turned heel   (かかとを回した)

With this, Austin turned heel.

After the match, Luger turned heel and took on Race as his manager and Mr. Hughes as his bodyguard.

On September 9, Nakano turned heel for the first time in her career, joining the villainous Oedo Tai faction.

turning heel   (かかとを回す)

After the match, Nakamura showed his respect to Styles but then attacked him with a low blow and a "Kinshasa", turning heel.

Post-match, Morishima quit Brave to form a new group with Kenoh and Maybach Taniguchi, later named Choukibou-gun, turning heel in the process.

On April 4, 2015, The Addiction defeated reDRagon to win the ROH World Tag Team Championship, revealing themselves along with Chris Sabin as the villainous masked group known as KRD, turning heel in the process.