Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

helped found   (đã tìm thấy)

In 1869, he helped found the Lafayette Savings Bank.

Mongenais helped found the Collège Bourget at Rigaud.

He helped found the Severn Sailing Association.

helped establish   (đã giúp thiết lập)

It helped establish the new MGM as a major studio.

He helped establish the United Irishmen in Belfast.

In 1889 he helped establish a dental school at Guy's.

helped lead   (đã giúp dẫn)

He helped lead Oregon to a 12–1 record and the No.

He helped lead the Chargers to a 9–7 season.

He also helped lead the team to the 2003 national title.

helped create

This procedure helped create Agnew's reputation.

He also helped create the Rallye Monte-Carlo in 1911.

He helped create electoral committees in each commune.

helped organize   (giúp tổ chức)

He helped organize the city's first gas company.

He helped organize a quadrennial conference on geometry at Haifa.

After 1906, he also taught at the new , which he helped organize.

helped the team   (giúp đội)

He helped the team to a berth in World Bowl XIII.

He helped the team reach the 2008 UEFA Cup Final.

In 2015, she helped the team win bronze at the Nor.Ca.

helped develop   (đã giúp phát triển)

They helped develop New York City's manufacturing industries.

Def Rhymz, Spookrijders & Brainpower really helped develop the game.

During his leadership he helped develop the Digital Technology Center.

helped the club

Thus this helped the club to focus on the FA Trophy.

He also helped the club to the fourth round of the FA Cup.

He also helped the club to do so in the next two years afterwards.

helped to establish   (đã giúp thành lập)

She helped to establish the Screen Writers Guild in 1933.

These connections helped to establish Emmett as a martyr figure.

", from Queen Mary whose patronage helped to establish the series.

helped bring   (đã giúp mang lại)

Aggressive marketing helped bring traffic back to M&E.

Wilburn's actions helped bring law and order to the region.

His love for jazz helped bring the genre to a wider audience.

helped to found

There he helped to found the Glyndebourne Festival Opera.

He helped to found the UPRN in 1991 and became its President.

She helped to found a Domestic Workers' Union in Harlem in 1934.

helped make   (đã giúp)

This helped make it truly Moru.

In the 1970s, he helped make South Florida a capital for the then new sport.

This campaign helped make the company well-known and ran until the early 1980s.

helped launch   (đã giúp khởi động)

It helped launch Maria Montez as a pin-up star.

In the 1980s, he helped launch the series Ulysses 31.

Moreover, she helped launch its national fundraising campaign.

helped build

In 1943 students helped build a livestock squeeze.

He also helped build up Sturmey Archer Gears.

Anselmi helped build the Rogers Centre and Rogers Arena.

helped form

Later, he helped form and lead the Union Army's Iron Brigade.

In 1992 Care helped form Satellite, a division of Propaganda Films.

Rich helped form a Latter-day Saint settlement in San Bernardino, California.

helped raise   (đã giúp nâng cao)

An event which helped raise money for local charity.

That fall Walcutt helped raise and train the 46th Ohio Infantry.

In June 2017 Spencer helped raise £140,000 for the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

helped set

In 1976, he helped set up the Salamander Oasis Trust.

This helped set the car up for a specific circuit when required.

He became an intimate of Wilson and helped set up his administration.

helped to create

They helped to create the first king of gods.

He also helped to create the signature look of these characters.

She helped to create the annual Women@Imperial and Diverse@Imperial weeks.

helped shape   (đã giúp định hình)

Hellenbrand claims that these men helped shape Jefferson's thinking.

Populist ideology helped shape the design and use of the public space.

Such works helped shape memories of the antebellum years and the Lost Cause.

helped his team   (đã giúp đội của anh ấy)

He helped his team win the gold medal over Canada.

Maxim helped his team finish 4th in 2005-2006 season.

He also helped his team to win league title after four years.

later helped

He later helped found the social investment company IVN, Israel Venture Network.

She later helped the Razorback 4 × 400 m team to a second-place finish in the final.

Girardi later helped the New York Yankees win the 1996, 1998, and 1999 World Series.

helped secure   (đã giúp bảo mật)

The car won the round and helped secure the championship.

These demos helped secure Connell and Jackson’s major label contract.

This helped secure him a job teaching at the Paris Conservatory in 1857.

helped to develop   (đã giúp phát triển)

She helped to develop Lactaid and Beano.

Navy Ensign Rodd helped to develop the radio compass for these aircraft.

The Order's religious networks helped to develop Danzig's literary culture.

helped design

One supporter contributed at this level and helped design the Crystal.

In 1682, Arcangelo helped design the baroque facade Santa Maria in Portico a Chiaia.

He built the brick walls and paths in the garden of his house, a house he himself helped design.

helped set up

In 1976, he helped set up the Salamander Oasis Trust.

He became an intimate of Wilson and helped set up his administration.

In 1924 Aldred and Patrick helped set up a journal called "The Commune".

not helped

The Olympics has not helped to discredit this perception."

Their problems were not helped by floods, drought and snow storms.

Matters were not helped when a fire broke out in Wavre, blocking several streets along Bülow's intended route.

then helped

The other members then helped to complete the song.

Dominic then helped his father backstage.

He then helped burn the town just before the Japanese arrived.

helped to organize   (giúp tổ chức)

He helped to organize a YMCA in Dubuque in 1857.

He helped to organize the T.D.S.

Franklin helped to organize a local militia to defend the capital against the mob.

helped them win   (đã giúp họ chiến thắng)

He helped them win the 1993–94 Scottish Cup.

He helped them win the Série B division, and consequently gain promotion to Série A.

He signed for Fortuna Köln shortly afterwards, and helped them win promotion to the 3.

helped start

He was also helped start the Litstock festival.

In 2003 he helped start the political non-profit Music for America.

Trout would later be one of the officers that helped start Delta Force.

helped produce   (đã giúp sản xuất)

Charles and Rosetta helped produce his newspapers.

Ricky Reed helped produce "REBORN YESTERDAY".

Mast helped produce "Feel the Love", "Fire" and "Reborn".

helped fund   (đã giúp quỹ)

This helped fund a research unit at the University of Glasgow for kidney diseases.

He also helped fund a significant number of co-operative ventures, most of which proved unsuccessful.

Croatian singer Marko Perković, who was born in Čavoglave, helped fund the construction of this church.

helped write

He was one of four Democrats who helped write the bill.

The person who helped write "Airplane pt.

claimed that he helped write Dr. Dre's third album "Compton".

helped guide   (hướng dẫn giúp đỡ)

He helped guide Ba to the Semi Finals.

Kohl took the on-air name of "Scott Fisher" and helped guide the station to even greater success.

In 1991, he helped guide 2nd year running back Rodney Hampton to 1,059 yards and 10 touchdowns on the ground.

helped to bring   (đã giúp mang)

Anthony helped to bring major league baseball to Los Angeles.

He helped to bring about a peace treaty between them and the ruler of Kiev.

All this, therefore, helped to bring him closer to the personality of General de Gaulle.

helped popularize

He helped popularize the tarana, as well as khyalnuma compositions in the Dari variant of Persian.

Author Glenn Stout ("A Red Sox Century") helped popularize the collection when he worked at the library.

European trade, books, and colonialism helped popularize the adoption of Arabic numerals around the world.

having helped

At her trial, she admitted to having helped Fr.

May I sincerely thank you for having helped NOL get on its feet.

Consequently, DeMille left Paramount in 1924 despite having helped establish it.

helped to make   (đã giúp)

They helped to make stars of actors like John Mills, Jack Hawkins and Kenneth More.

In addition they helped to make the Tamil religious life independent of a knowledge of Sanskrit.

According to Billie Wei, the reversal of gender roles helped to make the painting so controversial.

helped finance

Rogers helped finance "Before They Die!

She helped finance Vilnius University.

Hamling helped finance the defense of bookstore clerk Robert Redrup.

helped promote   (đã giúp thúc đẩy)

A massive $14.7 million marketing effort helped promote "Ben-Hur."

He helped promote Monterey County Special Olympics for several years.

He also helped promote the Mexican Football Federation and the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

helped to build

Reed said that Lopes helped to build her confidence.

This all helped to build a well informed film audience.

Green died in Dalton, a city that he had helped to build.

helped keep   (đã giúp giữ)

Vanessa herself doesn't believe the tales, but it helped keep the stash a secret.

During his first season with Swansea he helped keep 13 clean sheets in 37 league appearances.

The flatter "flight" trajectory helped keep them from diving so deeply as to encounter bottom mud.

helped define   (đã giúp xác định)

This win helped define Ducati's approach to racing.

... [Taylor's] vision and influence at the helm of Ordinaire has helped define natural wine in America."

Steinhardt's violin sound, and its interplay with the guitar and keyboards, helped define the Kansas sound.

helped draft

In 1843, he helped draft the Constitution of Greece.

In 1928, he helped draft the Nehru Committee Report on Constitutional Reforms.

As part of her duties, Valérie Fourneyron helped draft the 1989 Anti-Doping Act.

helped save

This strong finish helped save Rivera's job.

They looked at the painting their relative helped save."

It also helped save the couple money.

helped introduce   (đã giúp giới thiệu)

Grenadier's father helped introduce him to the instruments and music theory.

In 1996, Ordesky helped introduce U.S. audiences to Jackie Chan with the break-out hit "Rumble in the Bronx".

He axed the majority of the Di Marco family and helped introduce popular characters such as the Slater family.

when he helped   (khi anh ấy giúp)

Thelander had been courted in the previous season when he helped lead AaB win the double.

His first stage act experience began in 1939 at the New York World's Fair when he helped a marionette act.

Thota Tharani has been involved in the art of set design since he was just twelve when he helped his father.

helped to raise   (giúp nâng cao)

These boxers helped to raise morale and put on boxing exhibitions.

The DEC August 2014 Gaza appeal shown by the BBC helped to raise £16m over two years.

Scanlan has also helped to raise more than $100 million in investment for the company.

helped win

In 1937, he helped win an acquittal for pastor Martin Niemöller.

I believe that this is another quality of our show that has helped win it a wide and loyal audience."

Mayor Dianne Feinstein took charge of the effort, and helped win federal funding for the bulk of the rebuilding job.

helped put

He helped put down another coup on September 27.

His talents helped put the University radio station on air in 1922.

Tom helped put Louie away but does not know about his present whereabouts.

helped many

By his simple teachings, he helped many people.

She helped many people to escape from occupied France.

Rather, he says he helped many homosexuals obtain exemptions.

helped to form

In 2005 she helped to form the band Von Iva.

These meeting early on helped to form the LeTort Regional Authority in 1974.

The Tuskegee Women's Club also helped to form new communities and construct social services.

helped support   (đã hỗ trợ)

Boudinot helped support the activities of rebel spies.

Milhous helped support her schooling by illustrating magazines.

Boegeholz helped support the participation of women in artisanal fishing.

helped increase

He helped increase recognition for the museum and create new events for it.

These trials helped increase knowledge about bioethanol buses in the participating cities.

The program helped increase access to healthcare from 76% of the population to 96% of the population.

helped organise

She then returned to the camp and helped organise the repatriation.

From 1869 till 1875 North competed in and helped organise the challenge cup.

In autumn of 2017, VTB helped organise the exhibition "To Everyone on Freedom?

helped provide   (đã giúp cung cấp)

He helped provide a supply of drinking water to Mouriès.

Units redeploying on 12 December 1999, the battalion helped provide a stable and secure environment in the area.

These individuals helped provide pit road services for John Sears, David Pearson, Richard Petty and Bobby Isaac.

helped inspire   (đã giúp truyền cảm hứng)

As a child, she watched Carl Sagan's TV series Cosmos, which helped inspire her love of space.

This case helped inspire the novel "Death at Breakfast" that was released by Beth Gutcheon in 2016.

In mathematics, the study of the circle has helped inspire the development of geometry, astronomy and calculus.

helped pioneer

Jeanneney specialized in media history, an area which he helped pioneer.

These two physicians helped pioneer human dissection for medical research.

With over 1,900 citations, it helped pioneer the study of f(R) gravity in cosmology.

helped spread   (đã giúp lây lan)

This helped spread the word about the magazine.

Looting of these lost ships also helped spread the disease.

The frequent reporting on Lucy Hayes' activities helped spread use of the title outside Washington.

helped to set

Rantzen had helped to set up ChildLine with the BBC and ran it as the chairwoman.

Warren also helped to set up the Muskerry militia and target the Whiteboy movement.

A week later he helped to set another world record, at 3:13.4 in the 4×440 yard relay in London.

work helped   (công việc giúp đỡ)

This work helped quantify the theory of phonon drag in semiconductors.

His work helped federally recognized tribes gain more sovereignty and power.

That work helped call attention to the importance of military aviation in its infancy.

helped prepare

The company helped prepare Oregon beer drinkers for the arrival of microbrewing.

Nunberg, along with Stone, helped prepare Trump for the first Republican debate, on August 6, 2015.

She assisted with photo shoots and helped prepare mock-ups for the 2012 womenswear and menswear collections.

helped propel   (giúp đỡ)

That success helped propel the team back to varsity status in 1970.

The academy helped propel painters of the School of Bologna to prominence.

The addition of Francis helped propel the Terrapins to a #5 preseason ranking.

helped him get

Francis helped him get his first book published.

Andre du Bouchet helped him get his first book published in 1970.

Toler was a father figure in Bell's life and helped him get noticed by Michigan State.

helped pass   (đã giúp vượt qua)

They helped pass the Model Bird Law in 1903, protecting native birds from being shot and sold.

She took an interest in student safety, and to this end, helped pass stricter restrictions on cram school instructors.

Also in 1978, Holtzman helped pass legislation to expel more Nazi war criminals who had immigrated to the United States.

helped ensure   (đã giúp đảm bảo)

This helped ensure the government's capture of the most seats.

In 1889 Arène helped ensure that Morelli was elected senator of Corsica.

Gorbachev's support, as well as China's abstention, helped ensure passage of the UN resolution.

helped the side

He helped the side return Campeonato Brasileiro Série B after a eight-year absence.

He also helped the side reach the Serbian Cup semi-final that year, being eliminated by Vojvodina.

Ince joined Chelsea's academy at the age of seven, and helped the side win the 2009–10 FA Youth Cup.

helped improve   (đã giúp cải thiện)

Hill has helped improve the athletics facilities at Utah.

He worked with well-known coaches and helped improve Australian goalkeepers.

Kanō had many traditional industries, which helped improve Gifu's overall industrial strength.

helped turn

These officers helped turn the tide decisively against Eritrea in 2000.

According to "Variety", Glickman helped turn Carsey-Werner into a "tiny powerhouse."

Elliott helped turn the Jets around, from a 1-15 finish in 1996 to the AFC Championship Game in 1998.

helped to launch

Angela Hartnett helped to launch the restaurant.

Clyde X helped to launch many business ventures with Temple No.

It also helped to launch the album "Revelation" into platinum status.

helped get

Ingram's friend Ron Stout held the jazz trumpet chair and helped get him in the band.

As editor of the journal "Telos", Schroyer helped get critical theory diffused more broadly.

Producer Mark Farliner acted as Fusco's independent adviser on it and later helped get it made.

helped negotiate

Filipino politicians helped negotiate the release.

Donilon helped negotiate the New START Treaty in 2011.

Regan claims he discovered "Ghost Story" and helped negotiate its purchase by Warners through his agent, MCA.

helped to shape

(1942), Many other films helped to shape the popular image of the nation at war.

While Artaud would eventually break away from surrealism, the movement helped to shape his later theories on the Theatre of Cruelty.

His first successful film, "" (1927), helped to shape the thriller genre, while his 1929 film, "Blackmail", was the first British "".

helped pave   (đã giúp mở đường)

He helped pave the way for the 1990 Warner merger with Time Inc.

Limestone helped pave the way for collegiate lacrosse, swimming, and field hockey in the South.

The campaign helped pave the way for the subsequent creation of the separate state of West Virginia.

helped train

The U.S. Navy has helped train the Azeri Navy.

As part of this coding initiative they helped train unemployed people in digital skills.

The elderly Tacio Celis helped train children to read musical notes and play instruments.

helped convince   (đã giúp thuyết phục)

In fact, seeing footage from the finished segments helped convince the actor to take the role.

Milliken helped convince South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond to switch to the Republican Party.

NSSL's research helped convince the National Weather Service that Doppler radar was a crucial forecasting tool.

helped arrange   (đã giúp sắp xếp)

Martin helped arrange President Reagan's international meetings coordinating with the White House Advance Office, NSC staff and the Department of State.

Lucas helped arrange numerous exhibits of Whistler's work in Paris, and Whistler painted Lucas' portrait in 1886, which was given to Henry Walters in 1908.

Shortly after, Aminata is once again reunited with Chekura, who has found out that Lindo helped arrange the selling of their son Mamadu who he has been told died.

helped reduce   (đã giúp giảm)

Joint public-private public works projects helped reduce unemployment.

However, computer flow analysis has helped reduce lead time and costs.

helped give

Dewey placed pragmatism above moral absolutes and helped give rise to situational ethics.

Saint Mary's top-flight passing attack helped give the Spires a 458-242 edge in total offense.

It has been said to have "helped give salads of the 1950s a bad name... when it came to health."

helped lay

These meetings helped lay the foundation for the establishment of the Oregon Territory.

He also helped lay the foundations of the computerised system of forecasting used today.

In 1900, he helped lay out the town of Wehrum south of Vintondale, Pennsylvania in Cambria County.

helped run

She helped run the animal shelter and was part of raids related to cruelty to animals.

After leaving the NFL after one season, Lee helped run his family's real estate business in Guam.

Frances helped run the ice cream and candy shop, while Michael sold life insurance policies for Occidental Life from a back office.

helped push

Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski had the most kills with 48, but NBK-'s 42 and kennyS's 37 helped push the one time major champions to victory.

In 1969, at the end of a long career slump, Bennett helped push the single "Suspicious Minds" to number one – Presley's first in seven years.

Young helped push back a series of Turkish counter-attacks on 27 April and supported New Zealand attempts to breakout from the Anzac perimeter on 3 May.

helped plan

Emerson wrote a eulogy, and Alcott helped plan the preparations.

He helped plan military offenses.

In this capacity, he helped plan for the coming National Action, also known as the "Days of Rage."

helped to promote   (đã giúp thúc đẩy)

For a short time he helped to promote the Griffin Prize for Poetry to international markets.

Her numerous studies have helped to promote a knowledge of the Italian language, stylistics and jargons.

Xiao spent 14 years working in Switzerland, where she helped to promote Chinese culture with her music and writing.

helped the band

The tape helped the band gain a grassroots following throughout Southern California.

After moving to Los Angeles, Flor connected with photographer/designer Jade Ehlers, who helped the band come up with distinctive visuals; .

Former Skunk Anansie drummer Mark Richardson helped the band out on drum duties for their album "Comfort in Sound" and subsequent live performances.

greatly helped

Building bridges greatly helped travelers and in particular pilgrims.

This initiative has greatly helped in reducing the utility usage by these families.

In this he was greatly helped by Mrs. Holst, who sheltered him and helped financially.

helped his father

Dominic then helped his father backstage.

During holidays, he helped his father at work on the Jesus College ground.

He returned to Đurđevac where he helped his father run the family business.

helped his side

He started the match and helped his side secure a 13–all draw against the tourists.

He played the whole match and helped his side keep the clean sheet as the game ended in a 0–0 draw.

Oblemenco helped his side win its first championship title in 1973–74, over clubs like Steaua and Dinamo.

helped defeat

Dagger later regained her sight, and helped defeat Mister Jip.

In 1052, Yang Wenguang followed Di Qing in the expedition to Guangxi and helped defeat Nong Zhigao's rebellion.

Its only use in national defence was in 1797, when the Castlemartin Yeomanry helped defeat a small French invasion in the Battle of Fishguard.

helped restore

Between 1689 and 1696, Arcangelo helped restore the facade of the church of San Paolo Maggiore.

For example, he helped restore the ancient basilica of Santa Restituta, adjacent to the Cathedral.

Despite further decline by the 10th century, in the early 12th century, St. Malachy helped restore it.

helped to popularize

Dorsey helped to popularize Gospel music.

The soundtrack to "Kundun", by Philip Glass, has helped to popularize Tibetan music.

Her albums have helped to popularize Central Vietnam's folk music with urban audiences in Ho Chi Minh City.

only helped   (chỉ giúp)

She recorded in her journal that her husband "only helped".

His refusal to change the lyrics and its consequent ban only helped to increase the popularity of the song.

They not only helped build the U.S. Capitol, they built the White House and other District of Columbia buildings.

helped open   (đã giúp mở)

He pioneered and helped open up the psychiatric world to the idea of what would become psychosurgery.

In addition, Kader helped open the New Jersey chapter of the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee.

He spent time as a student in the Chabad house in Bangkok, and helped open a Chabad house in south Thailand.

helped to keep   (giúp giữ)

Volunteers helped to keep the library open.

Electromagnets helped to keep U nearer the core of the centrifuge.

It was ultra light and compact, which helped to keep the UAV's weight to 13.2 pounds.

helped maintain   (đã giúp duy trì)

Titles, ranks, insignia, fiefs and other such rewards helped maintain the loyalty-patronage structure of the court.

The Senate's control over some of the Roman provinces helped maintain a republican façade for the autocratic Principate.

For the following years, the Scottish immigrants of Londonderry helped maintain the academy and also contributed funds for it.