with heavy loss of life on both sides.

In the work "Gate of sorrow" 1976 two "women are mourning over a heavy loss, like atlantes".

despite heavy   (ağır olmasına rağmen)

The British line stood firm, despite heavy casualties from gas and shellfire.

At the Battle of Mobile Bay on August 5, 1864, he was "[c]ool and courageous" despite heavy fire.

The German advance was held in front of Bucquoy, despite heavy shellfire and the weariness of the troops.

inflicting heavy   (ağır)

2nd Panzer Corps managed to encircle the 1st Airborne, inflicting heavy casualties.

Meanwhile, Rommel concentrated his attack on the Allied salient at Kidney Ridge, inflicting heavy losses.

The Marathas repulsed the Adilshahis inflicting heavy losses upon the latter when they arrived at the fort.

extremely heavy

The band didn't want to compose fast music, but to make extremely heavy songs.

Arkansas gave extremely heavy support to Democrat Franklin Roosevelt in the 1932 election.

heavy rock

He would be required to lift a heavy rock as a test of his strength.

It was founded in 1995 by Scott Hamilton and is a self-dubbed "heavy rock" label.

Users of Eden equipment span a wide variety of musical style from jazz and country to heavy rock.

heavy weather

She was sailing in heavy weather when she ran aground on Knife Island.

This determines performance in heavy weather and near the earth surface.

While on the Lake Huron leg of her journey the "Ohio" encountered heavy weather.

heavy tank

The 100-ton vehicle was initially designated a heavy tank.

By that point, the T29 and T30 turreted heavy tank designs had been built.

The design project was known as ARL 40, unrelated to the ARL 44 heavy tank.

brought heavy   (ağır getirdi)

The depression brought heavy rainfall to coastal West Bengal.

The storm's precursor brought heavy rainfall to coastal Bangladesh.

Alice brought heavy rainfall to Florida, peaking at in Lake Placid.

heavy toll   (ağır ücret)

Its loss levied a heavy toll on Israel's intelligence gathering during the war.

The Thirty Years' War and the Plague in 1636 took a heavy toll on the population.

World War II exacted a heavy toll on the membership and operations of the fraternity.

heavy vehicles

The latter two were very heavy vehicles, and were built only in small quantities.

All trucks, buses, and heavy vehicles in the town are diverted via the Ring Road.

However, many heavy vehicles especially express buses do not obey these speed limits.

dropped heavy

The storm dropped heavy precipitation in and around Belize.

On the island, the hurricane dropped heavy rainfall up to .

The storm dropped heavy rainfall while crossing the Lesser Antilles.

heavy enemy

Lee then asked Jackson if his troops could stand the heavy enemy fire.

Despite his painful injuries, he was able to lead his patrol back through the heavy enemy fire.

The evacuation was further complicated by heavy enemy anti-aircraft fire, and two H-34s were lost.

heavy oil

It is estimated to contain as many as of heavy oil with 14° to 16° API gravity.

In 2018, the low price of heavy oil negatively impacted Alberta's economic growth.

Much smaller heavy oil or bitumen deposits also occur in the Uinta Basin in Utah, US.

heavy weight

This is an anchor which relies solely on being a heavy weight.

The Ego weighs approximately , contributed by heavy weight of the battery.

Ohkello went on to fight for the WBC heavy weight Title in 2006 in Russia.

so heavy   (çok ağır)

"In some the glaze is so heavy that their raised and gleaming beads of crimson appear to flow.

Each gate had double doors that were made of iron; the doors were so heavy it took several men to open and close them.

"Impérial"<nowiki>'</nowiki>s fire was so heavy that several shot passed straight through "Northumberland" into "Superb".

heavy resistance   (ağır direnç)

The Canadians met heavy resistance and captured Falaise on 16 August.

But, on May 8, Grant met heavy resistance at the famous Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse.

After making gains north of the capital, they met heavy resistance by Taliban forces inside Kabul.

heavy metal bands

They are one of the most influential heavy metal bands of all time.

Dumont was influenced by heavy metal bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and KISS.

The trap is a wooden box made of 2x12 planks bound together by heavy metal bands and secured to the ground by telephone poles.

covered with heavy

Out of the forested land, all of the forested land area is covered with heavy forests.

As they ride, a winter storm begins, and soon the road becomes covered with heavy, thick snow.

She leads them to a nearby park where they find Cody's body in a shallow grave, covered with heavy rocks.

heavy infantry

Nonetheless, the Romans would continue to rely mainly on their heavy infantry supported by auxiliary cavalry.

The balance were equipped as heavy infantry, with body armour and a large shield, and divided into three ranks.

The heavy infantry fought in close formation, armed with long spears and round shields, wearing helmets and linen cuirasses.

heavy pressure   (ağır baskı)

The government was now under heavy pressure.

On 8 September Gallieni ordered Maunoury, under heavy pressure from von Kluck, to hold his ground.

The count finally signed the trialist proclamation after heavy pressure from the king on 23 October 1918.

heavy chain   (ağır zincir)

The heavy chain contains the protease domain and the activation petide.

Each heavy chain has two regions, the "constant region" and the "variable region".

This format is specific to the heavy chain part of the constant region in antibodies.

heavy forests

Out of the forested land, all of the forested land area is covered with heavy forests.

Power and water infrastructure as well as other special developed areas made up 1.3% of the area Out of the forested land, all of the forested land area is covered with heavy forests.

heavy drinker   (ağır içici)

The couple was a heavy drinker and did not have a good relationship.

Atatürk was a heavy drinker of alcohol, against social norms at that time.

His father became a heavy drinker and his parents divorced when he was seven.

heavy influence

Bill Hicks has always been a heavy influence on Tool's albums:

It was under the heavy influence of these narcotics that mothers would give birth to their children.

The light and atmosphere of southern France also proved to be a heavy influence on Cao Dam’s paintings from this period.

heavy industries

Recruitment was particularly strong in heavy industries.

Austria's nationalized heavy industries were in trouble.

Besides this, several heavy industries were also set up in the city.

saw heavy

They saw heavy use in ground attack missions against insurgents.

Colored Troops saw heavy action.

The branch saw heavy usage in World War 2 with additional freight traffic.

dropped heavy rainfall

On the island, the hurricane dropped heavy rainfall up to .

The storm dropped heavy rainfall while crossing the Lesser Antilles.

In West Bengal, the storm uprooted trees and dropped heavy rainfall.

through heavy   (ağır)

The rats are agile climbers, and move through heavy vegetation almost silently.

Sumarokova repeatedly navigated through heavy fog and twice carried out emergency landings.

Law, senior surviving naval officer, ran through heavy artillery fire from the shore and escaped to sea.

causing heavy   (ağır neden olmak)

That attack also failed, causing heavy British losses and forcing their retreat to Canada.

Minute quantities of mercury compounds can reach water bodies, causing heavy metal contamination.

A French battery advanced to within 300 yards of the 1/1st Nassau square causing heavy casualties.

winds and heavy   (rüzgarlar ve ağır)

The typhoon produced strong winds and heavy rain in the country.

In southern Madagascar, the cyclone produced high winds and heavy rainfall.

In Cavite, 7000 was stranded on the port due to Nangka's winds and heavy rains.

produced heavy

On Sable Island, the storm produced heavy winds and rain.

The remnants of Fengshen produced heavy rainfall in northeastern China.

While passing that island, it produced heavy rainfall that blocked roads.

heavy burden   (ağır yük)

The heavy burden of editing this huge work is still in progress.

Moreover, having borne a heavy burden during the years of war peasants are impatient with the pace of development.

Therefore, any legal claim advanced to justify regime change by a foreign power carries a particularly heavy burden.

heavy airplay

It received heavy airplay in Canada, reaching No.

The song achieved heavy airplay on music video channels.

The film receives heavy airplay across the world every Christmas.

heavy attack

Tancred's troops arrive, surviving heavy attack by the imperial admiral.

Due to a relatively short fuselage and an extended twin tail boom this aircraft type could accommodate a heavy attack and defense armament.

By 7 December Rommel fell back to a defensive line at Gazala, just west of Tobruk, all the while under heavy attack from the Desert Air Force.

took heavy

The Chinese infantry took heavy casualties, and were forced to retreat.

The 17th Battalion was committed to Pozières in July and took heavy casualties.

Throughout the day a running armour battle occurred, where both sides took heavy losses.

inflicted heavy casualties   (ağır kayıplar verdi)

Although they were repulsed, they inflicted heavy casualties.

They also attacked neighbouring Naga tribes and inflicted heavy casualties.

Army helicopters then intercepted them with machine-gun fire and inflicted heavy casualties.

heavy load

The original WAG-9 had some wheel slippage incidents while hauling heavy load.

Massive columns have the ability to increase in carrying strength over long time periods (even during periods of heavy load).

Dynamic rope is used to belay climbers, and is designed to stretch under a heavy load to absorb the shock of a fallen climber.

heavy air

Periodic heavy air attacks continued through April.

Meanwhile, the Royal Air Force (RAF) made heavy air attacks on the Axis units.

On 11–12 May 1940 "Fleetwood" helped to land troops at Mo i Rana, and came under heavy air attack.

heavy tanks

Some heavy tanks can operate amphibiously with a fabric skirt to add buoyancy.

The mobile nature of armoured warfare in World War II had demonstrated the drawbacks of the slow heavy tanks.

It is estimated that some 6,000 Soviet heavy tanks were built after the end of World War II, of which 1,439 were T-10s.

heavy lift   (Ağır kaldırma)

It was the world's largest heavy lift shipping company.

These included heavy lift vessels, ferries, and offshore vessels.

Built as one of four early heavy lift ships for DDG Hansa, she was designed to carry locomotives and other large cargo.

days of heavy

The first objective was achieved after two days of heavy combat on 26 June.

Brunei town was bombed extensively and recaptured after three days of heavy fighting.

Two days of heavy rain left the ball field with standing water and threatened to postpone the July 7 game.

heavy freight

A small freight yard is also present as the line sees heavy freight traffic.

From 1911, the works constructed 130 of Robinson's GCR Class 8K (later O4) 2-8-0 heavy freight locomotives.

For handling heavy freight a steam locomotive and twelve standard steam-railroad freight cars were employed.

suffering heavy casualties

Hill, then Maj. Gen. Richard S. Ewell, suffering heavy casualties.

The battle ended in a rout with the Ottoman army suffering heavy casualties.

After suffering heavy casualties, the Russians withdrew from the battlefield.