cultural heritage   (文化遺産)

The grave site is registered as cultural heritage.

are all part of the cultural heritage of the Arabs.

The museum is a |regional cultural heritage museum.

heritage site   (遺産)

It is part of a pending UNESCO world heritage site.

The whole museum site is a provincial heritage site.

The Fyfe Wing was listed as a heritage site in 1984.

heritage sites   (遺産)

Virtual reality enables heritage sites to be recreated.

It is considered one of Malaysia's precious heritage sites.

The territory also has multiple UNESCO world heritage sites.

heritage significance   (遺産の意義)

The memorial hall is considered to be of local heritage significance.

Only the cenotaph is considered to be of state heritage significance.

Although decommissioned in 1990, it is now of state heritage significance.

national heritage   (国家遺産)

The building has been a "rijksmonument" (national heritage site) since 1989.

The cemetery is now a national heritage site protected by the Iranian government.

It has been a monument historique (a national heritage site of France) since 1906.

heritage railway   (遺産鉄道)

Many survive as a common carrier or a heritage railway.

A group has been set up to create a heritage railway on the line.

operates the line between Takachiho and Amanoiwato as a heritage railway.

world heritage   (世界遺産)

It is part of a pending UNESCO world heritage site.

The area is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The territory also has multiple UNESCO world heritage sites.

architectural heritage   (建築遺産)

Visitors also come to see the city's rich architectural heritage.

In 1976, Grüningen received the Wakker Prize for the development and preservation of its architectural heritage.

During Lebanon's 1975-1990 Civil War, a substantial portion of Achrafieh's architectural heritage was wiped out.

historical heritage   (歴史的遺産)

It became a national historical heritage in 1975.

At the time, there was little regard for historical heritage.

Nikolsk hosts sixty objects designated as cultural and historical heritage of local importance.

natural heritage   (自然遺産)

Criteria (i)-(vi) for cultural heritage, (vii)-(x) for natural heritage.

The Karnataka government declared it as a natural heritage site of Western Ghat region in 2009.

It is also the cause of one of the most interesting parts of the natural heritage of the region as well.

heritage listed   (遺産リスト)

Cotton Tree includes 2 caravan parks which maybe heritage listed.

The building is a former home for army veterans and was now heritage listed.

It is a heritage listed item on Municipality of Strathfield's Local Environmental Plan.

heritage building   (遺産の建物)

It is listed as a heritage building at risk by the Victorian Society.

In May 1959, it was authorized as a municipal cultural heritage building.

The contents of the museum were transferred to a heritage building in 1994.

heritage buildings   (遺産の建物)

Both are Category I heritage buildings.

There are also many prominent heritage buildings along Sparks Street.

The Shatford Centre is one of two heritage buildings on the PSS campus.

protected heritage   (保護された遺産)

Today they are, along with many other, protected heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

culture and heritage   (文化と遺産)

Andhra Pradesh has rich culture and heritage.

Sorn plays not only to defy the rules, but to teach a lesson about culture and heritage.

Varaždin is often considered the most significant centre of baroque culture and heritage in Croatia.

rich heritage   (豊かな遺産)

Bengali literature has a rich heritage.

Goa has a rich heritage of Konkani liturgical music and hymns.

The University has a rich heritage in intercollegiate athletics.

industrial heritage   (産業遺産)

Dundee's industrial heritage was based on "the three Js": jute, jam and journalism.

Middleport contains one of the nation's richest stretches of canalside industrial heritage.

The museum has shown its commitment to industrial heritage by functioning as a working pottery.

musical heritage   (音楽遺産)

Gong ensembles are also a common musical heritage of Island Southeast Asia.

Rhos is also renowned for its rich musical heritage, and has its own concert hall at the Stiwt Theatre.

Before these, pioneer settlers, in the Great Smoky Mountains region, had developed a rich musical heritage.

state heritage   (国家遺産)

It also includes the Innamincka/Cooper Creek state heritage area.

Only the cenotaph is considered to be of state heritage significance.

Although decommissioned in 1990, it is now of state heritage significance.

world heritage site   (世界遺産)

It is part of a pending UNESCO world heritage site.

The area is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Population levels: Naumburg cathedral is UNESCO world heritage site.

heritage listing   (遺産リスト)

The building is protected by a heritage listing.

Dartmoor Prison received a Grade II heritage listing in 1987.

It is protected by the heritage listing "Bien de Interés Cultural".

cultural heritage significance   (文化遺産の重要性)

The barracks block and 1980s workshop are not considered to be of cultural heritage significance.

As an open area, it provides a visual link between the five buildings of cultural heritage significance.

No structures of cultural heritage significance were added to the former Interrogation Centre during this period.

heritage railways   (遺産鉄道)

Several routes continue to be operated today as heritage railways.

The Bay Area is home to several heritage railways that operate full size trains.

However, it frequently left its Toddington base to visit other UK heritage railways.

local heritage   (地元の遺産)

These are important in folk memory and in the local heritage.

The memorial hall is considered to be of local heritage significance.

"Townland stones" have been erected to keep Cabra in touch with its local heritage.

history and heritage   (歴史と遺産)

However, it recognizes that the regiment commemorates the history and heritage of previous units.

In 1993, she moved from Perth to Tasmania to undertake her doctorate exploring her family history and heritage.

The Museum has brought life to local maritime history and heritage by replicating two 65-ft two-masted Biloxi Schooners.

intangible cultural heritage   (無形文化遺産)

Its annual Bengali New Year parade was enlisted as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2016.

On 26 November 2014, capoeira was granted a special protected status as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.

In November 2010, French gastronomy was added by the UNESCO to its lists of the world's "intangible cultural heritage".

state heritage significance   (州の遺産の重要性)

Only the cenotaph is considered to be of state heritage significance.

Although decommissioned in 1990, it is now of state heritage significance.

The Anglican Cathedral Church of St Peter Apostle and Martyr Precinct is of state heritage significance for its aesthetic value.

heritage conservation   (遺産保護)

Numerous heritage groups called it a "tragedy" in heritage conservation.

Housing was coming under threat and the heritage conservation movement was starting.

The church is protected by a heritage conservation easement under the "Ontario Heritage Act".

rich cultural heritage   (豊かな文化遺産)

It is renowned for its rich cultural heritage.

His most acclaimed works symbolize the rich cultural heritage and folklore of his land.

Because of its great variety of peoples and languages, Chad possesses a rich cultural heritage.

artistic heritage   (芸術的遺産)

The artistic heritage of Taiwan is extremely diverse.

Much of the artistic heritage of the village was destroyed.

The artistic heritage of István Molnár is disappointingly little.

heritage centre   (遺産センター)

It is adjacent to the local library (former school-house of the village) and heritage centre.

A selection of locomotives can be viewed in the heritage centre museum and the trust holds open days for the public.

The battlefield heritage centre now has a viewing point with the Fenn Lane Farm site and other notable points marked.

heritage list   (遺産リスト)

The most interesting fact, Purulia Chhau Dance is listed on UNESCO's world heritage list of dances.

It is worth mentioning that the "kaba" (an instrumental Albanian Isopolyphony included in UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage list) is characteristic of these ensembles.

Popular music since the late eighteenth century began to show signs of forming a characteristically Brazilian sound, with samba considered the most typical and on the UNESCO cultural heritage list.

heritage value   (遺産価値)

In 2010 Brampton City Council passed a heritage designation bylaw under the Ontario Heritage Act, recognizing Camp Naivelt's significant cultural heritage value.

The citizen retains the ownership of the house; the government is only declaring the heritage value of the structure and providing funding for its protection and preservation.

However, a number of local governments in Victoria have taken steps to recognize the cultural heritage value of some examples of graffiti, such as prominent political graffiti.

heritage register   (遺産登録)

The building is listed as a historic monument in the Bavarian heritage register.

The church was listed on the North Sydney Council local government heritage register on 2 August 2013.

These six houses were the basis of Boyes' residential real estate and all still exist today and are listed on the National Trust (Victoria) heritage register.

common heritage   (共通の遺産)

The common heritage as Submariners is strengthened by camaraderie.

The Antarctic Treaty is often considered to represent an example of the common heritage of mankind principle.

The LDS Church shares a common heritage with a number of smaller faith groups that are collectively called the Latter Day Saint movement.