Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

rolling hills   (Rolling Hills)

It is a land of rolling hills covered in vineyards.

The area is primarily level but does have some rolling hills.

The rolling hills are well suited to hidden target firing drills.

surrounding hills   (colinas circundantes)

Most local landscapes have panoramic views of surrounding hills.

People started leaving the lowland of the city for the surrounding hills.

Evidence of such outposts also exist on the tops of the surrounding hills.

low hills   (colinas bajas)

At Óbidos, a bluff above the river is backed by low hills.

There are also some low hills near the mid-part of the floor.

The town is bound on one side by the sea and the other by low hills.

hills above

Situated on the hills above Torbole sits Nago.

The municipality is located in the hills above the "Furttal".

It lies in a small enclosed valley in the hills above Šmartno v Tuhinju.

steep hills   (colinas empinadas)

The countryside varies from open undulating valleys to steep hills.

Its topography is generally flat in between rolling and steep hills.

Lacking any steep hills, Bordeaux is relatively friendly to cyclists.

range of hills

Churiya hill is a range of hills across the whole of Nepal.

Cuchilla de Caraguatá The Cuchilla de Caraguatá is a range of hills in Uruguay.

Topographic feature is a low elevation range of hills sloping gently toward the sea.

hills and mountains

It is mostly hills and mountains, averaging above sea level.

The Transdanubian Range spans 250 kilometers, including hills and mountains.

To the west lie the hills and mountains of Wales including the Brecon Beacons.

hills around   (colinas alrededor)

There are numerous nature trails in the hills around the town.

It is mostly a level prairie with a few swells or hills around it.

It is situated on the bank of Mahakali River with high hills around it.

hills near   (colinas cerca)

There are also some low hills near the mid-part of the floor.

Greta Bridge lies in the Pennine hills near to Barnard Castle.

It was first described from hills near Erode in Tamil Nadu in 1870.

small hills

The terrain consists of small hills and upland plain.

It diminishes under the feet of small hills.

There are about five very small hills surrounding this place.

hills north

It lies in the hills north of Poljane.

In October 1913 he participated in the first ever in the Hoher Meißner hills north of Frankfurt.

The new center was on top of a lower set of hills north of Cerro Palenque in the Terminal Classic (850-1100 AD).

mountains and hills

Macisvenda also has mountains and hills with pine and albardín esparto.

The Indochinese tiger lives in forests, grasslands, mountains and hills.

Hunan is ringed on three sides by mountains and hills, it looks like a horseshoe.

surrounded by hills

It is mainly flat and it is surrounded by hills.

The lake is surrounded by hills, used historically for agriculture.

Rourkela is surrounded by hills.

nearby hills

Ore was found in the nearby hills, leading to the town's boom.

In Neolithic times local Celtic tribes mined copper and salt in the nearby hills.

After a lengthy preparation, shelling of the city from nearby hills began in July.

hills and valleys   (colinas y valles)

The trail crosses hills and valleys.

The place is naturally beautiful and is surrounded by hills and valleys.

Saint Andrew is located in the centre of the island and features hills and valleys.

hills south

It is a group of hills south of a horseshoe shaped valley, with Kupgal to the north.

The Yaeda Valley is easily crossed, and the areas on either side abut the hills south of Mang'ola.

Chestnut honey must be gathered in the hills south of the Vosges, in the forests of Brumath and Haguenau.

rocky hills

The hut is found on low, rocky hills at the toe of the Vulture Glacier.

Some of the available sites include caves, waterfalls and rocky hills for rock climbers.

Traditionally, most of the Eloyi lived in a range of rocky hills in what today is Nasarawa State.

hills surrounding

Temples exist in each of the hills surrounding Sabarimala.

There are about five very small hills surrounding this place.

The granite rock looks like a blooming lotus, with hills surrounding it on three sides.

through the hills

The road south from Shoshone to Baker passes through the hills.

In the recording Rathvon speaks of Lincoln's speech allegorically "echoing through the hills".

Participants are led overnight through the hills along the road that is an old tradition Marian path.

wooded hills

Treixedo is an old village (the first documented reference is in a Latin text of 974), surrounded by beautiful valleys and wooded hills.

The front line between the NLA and the Macedonian security forces expanded along the wooded hills adjacent to the city center to the north.

The settlement is located on a sandy coastal strip, backed by wooded hills, in which the creek itself rises, running about 10 km south-east to the ocean.

hills east

It is located in the hills east of Oakland.

Haifa was under real threat of Allied bombardment, enough that ʻAbdu'l-Bahá and other Baháʼís temporarily retreated to the hills east of ʻAkka.

Zgornje Palovče Zgornje Palovče (; in older sources also "Zgornje Paloviče", ) is a settlement in the hills east of Kamnik in the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia.