Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

not help   (không giúp)

Constant ownership changes did not help the Indians.

It also did not help that Wegener was not a geologist.

When he saw where he grew up, he could not help crying.

order to help   (để giúp đỡ)

Surgery can be done in order to help the nerve heal.

She also studied Braille in order to help a blind friend.

Materials were donated in order to help build the new clinic.

help people   (giúp đỡ mọi người)

She wants to help people and make everything right.

Buproprion is used to help people stop smoking.

There are also mobile apps that can help people identify colors.

used to help   (dùng để giúp đỡ)

They were also used to help sell Christmas Seals.

A larger water pump was used to help aid in cooling.

It was used to help promote "The Great Muppet Caper".

designed to help   (được thiết kế để giúp đỡ)

Bede wrote some works designed to help teach grammar in the abbey school.

The strategy was designed to help them compete with Google and ad networks.

There are rehabilitation programs designed to help borrowers get out of debt.

help prevent   (giúp ngăn ngừa)

Probiotics may help prevent re-occurrence.

Steri-Strips help prevent maceration.

Pairs have a fin towards the rear, to help prevent roll and yaw.

help support   (giúp đỡ)

Lifting belts are often used to help support the lower back.

Most of his earnings were sent home to help support his family.

Lifting belts are sometimes used to help support the lower back.

agrees to help

Zeke agrees to help them, and is given the weapon.

Although reluctant at first, Liam agrees to help.

At a diner, Cypher agrees to help them find Wolverine.

help reduce   (giúp giảm)

Icing will help reduce swelling and inflammation.

Changing the spring tension can help reduce bumping.

Wider structures and good lighting can help reduce this.

help students

He associated with the trust to help students affected by terrorism.

All classrooms are equipped with assistive technology to help students.

Mentors motivate, inspire and help students develop critical study skills.

help build

Along with those skills, our programs help build character.

Materials were donated in order to help build the new clinic.

He asked the Los Angeles Water Company to help build the water pipe up the hill.

help promote   (giúp thúc đẩy)

It was used to help promote "The Great Muppet Caper".

Its original goal was to help promote work by new artists.

Kin selection would help promote such behaviors through evolution.

help raise   (giúp nâng cao)

The charity aimed to help raise money for local children in crisis.

The teams play to help raise money for the Corky Kell Scholarship Fund.

Sammy adores his older sister Kei, who has postponed her dreams to help raise him.

help improve   (giúp cải thiện)

This is part of a greater effort by Russia to help improve the FARDC.

He hopes the project will help improve living standards in developing countries.

Staff help improve the park greatly, and will therefore increase the park rating.

help develop   (giúp phát triển)

The university hired Ann Kirschner in late 1998 to help develop this plan.

It brings together 200 volunteers who help develop more than 70 activities.

He was a foundation member of the North Otago Ski Club, and help develop Awakino.

tries to help

When Claire tries to help, he pushes her away.

Instead, Pauline's father tries to help Pauline's case.

Meanwhile, Holt tries to help Rosa break up with Marcus.

help create

All of these same "old" factors help create a "new" story.

This would also help create up to 125 jobs in the local area.

The schools joined and help create the Northeast Ohio Conference.

help protect   (giúp bảo vệ)

Car alarms likewise help protect vehicles and their contents.

This seems to help protect them from some other more aggressive fish.

The U.S. Army is using Weapons Systems Engineering to help protect our soldiers.

help make   (giúp đỡ)

Steps can be taken to help make for a successful family vacation.

He was later called in to help make the film "Little Boy Lost" (1978).

It is meant to help make insurance more affordable to low waged families.

did not help

Constant ownership changes did not help the Indians.

It also did not help that Wegener was not a geologist.

Her quiet, gentle disposition did not help.

help fund   (quỹ giúp đỡ)

The number 92 is a start and park entry to help fund the number 26.

Barnes helped with the film, and also provided $10,000 to help fund it.

Goldman, meanwhile, decided to help fund the scheme through prostitution.

able to help   (có khả năng giúp)

Percy is able to help out a friend – by accident.

Krishna agrees to be the coach and is able to help the team.

Gill and Nina realize John is in trouble but are not able to help him.

help keep   (giúp giữ)

The secretions produced by these help keep the skin moist.

Computers help keep conditions constant."

The freeway system uses ramp meters to help keep traffic moving.

help pay

She worked as a waitress to help pay for college.

Sullivan later raised money to help pay for Robinson's funeral.

Gunning responded by initiating a penny drive to help pay the fee.

intended to help

This was intended to help preserve Native culture.

The move to France was also intended to help with her asthma.

The guitar provides a number of features intended to help gamers become guitarists.

seek help   (tìm kiếm sự giúp đỡ)

While Tom kept watch over the "Coloma", Minnie went to seek help.

He moved to Syria to seek help from the Roman emperor Constantine.

Some other chiefs were not so quick to seek help from the government.

get help

Finally, they get help of one police inspector Iqbal.

Monica chose to get help and report herself.

Kito says she can get help from a friend called Mosquito.

trying to help

It’s more than me that I am trying to help.

He's last seen trying to help Toshihiko when he goes to battle Ōba.

In addition the U.S. was also trying to help Afghan pilots learn to fly at night.

financial help   (trợ giúp tài chính)

Some financial help came from the Irish Free State.

His father offers financial help, but Hoke refuses.

The S&BR gave technical assistance and some financial help.

help others

She is a kindly person who is eager to help others.

In Jack's parting letter, he asked for his parents to help others.

They must try their maximum to help others, and see everything around them as lord Ayyappa.

help children

Anggun joined UNICEF campaign to help children in Africa.

She worked throughout her life to help children living in poverty.

They help children learn through mediation, which is modeling and explaining concepts.

help establish   (giúp thiết lập)

More experimental research is necessary to help establish causation.

Cohen went on to help establish the widespread practice of nocturnal adoration.

He also uses his influence to help Jewish refugees and to help establish Israel.

enlisted the help   (tranh thủ sự giúp đỡ)

He had enlisted the help of the two heroes, Krishna and Arjuna.

To aid him in this venture, Hulbert enlisted the help of Spalding.

Mậu enlisted the help of Khiêm following Tuyến's departure into exile.

help bring   (giúp mang)

"I was asked to help bring Persiba to the right place.

Einstein asked them to help bring Jewish scientists out of Germany.

In 1864, he returned to Pennsylvania again to help bring the regiment up to strength.

help determine

Fipke uses custom software to help determine the difference.

Testing for resistance during an outbreak can help determine appropriate future choices.

It is used to help determine the lifestyle and practices of people living in biblical times.

offers to help

She asks for her phone back but Brea offers to help her.

Goemon Ishikawa offers to help the police by entering the house to kill Lupin.

Ritchie offers to help, but is rebuffed and vows never to enter the house again.

help provide   (giúp cung cấp)

I wanted to help provide that opportunity for them."

These divisions help provide insurance in multiple sectors.

Through the organization, Cardenal was able to help provide education for the poor in Nicaragua.

help ensure   (giúp đảm bảo)

Pennsylvania also canceled 212 camp site leases to help ensure security for the installation.

Additional study is needed to help ensure the continued presence of mountain plovers in Oklahoma.

For example, a thermocouple might be used to help ensure a furnace's temperature remains constant.

help maintain   (giúp duy trì)

An irrigation system provides 85 sprinkler heads to help maintain this practice location.

One of the purposes of a suspension is to help maintain contact between the tire and road.

The run hosts the Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade to raise money to help maintain the run.

decides to help

After Klonoa saves her, she decides to help him.

Jake (Andy Samberg) decides to help Boyle in finding the toy.

While initially adamant to participate, he decides to help them.

agreed to help

Omrao Khan agreed to help on building such mosque.

Kenya also agreed to help train Somali government employees.

Nakens was hesitant but agreed to help.

tried to help

In several cases Jews tried to help support the Sasanian advance.

As 10 students followed him, Mr. Shen tried to help them finish their study.

He was a traitor to the Winter Court and tried to help Lady Aurora kill Lily.

help save

Merlin frequently helps the princess, Riri and Juju to help save the dragon.

When he returns to Sarpeidon's past, Spock follows him, intending to help save him in the battle.

Idealistic young Mary captures Wilbur's heart, and may be able to help save his life or help him find peace.

try to help

Krish and Radhika see Suvarna and try to help her.

The ghosts try to help her as well.

The former prisoners try to help.

help finance   (giúp đỡ tài chính)

To help finance the new ground, Montrose F.C.

It was chartered to help finance local cotton plantations.

After reviewing their proposal, he agreed to help finance the project.

help find   (giúp tìm)

Leaving Kitty, Ari promises to help find Karen's father.

They help find a Chinese man's treasure.

Tong and his friends help find the banana heart in the forest.

help identify

The coat and jacket were later used to help identify Easterbrook.

Epidemiology can help identify causes as well as guide prevention efforts.

It will help identify, capture and prosecute terrorists and help preempt terror plots.

sought help

She escaped and sought help from authorities, to no avail.

Later in 1761, the Cochin king sought help from Travancore.

Popal sought help from psychiatrists and began taking antidepressants.

call for help   (gọi giúp đỡ)

As the house gets no cell phone reception, the group is unable to call for help.

He finds Sara and Therese, who are too afraid to call for help, in the well and climbs after them.

When Goran gets stuck, Angel stuffs his mouth with a rag so he would be unable to speak or call for help.

help defend

Later that year he was ordered to help defend the County of Tyrol.

On 30 December 1915, the regiment landed in Alexandria to help defend Egypt.

On 12 May, Hikmatyar's forces arrived in Kabul to help defend against the Taliban.

money to help

He donated his own money to help the victims of the fire.

Anggun joined AIDES to raise money to help fighting AIDS.

Reed's father said he planned to raise money to help Tren.

way to help

"I want to make it known that there is a way to help."

The Rose Bowl game was first played in 1902, as a way to help fund the Rose Parade.

Twinsticks were first allowed in 1967, as a way to help expand CTV service to smaller markets.

help the team   (giúp đội)

Johnson scored again to help the team win 3–2.

Krishna agrees to be the coach and is able to help the team.

He is an experienced player who, I think, will help the team."

help each

They continue to work together and help each other when needed.

They help each other."

<br> Sing with jubilation!<br> Prepare to accept responsibility<br> And to help each other!

aims to help

The service aims to help players find "good old games", preserving old games.

The lifestyle aims to help JVs live in solidarity with the people they are working with.

Mu Kappa aims to help MKs and other TCKs with the transition to American culture and college life.

help other   (giúp đỡ khác)

I hope the song might help other people in Willie's position."

Additionally, I can help other victims move forward in their lives."

Wollersheim helped co-found in 1993 to help other victims of cult abuse.

help explain   (giúp giải thích)

This may help explain the lack of "Gigantopithecus" bones today.

List of legendary creatures may also help explain what is not here.

This would help explain how a settlement so early on would become so large.

no help

Narrow road was of little to no help at this point.

There would be no help from the Europeans.

But the change in scenery was no help.

help solve

He believes that as Jess' godfather, he can help solve the situation.

At the end of the play, guests were asked to help solve the premeditated murder.

He became vice president of the Home Insurance Company to help solve a fire insurance scandal.

offered to help

Islamic Jihad offered to help us."

Evans offered to help, but Wunder wouldn't let him saying, "It wasn't your mistake."

When Gronovius saw it, he was very impressed, and offered to help pay for the printing.

enlists the help

DEA enlists the help of the Seattle S.W.A.T.

He enlists the help of his son, a reluctant sea cadet, to smoke them out.

Beside himself, Bruce enlists the help of Bruce Sands, a renowned playboy.

help fight   (giúp chiến đấu)

All proceeds from sales of the single go to help fight cancer.

Fire crews came from across the nation to help fight the fires.

He then decides to join Tarrou and Dr. Rieux to help fight the epidemic.

help guide   (trợ giúp chỉ dẫn)

Beacons help guide navigators to their destinations.

The Hospital Point Light was established to help guide ships through Salem Sound.

Security had to be called to help guide the two computer advice experts to their car."

medical help   (trợ giúp y tế)

Determined to find out what is wrong with her son, Ellen seeks medical help.

If swallowed, get medical help or contact a poison control center immediately.

Due to his poor economic conditions he faced problems in getting timely medical help.

without the help

It was Nick's first solo album without the help of a major label.

When Xuxa grew up, she had to go her way without the help of a faithful protector.

This change also allowed songs to chart with or without the help of radio airplay.

help each other   (giúp đỡ lẫn nhau)

They continue to work together and help each other when needed.

They help each other."

<br> Sing with jubilation!<br> Prepare to accept responsibility<br> And to help each other!

wanted to help

I wanted to help provide that opportunity for them."

Schulberg later said: "In a small way, I wanted to help...

He lost his job, and called his sister who said that she wanted to help him.

help alleviate   (giúp giảm bớt)

This will help alleviate traffic delays caused at this crossing by passing trains.

It was founded in 2004 to help alleviate the enrollment stress on cross-town Ceres High School.

The goal of the algorithm is to help alleviate the tedious process of assigning key phrases manually.

help increase

To help increase their single sales in America, E!

These can help increase the power of a player's army.

Family planning can help increase inter-pregnancy interval.

help the club

Despite this, the 2010–11 season saw De Zeeuw help the club win the league.

In his following two years, he help the club add back-to-back, Portuguese Cup win's.

His one regret was that he had been unable to help the club win a trophy for the fans.

help restore   (giúp khôi phục)

Crop rotation can help restore tilth in compacted soils.

It is revealed that the fairy world sent unicorns into various worlds to help restore peoples' faith in magic.

Juris Khan requests the aid of Kentril and his group to help restore the city and complete their original goal.

unable to help   (không thể giúp)

Even the banshee Yua was unable to help him.

Sam is horrified, but unable to help.

His one regret was that he had been unable to help the club win a trophy for the fans.

help preserve   (giúp bảo quản)

This was intended to help preserve Native culture.

Proper records management can help preserve this feature of records.

The ferrule can also help preserve the hermetic seal of the luting cement.

help get

Balleau orders the servants to help get Johnny out.

The fire burns out and all the cats help get the camp set up again.

Marion soon follows Coop to Los Angeles to help get revenge on Michael.

needed help

Baker got out word that he needed help.

This made him realise that he had a serious problem and needed help.

Hearing that Asael needed help with bookkeeping, Chaja offered to tutor him.

little help   (sự giúp đỡ nhỏ)

The kidnapped McDonald is rescued, with a little help from Joey McDonald.

The skater will go and do the jump with very little help from their coach.

The Joker tells Batman that it was made "with a little help from the Dollmaker."

help control   (giúp kiểm soát)

Their function is to help control riots.

Phocids are able to divert blood flow to this layer to help control their temperatures.

Ultraviolet sterilizers are often used to help control unwanted microorganisms in aquaria and ponds.

help young

He founded the Marcello Giordani Foundation to help young opera singers.

Youth clubs are there to help young people understand the world around them.

As such, they were driven to help young people struggling with mental health.

efforts to help

He took legal efforts to help the victims testify to the investigation of the Commission.

The families do not understand Sister Helen's efforts to help Poncelet, claiming she is "taking his side."

He was awarded the Italian Medal militaire for his bravery and efforts to help the injured during the War.

effort to help   (nỗ lực để giúp đỡ)

Scoutreach is an effort to help overcome past problems in the program.

There has been an effort to help employ a greater number of the Romani population.

He made every effort to help the people by providing canals to irrigate the fields.

help his team   (giúp đội của anh ấy)

He scored a brace and assisted once to help his team record a historic 5–2 win.

In March 2004 he saved a Michael Owen penalty to help his team to a 2–0 win over Liverpool.

He added another later in the match, soccering the ball in mid-air to help his team to a 13 point victory.

help lead   (giúp dẫn)

He missed three months of the season, but returned to help lead Olimpia back to the Finals.

He became one of their starting defensive tackles and help lead them to a Super Bowl win in 1985.

He was recruited from Virginia to come to Alabama to help lead the formation of Hoover City Schools.

created to help

Alerts can be created to help learn of changes and new additions to the intranet.

This initiative was created to help stimulate a self-sustaining tourism economy for Haiti.

The state oil company Nunaoil was created to help develop the hydrocarbon industry in Greenland.

asking for help

Nizak wrote to the Zunblis asking for help.

an injured person verbally asking for help) illicit more consistent intervention and assistance.

Cross was expecting Kyle Craig, who had faxed Cross a letter asking for help with the Mr. Smith case.

refuses to help

Despite her guilt and latent anger, Elaine refuses to help Cordelia.

Unfortunately his best friend in the police force refuses to help him.

Filipe refuses to help and returns to his conversation with General Pais.

willing to help   (sẵn lòng giúp đỡ)

Miles is willing to help.

He told Jiang Ji, "If what you said is true, I am most willing to help him.

Rosa decides to give it to Terry, who is willing to help his colleagues whenever in need.

seeking help

Verloc reluctantly plans the operation, seeking help from The Professor.

Friends said Moore suffered from mood swings and refused to follow his friends' advice of seeking help.

Then, with a limited budget, the ministry worked on a case-by-case basis only seeking help from donor agencies to expand its activity.

help women

She established several charity organizations to help women.

She told depositors that the bank worked with a Quaker charity that wanted to help women of modest means.

"What the Church should be doing is strengthening its resolve to help women in crisis and to educate people."

help when   (giúp đỡ khi)

In Alabama a family gave me help when I was considered 'nothing.'

Quiet is then forced to speak to summon help when Snake is bitten by a venomous snake.

She seeks out Dresden's help when her boyfriend is arrested as a suspect in an assault.

help secure   (giúp bảo mật)

He had been one of the suspended players, but scored twice in the final quarter to help secure a victory for the Terrapins.

This time he picked off a Sonny Wade pass in the end zone late in the fourth quarter to help secure the win for the Rough Riders.

Pruitt also instructed at least three EPA aides to help secure a White House internship for his daughter, after which she received such a post.

wants to help

She wants to help people and make everything right.

Vasechkin wants to help his friend Petrov.

One day, Raja tells Vinoth that he wants to help him and gives him good advice to woo Nila.

help manage   (giúp quản lý)

In this regard, escalators help manage the flow of people.

Some new services were developed to help manage demand, including NHS Direct.

To help manage their terror, they find solace in their death-denying beliefs, such as their religion.

ask for help   (yêu cầu giúp đỡ)

She would actively ask for help from Japanese supporters to find Izumi.

This forced Georgia to ask for help from Germany which they were granted.

To do this, rather than ask for help, she decides to take in young lodgers.

attempts to help

This was not one of the most successful attempts to help those with NSRED.

The woman is very pregnant and they reject Rawlings's attempts to help them.

Soo-jung follows Lee around as he attempts to help the community in his bizarre fashion.

help rebuild   (giúp xây dựng lại)

Some were kept in the city to help rebuild it.

After the fire, Elizabeth I sent money to help rebuild the town.

The debris was sent to Warsaw, to help rebuild the destroyed city.

help set

Amar'e and his friends help set the tournament up.

Anyone who tries to help set up this system is part of it".

As the bubbles of gas expand they cool and help set the chocolate.

help against   (giúp chống lại)

Charles did little to help against Guy, however.

The envoy's objective was to enlist the Tang help against the Tibet's ally Kashgar.

Many of these treatments are alleged to help against only specific forms of cancer.

attempt to help   (cố gắng giúp đỡ)

They escaped from the cabin and ran to the crash site in an attempt to help the passengers.

Dresner organises a robbery in an attempt to help Terry, but the plan immediately goes wrong.

He did not call for medical aid or attempt to help the victims but stole Asher's handgun from his body.

help the poor

He uses the money to help the poor in his village, and provide them jobs.

Vasen also spent much of her time volunteering her services to help the poor Jewish community.

Everything is provided by the school to help the poor social and economic background of students.

help of local

With the help of local people, these temples are being renovated.

Some survived with the help of local villagers and joined Soviet partisan units.

Much of the building work was carried out with the help of local people and patients.