Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

found here   (encontrado aquí)

Red pottery was found here with black portraiture.

Remains of a Roman villa have also been found here.

A full list of his contributions can be found here.

located here   (ubicado aquí)

Denali National Park and Preserve is located here.

A major motorway border crossing is located here.

The Golden Mosque and Green Mosque are located here.

listed here   (listado aquí)

Among them, all but aerial lifts are listed here.

Some of the more notable names are listed here.

Note: Awards for BNK48 as a group is not listed here.

lived here   (Viví aquí)

They lived here from 1951 until their deaths in 1970.

Native people believed that some Jain monks lived here.

In 1460, the Margraves of Brandenburg-Ansbach lived here.

come here   (ven aca)

The Mylords come here now and worship these stones.

Devotees from all over India come here for worship.

A large number of visitors come here every year.

held here   (celebrado aquí)

Each year, the feast of Saint Anne is held here.

Stately religious ceremonies were held here regularly.

A Sumo Tournament is held here every November.

buried here   (enterrado aquí)

), was buried here: both died shortly before 1369.

Of those, nineteen Muslims died and were buried here.

Their daughter, Rosemary Kennedy, is also buried here.

built here   (construido aquí)

In 1951 the FD1, Fairey Delta 1, was built here.

A Spanish sentinel house was built here in 1696.

The Crusaders built here a church and convent.

born here   (nacido aquí)

John Harding, the novelist, was born here in 1951.

Composer Ralf Yusuf Gawlick was born here in 1969.

Zeno Colò, an Italian skier, was born here in 1920.

shown here   (mostrado aquí)

The advertisement for the sale is shown here.

Assistance can be shown here and will be long remembered.

Three license plates of the style shown here were produced.

used here   (usado aquí)

Anglicised versions of piece names are used here.

Brickwork in Mudejar has been used here as well.

The "ø" character is used here to denote the empty final.

seen here   (visto aquí)

The point distributions can be seen here.

Small scale poultry and piggery farmings are also seen here.

Eagles can be seen here from late fall through early spring.

settled here   (establecido aquí)

They have settled here and have grown cassava roots.

In 1270 German colonists settled here.

After the Napoleonic Wars, Count Aleksander Fredro settled here.

came here   (vino aquí)

"GTE came here because they were bombed in New York.

"Athletes came here just for [team] pursuit.

Before I came here they spoke differently.

here include   (aquí incluye)

Shops here include Louis Vuitton, Mulberry and Calvin Klein.

Scholars who have taught here include,

Some of the caves found here include:

here during   (aquí durante)

Army Cavalry were stationed here during World War I.

He addressed 200 soldiers here during his refueling stop.

Thousands of Orthodox pilgrims arrive here during the year.

place here   (Lugar aqui)

The Siege of Menagh Air Base took place here in 2013.

The Council of Ministers meetings also take place here.

Some of Spain's production of Rioja wine takes place here.

established here   (establecido aquí)

Some Germans established here in the 16th century.

Ioannis Kapodistrias was briefly established here.

In 1427 King Ladislav established here some Székelys.

live here   (vivir aquí)

Settlers from Bengal and other places also live here.

Many birds and animals native to this area live here.

People of many different castes and religions live here.

available here   (disponible aquí)

A transcription of the speech is available here.

Fixed telephones lines are not available here.

Numerous shopping centres and markets are available here.

included here   (incluido aquí)

Other taxa now included here were placed in various other orders.

See the "Asia" and "Europe" sections for countries not included here.

This theory is what we now call "general relativity" (included here for comparison).

moved here   (Muévete aquí)

It has been moved here from a local parish church.

The paintings moved here are of uncertain attribution.

The settlers from the Poltava region were moved here in 1794.

here as well   (aquí también)

Other, older issues can be grouped here as well.

Brickwork in Mudejar has been used here as well.

23 August 1969) grew up and attended school here as well.

described here   (descrito aquí)

The SU(2) case of this story is described here.

Only the most important differences are described here.

Waste stabilization ponds described here use no aerators.

up here   (aquí arriba)

And people up here have a phobia about appearing on the media.

Recently a Greek Catholic (Byzantine) chapel has been set up here.

On November 3, 1985, the Hunan Taoist Association was set up here.

given here   (dado aquí)

The meaning of various operations are given here.

Some of his notable achievements are given here.

A map of its occurrence records is given here.

stop here   (deténgase aquí)

Hundreds of town and regional buses also stop here.

Every passenger and express trains stop here.

Line 15 will also stop here, as of 2018 being under construction.

living here   (viviendo aquí)

There are approximately 1,100 people living here.

There is a sizable north Indian community living here.

Many families are living here since centuries.

people here   (gente aquí)

The people here are famous for their generousity.

The main income of the people here is through farming.

It has a great vibe and the people here are brilliant".

presented here   (presentado aquí)

The models presented here do not capture those effects.

The figures presented here are based on this definition only.

These takes are similar to what is presented here as "Working on Sleepless".

here before   (Aquí antes)

He lived here before moving to study in Saint Petersburg.

In 1268, King Conradin was imprisoned here before his trial and execution.

There is evidence that the river was forded here before a bridge was built.

based here   (basado aquí)

Two rapid response vehicles as also based here.

Lufthansa Flight Training is also based here.

1788 "Kilmersdon" is normally based here.

here because   (aquí porque)

"GTE came here because they were bombed in New York.

Bird watching is popular here because hawks are almost always spotted.

It seems like it was placed here because of the remote location of the town.

situated here   (situado aquí)

The Irinjalakuda railway station is situated here.

Killikulangara Snake temple is also situated here.

Assembly of God Revival Centre also situated here.

work here   (Trabaja aquí)

Israelis and Moroccans also live and work here.

Edward La Trobe Bateman was involved in garden design work here in the 1880s.

His work here is done.

not here   (aqui no)

is equivalent to the echo response "He is not here."

"Han er rejst", "he is gone", he is not here anymore.

The dusty turmoil and the sultry blast Intrude not here.

took place here   (tuvo lugar aquí)

The Siege of Menagh Air Base took place here in 2013.

The Siege of De'an took place here during the Song-Jin Wars.

His first trial of Holstein Friesian cattle took place here.

see here   (mira aquí)

(For a list of CYP3A4 inhibitors and inducers, see here.)

For the full list see here.

He prophesied "when you see here many horses gathered, the Romioi are coming".

ends here   (termina aquí)

The second open portion (, "petuchah") ends here.

The first open portion (, "petuchah") ends here.

The second reading (, "aliyah") ends here.

mentioned here   (mencionado aquí)

There are many others not all mentioned here.

A castle is mentioned here in 984 AD, called "Castrum Gallicani".

Passenger stations not mentioned here are in the lowest categories, 6 or 7.

displayed here   (mostrado aquí)

The recipients of honours are displayed here as they were styled before their new honour.

stayed here   (me quedé aquí)

Mark Twain stayed here when he visited London.

Lucrezia Borgia stayed here frequently.

Guglielmo Marconi stayed here as well when he visited London.

died here   (murió aquí)

In 1313 the German emperor Henry VII died here.

small god,), died here and his grandson inherited the title.

A man called Tsetsebjwe died here, and the hill was given his name.

played here   (jugado aquí)

Russian Government Cup was played here in 1988 and in 2012.

Although some baseball was played here, this area was more of a picnic park.

U2 played here in 1997.

stay here   (Quédate aquí)

"I want to stay here, but it's been frustrating."

that I can't just stay here and be comfortable .

He declared after the stage: "They [his family] supported me to stay here for racing.

placed here   (colocado aquí)

It seems like it was placed here because of the remote location of the town.

Subtribe Biina (tentatively placed here) Subtribe Naropina Subtribe Brassolina

Note that many algae previously classified in Chlorophyta are placed here in Streptophyta.

right here   (aquí mismo)

This right here, this is only our foundation."

God is everything right here in this room.

I just want to leave this world right here where I was born."

here today   (Aquí hoy)

The major diamond and booth are still here today.

", "It is thanks to you that we are here today!

Dehlua again stood up for the same grains and reached here today.

here and now   (aquí y ahora)

This is variously known as enlightenment, nirvana, presence, and the "here and now".

the gender role-playing puts spine in this period piece that is vital to the here and now."

Jesus said, ‘As ye sow, also shall ye reap.’ He did not say ‘after death’ but here and now.

here too   (aquí también)

But during the 17th century here too Protestantism won out.

Rathdown School, a Church of Ireland girls school is located here too.

A variety of birds are here too, including threatened or rare species.

produced here   (producido aquí)

Silk produced here is called tussah or tussar silk.

No hydroelectric power is produced here.

Salt is still produced here in plenty.

here when   (aquí cuando)

Mark Twain stayed here when he visited London.

"My grandma use to take me here when I was young" he says.

"I've come here when I could hardly walk, and I've come fresh out of hospitals.

through here   (a través de aquí)

Kozhikode-Kuttiyadi SH passes through here.

British, Dutch, French and American traders passed through here.

The tracts passing from the spinal cord to the brain pass through here.

performed here   (realizado aquí)

Comedian Lord Buckley performed here.

The first opera performed here was Giuseppe Verdi's "Aida" in 1921.

The Albert de Courville revues were performed here from December 1912.

around here   (por aquí)

Shopping Malls such as Pothys, Big Bazaar, etc., are located around here.

Weber said, "He's the roughest young man we've had around here since the late Bill Hewitt.

from her young age she showed divine qualities and immense compassion to people around here.

made here   (hecho aquí)

Cotton turbans and shawls are also made here.

Wörishofer sandals are made here.

A beginning should be made here with both Tea and Coffee as soon as the requisite labour can be obtained.

founded here   (fundado aquí)

In the 1st century BC a Roman colony was founded here.

In 1569 a Mennonite Church was founded here.

The Benedictine priory, Polsloe Priory was founded here in around 1159.

done here   (hecho aquí)

What we have done here is to fix a historic error."

Work is done here, as well as the storing of train cars and locomotives.

Hindu rituals are done here with a regular devotion like other parts of Kerala.

time here   (tiempo aquí)

People wonder when they come first time here.

It was during his time here that he was selected for the Wexford vocational schools' team.

"I do see a future here and hope to have a show in this area and hope to spend more time here."

brought here   (traído aquí)

They are the unemployed, brought here from Częstochowa.

Gen. John C. Carter was brought here and died on Dec. 10, 1864.

There is a Cornish cross in the churchyard; its original location is unknown but it was brought here from Carburrow.

here between   (aquí entre)

The "Carolinian" stopped here between 1995 and 1999.

Various salvage excavations took place here between 1992 and 2008.

The Philadelphia Naval Shipyard was constructed here between 1776 and 1801.

discussed here   (discutido aquí)

Many things can be discussed here."

There was quite a bit of development as the models were generalized, too much to be discussed here.

The formation of collagen which results in fibrillary collagen (most common form) is discussed here.

down here   (aquí abajo)

The gaffer has given me the chance to come down here and play some football."

Come down here instead.

They are noted down here as Various artists but are not in the "Chart Debuts" list.

stationed here   (estacionado aquí)

Army Cavalry were stationed here during World War I.

An An-32 transport squadron is stationed here.

For several decades it was used as a garrison church for troops stationed here.

existed here   (existió aquí)

We do know, however, that a church existed here in 1080.

Once a model railway track existed here.

A few years ago, a high school of textile also existed here.

present here   (presentar aquí)

Outcrops of the Middle Coal Measures are present here.

Carncot School (Private) is present here also.

Iravon village office is also present here.

recorded here   (grabado aquí)

Feral foxes and rabbits have been recorded here.

The Cure's 1993 live album "Paris" was recorded here.

The Beach Boys' album, "Live In London", was recorded here in 1968.

filmed here   (filmado aquí)

Parts of "Sister Act 2" were also filmed here.

The 1986 family movie "Koneko Monogatari" was filmed here.

The TV show "The Forest Rangers" was filmed here from 1963 to 1965.

worked here   (trabajado aquí)

Korney Chukovsky, Mikhail Zoshchenko, Robert Rozhdestvensky, Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin worked here.

Volunteers from Green Gym, University College London, Interact and other groups have all worked here.

Also, Seyid Mirmehdi Agha Seyidali oghlu, who had worked here as akhund for a long time, was buried here in 1911.

remained here   (permaneció aquí)

He remained here until the Batavian Revolution of 1795.

She remained here for the rest of the war.

They remained here till 1808, when they were taken to Frattamaggiore.