İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

highly successful   (Fazlasıyla başarılı)

The highly successful film launched Lai into stardom.

...But it turned out to be highly successful.

The album was highly successful, selling 750,000 copies.

highly regarded   (saygın)

The area offshore is highly regarded for fishing.

One of his most highly regarded shots was the hook.

He is highly regarded for his guard passing skills.

most highly   (en önemlisi)

One of his most highly regarded shots was the hook.

Maddox is one of army's most highly decorated aviators.

On his retirement, he was the most highly decorated member of the SAP.

highly influential   (son derece etkili)

The film was very popular and highly influential.

His beliefs were highly influential with Charles A.

Another highly influential band, Slayer, formed in 1981.

highly critical   (son derece kritik)

There had been a few highly critical views, e.g.

Bardot wrote him a highly critical letter of protest.

The segment is highly critical of the Bahrain's authorities.

highly acclaimed   (büyük beğeni topladı)

Kader is a highly acclaimed international speaker.

Tin articles made in Gejiu are highly acclaimed in China.

The album was highly acclaimed by critics.

highly respected   (saygın)

Sheikh Ahmed Badsha Peer was a highly respected Sufi.

Sun Quan highly respected and favoured Liu Ji.

Boyd was highly respected by his subordinates.

highly controversial   (oldukça tartışmalı)

The invitation proved to be highly controversial.

His legal advocacy remains highly controversial.

The 2010 nullification decision was highly controversial.

highly praised

It has been highly praised in the years since.

The series was highly praised by critics and fans alike.

Lead single "Como Duele" was highly praised.

highly skilled   (çok yetenekli)

Virtually warrant were highly skilled technicians.

Most successful conciliators are highly skilled negotiators.

I am a professional, highly skilled, professional astronomer.

highly popular   (çok popüler)

The LG Cookie became highly popular in the market.

It is a highly popular fish in the aquarium trade.

Korean cuisine is highly popular and available everywhere.

highly variable   (çok değişken)

"Thapsia villosa" is highly variable in morphology.

Mature trunk diameter is highly variable.

This species is highly variable.

highly competitive   (son derece rekabetçi)

Admission of BTEC is highly competitive .

Admission into RUS is highly competitive.

The rivalry began highly competitive and remained so for many years.

highly decorated   (son derece süslü)

Maddox is one of army's most highly decorated aviators.

The gates of medieval Indian forts were highly decorated.

Both the newspaper and website are highly decorated publications.

highly conserved   (yüksek oranda korunmuş)

The NLS is highly conserved in mammals, birds, and reptiles.

It is also highly conserved through out all of its known orthologs.

The protein function is relatively unknown and is highly conserved in mammals.

highly developed   (gelişmiş)

The avian visual system is usually highly developed.

Archery was highly developed in Asia.

The right to privacy is a highly developed area of law in Europe.

highly effective   (yüksek etkili)

The thatch is also a highly effective insulator.

Radiant barriers are highly effective for attic spaces in hot climates.

WireGuard aims to provide a VPN that is both simple and highly effective.

highly valued   (son derece değerli)

Live rock is highly valued in the aquarium trade.

Personal style is highly valued in sean-nós dancing.

Camels are highly valued by the desert dwellers.

highly anticipated   (çok beklenen)

It was highly anticipated and got great reviews.

It contains both teams and individual events and is highly anticipated.

The group's highly anticipated second album will be released on late 2014.

highly publicized   (oldukça halka açık)

The incident was highly publicized.

Many affected communities "fought back in highly publicized battles".

Although she had not yet made her screen debut, Peters was highly publicized.

highly rated

It also cited a failure to land a highly rated quarterback.

This book is highly rated by most modern scholars of the Song dynasty.

He had a highly rated nightly talk show at ABC-owned WLS-FM in Chicago.

highly qualified   (yüksek nitelikli)

99.2% of classes are taught by highly qualified teachers.

The CNB is committed to the training of highly qualified personnel.

The French High School employs experienced and highly qualified teachers.

highly educated   (yüksek eğitimli)

The people of Pithuwa are highly educated.

Though he is highly educated yet he is unemployed and poor.

She was highly educated and intelligent.

more highly

It has no creed and values truth more highly than belief.

More bands can be seen with a more highly refined apparatus.

Later, retrospective reviews regarded the album more highly.

became highly

The LG Cookie became highly popular in the market.

Affò's writing became highly respected throughout Italy.

It was a huge commercial success and became highly influential.

highly unlikely   (hiç alışılmadık bir şekilde)

This seems highly unlikely because an executioner must be a strong man.

The veracity of this claim has never been documented and is highly unlikely.

It is highly unlikely, though, that the deepest levels will ever be reopened.

highly visible

It is "highly visible", and about off, from U.S. Highway 95.

This addition to the band would be both highly visible and audible.

WBFH now has new studios in a highly visible area off the Commons and Main Street.

highly trained   (İyi eğitimli)

He is a highly trained fencer and plays the cello.

This group is highly trained in counter-terrorism missions.

This frees highly trained professional responders for more technical tasks.

highly unusual   (oldukça sıradışı)

As such, she was highly unusual for her sex, time, and place.

Gentile managed to capture his highly unusual injury on video.

Diplodocines have highly unusual teeth compared to other sauropods.

highly prized   (çok değerli)

It is consequently highly prized as a food fish.

Chastity is highly prized in the Bahá'í Faith.

These goblets have been a highly prized form of trading goods.

highly sought   (Çok aranan)

They are rare and highly sought after.

His bows are highly sought after.

Vegetative cover is highly sought after in selection of larval habitats.

highly sensitive   (oldukça hassas)

It is also highly sensitive to light, which is its primary synchronization.

He was highly sensitive to noise and preferred absolute quiet when writing.

Mosquitoes are also highly sensitive to changes in precipitation and humidity.

highly dependent   (oldukça bağımlı)

Fiji is highly dependent on tourism for revenue.

Some coal-mining regions are highly dependent on coal.

The Greenlandic economy is highly dependent on fishing.

highly toxic   (oldukça toksik)

In its natural state the seed is highly toxic to mammals.

It is highly toxic when consumed orally.

Hydrogen selenide (HSe) is highly toxic.

highly recommended   (şiddetle tavsiye edilir)

Still a great tournament, and highly recommended."

Tritium is highly recommended as it suits SPA very well.

The program was highly recommended by The New York Times.

highly positive   (oldukça olumlu)

Reaction to "Lords of Shadow" was highly positive.

In all cases the press reception was highly positive.

The song received highly positive reviews.

highly specialized   (uzmanlaşmış)

Other beetles are highly specialized in their diet.

Areoles are highly specialized and very condensed shoots or branches.

The AIS is highly specialized for the fast conduction of nerve impulses.

highly selective   (son derece secici)

For this reason, admission is highly selective.

SCH-442,416 SCH-442,416 is a highly selective adenosine A subtype receptor antagonist.

Methimepip Methimepip is a histamine agonist which is highly selective for the H subtype.

highly active

He was highly active under the Tory administration.

The genes encoding these proteins are highly active.

Furthermore, the primary metabolites were highly active.

very highly

Throughout Southeast Asia, Korean goods are very highly valued.

Thomas Jefferson judged Wright's portrait of Washington very highly.

Maloney was a very highly regarded and respected teacher at the school.

highly detailed

Elverum & Sun, Ltd., and feature highly detailed packaging with his own artwork.

He published a highly detailed description of a depth-first backtracking algorithm.

A highly detailed account of the plot and the assassination is provided by Suetonius.

highly cited

Most highly cited medical researcher in the world.

Harten is listed as an ISI highly cited researcher.

Thompson as a highly cited author.

highly influenced

His work was highly influenced by these stays.

He was highly influenced in public life by John Bright.

A pocket mouse is highly influenced when seeking its food.

highly efficient   (yüksek verimli)

It is highly efficient and provides for an almost instantaneous change of direction.

Cromwell's new system was highly efficient with far less corruption or secret payoffs or bribery than before.

The tablet includes a highly efficient power management integrated circuit designed by Maxim Integrated Products.

highly complex

Their social interactions are highly complex.

The chemistry is always highly complex and is still not fully understood.

The bus system is highly complex and can be rather confusing to an outsider.

highly intelligent   (Çok akıllı)

Although deranged, the Demogoblin is highly intelligent.

She is also highly intelligent and lovable.

Nikola – cosmopolitan, cultivated, universally feared – is highly intelligent but unscrupulous.

highly likely   (büyük olasılıkla)

The presence of perchlorates in the sample seems highly likely.

Implies that people are highly likely to not notice her presence.

Senator from Delaware, also helped assure a highly likely victory.

highly ranked

FastSpring was also highly ranked on the “Inc.

It is highly ranked in the most invasive weeds in Australia.

and the following year remained highly ranked but not in the top 50 hospitals nationwide.

become highly   (yüksek olmak)

They are known to become highly imprinted to their owners.

who went on to become highly influential fimmakers in their own right.

As a result, they have become highly interconnected, and interdependent.

highly expressed

XB130 is highly expressed in the thyroid and spleen.

The protein has been found most highly expressed in the testes and trachea.

AT receptors are highly expressed in the developing fetus but they decline rapidly after birth.

proved highly

Parliament proved highly supportive, with little dissent.

The arguments proved highly persuasive in industrial districts.

The tank eventually proved highly successful and, as technology improved.

highly mobile

T-Force units were lightly armed and highly mobile.

The dunes are highly mobile, and can reach up to 20 m in height.

It can also be deployed as highly mobile artillery to support tank attacks."

highly significant   (son derece önemli)

The town was highly significant as a surviving Georgian seaport.

Nonetheless, there are some highly significant doctrinal differences.

As such it is a highly significant remnant of the wetter Mount Lofty Range vegetation.

highly esteemed   (oldukça saygın)

It was a highly esteemed area of Zibibbo vineyards.

With them, these apocryphal books were highly esteemed.

He highly esteemed Mozart's music.

highly advanced

Because of the highly advanced decay, Simelane was charged with 34 murders.

Foxton technology includes a highly advanced clock generation and distribution network.

The fourth world is seemingly empty, but shows signs of a highly advanced, dead civilization.

considered highly

And although such efforts are not illegal, they are considered highly unethical by publishers.

This chain installation was considered highly controversial at the time, for political reasons.

"Dapple gray" is an intermediate stage not seen on all grays, but often considered highly attractive.

highly accurate   (büyük oranda kesin)

Her portraits were highly accurate and delicate.

She often demonstrated a highly accurate sense of danger.

Since then, caesium has been widely used in highly accurate atomic clocks.

highly productive   (yüksek verimli)

Finland is highly productive in scientific research.

Tangier is also home to a highly productive automobile plant run by Renault.

Kellogg began writing children's books in the 1860s, and was highly productive.

became a highly

Amorn became a highly influential member of the Constitution Drafting Assembly.

Iloilo became a highly urbanized city in 1979 by the virtue of Batas Pambansa Blg.

It became a highly successful business which obtained the first patent and trademark.

not highly

The South's agriculture was not highly mechanized.

(Unlike gasoline, diesel fuel is not highly flammable.)

"Xerocomus subtomentosus" is edible, although not highly regarded.

highly important   (Son derece önemli)

For U.S. the national security was also highly important.

The fishing industry is highly important.

Manufacturing and commerce, however, still remain highly important.

highly appreciated   (çok müteşekkir)

The firepower of 20mm was highly appreciated.

", 1735, 497-99) is yet highly appreciated by all liturgists.

The memoirs were highly appreciated by Sholem Aleichem and I.L.

highly modified

Engines vary from unmodified 4 cylinders to highly modified V8.

A highly modified form of the Aramaic alphabet, the Mandaic alphabet, is used by the Mandaeans.

Most species of cacti have lost true leaves, retaining only spines, which are highly modified leaves.

highly profitable   (oldukça karlı)

The larger quarries could be highly profitable.

The British investors' goal was to get highly profitable cotton.

Alternative medicine is a highly profitable industry, with a strong lobby.

often highly   (genellikle çok)

Hoipolloi shows are often highly theatrical and humorous.

These bowls and other related instruments are often highly decorated.

They are often highly localised and reflect the meat and vegetables available.

highly touted   (çok güçlü)

The Canadiens decided to trade Huet because of highly touted prospect, Carey Price.

The highly touted Householder struggled throughout the year despite extensive playing time.

A highly touted prospect, Benson was drafted first overall by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1996.

rated highly

Mullen was rated highly by ESPN in his class.

The game was rated highly for its graphics, story, sound and puzzles.

Unlike her three sisters, the finish and workmanship on the vessel were not rated highly.

highly diverse

Central Park is a highly diverse neighbourhood.

The flora is highly diverse considering the small geographical area.

The demographics of the region have historically been highly diverse.

highly specific   (oldukça spesifik)

This fluke is highly specific at the first intermediate host level.

Noh theatre also feature taiko where performance consists of highly specific rhythmic patterns.

Thousands of experimentally developed drugs affect the nervous system, some in highly specific ways.

most highly regarded   (en saygın)

One of his most highly regarded shots was the hook.

The Andreae family were one of the most highly regarded families in Hanover.

"Platée" was one of the most highly regarded of Rameau's operas during his lifetime.

so highly

Some are so highly ornamented that the users could not have used them to loose an arrow.

The mercantile zone was so highly developed that wool had to be imported from Scotland and England.

In contrast, it is difficult to know what Dease thought of these people who though so highly of him.

still highly   (hala yüksek)

They are still highly collectible up to this day.

The technique proved effective, however the deflected bullets were still highly dangerous.

He is still highly suspicious of the two thinking that they had something to do with the snipers.

highly resistant   (son derece dayanıklı)

He is highly resistant to hypnosis or gases that could limit his focus.

Due to the hardness of the stone, this makes the mountain highly resistant to weathering.

Borg are highly resistant to energy-based weapons, having personal shielding that quickly adapts to them.

highly reactive   (oldukça reaktif)

In acidic form it is a highly reactive strong acid.

Caesium metal is highly reactive and very pyrophoric.

Molecules with odd-electron bonds are usually highly reactive.

highly susceptible   (oldukça hassas)

It is highly susceptible to "Phytophthora cinnamomi" dieback.

The soil is poor in nutrients and highly susceptible to erosion.

A maize mutant (bx) lacking DIMBOA is highly susceptible to attack by aphids and fungi.

highly original

Gorky: a brilliant writer and highly original man.

Its large pottery stoves are both characteristic and highly original.

Adventure-archiv praised the puzzles and story for being highly original.

highly polished   (çok cilalanmış)

Many of his designs looked like highly polished pieces of machines.

The highly polished sides also suggest that the phenomenon was created by water.

Chromium is also highly valued as a metal that is able to be highly polished while resisting tarnishing.

highly stylized   (oldukça stilize)

The dialogue is highly stylized and poetic.

It was highly stylized, sophisticated and overtly sexual.

In both he saw "highly stylized representations of people."

highly regulated   (yüksek düzeyde düzenlenmiş)

Medical device packaging is highly regulated.

The industry was highly regulated until the early 1990s.

M phase is complex and highly regulated.

highly concentrated

where men were highly concentrated).

The Hortaya is also said to be intolerant of highly concentrated kibble feeds.

First the bone is broken down by baths in highly concentrated ethanol and acetone.

highly sophisticated   (Son derece sofistike)

Even with its limitations, this approach supported highly sophisticated applications.

This was a highly sophisticated spatial arrangement maximizing the sense of space in a restricted area.

The new Najdi rulers, nomadic Arabs largely found themselves at the reins of a highly sophisticated society.

highly commended   (yüksek derecede tavsiye edilir)

In 1927 he was highly commended in the British Prix de Rome final competition.

He was particularly good at the job and was highly commended by his employers.

in 2015, she was highly commended at the Science Journalism Awards for her short video "Laniakea: Our home supercluster".

highly similar

In a victory highly similar to the 2008 Tour of Flanders, Stijn Devolder powered away late to the win.

In the past, Jiepang was highly similar to Foursquare and was frequently called the Foursquare of China.

XB130 is highly similar to AFAP and is thus known as actin filament associated protein 1-like 2 (AFAP1L2).

number of highly   (çok sayıda)

In the decade following, he discovered and coached a number of highly talented and successful junior players.

Although they had a number of highly successful investments, the $27 million investment in Cobblers ended in bankruptcy.

Li's work has attracted a number of highly influential stockists, including SSENSE, Farfetch, Dover Street Market, and LUISAVIAROMA.

highly positive reviews   (son derece olumlu yorumlar)

The song received highly positive reviews.

The episode received highly positive reviews from critics.

The song received highly positive reviews upon its release.

highly paid

This placed him among the most highly paid musicians in the "Hofkapelle".

As stated in the memoir "Eat, Pray, Love", Gilbert made a career as a highly paid freelance writer.

In 2008, he was the world's sixth-most highly paid author, tied with John Grisham, at $25 million annually.

received highly

Both shows again received highly favourable reviews.

"Old Joy" received highly favorable reviews from critics.

The song received highly positive reviews.

highly urbanized   (yüksek şehirli)

8487, the law which converted Taguig into a highly urbanized city.

Iloilo became a highly urbanized city in 1979 by the virtue of Batas Pambansa Blg.

Colombia is a highly urbanized country with 77.1% of the population living in urban areas.

other highly   (diğer yüksek)

The PDNA is also focusing on the development of other highly anticipated neighborhood parks.

In addition, many students from Hopkins attend Ivy League and other highly competitive schools.

In 2012, most of the Brazilians had moved on but were replaced with other highly rated foreign stars.

highly correlated   (yüksek derecede korelasyonlu)

Steroid free remission was highly correlated with exposure (p=0.0064).

Parenting practices do not apply exclusively to social classes, but they are highly correlated.

Regional diversification notwithstanding, the mortgage backed securities turned out to be highly correlated.

highly experienced   (son derece deneyimli)

The "Luftwaffe" also lost close to 1,000 highly experienced bomber crew personnel.

The captain was highly experienced, with 16,365 hours in the air (including 4,303 hours of night flights).

Colonel Grenfell, a highly experienced sailor, and three others had escaped from Fort Jefferson in a small boat.

highly vulnerable   (oldukça savunmasız)

The agricultural economy remains highly vulnerable to fluctuations in rainfall.

Instead, they'd become highly vulnerable, slightly neurotic and riddled with telling insecurities."

When development of that system was cancelled in 1962, the V-bomber fleet was considered highly vulnerable.

highly technical

The department also offers interdisciplinary and highly technical M.S.

The Ultra Trust is a sophisticated and highly technical legal agreement.

Modern flamenco is a highly technical dance style requiring years of study.

spoke highly

Coaches liked him and people spoke highly of him.

Kate Muir of "The Times" spoke highly of Thompson and Hanks's performances.

Nevertheless, Blair and others spoke highly of his excellent command of language.

highly personal

Amjids are considered to be decorative and are a highly personal item.

The songs range in style "from pop to funk to new wave to tango, with highly personal lyrics".

Many of his paintings, including "The Scream", have universal appeal in addition to their highly personal meaning.

highly charged

Rubens' highly charged compositions reference erudite aspects of classical and Christian history.

These factors all make age of consent an often confusing subject, and a topic of highly charged debates.

It is set against the highly charged political climate in Iran after World War II, between 1946 and 1949.

highly desirable   (çok çekici)

Abstinence is highly desirable.

To clean W sharp tips, it is highly desirable to remove contaminant and oxide layer.

It remains highly desirable but real estate values have more than doubled since then.

highly classified   (son derece sınıflandırılmış)

Subsequently, if material was graded 00 it meant it was highly classified.

Their role is like other real world special operations forces, in that their operations are kept highly classified.

One day she receives a mysterious package with a broken dreamcatcher and a flash drive containing highly classified files.

highly motivated   (motivasyonu yüksek)

People like this are highly motivated to learn a new language.

The program focused on highly motivated students who wished to work independently.

He added that "most people that are coming into the parliament are highly educated and highly motivated."

highly populated

The gulf coast is highly populated.

It is situated to the north of Anamur in highly populated area at .

They also note safety concerns in running at top speed through highly populated urban areas such as Fresno.