Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

until his death   (Cho đến khi anh ta chết)

Spence lived in the house until his death in 1890.

She lived with her father until his death in 1760.

Palmer lived in the house until his death in 1916.

made his debut   (ra mắt)

On 14 September 2012, he made his debut for Terek.

He made his debut in a 4–1 loss against Liverpool.

He made his debut in 1907, with the drama "Dømde".

scored his first   (ghi bàn đầu tiên của anh ấy)

He also scored his first FA Cup goal for the club.

Kokorin scored his first win on 25 November 1916.

He also scored his first League goals for the club.

began his career   (bắt đầu sự nghiệp)

Riswold began his career as a sculptor in Chicago.

Humann began his career at SunTrust Banks in 1969.

He recently began his career as an operatic tenor.

made his first

He made his first recording on a cylinder in 1883.

In 1964, he made his first trip abroad to France.

Roubaud made his first sketches in Saint Petersburg.

started his career   (bắt đầu sự nghiệp)

Mikaeili started his career with Pegah Gilan F.C..

Jokar started his career with Fajr Sepasi in 2010.

He started his career in AFC Ajax's youth academy.

made his professional

Tsarev made his professional debut in October 2005.

Kelly made his professional MMA debut in July 2006.

He made his professional debut for Sian Przemyśl.

before his death   (trước khi chết)

Moore later won additional races before his death.

He was married to Elizabeth Wood before his death.

The poem became very popular even before his death.

until his retirement   (cho đến khi nghỉ hưu)

He held the position until his retirement in 2006.

He remained in Bremen until his retirement in 2005.

He remained a Senator until his retirement in 1996.

won his first

In 2004, Hiroyuki Suzuki won his first World Title.

At thirteen he won his first national French title.

At 15, he won his first podium in Brazil Trophy.

announced his retirement   (tuyên bố nghỉ hưu)

Tongue announced his retirement on 17 August 2011.

Rost announced his retirement on 19 February 2012.

On May 28, 2017, Reimold announced his retirement.

during his time

He was club captain during his time with the club.

Flanagan played well during his time with the Pirates.

Edington played well during his time with the Pirates.

made his senior   (làm tiền bối)

He made his senior debut in the 1997 championship.

He made his senior debut in the 1967 championship.

Nolan made his senior debut during the 2017 league.

during his career

He designed over 100 productions during his career.

He scored a total of 12 centuries during his career.

played his first

He played his first small part in The Northerners.

In January 2002 he played his first in San Diego.

He played his first game in 1966 against Poland.

succeeded his father   (cha kế vị)

He succeeded his father in the baronetcy in 1892.

He succeeded his father as Seigneur of Courtenay.

He succeeded his father as Earl of Denbigh in 1892.

released his first

In 2003, Ziggy released his first album Dragonfly.

Paul Anka released his first single on RPM in 1956.

He released his first mixtape, "Who Am I", in 2016.

making his debut   (ra mắt)

Verdasco is making his debut at the championship.

Soderling is making his debut at the event.

Motagua, making his debut on 15 November 1997 against Victoria.

during his tenure   (trong nhiệm kỳ của mình)

The Indian Mutiny took place during his tenure.

He governed his jurisdictions well during his tenure.

Stanford had a 20–23 record during his tenure.

throughout his career   (trong suốt sự nghiệp của mình)

in varying sizes and media throughout his career.

Rees has worked in diverse areas throughout his career.

Prince played the song throughout his career.

received his first

Two days later he received his first communion at home.

That year, he received his first All-American selection.

He received his first full cap against Sweden in May 2010.

began his professional

Chaiat began his professional career at FC Utrecht.

Lynn began his professional baseball career in 1934.

The Dogg began his professional music career in 2003.

published his first

He published his first volume of poems in 1938.

He published his first historical book in 1991.

Oscar Wilde published his first book of poems.

made his international

He made his international debut for Malta in 2018.

He made his international debut for Malta in 2012.

recorded his first

He recorded his first 100-yard game of his career.

He recorded his first album at 15 years old.

On May 3, he recorded his first home run in the Grand Slam.

during his lifetime   (trong cuộc đời của anh ấy)

This order took several forms during his lifetime.

Orpen created many self-portraits during his lifetime.

Deism was an influential worldview during his lifetime.

throughout his life   (suốt cuộc đời ông ấy)

Weber traveled internationally throughout his life.

Reginald Farrer remained close throughout his life.

Tough struggled with alcoholism throughout his life.

changed his name

Shi became a monk and changed his name to Jing-yi.

In 1930 he changed his name to Horatio James Powys.

At some point, he changed his name to Fred Shields.

finished his career

He finished his career at amateur side Halsteren.

He finished his career with a 3–1 edge over Tressel.

He finished his career with Horden Colliery Welfare.

when his father   (khi cha anh)

Warner was born when his father was 57 years old.

He inherited Rietberg when his father died in 1365.

He had to seek work when his father died in 1937.

lost his seat   (mất ghế)

Braun lost his seat in the 2005 federal elections.

In the 2010 general election Malik lost his seat.

He lost his seat in elections the following year.

during his first

He played on the left wing during his first season.

Wilson played in all 12 games during his first year.

He became senior patent examiner during his first term.

started his professional

Liivik started his professional career with HIFK in 2008.

He started his professional career in 2007.

Quaschner started his professional career at Hansa Rostock.

continued his studies

He continued his studies at Rijksakademie in Amsterdam.

He continued his studies at Pavia University.

Then, he continued his studies in Copenhagen University.

represented his country   (đại diện cho đất nước của mình)

He represented his country in the Commonwealth Games.

He represented his country at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

released his debut

In 2017, he released his debut single "Min Queen".

In 2009 he released his debut album "Dream.Route".

In 2018, he released his debut album "Lady Lady".

earned his first

Reid earned his first cap for Ireland while at the Den.

Graeme Shinnie also earned his first start for Scotland.

On June 12, Hanson earned his first win against the Baltimore Orioles.

signed his first

He signed his first professional contract in July 2017.

He signed his first professional contract a year later.

He signed his first professional contract in November 1984.

started his own

In 1986, Sheikh Hassan started his own collection.

Haaland started his own shipping company in 1914.

He started his own team, Ciccarelli Racing, for 2017.

received his commission   (nhận được hoa hồng của anh ấy)

He received his commission on March 12, 2013.

In October 1918 he received his commission as a captain.

He received his commission on May 30, 2013.

announced his intention   (tuyên bố ý định của mình)

In 2005, Faso announced his intention to run for governor.

Kevin J. Johnston announced his intention to run in March 2018.

He announced his intention to resign the position in November 1949.

got his first

In 2006, he got his first senior international cap.

La Torre got his first drum set at the age of seven.

On August 16, 2012, he got his first hit of his MLB career.

made his way

Willemse then made his way through to the top six.

Released ashore, Dalzeel made his way back to Jamaica.

By 1955 Smyth had made his way onto the starting fifteen.

up his own

Soon after he set up his own instrumentation company.

He left and set up his own group called "Aiki no Michi".

Bianchi, instead, set up his own office directly in Cardiff.

won his second

He won his second race, the first of 11 victories.

Rory McIlroy won his second straight playoff event.

A year later, he won his second World Championship.

made his major   (làm chuyên ngành của mình)

Bonds made his major league debut on May 30, 1986.

He made his major league debut on April 11, 2019.

He made his major league debut in September 2012.

changed his mind   (đổi ý)

In later years, he changed his mind on divorce.

He soon changed his mind, however, and recanted the order.

Kennedy eventually changed his mind to agree with Thompson.

received his bachelor   (nhận bằng cử nhân)

He received his bachelor's degree from Virginia Tech.

Ashraf received his bachelor of architecture from BUET in 1983.

He received his bachelor's degree from Baylor University in Waco.

ended his career

He ended his career in 1989 at Apollon Kalamarias.

He ended his career at Pezoporikos Larnaca in 1990.

He ended his career without a Railway Cup medal.

made his league

On 30 July 2018, Aleksić made his league debut.

He made his league debut in a 2-0 victory over Viikingit.

He made his league debut for Dublin in 2002 against Offaly.

until his resignation   (cho đến khi ông từ chức)

A position he held from 2015 until his resignation in 2016.

He served from March 4, 1849, until his resignation May 24, 1854.

Reelected in 1998, he was in office until his resignation in 2002.

against his former   (chống lại người cũ của mình)

A week later, he scored the winner against his former club.

He scored 2 goals against his former side in a 3–2 friendly win.

Frank Nouble then scored the games third goal against his former club.

scored his second

Cottee scored his second to level the match at 3–3.

He scored his second goal with Toluca in a match against C.D.

Early in the second half, Boland scored his second of the game.

received his doctorate   (nhận bằng tiến sĩ)

In 1890 he received his doctorate in philosophy.

He received his doctorate in economics in 1957.

In 1980 he received his doctorate in medicine.

turned his attention   (chuyển sự chú ý của anh ấy)

Salazar then turned his attention to Rodrigo de Paz.

Instead, he turned his attention to northern Mexico.

made his return   (đã trở lại)

He made his return to in-ring action on November 1.

On 15 June 2009, Knežević made his return to Livorno.

He made his return in week 7 against the Houston Texans.

formed his own

There, as a teenager, he formed his own rap group.

He formed his own production company at 22 years old.

Cox formed his own record label, Intec Records in 1998.

spent his childhood   (trải qua thời thơ ấu)

He spent his childhood in Kiskérpuszta in Terény.

He spent his childhood and teenage years in Bonn.

He spent his childhood and adolescence in Vienna.

played his last   (chơi lần cuối của anh ấy)

He played his last match of his first stint in C.D.

He played his last game for Offaly in March 1993.

He played his last professional game on July 5, 1988.

upon his return   (khi trở về)

He became ill upon his return to the U.S. and was quarantined.

After the fight, Gary flees but he is arrested upon his return.

He has appeared in a number of dramas and shows upon his return.

met his future   (gặp tương lai của anh ấy)

Later that year he met his future wife Eva Balazs.

It was there that he met his future wife, Shawnee.

Grimaldi met his future wife, Maria Hughes in 1796.

founded his own

In 1990 he founded his own label, Acoustic Records.

He founded his own studio, GuysinSweatPants, in 2013.

Within a decade he founded his own private banking firm.

announced his resignation   (tuyên bố từ chức)

In the fall of 2011, he announced his resignation.

On January 31, 2012, Bater announced his resignation.

In May 2016, he announced his resignation from Renua.

met his wife

It was also in Essex that he met his wife, Sattie.

In 1890, he met his wife, Elizabeth Gavino Hubert.

Nebel met his wife, Dorothy Blank, in Paris in 1928.

bears his name   (mang tên anh ấy)

The genus "Schulzeria" (Agaricales) bears his name.

Since 2007 the stadium of Ferencváros bears his name.

Pont du Maire Kuss in Strasbourg also bears his name.

wrote his first

He wrote his first novel Banya while he was at 17.

In 2008, Tancrède wrote his first musical, Audimat!

In 1996 he wrote his first song "Nerealniy son".

worked his way

Later he worked his way into real estate brokerage.

Teare had worked his way up through the company.

in accounting in 1969, having worked his way through school.

released his second

In 2013 he released his second album, "The Pilgrim".

In 2006 he released his second feature film, "".

He released his second cover album in 1998.

announced his candidacy   (tuyên bố ứng cử)

In 1978 Tanzler announced his candidacy for Governor of Florida.

On April 24, 2013, he announced his candidacy for Governor of Ohio.

On April 11, 1987, Senator Gore of Tennessee announced his candidacy.

reprised his role   (vai trò của anh ấy)

Woolard reprised his role as The Notorious B.I.G.

He reprised his role as Rama in Sagar's "Luv Kush".

In 2013, he reprised his role as Storm Shadow in "".

upon his death   (khi chết)

This creation became extinct upon his death in 1912.

The pastor-poet Edward Taylor wrote an Elegy upon his death.

His only child, Jane Roberts, inherited the house upon his death.

opened his own

Setting down roots, Paul opened his own law firm.

Shortly afterward, he opened his own practice.

In 1876, he married and opened his own studio.

established his own

He established his own practice in Bergen in 1910.

At the age of 24 he established his own business.

In 1886, he established his own business called W.G.

took his first

He took his first music lessons from Giovanni Canale.

Bullen took his first degree at the University of Cambridge.

Bruce took his first day off sick in 23 years on 10 September 2008.

married his wife

He met and married his wife Yoshi Tamaki in Japan.

Werner married his wife, Melanie, in February 2012.

Garson married his wife, Susan on March 24, 1968.

spent his early

He spent his early years in Monmouthshire, Wales.

He spent his early life in Liverpool and Chester.

Hansen spent his early career with Brøndby and HB Køge.

during his reign   (trong suốt triều đại của ông)

It was during his reign that that fought the Ubaru War.

Many of the Sakishima Beacons were built during his reign.

The Sakas extend their power up to Mathura during his reign.

led his team   (dẫn dắt đội của anh ấy)

Benite led his team to a great position in championship.

Tommy led his team to two Grey Cup wins, in 1940 and 1945.

Tang led his team in scoring averaging 18 points per game.

till his death   (cho đến khi anh ta chết)

He remained a parliamentary member till his death.

Arthur Benoni Evans from 1829 till his death in 1854.

After 1699 we hear nothing more of him till his death.

extended his contract   (gia hạn hợp đồng)

He extended his contract with Damash on June 2012.

He ultimately extended his contract until 2018.

On 17 July 2017, he extended his contract for 2 years.

following his death   (sau cái chết của anh ấy)

This continued following his death.

The company of J T Salvesen & Co was dissolved following his death.

Gary Doer described him as "gentlemanly" following his death in 1996.

all his life   (cả đời anh)

His father worked in a phosphate mine all his life.

Mykle also had an avid interest in music all his life.

De Barrios remained in poor circumstances all his life.

moved his family   (chuyển gia đình anh ấy)

In 1964 Hamling moved his family to Palm Springs.

At this time he also moved his family to Central Falls.

scoring his first

Stuart looked like scoring his first try but was tackled short of the line.

Bethel also played in the return match, scoring his first international goal.

Thomas struggled to make an impact until scoring his first goals, against Derby County on 9 March.

continued his education

Later, he continued his education, graduating in 1921.

He continued his education and received an MBA and a JD.

He continued his education at the Medical College of Virginia.

spent his entire   (dành toàn bộ của mình)

He spent his entire military career as a cavalryman.

He spent his entire career with the Packers.

Tyukalov spent his entire life in the city.

married his second

He married his second wife, Lauren Clark, in 2005.

Wood married his second wife, Kathy O'Hara, in 1959.

Hughes married his second wife, Eliza, in 1890.

making his first

was commanded by LCDR Fred Connaway, making his first war patrol.

Mechelen, making his first first-team appearance in 1993, at the age of 20.

After making his first appearance in July, he did not play again until August.

resigned his seat   (từ chức chỗ ngồi của mình)

He resigned his seat in Congress on December 31, 1919.

He resigned his seat in the assembly in 1986.

He resigned his seat in October 1902, and died in 1908.

completed his studies

He completed his studies after five years in 1926.

He completed his studies in dental medicine in 1942.

BTR completed his studies in 1927, obtaining an M.A.

married his first

Stone married his first wife, Leah Moore, in 1780.

He married his first wife, Catherine Long in 1865.

Graham married his first wife Joey Graham in 1959.

resigned his position   (từ chức)

Zambrano resigned his position in November 2013.

In 1886, his father resigned his position as missionary.

A month later Turner resigned his position.

during his stay   (trong thời gian ở đây)

It was during his stay in Canton when he met his wife.

He learned Tibetan and Hindi during his stay in Tibet and India.

Ademola managed 21 goals in 71 league appearances during his stay at Woking.

made his début

He made his début in 1858 at Karlsruhe.

Georgallis made his début with the Roosters in 1989 playing .

He made his début for the Great Britain national team in 2001.

made his official

There he made his official stage debut.

At the 2014 Survivor Series Sting made his official debut in WWE.

He made his official debut at S.L.

took his place   (thay thế anh ấy)

Roger McDowell took his place in the Atlanta dugout.

When he was traded, no one took his place as supervisor.

Vladimir Rodin took his place in the Russian parliament.

defend his title   (bảo vệ danh hiệu của mình)

1 singles ranking as Nadal failed to defend his title.

Last year's champion Robert Wrenn did not defend his title.

Last year's champion Oliver Campbell did not defend his title.

made his second

In 1933 he made his second film titled "Haji Agha".

In 2013, he also made his second Pro Bowl team.

He made his second appearance in January 2017.

made his film   (làm phim của anh ấy)

He made his film debut in the 2016 thriller "I.T."

He made his film debut in the film "Paper Soldiers".

He made his film debut in "The Christmas Path" (1998).

played his final

Scala played his final big league season in 1950.

He played his final major league game on October 1.

He played his final big league game on October 2.