İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

let him go   (Bırak onu)

But she later realises that she has to let him go.

The Jets let him go and Tampa Bay brought him back.

He tells Sirena to let him go as "it's all over."

bring him back   (geri getir onu)

Charlie promises to bring him back with him.

Liu Yao managed to rescue Liu Wei and bring him back safely.

Eurystheus commanded Heracles to find Cerberus and bring him back.

brought him back   (onu geri getirdi)

The Jets let him go and Tampa Bay brought him back.

Josie went after him and brought him back to the present.

", so they brought him back.

found him guilty   (onu suçlu buldum)

The judge ultimately found him guilty.

The jury found him guilty of the murder of four people and robbery attacks.

Although Theodorus denied the theft, Octavian tried him, found him guilty, and ordered his crucifixion.

take him back   (onu geri al)

They take him back to camp and set him for vigil.

After that season AA Gent wanted to take him back into the first team.

"When I tried to take him back, he was fighting me, and I let him run.

sent him back   (onu geri gönderdi)

Later a well wisher fostered him and sent him back to school.

Cao Cao treated Gu Hui generously and sent him back to Jiangdong.

There Charlemagne crowned his son as co-emperor and sent him back to Aquitaine.

taught him how

His relatives taught him how to play the piano by ear.

He next equipped his son in the same manner, and taught him how to fly.

Schwarz's father taught him how to compute square roots when he was 4 years old.

set him up   (onu kur)

The win set him up to face IBF champion Eric Aiken.

Max finally gets closer to finding the man who set him up.

"This will set him up for the next one."

see him again

They also frequently ask me if I think I will see him again.

I've spoken to his family about this, that they might never see him again.

Caitlin awakens from her state, but is furious and does not want to see him again.

killing him instantly   (onu anında öldürmek)

Fodor (Ross Martin)'s spacesuit, killing him instantly.

Del Pilar was killed in the skirmish from a shot in the neck, killing him instantly.

Reiss was hit by fifteen bullets from Abbiate's sub-machine gun, killing him instantly.

turned him down   (onu reddettim)

Isabella turned him down on the advice of her confessor.

Some of them turned him down and were killed as a result.

McMahon turned him down.

turns him down   (onu reddediyor)

The general turns him down for being 20 years too old.

A disgusted Saville turns him down.

However, Aidan turns him down.

made him famous

It was this journey that made him famous.

His studies of the London guttersnipe and the coster-girl rapidly made him famous.

This ambitious program made him famous among his contemporaries as Doctor Specter or .

help him find   (bulmasına yardım et)

Helen offers to be Anthony's teacher, and help him find new uses for his power.

During intermission, Daley talks to Leander, outside, offering to help him find a job.

Eddies loses his newborn half-brother and enlists his gang with no name to help him find him.

help him get

He then tells his brother he will help him get out.

He took that opportunity to plead with the Puerto Rican public to help him get help for unspecified problems.

He enlists his friend Harry (Sebastian Stan) to help him get Heather interested, but she does not fall for his charms.

beat him up   (Yen onu)

They haul out the body of Satan and beat him up.

He permits muggers to beat him up until they get tired and go away.

Usually, when the Navajo captured a thief they would beat him up and then send him on his way.

saw him play   (oynadığını gördüm)

His outstanding speed saw him play mostly on the , though he also played a few games at .

His final match with the first team saw him play the final ten minutes of a 1-0 defeat against Manchester United at Old Trafford.

He also did a wide-ranging UK acoustic tour in support of the album which saw him play small, intimate venues, alongside Gregor Philp.

helped him get

Francis helped him get his first book published.

Andre du Bouchet helped him get his first book published in 1970.

Toler was a father figure in Bell's life and helped him get noticed by Michigan State.

pick him up

If we pick him up we can get a nice piece of change."

He was not hurt and asked them to come to where he was and pick him up.

A British Corvette sailed to Corinth to pick him up, Teritza accompanied him.

tells him not

As he leaves, Florence tells him not to return.

While Damian was burning the money, he is visited by his dead mother, who tells him not to worry about her.

However, Jake is intent on going to help Rosa but Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher) strictly tells him not to leave the building.

let him know   (ona haber ver)

She also says that she won't let him know about his child.

I just wanted to pay homage through song and let him know, like, 'You’re the shit!'"

Saint Benigne would have let him know that he was quite mourned that his cult was neglected.

asked him what

Mary Ann called Jack back and asked him what he wanted the chair for.

When he took it down, it asked him what demands he had for his rescue.

The interrogators asked him what Ergenekon was, and Güney proceed to explain.

track him down   (onu takip et)

They later track him down and are surprised to find him living locally.

Dagger becomes worried after he doesn't return home after a few days and manages to track him down.

He then flees as the police and a reporter, Frank Briggs (Harald Paulsen), set out to track him down.

called him up

After five scoreless innings with nine strikeouts, Detroit called him up to the major leagues.

On 23 July 2015, Japan's coach Vahid Halilhodžić called him up for the upcoming 2015 EAFF East Asian Cup.

But on 22 August 2016 newly appointed manager Tite has called him up for the Brazil national football team.

picked him up

The Dolphins picked him up as a free agent prior to the 1990 NFL season.

In September 2008, just after he was released by Air21, the Alaska Aces picked him up.

Fortunately, the CBS affiliate KNX picked him up, but he found their format very confining.

left him unable   (onu yapamaz bıraktı)

That left him unable to compete for a short time.

The move left him unable to assist Burgoyne even if it was required of him.

His career was cut short when a car accident in 1961 left him unable to perform.

made him feel   (ona hissettirdi)

Weicker said that Harrison told him the mascott made him feel "uncomfortable".

According to Millais, sitting inside the hut made him feel like Robinson Crusoe.

It made him feel that even if they were poor, they came from greatness that had been taken away from them.

leave him alone   (onu yalnız bırakın)

They would leave him alone whenever they would go on vacations.

Mike tells Walt to leave him alone so that he may die in peace.

Nikhil tells Neha to leave him alone as he is in love with Shagun.

made him popular

His attitude made him popular with Australian spectators.

His status as such made him popular with Jewish youths who were fans of the game.

His Sanskrit grammar, entitled "Shabda Vidya", made him popular even outside the nation.

get him back   (onu geri getir)

Carmel tells Cindy of this and Cindy says she will get him back.

Angry with Antoine, Benoît manages to get him back in the sleigh and returns home.

His doctor prescribes rest and good food, in addition to medication, to get him back to health.

send him back   (onu geri gönder)

Both the brothers humiliate him and send him back.

Some spaces on the track will advance the player while others will send him back.

After a real bad fight, his mother decided to send him back to Puerto Rico alone.

tell him what

He sent it to 50 scientists, asking that they tell him what was wrong with his paper.

Huey asks Bobby, a friend of Delray's with a janitor position, to tell him what it says.

His goal is to become so powerful that nobody would ever be able to tell him what to do.