helps people

In Shinto of Japan, kitsune sometimes helps people as an errand of their deity, Inari.

Continuing to uphold this ritual helps people keep ties with the Scandinavian countries.

Naikan practitioners claim that Naikan helps people understand themselves and their relationships.

helps prevent   (防ぐのに役立ちます)

It also helps prevent the curb chain from unfastening or otherwise moving too much.

Eating fruits and vegetables also helps prevent bone loss and the developing of kidney stones.

Checking for buffer overflows and patching the bugs that cause them naturally helps prevent buffer overflows.

helps students

ACUPARI helps students to find their Tandem.

A transition program helps students adjust from primary to secondary school.

This helps students prepare for year 12 examinations by giving them more study time.

then helps

Nancy then helps Maxine get to America with Minnie.

The animated object then helps to reverse the effects of Kuromi's magic.

If the test is failed, Doherty then helps put the relationship out of its misery.

helps reduce   (減らすのに役立ちます)

The plug helps reduce competition and increases the first male's evolutionary success.

It also helps reduce costs, saves time, increases collaboration, increases productivity and effectiveness.

The RWSL system helps reduce runway incursions by increasing the situational awareness of pilots and vehicle operators.

helps explain

This helps explain why the Articles of Confederation needed reforms.

The exploitation of economies of scale helps explain why companies grow large in some industries.

This concept of running economy helps explain different marathon time's for runners with similar aerobic capacities.

later helps

She later helps her to apply a job in Plice Side, with Martine initially refuses to work for her.

She first tricks Tom into freeing Mother Malkin but later helps him defeat her and her vengeful relatives.

The Night Shift later helps Superior Spider-Man in his battle against Terrax, who appears in San Francisco, California and attacks.

helps keep   (保つのに役立ちます)

His brother Johnnie helps keep the strip club open.

This helps keep the nut in place while not screwed down.

An artificial water-control system helps keep the wetlands wet.