large hill   (大きな丘)

He competed in the large hill event at the 1988 Winter Olympics.

His best individual finish was 4th in the large hill in Canada in 1990.

This involves each team taking one jump from the ski jumping large hill.

hill fort   (丘の砦)

Wall Hills, a hill fort lies 1 km to the east.

In the 9th century, the hill fort was intensely populated.

OSWESTRY, a tribal hill fort designed by Richard A. Edwards.

up the hill   (丘を登る)

The village war memorial is a short walk up the hill.

Plateau reservoirs ("talaos") form a chain up the hill.

Newey first drove the car up the hill at the 2010 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

small hill   (小さな丘)

The village spreads over a small hill having around 200 houses.

This place is on the top of a small hill with eye catching scenery.

Chianciano Vecchia (Ancient Chianciano) is located atop a small hill.

hill overlooking   (丘を見下ろす)

The 186-acre campus is set on a hill overlooking Lake Superior.

Bodmin Beacon Local Nature Reserve is the hill overlooking the town.

Tregothnan is located on a hill overlooking an inlet of the River Fal.

down the hill   (丘を下る)

The platoon commander and five of his men charged down the hill.

In the summer of 1959 the base area was relocated some down the hill.

He went mad, threw his axe down the hill, kissed the ground and died.

normal hill

He placed eighth in the normal hill at the 1960 Winter Olympics.

He finished 40th in the normal hill at the 1952 Winter Olympics.

He also competed in the normal hill event at the 1964 Winter Olympics.

hill above

On a hill above the village is a pilgrimage centre with two churches.

The main church of the settlement is built on a hill above the village.

It is located on a hill above the right (north) bank of the Pampana River.

hill near   (近くの丘)

They established a camp on a hill near Adys.

Bignor Hill Bignor Hill is a hill near Bignor in Sussex.

Phnom Dei is a hill near Siem Reap.

lift hill   (リフトヒル)

This is in place to line up with the chain on the lift hill.

After dispatch, the train is pulled backwards up the lift hill.

Trains then make a left hand turn and climb the second lift hill.

hill station   (丘駅)

The hill station is surrounded by meadows and forests.

It has merely 11000 populated hill station.

Vagamon, a hill station in Idukki, is 15 km from Elappara.

steep hill   (急な丘)

Scared by the gunshot, she falls down a steep hill.

The mountain above the flat ground is a very steep hill scarp.

Strong monsoon breezes blow winds upwards onto steep hill slopes.

hill country   (丘の国)

The former municipality is located in the See-Gaster hill country.

Past Glenleith is rough, undeveloped hill country, dotted by small farms.

Caldwell was a lifelong resident of the hill country around Coffeeville, Mississippi.

nearby hill

The remains of an old castle are visible on a nearby hill.

While observing the mission from atop a nearby hill, he was shot and killed.

He led the carriages behind a nearby hill not visible from the remainder of the rebel convoy.

hill event   (丘イベント)

He competed in the large hill event at the 1988 Winter Olympics.

He also competed in the normal hill event at the 1964 Winter Olympics.

Wallner's lone ski jumping victory came in a large hill event at Sapporo in 1981.

hill forts

In the Iron Age, hill forts were built.

Over such long distance, hill forts were supported by seaforts.

Some hill forts continued as settlements for the newly conquered Britons.

hill called

It is situated on the top of hill called Na Starém zámku (460 m a.s.l.

In particular, there is much ire over the use of a hill called "Red Hill".

Lerp tested his invention on a hill called Dolmar, and named his company after the testing site.

high hill

It is separated from Otford to the south by a high hill and Otford Road.

The mosque was built at area of Balakhany Cemetery, on a high hill in 1385-1386.

Mount Butler Mount Butler (Chinese: 畢拿山) is a 436 m high hill on Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong.

rocky hill

The ancient site of Athens is centred on the rocky hill of the acropolis.

The temples in Kalugumalai, a rocky hill in Thoothukudi district in southern Tamil Nadu.

"Gungahlin" is an Aboriginal word meaning either "white man's house" or "little rocky hill".

highest hill

The highest hill on the densely forested Ith is the "Lauensteiner Kopf" at .

Juozapinė Hill (292,7 metres), formerly known as the highest hill in Lithuania, is currently regarded as the third highest elevation in Lithuania.

Next to the castle which was the highest hill of the village and residence of feudal lords, a church was built and subsequently developed the district Rinsacca and then the ward door (door of the Castle).

hill top

Nilgiri tahr is also found in Ponmudi hill top.

A rest house has also been constructed on the hill top.

On the north edge of the village is the hill top parish church.

hill range

The average width of the hill range is just under seven kilometres.

There are two main hill ranges in Baglan area, the Selbari range is south of the Dolbari hill range.

Sudangphaa ordered Nangchukham Borgohain to chase the vanquished enemy, who chased them as far as Patkai hill range.

hill tribes

The rural hill tribes of Tamil Nadu each have their own folk traditions.

It is also a second language for most of the minority groups and indigenous hill tribes there.

Finger millet ("Nachani") and kodra furnished food to the Kolis, Bhils, Waralis, and other hill tribes.

atop a hill

Of modest size, the village sits atop a hill with an altitude of 427 meters.

The walls of Byllis were 2,200m long, enclosing 30 hectares of a plain atop a hill 524m above sea level.

Although not the tallest buildings in Sheffield, their location atop a hill makes their rooftops the highest manmade location in the city.

down a hill   (丘を下る)

While shooting a scene with Campbell running down a hill, Campbell tripped and injured his leg.

John speeds up then stops suddenly to cause the biker to swerve off the road and roll down a hill.

On dog sleds, she was strapped in for stability, and once rolled down a hill when the sled detached.

low hill

It is separated from the caretaker's house by a low hill.

The admission-free municipal zoo is on a low hill (Nishiyama Park).

The "khan" is located on a low hill to the southwest of the bridge.

individual large hill

The individual large hill event is one of ten events that has been in every Winter Olympic Games.

Hakala's best individual career finish was third in the individual large hill in Sapporo in 1990.

Wallner's best finish at the Winter Olympics was 6th in the individual large hill at Innsbruck in 1976.

large hill event   (大丘イベント)

He competed in the large hill event at the 1988 Winter Olympics.

Wallner's lone ski jumping victory came in a large hill event at Sapporo in 1981.

His best individual finish was 3rd in a large hill event in Czechoslovakia in 1991.

hill known

At Acapulco Bay itself, there were two Olmec sites, one by Playa Larga and the other on a hill known as "El Guitarrón".

It sits on a -high cliff overlooking the Ganges river, on a hill known as Manikoot, and comprises of land surrounded by jungle.

The next morning they were taken to a hill known as Nishigaoka where Terazawa Hazaburo, the brother of the Governor of Nagasaki, had planned for the crucifixion to take place.

individual normal hill

Svagerko had two individual normal hill victories in his career (1984, 1986).

It follows the same point-time differential as the 10 km individual normal hill event.

Siegmund finished 11th in the individual normal hill at the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer.