helping the team   (チームを助ける)

He played four matches in the League helping the team to be the Runners' Up.

She competed for the Great Britain at the 2012 Summer Olympics, helping the team win bronze.

Petry would play the following season with the Buccaneers, once again helping the team reach the playoffs.

helping the club   (クラブを助ける)

Westwood played 33 games, helping the club to the League Cup semi-finals.

He added 17 the following campaign, helping the club achieve immediate promotion back.

He made his debut for the Legion on 31 March, helping the club earn its first-ever victory.

credited with helping   (手伝ってくれた)

She is credited with helping her husband become a better student.

He was credited with helping devise the crouching technique for defense.

She is credited with helping define what is known as "the New Zealand Look."

helping people

The party then gather power by helping people across time with Gaspar's instructions.

Cognitive behavioral therapy has been successful in helping people overcome their fear.

The focus of Pliskin's teachings is helping people improve themselves and find happiness.

role in helping   (助ける役割)

Packer also played a key role in helping CBS put together its schedule.

He outlined the U.S. role in helping allies already engaged in warfare.

He played an important role in helping the Knights reach the 1984 State Semifinals.

instrumental in helping

Chitre, he was instrumental in helping Ambedkar during the Mahad Satyagraha.

Her aunt, Katharine Hepburn, was instrumental in helping Houghton launch her career.

Wallace's trip to Bali was instrumental in helping him devise his Wallace Line theory.

helping his team   (彼のチームを助ける)

Amar'e must deal with helping his team in a different way than he's used to.

Čekulajevs scored 10 goals in 17 matches for the club, helping his team win the championship.

He was a key member in helping his team gain promotion to the Veikkausliiga to play in the 2013 season.

helping others

EMU attempts to graduate people oriented toward the wider world and toward helping others.

White tendency is born from helping others and being supportive to other players, and defeating bosses.

Understood in the broad sense of "helping others," pastoral ministry is the responsibility of all Christians.

well as helping   (助けるだけでなく)

The inflation of the seal provides it with its utility as well as helping it stay snugly within the ear canal.

He is also a coach for professional bands as well as helping more mature amateurs as part of the Weekend Warriors programme.

The objectives of the game include enhancing concentration skills and reaction time as well as helping groups of people remember each other's names.

helping to establish   (確立するのを助ける)

He was part of the original ensemble of Melbourne-based theatre company Red Stitch Actors Theatre, helping to establish the company.

After his retirement from playing Clarke became a part of the Ulster coaching system, helping to establish the province's academy system.

He was dedicated to the Methodist Church, helping to establish Grace Methodist Church in Winnipeg and serving as president of the local YMCA.

dedicated to helping

Kennedy is dedicated to helping solar technologies spread.

And we’re as dedicated to helping those in need today as we were over 100 years ago when we first began.

Save the Children is the leading international organization dedicated to helping the world's indigent children.

helping them win

He then played for St Johnstone for 10 seasons, helping them win the Scottish Cup in 2014.

He joined Natal in 1946-47, helping them win three of the next five Currie Cup competitions.

He also represented the Chandigarh state team at the under-19 level, helping them win the B.C.

thus helping

The pact also reaffirms Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, thus helping to prevent Japanese superpower status.

In the first Test at Ahmedabad, Astle scored 103, when New Zealand were struggling thus helping them save the match.

The fruit is a dry achene with sharp barbs that adhere to fur and clothing, thus helping the plant with seed dispersal.

aimed at helping

This campaign is aimed at helping workers.

This class is aimed at helping students "integrate human physical anatomy with production of sound."

San Francisco's Climate Action Plan is aimed at helping San Francisco meet its Kyoto Protocol targets.

helping to create

Myhrvold has described his goal for Intellectual Ventures as helping to create a market for patent-backed securities.

X38 was assembled in 1937 from spare parts, helping to create work for workshops staff at a time of high unemployment.

Poet William Cullen Bryant similarly used his art to glorify the Catskills, helping to create interest in the region as a tourist destination.

helping hand

Why does the helping hand hold a gun?".

The people of Turkey thus became the first to lend a helping hand to Greece.

But his father wants him to quit and lend a helping hand in herding the sheep.

helping to develop   (開発を支援)

Borg is credited with helping to develop the style of play that has come to dominate the game today.

In 1996 he left Palestine to work in Central Asia for several years, helping to develop the NGO sector there.

Baruch acquired a practical and theoretical knowledge of statistics while helping to develop tests to measure those traits.

helping lead   (リードを助ける)

Stefanie Dolson also scored 16 points, helping lead the Huskies to a 72–58 win.

He was productive in Portland, helping lead the Pirates to the Calder Cup Finals.

McNamara started every game in his freshman year, helping lead the Orange to a 30-5 record, including a perfect 17-0 at home.

helping children

She has also been seen on MTV's "Made" helping children with their diets.

It has proven very successful at helping children with a variety of cognitive complications.

In 1997 Powell founded America's Promise with the objective of helping children from all socioeconomic sectors.

helping students

The college has an enviable record in helping students attend dental and medical schools.

This class is aimed at helping students "integrate human physical anatomy with production of sound."

Piaget proposed that learning should be whole by helping students understand that meaning is constructed.

helping to build

From 1922 he sang at the new Wagner Festival at the Zoppoter Waldoper, helping to build its reputation as "Bayreuth of the North".

His father an Aviation Engineer earned a presidential commendation from Ronald Reagan for helping to build engines for the Apollo spacecraft.

These connections often result in partnerships between event participants and Community Partners, helping to build the capacity of these organizations.

not helping   (助けていない)

("Welcome Wagon") Feeling guilty for not helping her, Veronica sets herself to catching the rapist.

Sharon Marshall, () admits to a ‘booze’ problem and a lifestyle of parties which is not helping her weight loss.

Tania was not helping in the party as she should, she was upstairs during the party, that's the reason why she was sent home.