İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

then hired   (sonra kiraladı)

Rey was then hired by a Dallas venue, Sambuca.

Noyce was then hired as director and worked with Ellis.

Jennifer Wilson was then hired as Chelios' replacement.

hired former   (eski işe alınan)

After the 2014 season, Buffalo hired former New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan.

The RailCats hired former Major League All-Star Garry Templeton to Manage the team.

In early April 2011, Yow hired former Alabama coach Mark Gottfried as the new coach.

hired as head   (kafa olarak işe alındı)

In 1942, Clark Shaughnessy was hired as head coach.

Greg Grant was hired as head coach for the 2000 season.

Kerr was hired as head coach of the Stars on 24 June 1987.

hired to write

Jeff Wadlow was hired to write the screenplay.

Curt Siodmak was hired to write the script on 9 July 1940.

Oberg was hired to write a song for a commercial that appeared on Swedish television.

later hired

She was later hired to work for Moore Educational Publishers.

The Broncos later hired Vance Joseph as head coach on January 11, 2017.

(Moss was later hired by the Parsons Corporation and retained as a lobbyist.)

hired to work   (işe alındı)

James M Cain was hired to work on the dialogue.

She was later hired to work for Moore Educational Publishers.

However, he finds out that Coach already died, and is hired to work at the bar.

hired to replace

Lester A hired worker that Zech hired to replace Bonzo.

Notre Dame coach Paul Mainieri was hired to replace him.

Rob Uytingco was hired to replace Morgan.

before being hired

She began as a guest lecturer in physics at the University of Winnipeg before being hired full time.

Jeannine began her career at the racetrack in Maryland as a jockey and trainer before being hired by ESPN in 1995.

Dupraz was a consultant for the TV show "J+1" on Canal+ during the 2015–16 Ligue 1 season, before being hired by Toulouse.

hired armed   (kiralık silahlı)

The report of her arrival described her as a hired armed transport under the command of Lieutenant B.

Next, she spent a little over a year as a hired armed tender under contract to the British Royal Navy.

(The navy had temporarily engaged four transports as hired armed ships and put naval officers in charge of each.

hired to direct

In June 2002, Barry Sonnenfeld was hired to direct.

Niels Arden Oplev has been hired to direct the film.

In July 1956 Robert Rossen was hired to direct.

company hired   (şirket kiralandı)

In March 2016, the company hired Greg Hackney to lead healthcare.

In 1997 the company hired a professional touring management company.

In 1987, five months after her first approach, the company hired her.

newly hired

The web series follows a newly hired "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

Pitino and newly hired strength and conditioning coach Rock Oliver instituted an intensive conditioning program.

From 1892, the responsibility for doing so fell to newly hired City Engineer Reginald H. Thomson and his assistant George F. Cotterill.

hired to play   (oynamak için kiralandı)

Valentine moved to guitar duties, and Paula Jean Brown was hired to play bass.

In August 2018, Lamorne Morris was hired to play a young scientist named Wilfred Wigans.

Kyle Selig, the actor originally hired to play Pippin for the tour, had been put on vocal rest.

subsequently hired

He was subsequently hired by CBS and Murrow.

Deakins was subsequently hired to film two documentaries in Africa.

He was subsequently hired by Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2002.

hired to design

Tillinghast was hired to design and build the golf course.

Rick Baker was hired to design the prosthetic makeup with Danny Elfman composing the film score.

In 1937, he was hired to design the Azeri hall of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition together with Rustam Mustafayev.

hired its first

In 1991, PRP hired its first career fire chief, Eric D. Evans.

The synagogue, called Sha'are Zedeck, hired its first rabbi in 1954.

During the same period, Trinity hired its first professional gardener.

hired a new

McCoy's parents hired a new lawyer, Larry English.

It hired a new program director and morning show host, Doc Washburn.

In the spring of 1970 they hired a new designer, Larry Seligman, to leapfrog any possible machine in the making.

originally hired

He was originally hired by the Mets in 2006 as a scout.

Kyle Selig, the actor originally hired to play Pippin for the tour, had been put on vocal rest.

Kimberly had originally hired Megan, a prostitute, to service Michael until her sex drive returned.

school hired   (okul kiraladı)

On December 19, the school hired Sean Lewis as head coach.

On December 7, the school hired Steve Campbell as head coach.

The school hired Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Steve Fairchild to take the helm.

hired architect   (işe alınan mimar)

Moss Brothers hired architect Arthur E. Allen to design the homes.

Berne hired architect William F. Wortham, Jr. to design the complex.

In 1917 Hale hired architect Bertram Goodhue to produce a master plan for the campus.